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What Type Of Questions Do They Ask In An Interview

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Have You Ever Read A Book That Changed Your Life

UPSC | ESE-2021| Mock Interview | Sudhanshu Mahajan | AIR-4 |Civil Engineering |By MADE EASY Experts

I love this question because almost everyone has read a life-changing book that has motivated them, changed their way of thinking, or even made them successful. And if they dont read? Thats a bad sign that theyre not a lifelong learner.

You might even be able to infer personality traits from the type of book they preferfor example, one 2017 study showed that people who prefer:

  • relationship books tend to be more open
  • scientific books were less neurotic
  • religious books were more conscientious

Enthusiastic: Oh, yes! Just recently, I read a best-selling book called Captivate. In fact, it was so good that I feel my social skills have improved 10x!

Skillful: Of course! I just read a book related to this job position, actually. It taught me how different programming languages are going to be implemented in the futureand thats why I would love to be a developer at this future-focused company!

Non-Reader: Wellthe last book I read was something about farm animals back in high school. I love animals, actually.

Questions About The Position

You should have questions prepared to ask the hiring manager about the position you’re interviewing for. Targeted questions show your curiosity regarding your day-to-day tasks with the company and how they’ll change in the future. Overall, you plan to display that you’re engaged in an interview setting and willing to solve the company’s problems. The best examples include:

  • Can do you describe what a typical day is for someone working in this position?

  • What types of projects does the department need to be completed right away?

  • Can you provide examples of projects I’ll be working on if hired for this role?

  • Is there a set of skills and experience you’re looking for from a candidate?

  • What features can lead this hire to be successful in this position?

  • Is there a skills gap that can be filled by the person who fills this position?

  • What are some challenges that employees will face in this role?

  • Is this a new position?

  • Can these responsibilities change over the next year? If so, how different do you think the responsibilities will be?

  • Does this position require travel?

What’s The Most Important Thing You’ve Learned From A Peer And How Have You Used That Lesson In Your Day

This one comes from Dan Slate, Director of Product Management at Wealthfront. Im looking for a candidates ability to identify superpowers in those around them that they want to improve upon themselves, he says.

I like this question because it allows me to assess their self-reflection and growth mindset. Depending on the answer they provide, it can also be a good window into how humble they are.

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Interview Questions By Type With Sample Answers

Here are a few common questions along with sample answers to guide you. Interviewers are interested in the content of your answer as well as your ability to provide engaging and complete responses. Researching the company and practicing your answers can help you prepare for the interview.

  • Tell me about yourself.

  • What experience do you bring to this position?

  • What makes you different from the competition?

  • How have you handled difficulties with coworkers?

  • Imagine this industry in five years. How will it look?

Tell Me About A Time You Strongly Disagreed With Your Manager What Did You Do To Convince Him Or Her That You Were Right What Ultimately Happened

5 Key Questions to Ask During an Interview

When we surveyed our network of thoughtful founders and operators, several mentioned this as their favorite interview question. Since they each had different points of emphasis and takeaways, weve combined a few perspectives here to highlight why this question packs such a punch.

Lets start with Cristina Cordova. She joined Stripe as the 28th employee and first business development hire. In addition to joining First Rounds Angel Track program, shes since led multiple teams across Business Development, Financial Partnerships, Partner Engineering and Diversity & Inclusion functions which means shes done her fair share of hiring.

And this question has become her go-to in interviews for a few reasons. It shows me how far someone will go in order to do what they believe is right, says Cordova. The way candidates choose to unpack the anecdote also shows me how they convince others in the face of obstacles. Do they use data? Do they gather support from others? Asking about what ultimately happened is also particularly illustrative. How they speak about not getting their way tells you a lot about whether they’re willing to disagree and commit to execution, she says.

Curtis probes deeper into the topic with targeted follow-ups that really get into the weeds of how the disagreement with their boss went down:

What was your managers reasoning?

What arguments did you find compelling in favor of the decision?

What was your reasoning and most compelling arguments against?

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What Do You Know About The Mcdonalds Brand

McDonalds interview questions will most likely be based on technical experience, though not all. This will give the interviewer a sense of your general knowledge of the company.

  • Its a global brand that has more than 36,000 restaurants in over 100 countries.
  • McDonalds is the most well-known quick-service restaurant chain globally.
  • It stays current in offering menu updates beyond the classics, such as special edition meals and evolutions on the favorites.
  • McDonalds offers a range of healthy options from fruit and salads to wraps and vegetarian meals.

Questions To Ask About Company Culture

Even if you have the skills, it wont matter if you dont agree with the company culture. Do your values align with the company? Or does the company share beliefs you dont necessarily agree with?

  • What is your favorite thing about the company culture?
  • Most companies value traits such as responsibility and hard work. If you had to choose, what would you say is your companys highest value and why?
  • Are there any company events or annual get-togethers? Could you tell me about the last get-together?
  • Are there any special office traditions that outsiders may not know about?
  • Does the company value more independent workers or team collaborators?
  • Has the company culture changed since you started?
  • What is something new this company does that youve never experienced before?
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    Why Did You Apply

    We all need to pay the bills, but it’s important to check that this is not the sole motivation for a candidate. They’re likely to be a more productive and happy employee if they identify with your company in some way.

    It might be the projects you’re working on or the direction you’re heading in. It could be the fact that you’re a 2-person startup and they’re interested in responsibility. Maybe it’s the fact that you’ve just signed some big customers. Hopefully it’s something!

    Hr Interview Questions: The Top 10 Questions Asked In The Hr Interview

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    In the initial screening phase of a hiring process, an HR professional will ask candidates a set of HR interview questions. The purpose of these questions is to gauge the candidates basic skills and interest for the role, and to clarify various points about their application and resume.

    Here, we put together a list of the best human resources interview questions for candidates, plus sample answers.

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    What Type Of Work Environment Do You Prefer

    Be sure to do your homework on the organization and its culture before the interview. Your research will save you here. Your preferred environment should closely align to the companys workplace culture . For example, you may find on the companys website that they have a flat organizational structure or that they prioritize collaboration and autonomy. Those are key words you can mention in your answer to this question.

    If the interviewer tells you something about the company that you didnt uncover in your research, like, Our culture appears buttoned-up from the outside, but in reality, its a really laid-back community with little competition among employees, try to describe an experience youve had that dovetails with that. Your goal is to share how your work ethic matches that of the organizations.

    Example: That sounds great to me. I like fast-paced work environments because they make me feel like Im always learning and growing, but I really thrive when Im collaborating with team members and helping people reach a collective goal as opposed to competing. My last internship was at an organization with a similar culture, and I really enjoyed that balance.

    If You Were In My Shoes What Attributes Would You Look For In Hiring For This Role

    NerdWallet co-founder and CEO Tim Chen recently shared his takeaways from navigating the shift from first-time founder to seasoned exec on the Review, which surfaced some particularly interesting insights on hiring, including how hes revamped his approach to interviewing execs and the surprisingly honest reason why he interviewed every single person up until the NerdWallet team reached 200 people.

    And when we followed up with him to get his favorite interview question, he surfaced yet another intriguing tactic: asking what the candidate would look for if they were on the other side of the table.

    Some of the attributes they list off are surprising, says Chen. It helps you think about the role in a different way. Ive also found that candidates tend to highlight their own strengths, so it gives you a window into who they are. You can also get a sense of whether theyre good at breaking nebulous problems, like hiring, into the key drivers.

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    Do You Have Any Other Questions For Us

    This is almost an essential question because it signals to the candidate that the interview is almost complete. Look for a candidate who has a thoughtful question or two prepared. And if their question was already answered during the interview, are they able to come up with any other questions on the spot?

    If a candidate doesnt have any questions to ask, this generally isnt a good sign, as it could be because of a lack of preparation or interest.

    Eager: Oh, yes! Could you share more about the day-to-day responsibilities of this position and what a typical day might look like?

    Success-oriented: What do you think is the most important indicator of success for this position?

    Fun: What is your favorite part about working for this company?

    Disinterested: Nope, thats all I have!

    Repeating: Sorry we mentioned it before, but could you go over the salary and benefits again?

    Complicated: What do you think are the 5 most important traits for this job, and could you give me an example of each?

    Here it isthe big question everyone knows is coming, but nobody really wants to answer unless youve got the perfect answer to this question.

    And let me tell you, this question is AMAZING to answer, once you know how to do it.

    Luckily, through hundreds of trial-and-error interviews, Ive come up with the perfect formula to leave people mentally saying, Wow! after they ask me this question.

    And while youre at it, learn more in my article here.

    Questions That Demonstrate Abilities

    20 Interview Questions to Ask Your Kids

    Interviewers ask these questions to determine if the applicant’s abilities match those required by the position. Questions range from listing skills to providing examples of how skills are used.

    • What skills do you bring to this job?

    • What experience do you bring to the position?

    • How long were you in your last position?

    • What was most rewarding about your last job?

    • What did you like or dislike about your previous job?

    • What were your responsibilities in your last position?

    • What was your biggest accomplishment?

    • What were your starting and finishing salaries?

    • Which systems/software/programs/apps are you familiar with?

    • What does an ideal job mean to you?

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    Is There Anything Else Youd Like Us To Know

    Just when you thought you were done, your interviewer asks you this open-ended doozy. Dont panicits not a trick question! You can use this as an opportunity to close out the meeting on a high note in one of two ways, Zhang says. First, if there really is something relevant that you havent had a chance to mention, do it now. Otherwise, you can briefly summarize your qualifications. For example, Zhang says, you could say: I think weve covered most of it, but just to summarize, it sounds like youre looking for someone who can really hit the ground running. And with my previous experience , I think Id be a great fit.

    Do You Have Any Interests Outside Of Work

    If the interviewer asks you this question, take it as a good sign!

    It means that they liked your professional background, and now theyre just trying to get to know you and see if youre a good fit for the company culture.

    Its pretty hard to go wrong here, unless youre going to answer something like:

    I have literally no hobbies.


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    It’s September 5 2020 What Impact On The Business Have You Made In The Year Since Youve Joined

    When hiring for PatientPing, co-founder and CEO, Jay Desai wants to get candidates talking about the future, what the world will look like once they get the job, settle in and start making an impact.

    Heres what hes able to learn from this question:

    Timing: Ive found that it provides visibility into how long the candidate thinks things should take, says Desai. Folks coming from larger companies assume things take longer than they should, while someone from a smaller, scrappier startup might want to go faster than they should.

    Where their focus lies: You can learn a lot from how they describe their hypothetical impact. Are they results-oriented, using numbers to describe their impact? says Desai. Maybe theyre more process-oriented, describing their impact in terms of the systems theyve successfully set up. Candidates who are more people-oriented will talk about how the org will have grown and how the team will have developed.

    Understanding of the role: If a candidate is way off-base from your expectations when describing what theyd hope to achieve, thats telling in a different way. It tests the extent to which they have internalized this role and what the company is asking them to solve for, says Desai.

    Where Do You Think The Company Is Headed In The Next Five Years

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    The response you receive will give you an insight into the company’s progression plans and its place in the market, while giving you a general idea about job security. You may also get a heads-up on any major upcoming projects.

    Asking about future plans shows a real interest in the organisation and reiterates your commitment to the company.

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    Tell Me How You Think Other People Would Describe You

    I hate this question. It’s a total throwaway. But I did ask it once, and got an answer I really liked.

    “I think people would say that what you see is what you get,” the candidate said. “If I say I will do something, I do it. If I say I will help, I help. I’m not sure that everyone likes me, but they all know they can count on what I say and how hard I work.”

    Can’t beat that.

    What’s Your Favourite Non

    It’s always important to try and understand what kind of person a candidate is, and finding out what they enjoy outside of work is a great way to dig into this.

    While it may not impact their work at all, it can help you understand someone’s character. These kind of interview questions help to relax candidates and encourage them to open up and speak about their life.

    It’s also pretty interesting to know that you have a budding kitesurfer or a weekend chess aficionado in your team!

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    Can You Tell Me About My Direct Supervisor Is There Anything I Should Know About Working With Them That Will Make My Integration A Smooth Process

    Another two-parter, but again, youre showing that youre serious about doing what it takes to not only get the job, but do the job right. Its also a great way to get a bit of information about your supervisor. Like the rest of the people youre going to work withif its not a good match, then it might not be the job you want to take.

    Make Natural Transitions Between Questions

    What kind of salary do you need interview question and answer

    Having a list of interview questions to ask is good practice, but it has an inherent difficulty: it might make the interview seem more robotic and inflexible.

    For example, imagine youre listening to a candidates answer. When they finish talking, you may suddenly feel awkward, so you nod and say something akin to OK, interesting and then you move on to the next question. This isnt how a natural conversation would flow, and it might make the experience less pleasant for the candidate .

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    Are You A Team Player

    Wherever youre applying, the answer to this question should be a Yes!

    Even if youre applying for a completely solo role, chances are, youre still going to have to work in a team occasionally.

    Wed recommend being very specific about your answer here – dont just say yes. Give the interviewer an exact example of when you excelled at working with a team.

    Possible answers:

    • Sample Answer 1:

    Im much better at working in a team than alone, actually. Thats what I love about working in advertising – everyone has their own specific type of a creative spark, and when you combine it all, magic happens!

    Im good at both leading and following in terms of creativity and brainstorming. Im also super receptive to others ideas, and do my best to help them execute it without nay-saying or criticism.

    • Sample Answer 2:

    Yep, definitely. I excel at team-work.

    This one time while working at , I was assigned to an existing team working on a web application for a business process management company.

    They were working on a tight deadline, and needed help on the API side.

    I optimised their development cycles and oversaw a team of three developers while collaborating with the other two dev teams.

    Everything went pretty well, and we managed to finish the project on time.

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