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What’s A Virtual Interview

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Virtual interview expectations are similar to those of an in-person interview. Where your interview takes place and how it begins may feel different, but the flow of conversation and style of questions will remain the same. Common questions include wanting to know about your professional experience, why youâre interested in the role, inquiring about your strengths and weaknesses, and asking about times you demonstrated leadership or overcame workplace challenges.

Taking Part In A Zoom Interview

Zoom offers a clean, easy-to-use interface. The home tab shows an overview of upcoming meetings. From this tab, users can start, schedule or join a meeting.

They can also share their computer or mobile device screen with an existing Zoom Room.

Zoom has a host of useful features:

  • Screen sharing
  • Record function
  • Customizable backgrounds

It is possible to switch off the video function however, recruiters will likely want to see you during a Zoom job interview.

The Zoom app is the most popular way to use Zoom. You can access it from a computer or mobile device. Both Apple and Android are available. You can also use an extension for Firefox and Chrome browsers.

Perform an update to your computer system and ensure you are using the latest version of Zoom. This will avoid having to restart your device in the middle of the interview.

Select Good Video Interview Questions

In-person interviews offer ways of evaluating candidates like arrival time, treatment of the receptionist, body language, full appearance, personal hygiene, and handshake. The absence of these elements in video interviews makes interview questions even more important.

  • Basic Questions: Standard questions like tell me about yourself, and what are your greatest strengths, have a place in video interviews. However, the interview should not consist entirely of basic prompts.
  • Targeted questions: Be sure to also select thoughtful prompts that reveal the qualities that are most important to the position and company culture.
  • Behavioral questions: Behavioral questions are especially important for virtual interviews. Because remote employees often need to act independently, sound judgment and a strong critical thought process is essential.
  • Performance evaluations: To assess performance, you can also ask candidates to perform a task while sharing the screen. This method is a great way to tell that applicants know how to do the job, not just talk about it. Plus, you can ensure that interviewees are not Googling the answers to difficult questions.

You may want to standardize your virtual interview questions, or at least give recruiters a list of options to choose from. Check out our list of the best interview questions.

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Pay Attention To How You Sound Too

People are usually concerned with how they look in a video interview and often forget to think about how they sound, Turner says. During your practice, take note of how fast you speak, how you pause, and the tone and pitch of your voiceand ask the person youre practicing with if any of these things makes it harder to hear or understand you.

For the sake of any interviewer with a bad connection, be sure to speak clearly and at a reasonable pace, but keep it natural. Just because your interview is being conducted over a computer doesnt mean you can sound like one! Since theres less body languagebased communication in a video interview, you also want the way you speak to help get across how you feel about what youre saying. Make sure you sound excited when discussing the things youre passionate about, for example.

Dont Let The Relaxed Remote World Influence Your Dress


In the relaxed world of remote work, it is easy for a casual dress approach to trickle into an interview, however, what you wear can have a major impact on that first impression, so it is best to resist this temptation. You will not be expected to be overly formal, but a button-up shirt or blouse that gives off a professional vibe can go a long way in sending the message of your seriousness about the position and your adherence to a professional company culture.In addition, pay attention to your background, as this too, can also send a distinct message. Just as you would not invite someone to your home when it is messy, that rule should apply to your virtual interview. By approaching your virtual interview the same way you would if you were doing it in an office setting, you will prevent embarrassment and place yourself in a great position to make a good first impression.

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What Is A Digital Interview Like

Youll have a minute or two to read and contemplate a question, then another couple minutes to answer it while a camera records you.

Typically, a company will give you a time frame to complete it on your own. During the interview, some organizations provide one redo if you mess up, others unlimited tries, depending on who it is.

When Do You Aim To Fill This Role

A business is only as good as its people. Therefore, companies who truly want to advance and grow into industry leaders need to take care of their most valuable assets their employees. In fact, a survey conducted by BetterBuys, a subsidiary of Catalyst Media, found that 92% of employees think personal development opportunities are important. For example, some companies offer college tuition reimbursement, certification program waivers, and in-house training. Theres no need to be shy about this one.


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Technology Of Virtual Interview

The virtual interview technology is very useful not only for the employers but for the interviewing candidates located at remote locations.

The process of the virtual interview includes following steps:

âA questionnaire is created by the interviewer in text format to send it online to the candidate.

âThe interviewer invites the candidates for an online interview by sending them a link in this regard through email.

âThe candidate uses his/her web browser to open the link to the online virtual interview. The candidate then reads the questions and uses a webcam to record their answers to send back them to the interviewer in video format.

âThe answers are reviewed by the interviewer to grade the candidate according to the level of his answers.

âUltimately,the selected candidates are called by the interviewer for the one-on-one interview for final selection for the job.

What To Wear To A Video Interview

Mock Interviews for Students — Here’s What you NEED to Practice

Just because it’s through a webcam doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress.

Right now, video interviews are becoming increasingly common in the hiring process, with video-conferencing software such as Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Microsoft Teams exploding in popularity. If you have a video interview coming up but have never experienced the process before, it’s easy to feel intimidated and unsure of what to do.

You might also be unsure of what to wear especially since you’re more than likely calling from the comfort of your home. The general rule of thumb? Always dress professionally, just as you would for an in-person interview. Continue reading for video interview tips to ensure you come off looking your best and make a good first impression through the camera.

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How Should You Do Your Makeup

In general, you can play around with colors for your lipstick and eye makeup just make sure that the end look makes you feel confident and comfortable during the actual interview.

If you have oily skin, be sure to use an oil blotter and face powder to prep your skin, as oil is more obvious on camera. If you would like to add some colors to your cheeks, opt for natural-looking blush, and don’t go for heavy contour, as the shadows can be very distracting especially if the colors are not blended well. Remember, this is not the time to challenge your makeup skills. Instead, stick to what has proven to give you an effortless look.

While some women shy away from using eye makeup for video interviews, some glam on your eyes could actually help! Don’t be afraid to use some soft colors and even a little bit of glitter under your eyes to brighten them up. End your look with a pop of color on your lips to draw attention to the words you speak. You can go with a classic red lip or other hues that show bits of your personality while still looking professional.

Tips For Acing Your Next Virtual Interview

As technology continues to evolve, the workplace has been quick to follow suit adopting new innovations that save time and increase efficiency. In fact, fifty percent of employers surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management said they use virtual interviews as a way to narrow their applicant pool. Video conferencing software, such as Zoom, Skype, and Google Hangouts, has helped recruiters reach a more diverse, global group of candidates, and offers a cost-effective way to screen prospective hires.

Due to current events like the Coronavirus pandemic and the sudden need to bring many positions online, virtual interviews have also become a necessity when traditional interviews cannot take place face-to-face. Many professionals are now working from home or pursuing new positions remotely, and the hiring process has become increasingly virtual as a result.

Mastering the virtual interview is often one of the first steps toward a follow-up interview and subsequent employment. Heres how you can increase the likelihood that an employer asks you to come in for round two of an interview.

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Mastering The Virtual Interview

Virtual interviews are becoming increasingly popular as workplaces continue to evolve to meet the needs of their employees. Professionals who are or will be navigating the job market are bound to encounter this new type of video meeting and should take the necessary steps to prepare themselves. Follow these eight tips to mastering the virtual interview, and youll be one step closer to joining the team.

This article was originally published in February 2018. It has since been updated for accuracy and relevance.

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While COVID-19 made virtual interviewing a necessary practice, its popularity amongst employers is likely to stick post-pandemic. Virtual interviewing is convenient for employers as it allows for a more efficient interview process, eases scheduling conflicts, saves money and broadens the candidate pool. In this article, we review the best ways to be successful during your next virtual interview.

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Go With A Classic Look

There are classic colors that will never go out of style when it comes to interviews: Navy jacket, solid-colored shirt or blouse, red tie or scarf . When you are dressed well, you will feel more confident. Listen to all of the questions thoroughly and take a moment to give yourself room for a thoughtful answer. Know why you want to be accepted into the MBA program and let this knowing drive you to do well in your interview.

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Streamline The Scheduling Process

Setting up interviews can feel like just as much work as conducting interviews. Finding a time that works for both parties can be a struggle, especially if time zone differences or current work schedules delay a candidates response.

To avoid wasting time, use an online meeting scheduling tool. Instead of emailing proposed times, candidates select an open slot from the choices provided. The scheduling software updates availability automatically. The program can instantly set up a video meeting and send invitations and calendar events to both parties.

Automating the scheduling process helps recruiters stay more organized. Plus, eliminating the administrative work frees up hiring manager to prepare for the interview.

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Rid Yourself Of Distractions And Background Noise

In advance of your video interview, make sure you have a quiet place to meet or record thatâs free of audio or visual distractions for both you and the interviewer. Nowâs not the time to find out if your dog likes to make unexpected Zoom cameos. Closed doors and windows make for successful, uninterrupted virtual interviews. If you live with roommates, family, or a partner, make sure to remind them youâll be doing an important interview.

Be Patient With Disruptions And Strange Settings

How To Prepare For Video Interviews

Standards of professionalism are different between in-person interviews and virtual interviews. Both settings require candidates to dress professionally, appear tidy, and exhibit knowledge, confidence, and a positive attitude. However, even in virtual interviews, interviewees cannot control every aspect of their environments.

A candidate might have to join from their car because they are at work. Or, maybe their child recently picked up lock-picking as a hobby, and busts through a barricaded door. Perhaps five minutes before the meeting began, the city started jack-hammering the sidewalk outside. Factors like these, as well as internet outages and software glitches, kids or pets or family members, and forces of nature, are often outside of candidates control.

Instead of counting imperfect interview conditions against the applicant, show compassion, laugh it off, and find a way to conduct the meeting despite the undesirables. This approach will add levity and humanity to the situation, relax the candidates nerves, and win you major cool company points in the eyes of the interviewee.

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Let The Other Person Finish Speaking

This is good life advice in general, but over video chat, jumping in with your response too soon can mute the other persons mic and cut them off entirelymaking you seem rude even if you didnt intend to be. Plus with internet lag, its not always immediately apparent whether someone is done speaking or just pausing. So once you think your interviewer is done, take a beat before you answer. If you have trouble with this, get in the habit of muting yourself while the other person is speakingthat way the action of turning the mic back on forces you to give them a little extra time to keep talking.

Choosing A Webcam Placing And Lighting

There are two main things to consider here: what webcam you use and how you use it.

These are both important because they will determine how youll be able to present yourself. A clear, sharp, well-positioned image will make you look professional and presentable.

The webcam you use will largely be determined by your budget and preference. If possible, an external webcam thats a price-point above the cheapest would be good. If you have a very up-to-date laptop, the inbuilt webcam will probably suffice too.

If youre looking to buy an external webcam, then youll get great value out of the Logitech C900 series , but there are plenty of other brands such as Creative. Do some googling, read some reviews and figure out which you might like best.

Do not use a tablet or phone camera if you can avoid it.

When deciding where to place your camera, bear in mind that the webcam should be looking slightly down towards you. A low placement looking upwards is never flattering. Try and make sure the camera is positioned a little above your eye level.

Its also important to practice talking into the camera instead of looking directly at the on-screen image of the interviewer. Virtual eye contact is a difficult skill to master, but if you can achieve it, youll make a much better impression.

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How To Prepare For Virtual Interviews

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Best practices for virtual interviews include the same methods of preparation as any form of interview.

You should conduct thorough research on the hiring organization be sure you understand its industry, and are aware of its objectives, culture and values.

You should also be familiar with the specifics of the post for which you are applying and prepare for any role-related questions you think you may be asked, as well as rehearsing answers for general competency-based questions.

For a virtual interview, its important to plan your time accordingly and be ready and waiting to join the call.

If the hiring panel has set up the interview, there will likely be a virtual waiting room for you to join before the interview.

You need to log in a few minutes in advance and wait for the meeting host to let you in.

Try to join a few minutes early to ensure you are on time for your interview.

It is the video interview equivalent of being punctual.

It can be tempting to leave it until the last minute since theres no travel involved but, ideally, you should clear your schedule at least an hour beforehand to focus your mind on the task at hand.

Use the time to go over your research notes, reread the job description and remind yourself of your initial application. This should get you fully focused and interview-ready.

An underrated advantage of video interviews over face-to-face interviews is that you can have your pre-interview preparation notes to hand.

Zoom Interviews Top 10 Tips

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