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Where Can I Do A Video Interview

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HireVue Video Interview: 5 MISTAKES You Need to AVOID

Keep it short and simple. Start video interviews by stating your name, what your role at the company is and why youre happy to be connecting with the candidate. It can also be helpful to give upfront context on what the interview process will look like and what youre hoping to learn from the candidate. Consider easing into the interview and building rapport before jumping into questions.

When Is My One

The due date for your one-way interview is set by the recruiter or hiring manager who invited you. The amount of time that you have to complete the one-way depends on the date and the time they have chosen for the interview to be completed by. You can find this information on the landing page for your one-way interview.

Let Employers Find You

You can also virtually interview with employers who identify you as a good fit for the job through your Indeed Resume, or if you apply for the job traditionally. You can make your Indeed Resume visible to employers by setting it to public in the resume privacy settings found in your Profile.

In this case, youll get an email invite to a virtual interview from the employer. If you confirm, youll receive a link to learn more about what will be covered in the interview and share a note with the employer if you choose.

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How Does A One

Usually, an employer will respond to your job application with directions on how they want you to record and submit your one-way video interview. Expect them to give you a series of interview questions to answer within a set timeframe. They will likely ask you to record yourself and send your video to them via email or a platform they specify.

Once they receive your video, the hiring team will review it. If they decide that you are a promising candidate for their role, someone will reach out to you directly. It’s likely that they will want to meet for a traditional in-person interview or a two-way video interview.

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How To Stand Out In A Virtual Interview

Job Interview Skills to Help You Get Hired

Once you have your quiet corner with reliable internet picked out and a laptop charged and ready, youâre almost ready to wow your interviewer. But consider these things for the big dance:

  • Look into the webcam! I know that might feel unnatural, but it will give the interviewer the sense that youâre making eye contact and paying attention to what theyâre saying.
  • Donât move! Okay, so thatâs not entirely reasonable, but try not to fidget, swivel your chair, type on the keyboard, or leave the frame of the video chat. Itâs distracting and feels off-putting.
  • Set any note-taking expectations. Taking notes during an interview is encouraged, but if you plan to type notes on the same device from which youâll be taking the call, let your interviewers know so theyâll know you arenât being rude or distracted.
  • If something happens with the connection, be honest! Everyone understands that a video call can have some glitches, so itâs always okay to ask someone to repeat something because the screen froze temporarily.
  • Have fun. Smiling, laughing, and showing youâre enjoying the video chat are absolutely encouraged.

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Video Interviewing Software Comparison Criteria

What do I look for when I select the best video interviewing platforms? Heres a summary of my evaluation criteria:

  • User Interface : A video interview platform should be easy and intuitive to navigate for both parties. Remember: your hiring manager will have experience on the platform but your job candidates may not!
  • Usability: For usability, consider the candidate experience: Can they download/log-in to the tool quickly and without effort? Does it require them to make an account with their personal email? Ease of use is crucial.
  • Integrations: Interview platforms rarely work in a vacuum so functionality with other apps is important. Does the platform connect with third-party tools like your applicant tracking system, social messaging systems like email or Slack, talent acquisition tools, and/or other HRIS software?
  • Value for $: How appropriate is the video conferencing price for the features, capabilities, and use case? Is pricing clear, transparent and flexible for on demand video interviews? Does the price include access to mobile app video screening?
  • The Benefits Of Virtual Interviews

    Its not hard to understand why video interviews are so popular. They provide hiring teams with much more insight into job applicants than resumes or phone interviews ever could. They also transcend geographical limitations, opening doors to a larger candidate pool so recruiters can find top talent anywhere.

    The benefits of video interviewing extend to candidates as well. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to showcase your winning personality and your strengths. By expressing yourself confidently and authentically, you can persuade hiring managers to select you over your competition.

    While its understandable to have some nerves when attempting something new, most video interviews take place in the comfort of your home. This means you have greater control of your surroundings, which can help applicants feel more at ease during the interview. In the case of pre-recorded interviews, you can record your answers to interview questions whenever its convenient. You dont have the added stress of navigating a new space on your way to an in-person interview, so you can relax and focus on being calm and collected.

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    How To Conduct Video Interviews With Indeed

    When you post a job on Indeed, you can schedule video interviews with candidates youre interested in from the Interviews tab on the Candidate details page of your Employer Dashboard.

    Simply suggest days and times for the virtual interview, add a message and click Send Invitation. When the candidate accepts your invitation, youll both get an email with a unique link to the video interview.

    On the day of the scheduled video interview, click the link in your confirmation email or from the Interviews tab on the Candidate details page of your employer dashboard to open the Indeed Interview lobby and start the virtual interview.

    In Indeed Interview, youll have everything you need to interview candidates without any complicated settings. From the interview room, you can view the candidates resume , mute and unmute your audio, stop and start your video, and end the interview.

    After the interview, update the candidates status about whether youre still interested and make sure to add notes from the interview to refer back to.

    Places To Conduct A Virtual Interview

    How to do a Video Interview | Intro to HireVue

    If your home is unsuitable for conducting a virtual interview, there are a variety of public spaces that provide resources like free high-speed internet and public computers. Below are a few places to consider for your next video interview when looking for a professional setting. If possible, do a test run beforehand to test your internet connection and ensure the lighting and audio quality are sufficient.

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    What We Look For

    This video interview will give us the opportunity to virtually meet you and get a sense of who you are, which is helpful in determining admissibility as our applicant pool becomes increasingly more competitive. The best way to do well is to be yourself and answer all questions honestly.

    Think of this video interview as great practice for all of the co-op interviews youll be part of, should you become a Waterloo Engineering student.

    Be Conscious Of Your Body Language

    Treat a video interview like you would an in-person one. Just because theres a screen between you and the candidate does not mean that common courtesies are off the table. A whopping 55 percent of communication is nonverbal, and another 38 percent is conveyed through tone of voice your words only amount to seven percent.

    In short, the way you present yourself is extremely important, even in a video interview. Make eye contact, sit up straight and nod to show youre following along with what the candidate is saying. Dont forget to smile!

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    Do You Have Any Questions For Us What You Should Consider When Facing The Final Interview Question

    If youve ever interviewed for a job, be it inside or outside the video games industry, youll likely be familiar with the drill. Youve navigated your way expertly through the previous experience questions, perhaps even swerved through some tricky employment gaps. Youve made a pitch not too dissimilar in passion and persuasion to a rom-com protagonist as to why youre the perfect fit for the role. Youve even identified your own strengths and weakness in such a way that you look neither overly self-assured, nor incompetent. Now youre at the last hurdle Do you have any questions youd like to ask us?

    If you didnt know, the correct answer is yes. But the difficulty lies in what to ask, and arguably just as importantly, what not to ask. Thats why weve asked some of the best-in-industry Recruiters, Line Managers, and HR staff what questions they place value on being asked, as well as providing you with some tips of our own on what you should be looking to find out, so that you can sail plainly through your next interview and land your next dream role!

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    Get Pets Under Control

    Interview with HR Manager: " Showing initiative and creativity is highly ...

    You may be used to your dog sleeping on the floor behind you, but what happens when he decides to start a mid-day cleaning session or the UPS driver shows up? If possible, it may be best to completely leave pets out of your interviewing space during the interview.

    If you do let your pet stay in the room, take off their collar for the interview to reduce the noise of pet tags jangling together. If they usually bark or growl when someone approaches your front porch, hang a sign at the front door politely asking people not to knock or ring the doorbell.

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    Video Interviewing The Candidate Experience

    I remember when I first heard about video interviewing. I was working in venture capital, and stumbled upon the category in my search for the next big thing. I thought it was a great tool to save employers time. However, 10 years ago it was somewhat abnormal for a job seeker to be asked to do a video interview and I can remember friends complaining about it.

    Fast forward to today, and many people have been through a video interview. Itâs no longer foreign. Beyond interviewing, we are all a lot more comfortable with video through social media, as well as business which seems to get done more and more over video. This is especially true during COVID-19 where coming face to face with people can be dangerous.

    The companies that struggle to get value out of video interviews are mostly failing because they donât think about the candidate experience. They are sending job applicants links to do video interviews without the appropriate context for the overall process that will unfold for the video interview, as well as the broader hiring timeline.

    Hereâs a pro tip: use the features within these platforms that allow you to set the right expectations for interviewees, and generally humanize this process. You should record welcome videos for interviewees, give tips on how to make good videos, include messages from hiring managers, etc. Most vendors have great resources on how to do this right, and your account rep will also have good advice here!

    What Questions Are Asked In A Video Interview

    Like in all kinds of interviews, questions are relevant to the job, the function and the seniority level. They also have to do with the hiring stage. For example, first-round interviews usually cover basic topics such as availability and salary expectations, while interviews at later stages might address career goals and projects that candidates will manage if hired.

    The same guidelines apply in video interviews. If youre conducting video calls early in the hiring process, as a screening method instead of phone screens, here are some common video interview questions you can ask:

    • What attracted you to the job ad? Why did you decide to apply?
    • Name two skills you have acquired through previous work experiences that you think will be useful in this role.
    • What inspired you to pursue this career?
    • Whats your experience with XYZ software?
    • Describe briefly a challenge youve faced at work and how you overcame it.
    • Whats the ideal work environment for you?
    • Do you prefer to work in teams or individually? Why?

    If youre using video interviews later in the process, as well, make sure to include role-specific questions and questions that will help you determine whether candidates would be a good fit for your company culture.

    For more video interview tips, have a look at these online interview questions and Skype interview questions. Here are also some sample video interview questions and answers specifically for remote employees.

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    Review Past Interviews And Take Notes

    Ahead of a video interview, review your notes from previous conversations with the candidate so the next one is as productive as possible. Take notes on what the candidate says, how engaged they seem and their general demeanor during every interview. Note that its important to inform the interviewee that youre taking notes to reference later and that youre still paying full attention to the conversation. They cant tell what youre writing, and to them, it may seem like youre not paying attention.

    Most platforms generate transcripts of meetings, which makes it easier to capture the entire conversation and share it with other stakeholders. Still, jot down notes on things that stand out to you during the interview

    Your Complete Guide To Video Interviews

    How To Prepare For Video Interviews

    As COVID-19 cancels plans and closes doors across the country, more and more internships and jobs are going remote. At the same time, many companies continue to hire new talent. As a result, video interviews are growing ever-more popular.

    Interviewing via video comes naturally to a lucky few. But for many others , it can be a challenge. In this article, well walk you through the basics and the details of video interviews, including what to expect, how to prepare, and example answers.

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    They Want You To Meet Other Team Members

    When youre asked to meet with other team members who werent originally scheduled or youre asked to meet with their boss, thats a very strong indicator that they are excited about you, Liou says. Most likely, they want to advocate that youre the perfect fit and ensure that the approval process gets expedited by having other influencers meet you.

    This isnt necessarily a common scenario, especially if your job interviews are taking place virtually, so dont take it as a bad sign if you only meet with your scheduled interviewer. However, if the hiring manager mentions wanting to introduce you to their boss, a department leader, or another decision maker , you can still mark a check in the positive signs column.

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    Be Considerate And Compassionate

    Give your candidate the respect they deserve by minimizing background noises and distractions. However, life happens especially at home and there may be interruptions. Before diving in, take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate the candidates flexibility in moving the interview to a video conference and ask them for their patience if things pop up. Additionally, dont fault candidates if the same happens from their end.

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    C: Set Your Expectations

    The goal here is twofold:

    1: Try not to suck as . Yes, the bar is low. This isnt a Hollywood blockbuster. Youre not buying expensive equipment. Youre just creating something quickly and hoping it doesnt fail 100% .

    2: Run a complete interview production cycle from start to publish so you can identify errors BEFORE batching and scaling the process.


    Lets dive into Zoom and get this first interview rocking!

    Get More Video Interviewing Help

    Ask the Hiring Attorney: How can I avoid stumbling on my words during ...

    Theres no doubt that times are tough, and everyone is doing the best they can to make the most of ever-changing work scenarios. If youre getting ready for a video interview, stay calm and remember thatno matter what space you chooseif you simply clear out the area behind you and make your background a plain wall, door, or closet, youre likely to have a distraction-free interview where you, not your environment, are the focal point.

    If you want more help with getting your home interview environment in check, or want to get some interviewing tips and advice, consider meeting with a FlexJobs career coach. You can meet one-on-one with a coach via phone or video. Our coaches can work with you to practice interview questions, review your resume, provide support, and much more.

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    How To Deal With Technical Difficulties In Your Video Interview

    Despite all your preparations and set up, if you do face a technical mishap, a good tip is to find out in advance what is the official procedure to be followed in case of interruptions. Keep this information handy so you can immediately do your best to re-join the interview or let your interviewers know what happened. Most interview administrators will have some kind of protocol for how to re-connect or who to reach out to in case of technical disruptions.

    Additionally, if possible, share all of your own information with the interviewers in advance. That way, they have the option to call, email or message you if needed.

    Finally, if you are facing any minor technical issues such as blurry video, unclear audio or frozen screens, dont just ignore whats happening and continue talking. Its better to address the issue right away so you dont make any errors when answering questions. Ask the interviewer for a few seconds to check if the problem is from your side check your internet speed, make sure your laptop is charged and the software is working properly. Remember that it’s entirely possible the technical problem is at the interviewers end after all, theyre human too! After ensuring the issue is not at your end, politely let the interviewer know that you cant see/hear them properly. Its better to have a momentary interruption and then continue with a smooth interview than to have your entire interview be choppy and unclear due to a bad connection at the other end.

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