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Where To Do A Video Interview

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They Can Be Repurposed And Shared

How to do a Video Interview | Intro to HireVue

Once you’ve got your interview footage, you’ll have a goldmine of content.

  • You can extract some short clips to post on social media and create teaser videos that link to the full version of the interview.
  • You can include the interview in a blog post.
  • You can attach the interview in a company newsletter.
  • You can use the audio for a podcast.
  • So much more… keep reading to find out.

Whatever the original purpose was for your video interview, you will certainly discover plenty of different ways to reuse and distribute it.

Coronavirus And Job Interviews

COVID-19 is affecting the way businesses recruit new candidates. While a small number of business are still holding face-to-face interviews, the majority of organisations are unlikely to do so until the current social distancing restrictions come to an end. Because of this, it’s now more important than ever to make sure that your telephone and video interview skills are up to scratch.

Read on to discover how to ace a video interview.

While video interviews have always been a part of recruitment the COVID-19 pandemic has made them crucial to the application process

Traditionally used in the early stages of the interview process to filter out large numbers of candidates they can vary in style and length. However as COVID restrictions were put in place the majority of things moved online and interviews were no exception.

The obvious benefits are the money and time savings for both you and the company. It also means that the recruiter and their colleagues can watch the interview again rather than just relying on notes.

The format isn’t without its challenges though – the main ones being connectivity problems and time delays. Not everyone is comfortable on camera and this may put some candidates at a disadvantage. However, with some preparation these issues can be overcome and help you move on to the next stage of the process.

Managing The Environment And Background

Be mindful about your surroundings and whats in the camera frame its all a part of how you present yourself.

Set up your camera, and then check the frame. Is there clutter in the background? Is it possible for the lighting to change dramatically if, for instance, the clouds part? Are there any potentially embarrassing posters or photos on the wall behind you? A mirror that could accidentally show something awkward? Keep your background as neat, neutral and inoffensive as possible.

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Video Interviewing For Staffing Companies

While we are mainly focusing this research on the corporate HR and recruiting use case for video interviewing, the above vendors serve staffing companies as well, and for good reason. Staffing companies can use video to better understand candidates before presenting them to clients. They can also use the video to show a more human side of a candidate vs just a resume and some notes.

Video interviewing also allows you to ensure you are asking questions which are relevant to your client. This means better alignment, as well as information from the candidate that will allow your client to quickly make a decision on whether or not they want to move forward with a candidate.

Video Interviews During The Coronavirus Pandemic


Before the pandemic video interviews would be used instead of phone interviews, but would not be seen as a substitute for face-to-face second interviews and final selection. Most companies would offer the opportunity to view their premises and meet other employees at a later stage in the process.

However, while uncertainty around the coronavirus virus remains, the final stages of the recruitment process are staying online.

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Have You Set Up Your Space

  • Watch this quick tutorial on effective interviewing – – are you using all of their best practices?
  • Additional tips:
  • Consider skype/zooming, etc: one of your friends to have them tell you if you are coming through clearly and if you and your space look professional.
  • Remember that you can also record yourself on Zoom to check yourself out.
  • Finally, also consider moving the video of your interviewers as close as possible to your camera , so it looks like you’re looking directly at your interviewers.
  • Have you turned off the ringer on your phone? Have you shut down everything else/all other tabs on your laptop? This includes all other tabs or video chat systems – just to make sure that nothing pops up or starts unexpectedly, and you don’t share anything unintentionally if you share your screen. Also, if you do share your screen, consider dropping everything on your desktop into a single folder, to keep everything tidy.
  • Don’t want to keep looking down? Consider putting your questions on stickies/sticking them around your monitor around eye level.
  • Are you trying to type notes from the interview? If you feel you need to type, be sure to mute yourself or everyone will hear your keys typing. Also, be sure you know how to minimize your notes to a small window, so you don’t lose eye contact with your interviewers.
  • Use Your Face To Show Youre Engaged

    Nonverbal communication is important in any conversation. But when it comes to a video interview, a lot of the avenues through which we usually give nonverbal cueseye contact, body language, and small murmurs of agreementare cut off. So we have to lean more heavily on what we have left, namely facial expressions.

    If youre in the room with someone, you can usually tell if theyre listening to you intently even if their face is not moving much . But everybody can look like a statue over video interview, Turner says. You shouldnt be so static that your interviewer has to wonder if youre still connected.

    Short vocalizations arent the way to solve this problem here since on many common video interview platforms, only one mic can be used at once, Eonnet says. So while two people can speak simultaneously in the same room or over the phone, on a video call, your yes, definitely! can mute the other persons microphone momentarily, breaking up the flow of conversation and possibly causing you to miss key information.

    Instead of saying mm-hm or yeah, nod or smile when youd usually speak. That way your interviewer still gets the feedback they need without your mic accidentally overriding theirs.

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    Why Is Asynchronous Video Interviewing So Valuable

    Asynchronous video interviewing is very valuable to both the candidate and the hiring team. It saves time from playing phone tag for screening. It reduces hiring bias by standardizing the process. It allows candidates to interview on their own time. Candidates also can rerecord their video responses, leading to less stress to get everything right the first time. The hiring team can better evaluate candidates because they can rewatch answers whenever they want. Overall, there is much more functionality for hiring teams and ease-of-use for candidates.

    Notify Candidates As Soon As Possible

    How To Prepare For Video Interviews

    Video interviews, when done correctly, can be just as effective as in-person interviews. The transition to remote interviews may also be to your benefit when working from home, candidates dont have the added stress of coordinating interviews with their in-office work schedule.

    Nonetheless, its still a change they need to prepare for. Provide them with clear directions on the equipment theyll need to join the interview internet access, software or video conferencing applications, a quiet space, etc. and emphasize that the change is out of concern for their health and safety, along with that of your employees.

    Additionally, communicate expectations as you would for an onsite interview so the candidate is well-prepared for and comfortable with any adjustments. Use the following video interview invitation template to get started.

    Subject Line: : Video Interview Availability

    Hi ,

    Thank you for applying to the position at .

    After reviewing your application, we would like to invite you to interview with , our .

    So we can get to know you better, the interview will be conducted over video using and last about in total.

    We want you to be able to plan accordingly, so weve provided a list of date and time options over the next week. Please take a look, and let us know which date is best for you.

    Were looking forward to continuing the conversation.


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    Get Your Location Ready

    Youll need a quiet room with no interruptions. If you live in a shared house you may need to warn others to be quiet.

    Find somewhere you can sit in front of a plain background that will not be distracting. Make sure you have good natural light, or use a lamp so that the interviewer can see you well on screen.

    If you can, use a computer or laptop rather than a tablet or mobile phone. Position it so the camera is at eye level. Headphones will improve your sound quality.

    You could split your screen and have your prompt cards on one half and the interview on the other.

    Before you start you should test your microphone and make sure you know how to use the software, like how to:

    • start and end the session
    • mute your microphone or turn off your camera

    Will There Be Someone Else On The Other End

    A one-way video interview is sometimes referred to as an asynchronous interview because only you, the job seeker, are present and doing all the talking. The interview questions will be presented to you in either text or video form. Once you have recorded and submitted your responses, the recruiter or hiring manager will review your interview on their own time.

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    Top Video Interview Tips To Succeed

    While most companies like to meet potential employees face-to-face at some point, first round interviews or internship interviews often happen on-screen. Youre almost guaranteed to encounter a video interview at some point in your career, so it pays to learn all the tricks. Here’s what employers look for in a video interview.

    Lights, camera, action!

    End The Video Interview With Appreciation

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    Just as you would with any interview, thank the interviewer for the opportunity, and follow up with a post-interview thank-you note within 24 hours. In your note, briefly reinforce why youre interested in the job and why youd be a great match for the role and company. Include something that you and the employer discussed while getting to know each other thatll make the thank-you message more personal. Establishing that kind of rapport with the hiring manager, especially after the video interview, can make all the difference in advancing to the next round.

    And now, a virtual word from Paul McDonald, Robert Half senior executive director.

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    Why Do Companies Do One

    Employers most often use a one-way video interview for their initial screening process. Rather than having to call candidates on the phone or schedule a live video chat, they can simply ask candidates to send in a short video.

    Many employers use this interview format as a way for candidates to introduce themselves. They typically have you answer a series of basic questions that help them learn more about your personality and interest in the role. They may prefer this screening format since they can watch it at their leisure as well as replay your video for other hiring managers.

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    What Are Some Disadvantages Of Video Interviews And What Can I Do About Them

    While video interviews can benefit your hiring process, you should also consider the following potential risks:

    Poor evaluation due to technical difficulties

    No matter how well-prepared you and the candidate are, something could always go wrong These technical issues can hinder the flow of conversation and may be stressful for candidates.

    Tip: if you face technical difficulties during an interview, dont be too harsh on candidates. Also, consider having a quick follow-up if you didnt have the chance to discuss everything during your call.

    Personality bias

    While video interviews help you structure your hiring process, and therefore be more objective, they can also introduce new biases. Think of how interviewers can be influenced by a nice-sounding voice or a confident attitude. These characteristics may be job-related if were talking about a sales role or customer-facing position, but they could subconsciously be used as criteria for other roles, too.

    Tip: Keep your evaluation strictly job-related. For each question youre asking, be sure you know what you want to learn from candidates. Document your post-interview feedback to avoid being biased by non-important factors.

    Lack of human interaction

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    The Video Interview Process

    • The company selects candidates for video interviews.
    • Arrangements for an interview are scheduled.
    • The company will provide instructions on how the interview will work.
    • There will typically be 10 – 15 questions related to the job the company is hiring for.

    Other than you’re not meeting the interviewer in-person, the interview process will be the same as an in-person interview. The interviewer’s objective is the same. You will be asked the same type of interview questions. Also, be prepared to ask questions, as well.

    What’s most important is to consider this type of interview is just as important as if you were meeting the interviewer in their office. The value, for yourself as well as for the hiring manager, is equivalent, and interviewing successfully, however it takes place, is the key to getting hired.

    Best Video Interviewing Platforms For Virtual Interviews

    How To Prepare For A One-Way Video Interview

    Video interviewing platforms arent just important for social distancing. Empowering a remote hiring process means that hiring managers can reach more job seekers wherever they are in the world, even if its not practical to interview face-to-face. Staffing software and recruitment platforms are increasingly moving to an online, software-as-a-service model and video interviewing solutions are a logical next step for modern recruiters.

    60% of HR managers have used or are currently using some type of video interviewing solution when it comes to delivering interview questions to their best candidate shortlist. The top reasons for prioritizing video interviews over in-person interviews are: 1) it tends to spend less time in the hiring process funnel, and 2) it can be used to keep qualified non-local candidates in the hiring pool.

    In this article, I will go over some of the best video interviewing platforms and explain what each does best. I will also highlight some noteworthy features for each video interviewing tool and show off screenshots to give a feel for the interface.

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    Why Are Video Interviewsused

    There are plenty of situations where video interviews are helpful. For example, companies can use them to interview candidates who live in other parts of the state, country, or planet. It can also allow hiring managers who travel for their work to meet with candidates regardless of where they end up.

    Today, videointerviews are standing in for in-person meetings more often. Concerns aboutthe coronavirus and some mandatory shelter-in-place orders mean people arentgetting together like they once did. With a video interview, a hiring managercan screen candidates even during these uncertain times.

    How Do Video Interviewswork

    Video interviews rely on specific technologies. Along with an internet-capable computer, tablet, or smartphone, each participant needs a webcam, speakers , and a microphone. This allows them to see, hear, and speak with each other.

    Additionally, web conferencing or video calling software is needed to make the connection. Some of the most popular solutions include:

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    Succeeding In Your Video Interview

    Video interviews arent going anywhere. By understanding the unique donts in this arena, youll be better prepared to focus on impressing your interviewer.

    Our Career Coaches can help you prepare for any kind of interview with a mock interview. Meet with a career coach today!

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    Do You Know Your Interview Logistics

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    • Do you know who you are meeting? It’s helpful to ask the interview coordinator for the names of who you will be meeting. Their names might be visible on the screen, but they might not. Knowing who you’re meeting gives you the opportunity to google your interviewers, become familiar with them and their work and recognize them when you meet.
    • Do you know when you’re meeting? If you aren’t interviewing locally, be sure to check the time zone to be sure you’re on camera on time. Then log on 5-10 minutes earlier, just to make sure everything gets set up. Are you the first one there? Mute yourself and turn off your video so you don’t get surprised.
    • Do you know what video conferencing system they will use? There are a number of different video platforms, from Zoom, to Google Hangouts, Skype, and Facetime – but your interviewer may also use some business-specific tools you may be less familiar with, such as HireVue, Blue Jeans, etc. Whatever format you get your interview in – google it and/or watch a Youtube/Vimeo tutorial on its features, just so you’re comfortable navigating it’s features.
    • If you have a phone number handy? In case the video connectivity issues and you need to contact your interviewers to let them know what happened, be sure to ask your interview coordinator for a phone number just in case.

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    Tips For A Successful Video Job Interview

    Do you have a video interview on your schedule? As hiring becomes global and more employees work remotely, video interviews have become commonplace.

    For hiring managers and recruiters, they’re a way to quickly conduct first-round interviews, save on transportation costs, and get the interview process started much faster than scheduling in-person interviews.

    For some positions, the entire process may be handled virtually, while others may have a combination of video and in-person interviews.

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