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Word And Excel Test For Interview

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At Which Stage Of The Hiring Process Should You Use Microsoft Excel Interview Questions

How To Pass Microsoft Excel Test – Get ready for the Interview

Its best to hold off on interviews until the final stages of the recruitment process. We suggest using a selection of screening assessments beforehand to identify the best talent for interview.

Heres a rough outline for a recruitment process you could use when hiring for a role with Microsoft Word skills:

  • Application: Think carefully about your job description, and make sure to emphasize the need for strong Microsoft Word skills
  • Screening assessments: Invite applicants to complete a Microsoft Word skills test as well as a Culture Add test, one of our cognitive ability tests or a role-specific skills test to see if they would be a potentially good fit for the role and the company
  • Resume screening: Review the applications of candidates with the strongest scores on the screening assessments, shortlisting a select number for the next stage
  • Screening call: Arrange a short, informal chat with shortlisted candidates to discuss the role further and see if goals and expectations align
  • Interview: Use our Microsoft Word interview questions alongside other skills-based and character-based questions to learn more about your candidates and find the most suitable person for the job
  • Reference checks: Check the references of your chosen candidate and complete any other required background checks
  • Job offer: Once youre satisfied, submit a job offer!
  • Choose Your Microsoft Office Test:

    Microsoft Excel Test Preparation– Sharpen your Excel skills with Excel Skills Practice Tests and detailed explanations that will upgrade your level. Microsoft Word Preparation– Sharpen your Microsoft Word skills using Excel Skills practice Tests with detailed explanations. Microsoft Office 2016 Combo Preparation– Practice Microsoft Word and Excel assessment tests to improve Microsoft Office skills and pass your upcoming assessment.

    If your assessment is not on this list or if you have any questions about your upcoming test, and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

    Explain Vlookup In Common Terms

    A question that asks you to explain a specific function or formula can assist in a greater understanding of your granular knowledge about important features that are likely to play a role in the position for which you’re interviewing.

    VLOOKUP is a common function that allows users to look up and aggregate data from other sheets into a column or table. It could be used by any professional who works with a large body of data and needs to be able to format it to show certain relationships and insights.

    When youre asked to explain a mathematical concept in plain terms, you want to make the function simple for someone to understand, even if they have no previous experience with it. This question also offers an opportunity to use personal experience in your explanation to further demonstrate your familiarity with the concept.

    Example: VLOOKUP is a popular function of Excel that allows you to aggregate data across sets and sheets into one place where it can be used to draw specific insights.

    The components of a VLOOKUP are lookup_value which defines what you’re looking up. The table_array describes where the data exists, broadly. The column index number informs the function of specifically where the data is in a table. The range can be true or false to describe whether the information returned should be an exact value.

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    When Might You Use The Concatenate Function

    You can use the CONCATENATE function to combine data from more than one cell into a single cell. For example, if a table had separate columns for first and last names, the CONCATENATE function could be used to combine the data into a column with the first and last name.


    Here are some more questions you might encounter on an interview test for Excel skills:

    Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

    Understand The Job Requirements

    Multiple Choice Test Maker Microsoft Word

    It’s important to understand what sort of excel skills are required by your potential employer. Are they expecting advanced analytical capabilities or very basic excel abilities? This information can help remove some anxiety around the assessment, and you’ll know exactly what to practice. Read the job description closely and don’t hesitate to ask the hiring manager for a detailed job description if it’s not available.

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    What Do You Mean By Relative Cell Referencing And Absolute Cell Referencing In Ms Excel

    Relative cell referencing

    Absolute cell referencing

    In Relative referencing, there is a change when copying a formula from one cell to another cell with respect to the destination. cells address

    Meanwhile, there is no change in Absolute cell referencing when a formula is copied, irrespective of the cells destination.

    This type of referencing is there by default. Relative cell referencing doesnt require a dollar sign in the formula.

    If you dont want a change in the formula when its copied across cells, then absolute referencing requires you to add a dollar sign before and after the column and row address.

    How Do You Review Spelling In A Microsoft Word Document That Has More Than One Language

    Sample answer:

    When working with documents written in multiple languages, you can instruct the spelling review tool to skip certain parts of the text. Using this feature, you can review documents with multiple languages effectively by isolating different parts of the text and reviewing them one at a time.

    To enable this feature, highlight the section of text you wish to skip and go to Review tab Language section Language button Set Proofing Language command. In the Language panel, tick the Do not check spelling or grammar box.

    The spelling review will skip the designated block of text. You can then change the proofing language to review other parts of the document written in a different language.

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    Job Roles That May Require An Excel Test

    Many career paths require a level of digital competency, and as the worlds most widely adopted spreadsheet program, its no surprise that Microsoft Excel skills are a prerequisite for a range of job openings.

    Of course, the Excel capability youre expected to hold will depend on the nature of the post applied for. Some common professions that use Excel tests in the employment process include:

    • Project managers

    This list is by no means exhaustive. Excel is used to some degree in almost every employment sector imaginable and youll need to check each job description carefully to see what level of skill may be needed, and if its likely youll have to demonstrate this through assessment.

    What Are The Wildcards Available In Excel

    Top 5 Microsoft Word Interview and Assessment Test Questions and Answers

    Wildcards only work with text data. Excel has three wildcards.

    1. *

    This refers to any number of characters.

    The example stated below filters the customers whose name ends with a.

    For that, we use *a.

    2. ?

    It represents one single character.

    The example below shows how to filter a particular customer name.

    3. ~

    It is used to identify a wildcard character in the text.

    In the following example, we are filtering How?* using the tilde symbol.

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    How Is Vlookup Different From The Lookup Function


    VLOOKUP lets the user look for a value in the left-most column of a table. It then returns the value in a left-to-right way.

    It is not very easy to use as compared to the LOOKUP function.

    Meanwhile, the LOOKUP function enables the user to look for data in a row/column. It returns the value in another row/column.

    It is easier and can also be used to replace the VLOOKUP function.

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    Explain What Format Painter Does In Excel

    Since copying cell formats is a really useful formatting option, your candidates may find themselves using it frequently if hired for your vacancy. Can they explain that Format Painter is vital for copying cell formatting from one cell to another? Do they know that Format Painter can also be used for multiple cells?

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    What Is Data Validation Illustrate With An Example

    Data Validation restricts the type of values that a user can enter into a particular cell or a range of cells.

    In the Data tab, select the Data Validation option present under Data Tools.

    Select the kind of data validation you want to apply.

    In the following example, we have applied data validation to the Name column to accept only text values. If you enter something other than a text, it will throw an error.

    What Is The Purpose Of Flash Fill And How Do You Activate It

    How to Pass Advanced Excel Test for Job Interview

    Flash Fill is an Excel feature that can be used to quickly fill cells with data based on user behaviors. Flash Fill is often turned on by default, so to use it you can begin typing. If Excel identifies a pattern, the program will suggest data for the cell. You can press enter to accept suggested data in Flash Fill. If Flash Fill is turned off, you can activate it by selecting Tools > Options > Advanced > Editing Options and clicking the checkbox that says “Automatically Flash Fill.”

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    How Can We Merge Multiple Cells Text Strings In A Cell

    To merge text strings present in multiple cells into one cell, you can use the CONCATENATE. Shown below is an example of the concatenate function.

    Another way of combining cell values is by using the & operator, as shown below:

    Lets now move onto the next question on our Excel interview questions list.

    Is A Microsoft Word Test Hard

    The test will be either Basic, Intermediate or Advanced level if you have applied for a role well within your reach, then the test should be the appropriate level for you. Some candidates find the interactive questions easier than theoretical questions, as they have access to the program whilst answering the questions.

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    Test Applicants On Their Microsoft Powerpoint Skills

    Test remote or on-site applicants on their Microsoft PowerPoint skills with an interactive employment test.

    • 2016 or 2019 version available
    • Testing website includes customizable email invitations and detailed reporting
    • No subscription or annual fee required order only the tests you need
    • Get Free Test Validation with your purchase to support EEOC best practices for removing discriminatory testing bias

    Test remote or on-site applicants on their Microsoft Word skills with an interactive employment test.

    • 2016 or 2019 version available
    • Choose between a basic or intermediate level test
    • Testing website includes customizable email invitations and detailed reporting
    • No subscription or annual fee required order only the tests you need
    • Get Free Test Validation with your purchase to support EEOC best practices for removing discriminatory testing bias

    Excel Assessment Test Sample Questions

    How To Pass Advanced Excel Test For Job Interview

    Here are some sample Excel test questions which could appear on an interactive test. In order to properly practice the following questions, copy and paste the chart below to a clean Excel worksheet – left click, hold and drag to mark the table, right click and choose “copy”. On the Excel worksheet choose the first cell on the left , right click and choose paste. Make sure that the cell named A1 is indeed located at cell A1 on your worksheet.

    First name

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    How Would You Divide Or Split Columns Into Two Columns

    A few steps are required for dividing or splitting columns into two in Excel. Your basic-level Excel candidates should be able to explain the following clearly:

    • Choose which cell needs to be split
    • Go to the Data tab and choose the text to columns option
    • Choose the delimiter
    • Select the data format for the column
    • Choose the location in which the split will be displayed

    What Skills Are Required To Use Microsoft Excel

    Candidates must be aware of the skills needed to use Excel to improve their skillset and develop a deeper understanding of the application.

    Do your candidates recognize that numerical reasoning skills, top analytical skills, and attention to detail are critical when using Microsoft Excel? Are they aware that they must also have certain technical skills to use Excel, such as the ability to open workbooks, format cells, use charts, use Excel functions, and manage worksheets?

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    What Is The Use Of Vlookup And How Do We Use It

    The function VLOOKUP in Excel is used to look up information in a table and extract the corresponding data.

    Syntax: VLOOKUP

    value – Indicates the data that you are looking for in the first column of a table.

    table – Refers to the set of data from which you have to retrieve the above value.

    col_index – Refers to the column in the table from where you are to retrieve the value.

    range_lookup – FALSE = exact match TRUE = approximate match .

    Shown below is an example of the VLOOKUP function. We are to find the Product related to the Customer Name Richard.

    What Is The What If Condition In Excel Formulas

    100+ Excel Interview Questions &  Answers To Make You Job Ready

    The What If condition is used to change the data in Microsoft Excel formulas to give different answers.

    Example: You are buying a new car and want to calculate the exact amount of tax that will be levied on it then you can use the What If function. For instance, there are three cells A4,B4, and C4. First cell says about the amount, the second cell will tell about the percentage of tax and the final cell will calculate the exact amount of tax.

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    What Is A Spreadsheet

    Heres a basic question that might segue into a more complex line of Excel questions. Since not all positions that are required to use spreadsheets are technicalsome may be financial or administrative, for examplea question like this lets you demonstrate functional technical competence in a short answer.

    Example:A spreadsheet is a digital ledger for storing values. It contains rows and columns that make up cells where information can be held.

    Purchase An Excel Test

    There are companies that will allow you to purchase an Excel test, along with an answer page. You can either purchase a specific test you download and send to applicants, or you can purchase access to a link that you can email to applicants. Of these options, sending a link is the most efficient for you since you simply get the results back and do not have to grade the test yourself.

    Some are integrated into more comprehensive HR software and others are standalone tests. However, depending on your business needs and how frequently you plan to hire, purchasing Excel tests can get expensive. Several options include:

    • TestGorilla Starting at free for five tests, with custom plans available
    • TestDome Starting at $100 for five tests
    • EmployTest Starting at $149 for five tests
    • ESkill Starting at $1,200 for 100 tests

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    What Are Common Data Formats In Excel How Are They Used

    This type of basic fundamental question might introduce a line of progressively more complex interview questions about Excel. This question is structured to gather your basic understanding and knowledge of the software.

    Other basic Excel questions may include:

    • What are some popular formulas youve used?

    • What does a specific symbol mean in Excel?

    • Whats the difference? questions asking to compare common features

    Example: Here are the common data formats in excel and how they are used. First, there are numbers that can be formatted as decimal points or round values. Then, there are percentages that display a number as a portion of a whole, in which the whole is equal to 100. There are also a number of ways you can display datesdepending on your region, you can choose the format that makes the most sense. Lastly, strings of text can be a data format as well.

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    Video: Excel Interview Questions For Data Analyst

    How to Pass Microsoft Word Employment Assessment Test

    In this video you will learn how to pass Excel Interview Test for Data Analyst. Data Analysts help data retrieve and gather data, organize it make it understandable for end users and use it to answer business questions and reach meaningful conclusions. Subscribe on YouTube:

    A lot of times during interview companies are evaluating Data Analyst skills by using Microsoft Excel, since Excel over the years became very powerful tool and now days can be used to gauge skills of Data Analyst.

    In this video I will show sample series of steps, completed in Excel from the real assessment test on interview, which could be used to better understand your readiness for Data Analyst. I will also share with you some insights related to the data analyst other responsibilities, which you might be queried on as part of the interview.

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    How Do You Create A Column In A Pivot Table

    For this, you have to go to the PivotTable Analyze tab and select Fields, Items & Sets option. Under that, you need to click Calculate Field to create a new column.

    The Insert Calculated Field box appears. Give a name to the column and insert the formula by selecting the existing columns from the pivot table. Click Add —-> OK to create the column.

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