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How To Record An Interview On Iphone

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Faqs Of Recording Calls On Iphone

How to record an interview on your smartphone

How can you tell if your phone calls are being recorded?

While you start a call recording on iPhone via Google Voice, Google Voice will send the alert to tell the call recording is made. However, once you use the third-party call recorders to do that, the person who is recorded will be notified, and he/she will not detect the call recording.

Why is the merge calls button not working for me in TapeACall?

Merge calls button records the call by creating a conference call between you, the person you want to record and TapeACall recording line. To support that, your iPhone must support 3-way conference calling. Otherwise, the merge calls button will not work. You can contact your mobile carrier and ask them to enable the 3-Way Conference Calling on your line.

How to tell the difference between voice mail messages or call recordings in Google Voice?

Generally speaking, the call recording conversations are probably of a longer duration, and say Transcription not available.

How To Edit And Rename Voice Memos

Once you’re finished recording, you can begin editing.

  • To edit, tap memo or “new recording”.
  • Tap the three blue dots.
  • Tap edit recording.

  • Once you hit edit, you can then trim a voice memo by tapping the blue box with lines and dots in the upper right corner.
  • Drag trim slider from right to left. The left if you want to trim the beginning, the right if you want to trim the end.
  • Tap Trim for the right spot you want.

  • Tap Save in upper right corner.
  • Once your memo is edited and saved, you can rename it by simply tapping the name. It will become highlighted in blue.
  • Enter a new name.

  • After you’re done editing, you can save your audio, where the recording will then appear in a list on the Voice Memos’ interface.

    Its All About The Interviewee

    It is important to keep in mind that the reason for conducting the interview is to gather information from the respondent.

    So, you want to place the recorder/microphone closer to the interviewee. Their answers are more important than your questions!

    You already have some form of an interview guide, with your questions written down, that you can use as reference if your questions are not captured in the recording. So dont worry too much about capturing your questions, but be very concerned about accurately capturing the interviewees responses.

    Let your interviewee talk.

    A lot of researchers tend to cloud out their respondents with questions and interruptions. Let them talk. Dont jump in with questions.

    Silence is golden: use the silent probe. Often, truths follow silence. Use non verbal probes: nod, smile, tilt your head, raise your eyebrows, et. al. All these are great ways to enlist more information without interrupting the conversation. When you need to ask a question, wait until the interviewee has finished talking, count to five and then ask the question.

    These are the top 3 tips Id like to share on how to record research interviews.

    Over to you. Whats the one tip on recording interviews youd like to share with other researchers?

    Let me know, in the comment section below

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    Ways To Record Phone Interviews

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    Startup guy. Interested in technology, startups and movies. Tread the internet turning over rocks.

    Have you ever watched a movie for the 2nd or 3rd time when you discovered an important symbolism, a fore-shadowing or a tiny detail that you had missed earlier, but which gave you a completely new understanding of that movie?

    We have all been there, when we cant help it but shout out loud, How did I ever miss it the first time around?

    The same applies when you interview someone. When someone speaks to you from a lifetime of experiences, sometimes it is difficult to see things from their perspective in their entirety. Of course you remember what they said, but to really understand it intuitively, you need a 2nd hearing.

    That is why when interviewing someone, its always a good idea to record the interview . Here are a few other benefits of recording an interview:

    • You can listen to the conversation as many times as you want
    • You can get exact quotes from the recorded interviews
    • When you are recording an interview you can focus on what your interviewee is saying and not worry about taking notes
    • You dont need to learn short-hand or other note talking methods

    In this article, we address the topic of taking interviews over a phone call.

    Following are some methods for successfully recording phone interviews.

    Simply Record A Speakerphone Chat

    Interview &  Meeting Recorder App for iPhone

    This works for any call, live conversation, or endless Zoom call. On a second devicebe it another iPhone, an iPad, laptop, or Android phoneopen a voice-recorder app and hit record while you’re talking. On iOS, the built-in version is called Voice Memos we have a full tutorial on how to use it. Windows 10 has a built-in Voice Recorder. Android has a bunch of them.

    You can do this with lots of third-party voice recorder apps as well, like Rev Voice Recorder, Otter, and Alice, which offer some transcription. Usually for a price. The downside to this method is the quality could be sketchy. Plus, lots of people hate talking to someone on speaker phone.

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    Recording Incoming Phone Calls Using Google Voice

    Google Voice is a free VoIP calling service available only in Canada and the US. It provides you with a free phone number and a voicemail inbox. It allows you to make free domestic calls and international calls based on Google rates. The good thing about this app is that it lets you record a phone conversation.

    But before you can use the Google voice record call, you will need to set up the service. Here is what you need to do:

    • First, download the and sign in using your Google account.
    • Tap Search and choose the new phone number you want to link with your Google Voice account.
    • After that, you need to confirm your number and tap the Next option.
    • You will now be asked to enter your iPhones phone number. Confirm and wait for some time to receive a verification code.
    • Use the code to complete the verification process and you are good to go.

    But you are still not done yet. There is one more thing you need to do to finally start recording phone calls on iPhone.

    Once you end the call, you will find the recording in your Google Voice inbox. You can download the recording if needed. Due to legal reasons, Google Voice cannot be used to record an outgoing call.

    The Easiest Way To Record Phone Interviews Have The Subject Use An Iphone To Record Themselves

    A reporters first question in an interview can be crucial.

    These days my first question is, Do you have access to an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

    A major benefit of reporting with an iPhone is the ability to avoid inferior phone-quality interviews. A few swipes can turn an iPhone into a powerful recording tool, providing a reporter with studio-quality audio quickly, without requiring coordination of a busy reporter and interviewees schedules.

    Not only do I use an iPhone as my exclusive recording device for radio reports on WTOP all news radio in Washington, D.C., but I also ask all my interview subjects to record themselves with an iPhone when I do phone interviews.

    This technique isnt just for Apple devices. Most smartphones have the capability to record audio memos and share through email. However, non-Apple devices are often limited by inferior built-in microphones or sound processing capabilities.

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    Pro Strategy To Record An Interview With High

    A widely accepted solution is called the “Double-ender” technique, in which the host and the guest directly record audio to their local computer through their external mic and later sync the two audio tracks and video together to yield the best-quality audio and video for an interview.

    Use the Double-ender technique to ensure the audio quality during an interview

    Record Using An External Voice Recorder


    Of course, apps arent the only way to record a phone call. One other way is to use a designated voice recorder that can be inserted into your phones 3.5-millimeter jack, or tethered with a Bluetooth connection.

    Weve found a few cool products that do the job, one of them being the Olympus TP-8 Telephone Pick-up Microphone, a call-recording earpiece that you wear during calls. Those with newer iPhones might have to use a lightning-to-headphone adapter.

    Wed also recommend considering the RecorderGear PR200 Bluetooth Cell Phone Call Recording Device if youd prefer a wireless connection. If youre wanting a product with better quality and performance with the benefits of a headphone jack we think Techerifics DeciVibe Digital Voice Recorder is the way to go even if it is very expensive.

    Editors’ Recommendations

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    How To Record An Interview On Skype

    Of course, as it goes without saying, if youre recording a phone call, depending on your country or state laws, you will need to inform the participant about it beforehand and ask for their consent.

    This is probably the best way to record and organize interviews at home. Especially because Skype can communicate across several platforms, so you can call someone on a smartphone from your laptop, and vice versa.

    Skype have a very detailed post on how to record Skype calls that you can read by . Below are the steps in brief:

    Tips For Recording Professional Audio Remotely

    Sound quality is key in podcasting. Listeners are ruthless with their attention and time, and theyll tune out and turn you off if the sound is lousy or irritating or they have to strain to catch whats being said.

    The best sound you can get will come from an interview inside a professional studio. On the other end of the spectrum is what we call phone tapesound recorded over a phone line. At best, its distorted and hard on the ear. In the public radio world, most national programs are so picky about this that they refuse to use phone tape. But those folks have the resources to be picky. As podcasters, how do you get the best sound if youre stuck trying to record a phone interview?

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    How To Use Voice Memos To Share Recorded Audio

    After youve altered your recording to your liking, you can then share it to a platform or send it to personal contacts. Just tap the More button underneath the recording. Here youll be able to copy and duplicate the recording or save it to Files. To share it, tap the button.

    Next, select the app through which you want to share the recording. Another option to share recordings is to use Messages or AirDrop to send them directly to selected friends on your contact list or other Apple users.

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    How To Use Voice Memos And Record Audio On Iphone

    iPhone Interview

    Do you want to know how to use the Voice Memos app or record audio on an iPhone? Perhaps youre a student who wants to document lectures for future study, perhaps youre a journalist who wants to record an interview, or perhaps youre a musician who wants to lay down some demos without the fuss of using dedicated music software. Regardless of the particular purpose you have in mind, using Voice Memos and recording audio on an iPhone is painlessly easy. It may not get all the attention other iPhone apps receive, but its certainly one of Apples unsung heroes.

    This article will explain how to use Voice Memos to record audio on your iPhone. It will also run through some of the extra functionality offered by the Voice Memos apps, such as the ability to edit and delete your recordings, as well as the ability to share them.

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    How To Record Phone Conversations On Iphones

    Its important to note that recording phone calls with iPhones differs from Androids. Apple doesnt allow third-party software access to the microphone while the phone app is in use. Because of this, call recorder apps use a recording line. When you record a conversation on an iPhone, you call into a recording line for the app.

    Once the call connects, you merge your party call into the recording line. In essence, youre creating a three-way call to enable recording capabilities. Dont worry, its much simpler than it sounds and well walk you through it.

    How To Record A Call Or Conversation On An Iphone In 2021

    Whether youre recording the voice of a loved one or conducting an interview, its easy to record phone conversations these days. In the past, recording phone calls required specialized equipment and adapters, but these days, it only takes a simple tap on your iPhone. Whether youre a tech pro or one of the not-so-tech-savvy types, were here to walk you through how to record conversations on iPhone.

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    How To Get Voice Memos Icloud Enabled

    Not sure if Voice Memos are set to sync with the iCloud? Here’s how to check.

  • Find Settings or ask Siri.
  • Tap your Apple ID header.
  • Tap iCloud
  • Scroll down and tap Voice Memos

  • The great part about having your recordings saved automatically is having the ability to pull those recordings up on all your Apple devices. This is due in large part to Apple’s iCloud integration. Just remember to follow the steps above in making sure you have Voice Memos turned on in the iCloud settings on each of your devices for things to work properly.

    Download A Call Recorder App

    Filming an Interview with an iPhone

    To record your iPhone conversations, youll need a call recording app, such as Rev Call Recorder. You have a long list of call recording app options to choose from, but all apps are not created equal. Were a little biased here, so we recommend Revs free call recorder, which offers unlimited call recordings, unlimited storage, and the ability to transcribe phone calls to text.

    Once youve downloaded your call recording app, take a moment to verify your phone number and register the app. With your account established, youre ready to record incoming and outgoing phone calls.

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    Dont Count On The Iphones Battery

    A fully charged iPhone cant handle the task of recording for the long-haul. If you think otherwise, not only are you setting yourself up for failure, but youll also experience a good amount of downtime.

    Let me explain why the processing on most premium camera apps like Filmic Pro use more memory and processing power. So be warned. The battery on the iPhone will drain very quickly.

    Q: How do you keep the iPhone fully charged when recording video?

    If you dont want to rely on the iPhones internal battery your best option are:

    • Plug it into an outlet
    • Use a battery pack

    The first option is always the best since its FREE. The second is an excellent choice for maintaining a fully charged iPhone but also if you shoot outdoors.

    My pick for the job is the Mophie Space Pack, not only does this two-in-one battery pack add battery life, but its available in different storage capacities to save all your videos, photos, and document files.

    If you dont need/want a case, look into Mophies other quick charging gadgets like the Powerstation.

    Recording A Voice Memo

    Once you have set up the external stereo microphone, found a location to record, and feel you are ready to use the Voice Memos App, you can begin to record the conversation/interview.

    Keep in mind that if you are using the iPhones built-in microphone to record, it is located at the top and bottom of the device, so point one end of the iPhone toward the audio source that you want to record.

    When the red record button is pressed, the app will begin recording. On the screen, you will see that the app is recording as evident by the soundwaves moving as words are spoken and noise is made.

    The length of time of the recording is displayed on the screen as well. You have the option of expanding the recording menu to find more tools. To expand the menu, tap the grey horizontal bar at the top of the recording menu, which is about halfway up the screen.

    When you do, you will see the actual time and the name of the memo, which will appear as New Recording # The name of the recording can be changed after the editing process.

    If you feel the need to pause your recording to catch your breath, take a break, or ask a private question to the person you are interviewing, you have the option to do so.

    You can pause the recording by tapping the red Pause icon at the bottom of the screen. Once you are ready to keep recording, just tap the Resume icon at the bottom of the screen.

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    How To Use Your Iphone As A Recording Device

    The iPhone is a universal tool with a ton of impressive capabilities. One of those skills is the recorder , which is a part of Apple’s core applications that come pre-installed on all its mobile devices. This feature allows you to easily turn your iPhone into a recording machine that can create decent audio for any personal or professional needs all with just a few taps.

    To get started with using Voice Memos, you need to first find the app on your phone. Typically, this can be found on your home screen. However, if for some reason you can’t find it, you can pull the Search tab and type Voice Memos, or you can just simply ask Siri. Once you launch the Voice Memos app, you’re now ready to start recording.

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