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How To Interview A Teacher

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What Characteristics Do You Think Students Want Their Teachers To Have

ENGLISH TEACHER Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS an English Teaching Interview.)

Because every student has a unique learning style, this question focuses on being flexible and adapting to different students and situations. A successful answer includes the specific qualities that you think are most important for a teacher to possess, such as being flexible, approachable and relatable.

Example answer:”Students need teachers who are approachable, dedicated and empathetic. Being able to come to the teacher with academic or personal challenges is an important quality and enhances students’ success. Students want to feel supported and need a teacher who’s dedicated to their vocation. Students can sense when teachers are passionate and excited about sharing their knowledge and want to help them excel. They need to know that their teacher is empathic and more than just an instructor. Students want to be listened to, understood and cared about on a personal level.”

Questions To Ask The Interviewer

Asking questions at the end of the interview is a good way to show enthusiasm it suggests that youve been researching the role and picturing yourself in it. Dont come up with questions just for the sake of it, but do ask about things that are important to you. This might include:

  • The schools induction process, particularly if you are an NQT.
  • Any key developments planned for the school.
  • What the culture of the school is like.
  • What some of the schools key achievements are, and why theyre important to the school.

Describe Your Classroom Management Structure

If youre a veteran teacher, discuss how you handled your classroom in the past. Give specific examples of things that worked the best and why. If youre new, then explain what you learned as a student teacher and how youll map out a plan to run your first classroom. No matter how long youve been teaching, familiarize yourself with the school districts philosophies on classroom management and discipline. Mention how youll incorporate their philosophy and stay true to your own. If youre unable to find out much about the schools policies beforehand, ask the interviewer to explain.

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Ask Questions And Thank The Interviewer For Their Time

Prepare three to five post-interview questions for your interviewer. Asking questions can help you learn important information the interviewer might not cover during the interview and shows that you’re truly interested in every aspect of the job. You can ask questions about specific job duties, company values, your schedule or compensation or the company’s history. It’s important to determine which questions to ask before the interview, so you’re already prepared when the interview concludes. Consider common post-interview questions like, “Can you tell me more about the company’s salary structure and bonuses?” After the interview, send a thank-you email or letter.

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What Are Some Of The Current Issues In Education

8 Teacher Interview Questions and How to Answer Confidently

Be ready with a few specific examples of topics you have heard about recently. Consider how they impact teaching and learning, always using examples from your experience where you can. You could refer to a discussion in the staff room, a news report or something you have heard about in your training. Often this may be something that is putting pressure on teachers at the moment. Keep up to date with at least one issue that relates to your subject or age group.

You may then be asked a follow up question around your opinion on this topic. Discuss how this would impact teaching and learning and, if at all possible, illustrate your point with examples from your recent experience. This might lead to additional questions specific to your personal statement or application, designed to give selectors a sense of you as an individual. Your answers should be authentic – interviewers will easily spot a textbook answer. Relax and be yourself.

Learn more about current educational issues.

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Finally Is There Anything You’d Like To Ask Us

This would be a good time to find out about the school’s induction process if it hasn’t yet been mentioned – this is particularly important if you are an NQT. Who will mentor and support you?

Prepare a couple of questions to ask at the end of the interview. Some of the best types of questions focus on processes in the school, such as:

  • How is PSHE delivered?
  • What is your vision for the future of the school?
  • What key developments do you have planned?

With some advance planning, preparing and practicing of your answers, you’ll be able to handle yourself confidently. Think clearly and leave the interview knowing you’ve told them all they need to know.

If One Of Your Students Told You That You Were The Worst Teacher They Have Ever Had How Would You Respond

Sample Answer: Being insulted is never fun, and that would definitely sting. I believe that I would counter their insult by letting the student know that Im sorry they feel that way, and that I am doing my best to live up to their expectations. I think that dealing with a situation like that would need to be on a case-by-case basis and that my response to the student would be tempered by the type of relationship that I had with the student and the time and place that the comment was made. I believe that remaining in control and not losing my temper is the most important thing in instances like this.

Tip: School districts want to see that a teacher is able to handle unruly or rude students, as these types of students are found in every modern classroom. The interviewer wants to see above all that you can remain calm and in control in the face of adversity. This is important for maintaining control of the classroom.

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Do You Agree Or Disagree That You Should Demand Respect

Sample Answer: I do believe that teachers should be respected, and that they must demand respect from their students, but demand it in a respectful way. Now, more than ever, students are not taught respect at home, and school remains their only outlet for receiving instruction and guidance in how to be respectful. If we as teachers do not require that students respect us, some students may never learn to be respectful at all. Respect is also essential to maintaining control in the classroom. If students dont respect you or their fellow students, they certainly wont feel compelled to behave or follow directions, or even hand in their homework. Showing respect to every student and getting respect back from them is definitely important in every classroom.

Tip: Most school districts believe that teachers should be respected, and they realize that a good teacher who is in control of their classroom and their students will demand respect. Districts dont want to hire teachers to be friends with students. They want to hire teachers who can help to mold the student into a successful and productive adult.

What Do You Use To Measure Student Performance

Teacher interview technique: How to answer ‘How do you… questions

Sample Answer: I believe that it is important, both for the student and the school district, that teachers use standardized methods of measuring student performance. I mirror my students performance during the school year by formatting their tests, assignments, and so on, by the achievement testing that they will complete at years end. This gives students a heads-up on testing so that they are more comfortable and prepared for standardized tests each year. This is not only good for the student, but is also good for the districts rankings.

Although most school districts have an established policy that teachers and educators must use to measure the performance of their students, some districts allow teachers to formulate their own guidelines. Since the amount of federal funding that public schools receive is based in part on their performance, showing that you want to promote higher performance levels on standardized testing makes you a more appealing candidate.

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How Can You Meet The Needs Of A Student With An Iep

Todays inclusive classrooms require that teachers know how to meet each childs unique educational needs, especially those with disabilities. Even if you have not worked extensively with special needs students, educate yourself on the process and be familiar with the lingo. Prepare a couple of examples of ways you can differentiate instruction to support their particular needs.

What Experience Do You Have Working With Children Of This Age

Sample Answer: During my student teaching, I was assigned to a classroom that was made up of children of this age, and found them quite fascinating. I think this is the perfect age. Students of this age have an open mind and are more open to learning than older children. During my student teaching, I enjoyed planning and carrying out several lessons under the supervision of the lead teacher.

Tip: There is no right or wrong answer for this question. The answer to this question will be obviously based on the actual experience that you have, so be honest. In general, the interviewer is looking for applicants that are not necessarily experienced with children of all ages, but that are excited to work with the grade that they are interviewing for.

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Your Teacher Interview Guide To Success

This teacher interview guide covers all aspects of the teaching job interview. Know what to expect in your next teaching job interview, how to prepare thoroughly and be confident of getting the teacher job you want.

From common teaching interview questions and answers to practical tips and techniques for job interview success plus teacher job search resources, you will find it all here.

Select the information and help you need to secure the teaching position that best suits you.

Plan For Anything And Dont Miss The Basics

What Teachers Should Prepare for in a Teacher Interview

Lets be clear nobody who shows up 10 minutes late to the interview ever gets the job. It doesnt matter how smart you are, whether you can command the room, or if your lesson plans are letter perfect you are always going to be the candidate who didnt get there on time. There were dozens of other people who didnt mess up their appointment. Dont be that person.

Do a dry run get prepped, pop the address in your GPS, and actually go drive to the location before the day of the interview. School campuses and admin buildings can be a maze of parking lots, corridors, and wings, all with separate entrances. Its enough to confuse anybody who doesnt walk those grounds daily. The last thing you need is to end up parked in the back lot because you pulled into the wrong driveway and end up having to make your way across the soccer field in your dress shoes so you can arrive just-in-time and out of breath. Trust us, showing up at the exact scheduled time instead of 15 minutes early is as good as being late.

Familiarize yourself as much as possible. Are the instructions for getting to the office clear? Are there signs clearly pointing the way, or when you get there does something still not make sense? Dont be afraid to ask questions when scheduling the interview. You look smarter asking questions about things you cant know about than you do assuming you know better.

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Each Child Is Different How Would You Cater To Them

Yet another important one that always makes it to the list of teacher job interview questions. The management wants maximum efficiency and wants the learning to be effective. To ensure that, they need a teacher who can cater to students of all kinds.

How to answer: Start by setting the tone right. Tell them how important it is to understand that each student is different. Much like your answer about teaching strategy, take across the message that you use a mix of methods to teach. Collecting feedback from your class is one method to ensure that your students understand you. One on one interactions at least once in a month will help you get the pulse of each student and from there, you can make learning effective easily.

Teacher Interview Questions You Should Be Well Prepared For

Describe your teaching style

In your answer show a clear understanding of your own basic teaching style.

However you should be able to adopt a number of teaching styles that are appropriate for different learning situations.

Highlight how you are able to adapt your style to the needs of the students. For example:

“I adopt a facilitator type style that emphasizes student-centered learning with students who are comfortable with independent learning”

You can support your answer with references to the phrases and words students and colleagues have used to describe you as a teacher.

Describe one of the most successful lessons you have taught in a class. Explain why it worked so well.

Provide a specific example of a lesson that worked really well. Focus on:

  • how you reflected back on the lesson to determine what the strengths of the lesson were
  • how you utilized this information in future lesson plans

Planning lessons is a fundamental skill that all teachers must master. Expect teacher interview questions that explore this skill. By emphasizing that you are constantly analyzing your lessons for strengths and weaknesses you highlight how hard you work at developing this skill.

What strategies do you use to encourage group work with your students?

In your answer to hard teacher interview questions like this it is important to demonstrate that you understand what the advantages of group work are including:

and what the disadvantages are:


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Ask As Many Questions As Possible

In every interview, you will be asked at the end if you have any questions. Take this time to interview the employer. It shows that you are very interested, eager to learn, and want to make sure this position is the right fit for you. Try not to only ask basic questions focus on intriguing questions.

What Are The Top Teacher Interview Tips

TEACHER INTERVIEW Questions and Answers! (PASS Teaching Interview)

We have a number of articles you may find helpful when it comes to interviews tips and guidance. In this article, Elizabeth Holmes shares her Top 10 tips for making a success of interviews. Katie Newell shares some interesting insight into the two most important traits we are immediately judged on which has applications beyond the interview room.

If the institutions youre being interviewed by choose to conduct your interview online, dont panic! All of the above advice still holds true but here are a few additional tips on online interviews to put your mind at ease.

While online interviews have been around for years, their potential has really been felt in 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. Social distancing during interviews wasnt always feasible and as guidelines became stricter, the move to online interviews was the safest and most convenient option.

One of the most popular platforms for online interviews during the Pandemic of 2020 which has forced many of us to rethink how we approach our day to day is Skype. COVID-19 Skype interviews

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How To Prepare For A Teaching Interview

If youve been invited for your teaching interview, congratulations! Youve already got one foot in the door of your dream role! Youre well on your way to getting your dream role. As with most job interviews, the process will vary from school to school. However, there are several ways that you can prepare for your interview to give yourself the best possible chance of success! Read on to find out our top tips on how to prepare for a teaching interview!

What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses As A Teacher

Although it might seem like a strange question, the interviewer is trying to challenge you. You dont want to be caught off guard. You want to show that youre confident and prepared to answer, without coming off as cocky. And there are plenty of ways to share a weakness without negatively affecting your interview, such as sharing a weakness that is not absolutely necessary for the position. An example of this could be talking about a specific subject that you struggle with, such as math. Just be sure to add that youre always open to learning and challenging yourself!

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What Are Hiring Managers Looking For When Interviewing Teachers

If youve never been in a teaching interview beforemaybe youre changing careers or just starting out in the education spacethere are common themes hiring managers tend to look for in qualified candidates, no matter the specific role or workplace:

When planning out your responses to these questions, dont just think about what youre going to say but also how youre going to say it. I always look at body language first, says Calvin Brown, Senior Recruiter at Alignstaffing, an education staffing firm. When someone looks frazzled or caught off guard by a basic question or behavioral questionthose questions that often start with, Tell me about a time whenhe says, I start to question, okay, can you really handle that kind of population or have you handled this kind of situation before?

If you have a situation or a story with a great outcome, absolutely share , says Brown. Stories are also a great ways to highlight your expertise and skill set if you dont come with a traditional background in education. Swartz adds, Even if youre not a teacher with experience, you can still highlight how you go about your work by giving past examples and scenarios of engaging others.

Need some tips for writing your teaching resume? Find a full guide here.

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