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What To Wear To An Interview Women

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What to Wear to a Interview | Interview Outfits for Women

The attire you are expected to wear to a job interview might be outlined by a company during the initial invite. For example, if you receive an email with the interview details, it may include attire-related information such as a request that you wear business casual clothing or business formal clothing. Even if the invitation does not include attire guidelines, there are still certain factors to consider when deciding what to wear to the interview, such as:

  • What the dress code is for current employees of the company
  • How long the interview will be
  • How you will be traveling to the interview
  • The current season and climate
  • Current business attire trends

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Cant Go Wrong With A Navy Blue Blazer

I cant speak for all women, but I think that navy blue blazers are a must-have in any professional womans wardrobe.

They are versatile and despite their simplicity, they give off the effect of being business-casual chic without sacrificing a sense of professionalism. Whether you wear one with trousers and pearls or with a skirt, it will help you feel confident and professional before the interview.

My only word of advice when wearing skirts for an interview is to wear a knee-length skirt with closed shoes.

In a professional situation, you may want to wear slacks, dress pants, khaki pants or even dark wash jeans. The navy blue blazer can be paired with any of these and many more for a versatile yet still chic look. For a less formal interview setting , the navy blue blazer is also perfect when worn with a dark wash denim or with trousers.

For those who are going for a less formal interview, navy blue may feel too formal. Consider choosing an edgier blazer in a color or interesting print.

Five Interviewing Dress Tips For Women


On the search for a new job? Whether you already have an interview scheduled or are just hoping for one, having an outfit in mind means you have one less thing to worry about when the big day arrives. Understanding interview dress code do’s and don’ts makes it easier to pick your outfit and impress your interviewer.

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Big No To Lose Comfy Attires:

Start-ups firms and IT companies have embraced a much more casual methodology to what is the right interview wear. Its vital to check out the office attire prior to showing up for the interview. Its another bit of exploration that you can arm manually to give you an advantage to wear loose pants but should not look losers. If everyone at the office is wearing thigh length shorts and a t-shirt and you arrive in a three-piece dusky suit, you might feel out-of-place and wont fit in. Half the fight in interviewing is demonstrating that you feel right and can be part of the squad.

Indigo Is The Ultimate Nonviolent Choice:

20+ Gorgeous Interview Outfits That Will Guarantee You The ...

Blue or call it Indigo, which is one of the most recommended colors or could say a safest color for appearing for the job interview. The interviewers especially prefer this type of color tone, not very bright not very light hence it comes under a sophisticated tone. Different shades of blue sends the message that you are sincere and trustworthy according to professionals. Studies show that navy blue is the best color as a suit to wear to a job interview, because it stimulates self-confidence. You are more likely to get the job when you wear navy blue shade to an interview than any other shade.

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Jumpsuits Can Be Professional Too

You can turn a jumpsuit into professional interview attire for women too. Jumpsuits arent very common for wearing in interviews. It can be the right job interview outfit, too, depending on your choice.

Choose a subtle and professional color such as grey. Wear white high heels. This outfit looks better if you have short hair.

Keep The Job Interview Attire Simple

Should you wear luxury brands for an interview?

As a job seeker, you should be careful about the message luxury brands can convey: wealth, power, and high social standing.

Jobs often call for trustworthiness, likability, and empathy because they enable a person to perform well and be a good team player.

You might consider skipping these status symbols because research suggests that wearing luxury brands rates people lower on warmth and trustworthiness.

Save those fancy threads for the celebration party after you land the new job!

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Business Casual Women Interview Outfit

Lets find out what to wear to interview women in a less formal environment. Less strict rules allow mixing up lighter colored wool fabric with a cotton blend, pure cotton, or high sheen silk. But neutral patterned or solid-colored skirts or pants still remain the best interview clothes for a woman. Khakis, wool flannel, linen slacks, and dark dresses combined with neutral hosier would be appropriate to vary a business casual look with. Scarves are optional for interview outfits.

Jacket / Blazer

At this level, jackets and blazers are optional but preferred. Choose the blazer that sits nicely on your shoulder without hanging past. The sleeves should end right at your wrist, those falling down to your wrists shouldnt bother you. Buttons can be metal gilt, white, or clear plastic.


Sheath dress forms a fitting silhouette and modest look. Wearing a black interview dress that goes down to the knees and is not too tight works great for all types of offices, from casual to conservative.

Twin Sets Knitwear

Twinsets are among the classics of womens business fashion. They are unparalleled in terms of combination options. Cashmere sweaters or cardigan twin sets can make you feel chic and fabulous and win over the interviewer.



Belt, scarves, or watches will add a polished touch to the casual outfit. A matching necklace makes your interview look more elegant.

A Tailored Pantsuit Will Save You

What To Wear To An Interview – Business Formal Attire for Women

Catalan chef Carme Ruscalleda wears a black-and-white bow blouse with a black pantsuit Swedish banker Annika Falkengren dons a classic pantsuit.

It’s the default outfit with sensibility and sizzle, especially in fields such as law and finance. Choose a suit with updated features like slim, tapered legs and a sleek, well-fitting blazer. But whether you’re going for an administrative assistant or management spot, spice up the structured uniform with statement jewelry, a colorful or bow blouse and stylish shoes. Something else to love about pantsuits: You can skip the pantyhose and not worry one second about veiny or spotty legs.

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Fast Food Or Retail Interview Outfits

Entry level jobs, like fast food or retail, usually have pretty relaxed attitudes about their dress codes and they dont expect you to show up in a business suit. But if you really want to impress them and get the job, then plan on dressing up a bit.

Consider dress pants or a skirt and a blouse. If you dont have nice pants or a skirt, opt for dark jeans that dont have holes.

As an extra tip, if youre applying to a clothing store, it doesnt hurt to wear some of their clothing and be familiar with what they carry.

Did you think youd be able to get away with some coveralls at this interview? Odds are thats not going to fly.

Your interview will likely be indoors and might be formal or informal, it depends on the job and the company. If its a larger company then its more likely to be formal. But if youre interviewing with a sole-proprietor or small company, your interview might be informal.

In the event that the interview is formal, youll want to wear dress pants, at least, with a nice blouse or blazer. If youre comfortable in a dress, that would add a little something to your look.

An informal interview for a job where youll be wearing jeans most of the time is one of the rare times where a pair of jeans is appropriate. Just make sure theyre not full of holes and stains. Also, pair them with a nice blouse for a dressy-casual look.

Leave the stilettos at home with the flip flops. In most situations, youll want to skip the open toed shoes, too.

Opt For Neutral Colors

Whether you dress for a formal or business casual environment, always opt for neutral colors when possible. Colors like black, gray, navy blue, white and khaki create a professional appearance without being distracting. To show visual appeal or demonstrate your creativity, try incorporating bold colors in moderation. For example, try planning a neutral outfit with a patterned shirt, a bold pair of shoes or a brightly colored accessory.

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What Should I Wear For An Interview

You want to look polished but not exaggerated. For women, a suit with a skirt or pants underneath is the way to go.

What about shoes?

Wear closed toe and heeled shoes that are comfortable enough for you to walk in comfortably on your feet while being long enough so you dont trip over them when walking up stairs at an office or factory setting.

What about jewelry?

Wear one or two pieces of small, delicate jewelry. Avoid wearing accessories that are too distracting to the interviewer.

Cotton Blouses And Skinny Jeans

46 Fashionable Job Interview Outfits for Women That Makes ...

This is a great smart casual look for women. A pair of well-fitting, slim-fit dark-wash jeans is essential in any woman’s smart casual wardrobe.

The tailored look of the jeans mirrors that of dress pants, and do wear the dress pants for an interview, but denim is more comfortable and also has a more relaxed look suitable for casual work environments.

A nice cotton blouse, like the one here, works well with jeans or khakis. With a cut that’s slightly more dressy than your average t-shirt, the blouse looks polished but feels just as comfortable as your favorite cotton t-shirt.

A pair of tasteful heels will round out the look. Choose shoes that are simple enough to go with an array of pieces but comfortable enough for long days at work.

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What Shoes To Wear To An Interview

If you wonder how to choose the appropriate shoes for an interview, the devil is in the details. Showing up with scuffed or open-toe shoes gives the wrong impression that a candidate doesnt care or take the interview as seriously as they should. The best shoes for interviews are always simple, clean, and polished.

Q: What Should I Wear If My Employer Allows Jeans

A: If the company culture is one where employees are allowed to come into work wearing denim then you have the option of dressing just as casually when interviewing with them!

Keep in mind however, that some interviewers might be more formal or conservative and so it wont always work to wear your blue jeans.

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Button Downs And Khakis

Despite the casual ambiance of a startup office, for example, button-down shirts and dark jeans or khaki pants do have a place in a smart casual workplace. While pleated chinos and pressed, tucked-in button downs are more in the arena of business casual attire, you can easily modify that look for a more casual environment.

The checkered button down is fun, but still professional. Worn over a pair of dress jeans or relaxed-fit khakis, the look is practical and comfortable but still appropriate for an office.

If you’re going to interview at a company that strikes you as more established than a startup , then you may want to add a tie to your ensembleor even a jacket.

What To Avoid Wearing To A Summer Interview

What to Wear for an Interview || Work Clothes for Women

Avoid wearing these clothing items when going to an interview during the summer:

  • Denim pants or shirts
  • Athletic wear, including yoga pants, sweats and leggings
  • Tank tops
  • Shorts
  • Clothing that is translucent
  • Clothing that is too loose or baggy
  • Tops that show the midriff
  • Excess makeup or perfume/cologne

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Add A Black Dress Pants With A Sweater

Womens black dress pants can be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. These will come in handy during a job interview and other occasions.

The best clothing to wear for interviews is a suit. Its simple and straightforward while being a professional choice. However, it can be difficult to find a well-fitting suit that also has the right materials and color to make it look good. That is why black slacks are great option because the material looks reliable and well made, goes with nearly any color, and can be paired with any shirt.

Stick To Neutral Colors

Wearing too loud clothes and accessories in gaudy colors will be a distraction, triggering negative thoughts of your candidacy. Even a red tie puts you at the risk of being seen as dominant, overly assertive, and arrogant. Yellow color, as well as orange, doesnt allow to take you seriously. Be careful with green, which signals suspicion and sends out messages of deceits. Purple will be good for evening going out but not for work.

No one should notice your outfit if you prepare for a business role in a smart office. Think of discreet navy, black, gray, or brown as the best color to wear to an interview. Blue is also safe for an interview, demonstrating your confidence, reliability, and honesty. Soft neutral tones shift the focus from the way you dressed to your accomplishments. A classic gray suit with a tight tie or an old black pencil skirt and button-up blouse combo is not the best solution for a creative role.

A wiggle room in your dress should emphasize creativity, which is typical and welcomed for such roles. But go easy on mixing up the look with more color and print. Sense of proportion and taste should keep you safe from bells and whistles in your look, makeup, and nail polishing.

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A Pair Of Typical Black Pants:

This is an indispensable part of a womans walk-in interview wardrobe. It is worth to spend on a pair of quality black dress i.e. trousers/ pants that fits well and will look newly even after you wear it many times. Once you have a good classic pair of black dress trousers, its way easy to dress them up, and/or dress them down. You can brace your dress pants with a button down coat for a formal appearance, or with a jersey for a business casual expression.

Be Careful With Your Accessory Choice

How to Dress for an Interview

If you like expressing yourself through your jewelry, makeup, hairstyle, or other accessories, you might want to tone it down for the job interview.

Colors that are too bright or bracelets and necklaces that cling together and distract your interviewer from what you have to say can only work against you.

The same rule applies when it comes to choosing a belt, tie, briefcase, or a bag. Make sure theyre simplistic and in the neutral color range. This way, you become the center of attention and the hiring manager can concentrate on your words and not your fashion sense.

Another thing to keep in mind is your perfume choice. We recommend either keeping it very subtle or not using it at all. You never know if your interviewer might have an allergy!

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Wacky Or Novelty Ties

Now is not the time to pull out that novelty tie you got last Christmas. Even if you think your tie will make a statement, err on the side of caution and stick with something that’s more traditional.

A pattern with conservative colors is perfectly finelike subdued stripes or tasteful paisley but don’t try to be the funny guy who wears the tacky tie.

6 For A Finance Or Business Job Interview

When it comes to interviewing in the finance realm, the rules stay much the same as ever. Dont push the envelope and seek to appear conservative and professional.

We recommend wearing a dark, two-piece pantsuit or skirt suit. Lighten them up with a white or softer colored blouse and conservative accessories. Here is an excellent and very classy option.

You can also bring a little bit of an edgier vibe to your look by taking a page from Emma Watsons book. Here, she showcases a conservative but extremely stylish ensemble that allows for both modesty and sophistication. Some things to note: the dark red lip and pulled-back hairdo, as well as the slim-fit pants. These little tweaks will bring your outfit to the next level. For more amazing ideas, have a look at 17 cute winter workwear outfits for women for an elegant look.

We love this option which shows us that conservative does not mean boring! Bring a pop of color to your job interview look with a bold-colored blouse belted at the waist. You can pair it with sleek black pants or a pencil skirt. Tie the look together with some peep-toe heels and a snazzy bag.

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Tips For Conducting A Successful Interview

The way you dress to conduct an interview can make a difference in how you feel and the impression you make. Its also important to be prepared, so take the time to create and review your interview questions. Also, dont forget to smile and give a warm greeting when meeting an interviewee. With the right apparel and attitude, youll be ready to find the ideal candidate for your workplace.

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