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How To Master Interview Questions

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What Are Mvp And Mmp

  • Minimum viable product is a Lean Startup concept that stresses the impact of learning while performing product development. This allows one to test and understand the idea by getting exposed to the initial version for target customers & users. To accomplish this, one has to collect all the relevant data and learn from that collected data. The thought behind MVP is to produce the product, to provide access to the users, and to observe how the product is used, perceived, and understood. This will also provide more insight towards what the customers or users needs are.
  • The MMP refers to the description of the product, which will have a minimal number of features that address the requirement of the users. The MMP would help also help the organization reduce the time to market

When To Use The Star Method

While there are literally an unlimited amount of possible behavioral questions a hiring manager could ask you, there are several specific categories they all fall into:

Prior to going in for your interview, make sure you take a good hard look at the job youre applying for and use clues from that to prepare your S.T.A.R answers. By picking out what skills the company is specifically looking for or are required for the job, it will help you target your success stories.

MIKE’S TIP:A success story is a story from your past that clearly demonstrates you accomplishing a task that you were faced withyou possess the skill or ability needed to complete a relevant task in the futurechoosing the best success story for the situation is very important.

Anyway, once you have those skills identified, go through your own personal history and background and find success stories that align with those skills.

There Are Some Things You Can Do To Make The Transition Easier:

  • Group the questions according to topic. For example, if you want to ask about writing skills, list all these questions together. Then, if a candidate answering one question touches on another question in your list, you can easily say Actually, I was planning to ask you about that. Tell me more about. This applies to similar skills as well for example, list organizational interview questions and leadership interview questions one after the other.
  • Ask prompting questions. Candidates will use their experiences, knowledge and thoughts to back up their answers. Most of the time, youll have something to ask about those thats relevant to the role. For instance, you can say something like You mentioned that you did this project with a team of designers. We actually have a great team here that youll be working closely with should you be hired. How would you feel about this?
  • React like you would in a social situation. If somebody told you at a party that theyre currently working on a cutting-edge face recognition program, how would you react? You might say something like That sounds fascinating. Tell me more or Whats the program like? Its OK to respond this way during an interview, as long as you make sure the conversation doesnt stray from the job youre hiring for.

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How Do You Prioritise Your Work

The employer wants to know whether you’re organised, can meet deadlines and are able to handle multiple projects at the same time. The best way to answer this question is to provide examples of times when you’ve juggled a number of different tasks and still delivered them to a high quality and on time. These examples can come from previous jobs, university study or your extra-curricular activities. Give some detail about what methods you use to keep track of your progress and productivity.

What Are Your Hobbies And Interests

Job Interview: How to Master Interview Questions and Get ...

Interviewers will be looking for well-rounded candidates who have a variety of interests and can apply their skills to different environments. Because graduate programs can have a high level of difficulty, you will also need to have hobbies to help manage stress. Your hobbies and interests can also highlight qualities that are not obvious from an academic record, such as creativity or teamwork. Use this question to display your personality and connect with the interviewer on a personal level.

Example:“After a long day at work my favorite thing to do is tend to my garden. I find it very relaxing and rewarding while also being intellectually engaging. I love learning the proper balance of nutrients that my plants need to grow. Although gardening is really different from my goal of being a doctor, I enjoy being able to nurture both plants and people.”

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Telling A Story That Makes You Appear Unqualified Or Puts You In A Bad Light

The opposite of this is also true. Dont tell a story where you are the only employee doing anything right ever. Nobody is absolutely perfect and telling a story where you singlehandedly saved the entire company from bankruptcy while also managing to fully fund the orphanage next door as well as the panda sanctuary down the street isnt going to just come off as impossible, its going to come off as fiction.

How Would You Deal With A Team Member Who Considers Sprint Planning Meetings A Waste Of Time And Refuses To Participate

The Scrum master should focus on the behavior rather than on the individual. Firstly, you should talk to the team member privately and ask open-ended questions to figure out their reasoning. After that, make a case for the importance of sprint planning meetings and why all team members should participate.

Moreover, you could encourage other team members to voice their concerns during a retrospective regarding the non-participation of the team member in question. Ask them to talk about how that affects the working environment and the teams performance.

Lastly, if all else fails, you should set up a meeting with the team members reporting manager to discuss solutions and if possible consider a transfer to a team that is not using Scrum.

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What Is The Role Of Sashimi In Scrum Methodology

Sashimi plays an important role in Scrum methodology. Sashimi is a technique used by Scrum to check the completion of all the functions created by the developers. Using this technique, all the requirements such as analysis, designing, coding, testing and documentation that are used in the constitution of a product are checked and only after that the product is displayed.

46. What do you understand by the term Agile testing?

Agile testing is a software testing practice that is fully based on the agile principles of software development. It is an iterative methodology where the requirements are the outcome of collaboration between the product owner and team. The agile principles and applications are applied to meet the customer requirements by successful completion of the project.

47.State some major principles of Agile testing.

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Collective work

48. What are the skills of a good Agile Tester?

An agile tester is one who implements agile software development principles for software testing. Followings are the skills of a good agile tester

  • Required to be familiar with the concepts and principles of Agile
  • Should have an excellent communication to communicate with the team and the clients
  • Ability to set priority for the tasks according to the requirements
  • Should be able to understand the requirements properly
  • Understanding of the risks involved with a project due to changing requirements.

49. Explain what is scrum of scrum?

  • ACP
  • PSM
  • SAFe Agilist
  • Backlog

How To Master The Star Method For Interview Questions

Open-Ended Interview Questions – How To Master Questions With No Structure

By Mike Simpson

Job interviews can be a stressful experience for job seekers, especially when faced with the dreaded behavioral-style interview. Not to worry! In this post, we are going to go over one of the best ways to answer behavioral questions, and that is by using the STAR Method.

As we have learned in previous posts, behavioral questions evaluate how youve handled situations in the past and what you would do if faced with a similar situation again in the future.

Beyond simply finding out if a candidate has the knowledge to do the job, behavioral questions help a hiring manger determine if a candidate also has the skills and experience.

BONUS PDF STAR METHOD CHECKLIST:Download our “Behavioral Interview Questions PDF Checklist” that gives tips on how to answer 25 of the most common behavioral questions using the STAR METHOD!

These questions are designed to trip you up and one wrong answer can mean the difference between being hired and being left in the dust.

Now, weve got several more in-depth articles about behavioral interview questions , but just for a quick recap, here are some examples of some common behavioral questions:

  • Tell me about a time you failed at a task you were assigned
  • Have you ever had to work with someone you didnt like? How did you handle that?
  • How do you handle setting goals? Can you give an example?

Tough questions, right?

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What Is Your Availability

If youre interviewing for a position at a company that operates 24/7, theres a good chance the hiring manager or recruiter will want to know about your availability. While this question may seem straightforward, that doesnt mean you shouldnt answer it carefully.

If you read the job description, theres a good chance it mentioned what kind of availability is expected. Ideally, thats what youre prepared to offer, at a minimum. If it isnt, then your odds of getting the job are nearly zero.

However, if your availability lines up and you want to have a great answer to this question, reference what the job description said specifically. This makes you look attentive, and that works in your favor.


My availability is currently open. I saw in the job description that the company is looking for someone who can work the 2nd shift and is also open to occasional overtime, including potentially on weekends or holidays. Not only am I able to offer that, but I could also be available for a 1st or 3rd shift position if the need arose.

How Much Capacity Would You Consider To Refactor Fix Important Bugs Explore New Technologies Or Ideas

One popular technique is to follow the 15-10-5 rule:

  • 15% of a teams capacity to technical debt.
  • 10% to bugs and defects.
  • 5% to exploring new ideas.

This distribution ensures enough attention is given to cleaning up code and technical upkeep. Such a setup should be discussed with the product owner and the necessary stakeholders beforehand to avoid misunderstandings.

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What Is Your Long

The key is to focus on your achievable objectives and what you are specifically doing to reach those objectives.

A sample response: “Within five years, I would like to become the very best accountant your company has on staff. I want to work toward becoming the expert that others rely upon. And in doing so, I feel I’ll be fully prepared to take on any greater responsibilities which might be presented in the long term. For example, here is what I’m presently doing to prepare myself”

Then go on to show by your examples what you are doing to reach your goals and objectives. Read more

Masters Degree Interviews What To Expect And How To Prepare

We have summarized how to answer job #interview questions ...

Not all Masters degrees require an interview as part of their postgraduate application process. But some courses, such as MBAs, almost always meet candidates before offering places.

If you’re invited in for a postgraduate interview, you can take it as a good sign. They are a great opportunity for you to prove to prospective tutors that you have what it takes to excel at further study.

But Masters interviews don’t need to be intimidating.

This page offers information on what you might expect from your interview, the kind of Masters interview questions you might be asked, and how you can prepare. Weve also suggested some questions you might want to ask yourself at a postgraduate interview.

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Interview Tip #: Prepare

Preparation is key to acing the Masters admissions interview. Knowing what to expect, and preparing for it, means you are already halfway along the road to success. There are two main obligatory discussion topics during the admission interview: motivation and expertise.

However, you need to start by understanding the format of the interview and also who you will be talking to. Is this going to be a telephone interview, a face-to-face interview, or a video interview? Also, who is going to be interviewing you? Is it going to be an admissions officer, a professor, an alumnus? Make sure to find out all these details before your preparations start in earnest. There are a lot of important details to take care of depending on the type of interview.

Motivation is the main theme of the Masters admissions interview. You need to be able to explain clearly why you want to become a student at the given university. This includes both the particular program and the educational institution itself. In most cases, the main part of this particular topic will be dedicated to the course itself.

Tell the interviewer what you want to learn and why.

Lets say that youve applied to study Business.

You say you want to start your own business one day, but that is not motivational enough. You have to be able to explain why you think this program will help you learn more about entrepreneurship, risk-assessment and management.

Lets say that youve applied to study Finance.

Putting It All Together

Example:Tell me about a time when you worked with a difficult person.

Answer: When I was a Project Manager for Company ABC, I worked cross-departmentally, collaborating with other PMs to reach the finish line on a variety of client projects. These projects often ran behind schedule since one particular PM was slower to push deliverables forward. Most of our team had difficulty working with this Project Manager. As the most seasoned PM, it was up to me to solve the issue. I approached this person one-on-one and asked them how we could better collaborate on items that required a more zealous approach. Together, we mapped out our vision for the stages of each project and discussed our strengths. We decided to leverage each of these strengths to build on each others’ ideas and approaches. In the end, not only were our open projects completed ahead of time, but our teams also appreciated the well-oiled machine our departments were becoming. Our hybrid approach to communication was well received by our clients as well. Overall, our projects closed three weeks earlier than before we implemented the change.

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Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

This can seem like a heavy question during an interview, especially when you havent prepared for it ahead of time. Keep in mind that youre in an interview settingso you dont need to go into all the details about what your personal life goals are for the next five years. Focus on your career goals and be realistic.

If you plan to work at this company for five years, make sure you understand who would be working above you and what potential career growth there is. The hiring manager asks this question to find out if you set realistic goals, if you are ambitious, and to confirm that the position you are interviewing for aligns with these goals and growth.

If this position isnt exactly a job with a lot of future opportunities, you can simply answer this by noting that you are not certain what your future is going to look like, but that you believe this position is going to help you navigate yourself in the right direction.

Grad School Interview Question #: Tell Me About Yourself

Scrum Master Interview Questions and Answers: Shell 2020

This is almost certainly the most common interview question, regardless of where or to what you are applying. Its so common, in fact, that weve already addressed it in multiple blogs and videos! Instead of reinventing the wheel, check out this blog on the dreaded interview question, “Tell me about yourself” just note that this was written for med students, but the exact same advice applies here. In general, you want to think of this as your opening statement, the introduction to the story of you as an aspiring grad student.

Heres a great video on Tell Me About Yourself, if youd rather watch. Note that this is in the context of medical school interviews, but the principle is exactly the same!

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What Makes You A Good Fit For This Role

With this, you get a chance to brag a bit. You want to give clear examples of how your skills can provide the company with value, preferably backed up with anecdotes.

Heres a look at how you may answer this question if youre interviewing for a customer service position:


I believe my skill set is a great match for this position. In my previous retail role, much of my time was focused on ensuring customers had an exceptional experience. Whether it was helping them locate an ideal product, facilitating a qualifying return, or answering a simple question, I know the importance of handling every interaction with grace and a smile.

Plus, Ive faced and overcome many challenges on the job. I know what it takes to diffuse potentially hostile situations, ensuring that the customer feels heard and that a solution is ultimately identified. Overall, I believe my experience can make me an asset to any customer service team.

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