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Kardashian Interview With Andy Cohen

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Khlo Kardashian Admits To Having Had A Nose Job

Watch Andy Cohen GRILL the Kardashians on Their Love Lives and Scandals

At one point Cohen asks Khloé what false claims she hears about herself the most.

‘Everyone says, “Oh my gosh, shes had her third face transplant”,’ Khloé responds. ‘But Ive had one nose job Dr. Raj Kinodia and everyone gets so upset, like, “Why dont I talk about it?”‘

On why she doesn’t talk about her surgery, she explains: ‘No ones ever asked me.

‘Youre the first person in an interview thats ever asked me about my nose.’ While she’s had injections, she’s not a fan of Botox. ‘Ive responded horribly to Botox,’ she notes.

‘When the show first started, I was very secure, very secure… And then during the first couple seasons, I became insecure because of the public opinions of myself,’ she later adds.

‘Then I had, I think, a good run of being secure, and then I think recently Ive become now insecure again,’ she admitted, ‘So I guess it just goes, you know, up and down.’

Kim Kardashian Is Expanding Her Empire

Following the success of KKW Beauty and Skims, we have a feeling the beauty mogul might want to pay more attention to her businesses and the launch of her upcoming lifestyle brand.

E! News recently reported that it has obtained documents about Kims decision to expand her business to include homeware.

According to the news outlet, Kim is launching towels, shower curtains, textiles for home furnishings, comforters, aromatherapy diffusers, bath products, body sponges, bathroom candles, household containers for storing and organising cosmetics.

Suffice it to day, the mogul looks set to be pretty darn busy over the next few years with her numerous businesses.

Oh, and lets not forget that the 40-year-old also hopes to become a lawyer in 2022 after calling on Donald Trump to commute grandmother Alice Johnsons crime and have her released from a 1996 life sentence for cocaine trafficking last year.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians Reunion Will Cover Many Juicy Topics

In the sneak previews that have been released so far by E!, it looks like the family will talk about some pretty juicy stuff during the reunion. In one clip, Khloé Kardashian alleges that her sister Kourtney didnt allow the family to talk about her dating life during the last few seasons of the show. Currently, Kardashian is dating Travis Barker.

We werent even allowed to talk about it Im not saying put him on, but Kourtney wouldnt even let us mention it, even though theres paparazzi photos, Kardashian revealed. So we were frustrated that we couldnt even talk about what Kourtney was doing.

Kardashian continued, I think Kourt learned from how much the public was in her relationship with Scott, it made her not want to share future dating relationships.

In another clip, Kardashian speaks about her relationship with Disick, admitting that his previous drug use was a deal-breaker for her. I think the substance abuse was the deal-breaker, Kardashian says at one point during the reunion. Disick also adds, I was pretty irresponsible.

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When Does The Kardashians Air In Australia

The first episode dropped on April 14, 2022. Much like the original KUWTK, The Kardashians will have new episodes dropping weekly each Thursday.

The first episode broke records on Hulu in the United States, with the streaming service revealing that The Kardashians is its biggest series premiere in history.

So, it looks like OG fans are certainly keen on keeping up which is good news, considering theyve signed on for 40 episodes.

The famous family will be back on our screens in April 2022.

Kim On Paris Hilton Feud And Reconciliation

Andy Cohen Interviews Reality TV Legends About Their Most Iconic ...

Kim was in Paris’s posse in the aughts the KUWTK star was actually employed as Paris’s “closet organizer” and then they had a falling out when Kim became more famous. “When everything started to blow up, it was just a little bit like, what’s happening? Then we just stopped talking,” Kim said of the rift. “She did that interview about something that was negative to me, called my butt fat.” However, “We spoke afterwards and had a real mature conversation about that.” And now, they’re “cool” and Kim has “a lot of respect” for Paris. “I will never think I’m too good to not know where I came from and understand she was a big part of my career.”

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Part 2 of the Keeping Up with the Kardashians: The Final Curtain airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on E!

Read more from Yahoo Entertainment:

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The Meeting That Changed The World: Inside The First Days Of The Kardashian Empire

Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian and TV insiders look back on the start of a celebreality empire in our oral history of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

The false narratives around my family, its, like, offensive, Khloé says in a voice-over in the new preview clip.

So. Much. Drama.

Bravo, Cohens home base when hes not celebrating New Years Eve with Anderson Cooper, shares a corporate parent with the Kardashian-Jenners cable channel, E! Theyre both under the NBCUniversal umbrella, which makes it simple for the Watch What Happens Live host to switch his reality focus for, as the COVID-19 survivor says, a sit-down 20 seasons in the making.

Andy Cohen Is Hosting The Ultimate Kuwtk Reunion And Promises Nothing Is Off Limits

The Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen host went on to explain that his intention was not to get the family to get out there and fight, but to thoroughly cover all of their biggest and most shocking moments on the show.What my goal was to talk about everything to quote Bethenny Frankel, to mention it all, he said.

And mention it all, they did! As Andy hinted in the episode, nothing was left off-limits throughout the reunion. By the end of the day, I do not think that there was a topic that we did not cover, he teased.

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Its Being Hosted By Andy Cohen

Real Housewives fans will know the only way to do a reunion episode is to have it hosted by Andy Cohen.

Andy has hosted all the Real Housewives reunion episodes and usually grills the stars on exactly what theyve been up to in the show.

Seeing as theres been 20 seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, thats a lot of drama to unpack.

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There Will Be Drama: Even Jenna Lyons Was Shocked She Joined Rhony

Andy Cohen Talks Kardashians, Real Househusbands, & Polarizing Housewives

Andy Cohen may be the Housewives guru, but it took him a bit to become the Kardashian whisperer.

Cohen, 53, admitted he had to adjust to accommodate the famous familys schedules in order to film the Keeping Up With the Kardashians reunion show as opposed to having more of a say in how Real Housewives tapings are run.

I am not an executive producer on this show. I was hosting it, and I was working on the script, and I was working on what I was going to ask them, but, you know, they have editorial control, he told Heather Dubrow on her PodcastOne show, Heather Dubrows World, on Wednesday. So, it is so different than what you and I are used to.

Cohen explained that the scheduling was a bit of a change for him as well, as he is used to starting reunions early in the morning and wrapping up by nighttime. However, the Kardashian-Jenners wanted to begin filming at noon.

The upcoming two-part reunion special, which will cover all 20 seasons of KUWTK, features Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian, Kim Kardashian, Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Scott Disick.

The Watch What Happens Live host laughed while recalling that Kris, 65, had shot him a look in response to his remark.

Im so used to our dynamic where Im a little more in charge of the situation and I said, Im so sorry. Im used to a different dynamic, he said. I go, You take as long as you want. This is your house. You dont even have to come back!

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Andy Cohens Tv And Hosting History

Heres a list of some of his most memorable TV appearances, where you may have seen Andy before:

  • Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion show
  • Real Housewives reunion shows
  • Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen
  • Love Connection
  • Vanderpump Rules

He also appeared in Lady Gagas music video for G.U.Y. and had a cameo as himself on !

Kendall Jenner Rarely Appears On The Show

With a modelling career that sees her fly across the world for runway shows, presentations, photo shoots and lavish film festivals, its no wonder Jenner struggles to find time to film with her famous family.

However, when a fan quizzed the stars on why the model and her younger sister Kylie Jenner feature so little on the series in 2019, Khloé Kardashian revealed her younger siblings have entirely different agreements to her older sisters when it comes to shooting commitments.

Kendall and Kylie have different contracts. Kourt, Kim and I have an equal contract.


Kendall and Kylie have different contracts. Kourt, Kim and I have an equal contract, Khloé explained.

Kendall, who is notoriously more private than her siblings, has been spending more time focussing on her fashion career in recent years and largely stays away from the limelight when she can, preferring to socialise with her close friends.

As a result, its no wonder she isnt continuing to film the show and there are no signs of a spin-off series focussed on her

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What Will Happen In The Kuwtk Reunion

Judging by the reunion trailer, it looks as though the Kardashian-Jenner family will be opening up about why they decided to end the show after almost 15 years and their take on the biggest stories that played out for viewers across the 20 seasons.

From Khloes on-off relationship with Tristan Thompson and his multiple cheating scandals, to Scott and Kourtneys separation and Kris and Caitlyns marriage, the famous family will be dishing all in this weekends highly-anticipated sit-down episode.

Earlier this week, the shows YouTube account shared a first-look clip of the reunion, in which the family were rating their shadiest clapbacks from Im not buying her a f****ing pair of shoes, I bought her a f****ing career to the iconic: Kim, theres people that are dying.

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Cohen Said That The Family Really Opened Up During The Reunion

See Andy Cohen Crash Sarah Jessica Parker

After filming the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion, Cohen took to his radio show, Radio Andy, to talk about the experience. Cohen revealed that the family was quite open about their lives throughout the past years.

I think that Kris very consciously didnt want it to have the rancor that some Housewives reunions have, or, the, you know, level of acrimony, Cohen explained during the April 26, 2021, episode. The Kardashianstheyre not going to get out there and fight. Thats not what they do and its not what I wanted from them. What my goal was to talk about everything, to quote Bethenny Frankel, to mention it all.’

Cohen also added that I dont think there was a topic that we did not cover. The host even explained that the family were the ones who initially pushed for a reunion. were like, We want to do this. We want to do this right, Cohen revealed. We want to go out with a bang. Do your thing.

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Sylvester Stallone Sparks Split Rumors After Covering Up Huge Ta

The Kardashian-Jenner family is joining Andy Cohen for a sit-down 20 seasons in the making.

In the trailer for the upcoming Keeping Up With the Kardashians Reunion part one of which will air one week after the E! flagship reality clan says their final farewells in the season 20 finale the reality stars are getting grilled on their famous loves, family feuds and headline-making scandals.

Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, Kris, Kendall and Kylie Jenner and Scott Disick join Cohen on the infamous couches for a two-part reunion roundtable, which has even Kris feeling a bit nervous, Kim admits in a first-look preview, released on Wednesday.

The teaser includes cryptic clips of the family opening up about why they chose to end the show Were all feeling a little overwhelmed, Kris admits as well as unseen moments and some of their happiest and most painful memories from nearly 15 years in the spotlight.

Andy doesnt shy away from the tough questions, asking Kris if shes forgiven Caitlyn Jenner for how she treated you, grilling Khloe on Tristan Thompsons cheating past and turning the spotlight on Scott and Kourtney and their roller-coaster romance.

Do you think your relationship might have turned out differently if you hadnt shared so much? he asks.

Probably, Kourtney admits, to even Kims surprise, but I think the substance abuse was the dealbreaker.

I was pretty irresponsible, Scott agrees.

See more on the final season in the video below.

Ai Guesses What Kardashians Would Look Like Without Plastic Surgery

Have you been keeping up?

After a 15-year reign, Keeping Up With the Kardashians is coming to an end Thursday night and secrets are being spilled as we get one last glimpse of the familys every last move.

Ahead of the series finale, longtime executive producer Farnaz Farjam revealed who thrived in the spotlight and who didnt like filming the show.

To no ones surprise, Farjam told that Kim Kardashian loved her time in front of the camera the most, according to the Daily Mail.

I would say Kylie likes to film the least, but shes actually way more present in the final season probably because it was Season 20, and it was coming to an end, Farjam added.

If you think about the last few family trips that we did, Kylie was missing but she came for this one, and she was definitely way more present this season.

According to IMDb, Khloé Kardashian appears in the most episodes with 238, barely beating Kim, who appears in 237. Out of the five sisters and momager Kris Jenner, Kylie comes in last, appearing in just 196 episodes.

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Who Is Kuwtk Reunion Host Andy Cohen

Television presenter and broadcaster Andy Cohen will be hosting both parts of the KUWTK reunion for E! and Hayu.

Best known for fronting Bravo’s late night talk show Watch What Happens Live, Cohen regularly hosts reunions for the channel’s reality series, from the Real Housewives franchise to Below Deck.

He’s also presented New Year’s Eve coverage for CNN and appeared on shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Inside Amy Schumer and The Other Two.

Kim Kardashian Would Tell Her Younger Self Not To Be So Trusting

“Keeping Up With The Kardashians” Reunion Official First Look | E!

When giving advice to their younger selves, Kendall says you have no idea and trust faith in the universe, while Kim says: Dont be so trusting but still have an open heart. Trust the universe.

When Kendall questions whether her sister means trusting other people, Kim says yes.

Ditch some of the outfits, jokes Kris, before Kendall says her mothers outfits were iconic and hints that she regrets the green jeans she wore for most of the show.

Remember not to let the outside news break you down, adds Khloé.

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Andy Cohen Celebrates Hanukkah With His Kids In The Sweetest Family Photo

Andy Cohencelebrated the first day of Hanukkah yesterday with his two kids by his side. In an adorable new family photo, the Watch What Happens Live host held his 7-month-old daughter Lucy next to his 3-year-old son Ben as they gaze at the lit menorah.

Happy Hanukkah from my family to yours , Cohen wrote in the caption.

More from SheKnows

In the picture, Ben looks to be playing with chocolate gelt, which is a traditionally candy given to kids during Hanukkah. For her part, Lucy is laser focused on her older brother. Shes just gazing intently at him to watch what hes doing, and its absolutely precious.

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In an interview with Romper last month, Cohen opened up about his familys holiday traditions and how much fun it is that Ben is participating now. He loves lighting the menorah, Cohen told the outlet. The other day he asked when does Hanukkah start? That he knows and looks forward to that is enough for me.

Lucy just likes being with Ben. When Im in the room with Lucy and Ben is also there, its like Im invisible, Cohen told Romper. She cannot take her eyes off of him. I think thats great and a beautiful sign for things to come.

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Although, he did backtrack a little. That being said, if I fall in love tomorrow and someone wants I mean, then were gonna have to talk, he told the outlet.

Kylie On Marriage Amid Getting Back Together With Travis Scott

She said she’s “not thinking about marriage right now,” but hopes “to get married one day.” As for not documenting her pregnancy with Stormi on the show, she said she “needed to go through by myself.” After all, “I was also really young when I got pregnant and it was just a lot for me personally. I didn’t know how I would bring that to the public too and have everyone’s opinions.” Kylie also said Scott didn’t appear much on the show because ,”I guess sometimes he didn’t want to be filmed, I didn’t pressure him to be on the show.” As for whether she’s friends with ex Tyga, that’s a no. “We’re not friends, but we are OK. … I always wish him well. I have no bad feelings toward him.”

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