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Rpa Solution Architect Interview Questions

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What Are The Product Components Of Rpa Tools

Top 30 RPA Interview Questions | Most important UiPath interview questions and answers
  • Bot Process Modeler Provides the ability to visually build workflows with drag-and-drop, visual editors.
  • Bot Central Provides the ability to orchestrate, schedule and manage the deployments for attended and unattended bots.
  • Bot Node These are machines/nodes which can run single or multiple attended & unattended bots based on the requirement.
  • Bot Engine This is an engine that executes the bots deployed in the bot node during runtime.
  • Bots These are the actual software bots that execute the processes built during design time.

Robotic Process Automation Interview Questions For 2021

Enterprise enthusiasm for Robotic Process Automation keeps on growing. Research firm Everest Group recently predicted the RPA software market will grow at a compound annual rate of 45-50 percent during the next two years and thats on top of a market that surpassed $1.2 billion at the end of 2019. That rising adoption is starting to show in the job market, too.

A recent U.S. search for “RPA” on produced more than 4,200 open positions. These positions tend to come with a widening variety of titles, from RPA developer to RPA automation business analyst to automation architect.

What Is Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is a kind of automation in which software robots perform a job of human beings to complete repetitive, rule-based tasks. It allows organizations to automate their digital processes across various applications and systems without changing the existing systems or IT infrastructure.

Robotic Set of codes that mimic human actions are known as Robots.
Process The process can be described as the sequence of steps that creates a meaningful activity.
Automation The process performed by robots without human intervention.

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Q3 How Will You Price An Rda Project To A Customer

First, we will identify the scope of the automation like:

  • How the business process flows.
  • How many applications are involved?
  • How complex the interactions between these applications.

Once we know all these then we will work out the number of bots to be deployed and estimate the cost for each bot to develop and deploy. This is how we do at a high level. Usually based on the complexity involved the project may go anywhere between 612 months.

In Uipath What Do You Mean By Selectors And Wildcards

RPA Interview

In UiPath, Wildcards are characters that can be used to substitute one or more characters in a string. When dealing with dynamically changing properties in a selector, these might be very beneficial. wildcards can be used to replace zero or more characters in a string. In UiPath studio, the following wildcard characters are supported for selectors: Asterisk n replace one or more characters in a string. A single character is replaced by a question mark .

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Q24 Mention The Applications Of Robotic Process Automation

Few of the applications of robotic process automation are as follows:

  • Data extraction: All enterprises need to record their transactions in journals so that they can be used for future processes. Over her instead of the manual workforce and having a question always in mind whether the transaction is stored correctly or not, a robot can be used to gather and consolidate transactions.
  • Performing Financial Close & Reporting: The tedious process of posting data from various sources to sub-ledgers of a company to create and deliver financial filings can be easily handled through RPA.
  • Getting reports about Market: Organizations may need to get the report of the market situation on some parameters on a daily basis, to compete with their competitors. A robot can be put into this job, to deliver a full report of the market on time.
  • Processing of Exception Orders: It is often observed that sales orders hold the price for a number of days. In such situations, a robot can do a price check of that particular product and verify the current price with the held price.
  • Maintaining customer data: In an enterprise, many customers may get connected to the business on a daily basis. Now, every company needs to maintain the data of each and every customer. If a person does it, then it may take longer than a robot. But, if a robot does this task, then data can be periodically validated and updated.

Q4 What Is Project Debugging In Uipath

Debugging is the process of identifying and removing errors from a given project. Coupled with logging, it becomes a powerful functionality that offers you information about your project and step-by-step highlighting, so that you can be sure that it is error-free. Logging enables you to display details about what is happening in your project in the Output panel. This, in turn, makes it easier for you to debug automation. Breakpoints enable you to pause the execution of a project so that you can check its state at a given point.

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Q7 Let Us Assume You Need To Handle An Rpa Project And Provided Inadequate Skills To Process Then Would You Reject The Project Or Find An Alternative

Leaving a project is not at all a correct decision. The fact is that there are many alternatives available for RPA and most of the alternatives have a short duration. So, we can work on it or solve the problem and gain additional skills required for the project by choosing alternatives. Support and alternatives play an important role to assist in this type of project.

How A Particular Action Is Created And Published In Blue Prism

UiPath Interview Questions & Answers | RPA Interview Questions & Answers | Intellipaat

As the moniker go, actions involve the follow-through of a business object. So every individual action consists of a set of stages along with data modules holding information used by that certain action.

Actions are published, which allows it be called by methods and possibly other software. An action can also abide hidden, and making it available only to other actions in this business object. Whatever way is preferred, the action starts with a Start stage and is done with an End stage, and in between appear whatever stages are needed to carry out the workloads the action performs.

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What Are The Various Phases Of An Rpa Life Cycle

Various phases of the RPA life cycle are:

  • The first phase of an RPA life cycle is Identification and analysis. In which the RPA developers identify which business process will be automated. Once the process has been identified, it will be analyzed by RPA architects to decide the solution for their process, its complexity, and how to proceed with the project further.
  • In the development phase, the developers concentrate on the project requirements and develop the bot according to the type of automation.
  • After the development of the RPA bot, it will be tested and sent for deployment in the Testing Phase.
  • After testing, it will be sent for deployment. After that, it goes through maintenance and updating.

How Can You Say That Robotic Process Automation Is A Safe And Trustworthy Strategy

The same is embedded into the RPA on numerous levels. The good news is that with all vendors, the run time factor is completely distinct from the process of altering anything. It is not required for all users to have access to the same actions in fact, they might be limited. This usually entails developing, designing, running, and editing processes. Every log that is made has the ability to provide complete information with a broad scope. When compared to a manual procedure, RPA gives you more control and security.

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Tips On How To Close The Interview

A strong closing statement can leave lasting impressions on the interviewing panel. Interviewees should affirm their interest in the vacant position, remind the interviewers of their qualifications, and finally ask for the job. Candidates may also seek clarification on the next steps after the interview.

Q2 Mention The Steps To Convert The Output String Variable Into The Output Data Table

RPA Interview question:

To convert the output string variable to the output data table, you can use the Generate Data table activity as follows:

  • Drag the Generate data table activity from the Activity pane.
  • Go to the properties section and assign an input variable as String output.
  • Then, mention the output data table in the variable
  • You will see that the string values are assigned to the data table variable

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Phases Of Rpa Life Cycle:

  • Analysis: The first phase in RPA begins with analysis. The business team and RPA Architect work together to understand a business process for RPA development.
  • Bot Development: RPA developer starts working on the requirement in their environment possibly a distinct development environment.
  • Testing: Some companies conduct Testing by Separate Testing Team, while some have a dedicated testing team that performs a dedicated QA like normal SDLC flow. Best Practice is to have a dedicated testing team that performs QA of a developed bot.
  • Deployment and Maintenance: After the Development and Testing phases, a bot is ready for distribution and enters the maintenance phase.

How To Connect Robots To Orchestrators In Uipath

Connect a robot to orchestrators as described here

  • Select Orchestrator Settings from the Settings menu.
  • Enter the key received from the user who created the Robot in Orchestrator in the Machine Key section .
  • Enter the Orchestrator URL in the Orchestrator URL area. Make sure to include the AccountLogicalName and ServiceName if youre using one of your Cloud Platform Services, such as
  • Connect by clicking the Connect button. The Robot is now connected to Orchestrator and has the status of being available. When a Robot is added to Orchestrator, a Robot user is created and the Robot role is assigned to them.

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What Are The Key Capabilities Of Bot Central/controller/orchestrator

Bot Central is the Central processing unit of RPA where it provides centralized management of all the bots.

  • Managing- Manage bots in the bot dashboards.
  • Scheduling- A calendar functionality to schedule bots for execution.
  • Executing- Remotely execute bots based on the schedule.
  • Configuring- Configure and map machines where the bots will be executed.
  • Monitoring Provide bot insights dashboard to view, monitor bot results.
  • Bot authentication- All the bot activities are authenticated.

What Are The Various Ways Or Mechanisms To Design Bot Actives Using Rpa

UiPath Interview Questions And Answers | RPA Interview Questions And Answers 2021 | Simplilearn
  • Low code/ no code Bot Designer-= This provides a GUI for Bot designer to simply drag and drop bot activities into the visual designer to create bot flows that can be tested, edited and executed.
  • Bot Recorder The bot recorder provides a highly intuitive way of recording user actions by simply mimicking them.

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What Is The Purpose Of Web Recorder

It tackles all web controls and manipulations.It is applicable only when recording web-only tasks. If website controls on a page navigate through the location, the web recorder program can locate the correct controls and regulate the work at hand to run free of error. If the characteristics of the web controls alter, the automation task can be updated to ensure that the task runs successfully.

What Does The Uipath Orchestrator Do

Its a centralized robot management dashboard where you can easily deploy, secure, and manage your UiPath Robots at scale.

First, you create the bot. The project is then published as a process for further use. Once a process is created, its assigned to a specific robot to execute in a specified environment. This collectively constitutes a job.

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How Do You Decide Which Operations To Automate With Intelligent Automation

Select a process for Intelligent Automation in case of:

  • Unstructured Data– Intelligent automation is capable of processing unstructured data and has Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Because RPA can automate structured data, Intelligent Automation is a natural fit for a process that employs unstructured data. Machine Learning can handle unstructured data from scanned photos and documents using Optical Character Recognition and Advanced Image Recognition.
  • Judgment based Process– Intelligent Automation allows for the automation of an end-to-end process that requires minimum human intervention and requires specific cognitive judgements.

Solutions Architect Interview Questions

How to answer

Solutions Architect jobs demand abstract thinking. Architects have to design and configure system architecture to meet clients needs. Its a job that requires unique problem-solving and technical skills. Thats why solutions architect interview questions are always thorough. Having ready answers increases an interviewees chances of getting the job.

This solutions architect interview questions and answers guide is ideal to:

  • Fresh graduates seeking their first solution architect job
  • Experienced candidates preparing for a new role
  • Anyone invited to a solutions architect interview

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What Are Thick And Thin Clients

  • Thick clients: The thick client is the application that requires certain attribute features using RPA tools
  • Thin clients: The thin client is the application that never acquires the specific properties while using RPA tools. It mainly involves automating tasks done on a browser like opening the browse, navigating to a website, etc. t

Why Do We Use Robotic Process Automation

RPA uses software robots to automate basic tasks by mimicking user actions that are structured, rule-based, highly mundane and repetitive in nature.

There are various kinds of Robotic automation that are augmenting and assisting humans in many day-to-day activities and aims at making their lives simpler by eliminating all manual, repetitive, monotonous, and high-volume processes and tasks.

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What Is Rpa’s Process Studio

The Process Studio is an interface that allows you to create and automate business workflows. It uses control loops, variables, business logic, and more to create a visual business flow that can be sequenced and verified. It essentially implements the logic of the software robot.

The Process Studio is a place where you may create a real process. It has the appearance of a standard flowchart. It allows you to sequence and tests business logic, control loops, variables, and object calls in a visual business flow. Each page in a process has its own tab, and the Procedure Studio process is generally comparable to a flowchart. A process behaves in the same way as a human user. It is used to implement the logic of a software robot. It’s nearly like having a personal interaction with numerous programmes to complete a series of tasks that can be triggered by actions to complete the same tasks.

Is It True That An Organization Has To Replace Or Change The Complete Infrastructure And Systems To Approach Rpa

RPA Solution Architect Certification Question and Answer | RPA Certification

It is not mandatory to replace the existing infrastructure to implement robotic process automation. RPA can be easily deployed with the existing IT infrastructure. The latest RPA tools do not face compatibility issues with the existing systems. They can be easily used to automate the business processes without changing or updating the current IT infrastructure.

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How Do You Ensure Security In Design And Solution

Security is a top priority for businesses looking to secure the services of a solution architect. Security breaches are one of the prime concerns for any business. An interviewer may test your approach to building solutions in an optimised manner. Describe your approach to security and establish why your solutions are effective.

Example:”Organisations may suffer financial losses if there is a leak of crucial business information or customer data. When defining the solution architecture, I first try to understand how I can fit security aspects into the architecture. I provide security by protecting the databases from SQL injection. I also encode data before use and finally validate the input data before storing or using it. I also implement access control and encryption to provide data privacy and prevent unauthorised access. I conceal web server information, use HTTPS domains and set strong passwords to ensure optimum security for my solutions.”

Q25 Can We Change A Standard Robot To Floating Robot

  • No
  • Yes, but only for attended robots
  • Yes, but only for unattended robots
  • So, this was all about the RPA UiPath Interview Questions. If you are further interested in learning about Robotic Process Automation, this blog series will be updated frequently. If you have attended RPA interviews or have any additional RPA UiPath interview questions you would like us to answer, please do mention them in the RPA Interview Questions comments section below. All the best for your interview!

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    What Are Uipath Robots

    UiPath robots run the automated task you create with UiPath studio. There are two types of robots:

  • Attended robots: They work with you to speed up the service desk and help desk, and are used for activities where human involvement is key.
  • Unattended Robots: These operate without human touch, maximizing cost savings and performance for a wide variety of back-office tasks.
  • Q6 What Are The Factors That Are Encouraging The Organizations To Proceed With Rpa According To You

    Pin on RPA &  Blue prism

    As of today most business organizations are adopting RPA and the following factors that drive most of the organizations to adopt RPA are:

    • RPA always makes sure that it provides error-free results.
    • It can automate tasks as simple as the way we do copy-paste.
    • RPA robots provide an easy way to tackle activities accurately even if the employees are out of an organization.
    • RPA is only a one-time investment for an organization and results are forever.
    • Companies won’t require any special attention for quality verification and testing.
    • It requires less human interaction which ensures no conflicts and fast operations.

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