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What Do You Get Asked At A Job Interview

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Who’s The Ideal Candidate For This Position

Top 10 Job Interview Questions & Answers (for 1st & 2nd Interviews)

Often, asking similar questions in different ways can make an interview fruitful. In your quest to position yourself well during a job interview, you could ask: “Could you describe the ideal candidate for this position?” Sure, that’s another way of asking about the skills and qualifications for the job. But it’s also a question that might help you — without sounding stilted — get the interviewer to tell you a lot about the organization’s values and corporate culture. In addition to learning more about the company, you’ll also pick up some good points to stress in later communications and interviews with those doing the hiring.

Lots of question can be useful, but when you get right down to it, there’s usually one big question in the mind of someone who’s interviewing for a job. Read on to find out how to — almost — ask that one.

How Long Do Interviews Last

Interviews can generally last anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours.

There are many factors that come into play including the type of job, how the company structures their interviews, and what number interview it is .

Phone, face to face, and Skype interviews will all run at different lengths as well.

How Do You Handle Mistakes

This is another great opportunity to tell a compelling story about how youâve grown in your past jobs and experiences. Think of an anecdote you can tell about a mistake you made, what you did about it and how you learned from it. Make sure to make the âwhat you learnedâ universal â talk about how you can apply that strategy to future mistakes with similar success.

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Know When Not To Crack A Joke

This tip goes with our last point about timing. You should know when not to crack a joke, even if you think its the best time to do so.

For example, if your interviewer is trying to be serious during the last few questions, then they might not appreciate your jokes because it will skew their opinion of you as an employee.

If something just happened that is too important to laugh about, dont try and turn this into a fun interview!

What Are Your Weaknesses

What to Do If You Get Asked About Your Current Salary ...

Sharing your weaknesses shows that you are self-aware. Be honest about how you have worked through challenging experiences. If possible, include how you’ve improved on these over time.

Example:Earlier in my career, I was so enthusiastic about my work that I would say yes’ when I should have been saying no.’ Being overwhelmed, the stress affected my production quality. I started using workload management tools to tailor more realistic goals.’

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How Would You Rate Me As An Interviewer

Please rate me on a scale of one to ten as an interviewer. Do you have questions for me? Why did you leave your previous job? Why have you been unemployed for so long? Why did you have so much work to do? Tell me about a situation where your work was criticized. Could you do better at your previous job?

What Are Three Positive Things Your Last Boss Would Say About You

It’s time to pull out your old performance appraisals and boss’s quotes to answer the question, “What are three positive things your last boss would say about you?”. This is a great way to brag about yourself through someone else’s words: “My boss has told me that I am the best designer he has ever had. He knows he can rely on me, and he likes my sense of humor.”

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Questions To Learn About The Job

Ask questions that will help you determine if you would actually like the job, and be able to do it well.

  • Why is this position open? Is it a new position? Or is it a replacement for someone?
  • How long does someone typically stay in this job?
  • How many hours a week does someone in this job typically work? Is overtime accepted or expected?
  • Do most employees check email over the weekends and stay in touch while on vacation? Is that required for this job?
  • Do employees sometimes work from home or telecommute in this job? How many people telecommute? How many hours a week?
  • Who does the person in this job report to? What is the bosss job title, and where are they located?
  • What is the salary grade for this job? Where does this job salary grade rank in your salary grades?
  • What can you tell me about this job that isnt in the description?
  • What are your future plans for this job?
  • What are the prospects for growth for the person in this job?
  • How long do people stay in this job?
  • How often is this job open?
  • Who does the person in this job report to?
  • How often are performance reviews provided? Do employees receive feedback from their managers?
  • Is travel to meet with clients or suppliers or to represent this organization required for this job? If so, where, how long, how far, and how often?
  • Where is this job located?

Ask about anything else in your preparation that raised questions for you. Read for leveraging Google before the interview.

You Can Use Humor In An Honest Way

5 Things You Should Never Say In a Job Interview

Many people think that making a joke means saying something dishonest, but thats not the case. If you are thinking of making a joke, then it means that you think something is funny, worth noting, or interesting .

You can use your sense of humor to show off what made you stand out while finding out more about how they do things. Just make sure that the honesty in why you think something is funny comes through instead of lying!

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What Is Your Biggest Weakness That Is Really A Weakness And Not A Strength

We understand that it could be quite difficult to present your best self to the interviewer during an interview especially when you are asked this question.

Interviewers dont ask this question to trap even if it is a trap interview question. Interviewers ask this question because they want to know if you are self-aware enough to recognize a problem and how motivated you are to making sure that the problem is fixed.

When you are answering this question, you should

  • Be honest enough to admit that you have weaknesses
  • Identify a weakness that is really a weakness and not a strength
  • Show that you have put in the effort to fix your weakness

You should avoid:

  • Disguising a strength as a weakness
  • Avoid lying about your weakness
  • Avoid talking about a weakness that will ruin your chances of getting a job

You should avoid answers like this: My greatest weakness is that I am such a perfectionist, I pay attention to every detail and I am keen on organization, and that is really annoying

This kind of response comes out as an obviously disguised strength, and it tells the interviewer little about you.

See answers

Sample Answer

My weakness is that I dont give a proper estimation on how long it will take me to complete a task, so I usually underestimate the time that I will spend working on a project. This makes me carry on extra task and at the end, I may not be able to meet up with the deadline. I have currently enrolled in a time management class.

Customize All Of Your Answers

As you read in the tips above, you can try to customize just about every one of your responses to the job at hand. Focus on your skills as they relate to the job description.

In other words, what you say should not just be about you. It should also very much be about them.

In most circumstances, the interviewer wants to make sure her next new hire possesses certain core competencies. Figure out what those core competencies are, and then reflect them in your responses. On the flip side, you might leave out other skills that aren’t relevant. Highlight the ones that are most important in this particular context.

Even if you don’t have direct experience, you can show that you have skills that would transfer well to the role. By highlighting your transferable skills, you can show that you’d be successful in the new role, with or without previous experience.

This idea of tailoring your answers to the job and organization is pretty much the fundamental overriding principle of all your interview prep. Aim to be knowledgeable, specific, and prepared to speak at length about what makes you the best person for the job!

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How Do You Describe Your Dream Company

When interviewers ask you this question, dont be a hurry to spill out that dream of working in a company that will be able to pay you six figures, access to expensive vacation, flexible work hours. All these are not what the interviewer wants to hear. The interviewer wants to hear something that will convince him that you are the right person for the job.

You should take note of the following when you want to attempt this question:

  • Be sincere about what an ideal workplace is for you
  • Make sure that your dream aligns with that of the company
  • Pay attention to what you can offer the company too

You should also avoid the following:

  • You should avoid exaggeration, avoid saying that this is the best job when it is not
  • Avoid citing a specific employer as an example it might be risky

Sample Answers

For me, my dream company is one that will help me better harness my skills and abilities to contribute to the overall success of the company. I value a company that will recognize and appreciate excellent performance.

My dream company is one where I can contribute to the success of the company. A place that I can get new opportunities that will help me better make use of my skills and abilities. An ideal company will also be one that will provide me with the opportunity to grow my career.

Describe A Difficult Work Situation Or Project And How You Overcame It

5 Questions To Ask During Your Job Interview

What They Want to Know: When you’re responding to questions about what you did on the job, be prepared to share an actual example of a challenging situation at work, what the issue was, and how you helped resolve it.

Our team, already understaffed, was thrown for a loop when a major customer demanded that we complete our deliverables two weeks ahead of schedule. Normally we try to accommodate such requests, but this time it wasnt possible. I explained the situation to the client, and told them we could either charge them more to support the cost of hiring a temp or, if they accepted the original deadline, wed give them a 20% discount on their next order. They opted for the latter.

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Cultural Fit Questions: Do You Share Our Values

Organizational culture has always been important for employees, and today it seems to be even more so. Many private companies, in particular, pay a ton of attention to workplace values and the happiness levels of employees. Good morale and workplace perks can improve individual performance, retention, and teamwork, as well as prevent workplace conflict.

Many hiring managers, therefore, will ask interview questions aimed at gaining a sense of your cultural fit. Check out some of the questions below, and then read on for a few tips on how to prepare for them.

52. What does teamwork mean to you?

53. What three qualities do you look for in a workplace?

54. How would you deal with a coworker you dont get along with?

55. How well would you say you adapt to change?

56. What are you passionate about?

57. Describe your ideal company culture. What four or five characteristics does it have?

58. Who inspires you and why?

59. What motivates you to come into work everyday?

60. What was it like working at your last company?

61. What are some of your workplace values?

62. Do you prefer a more structured work environment or one where you can be more entrepreneurial?

63. What personality types would you say you work best with?

64. What are some activities you like to do outside of work, and how do they benefit your day-to-day job?

65. What would your friends tell me about you?

How Should I Talk About The Job Im Leaving

This is a toughie, but Why are you leaving? is a question you can be sure youll be asked. Definitely keep things positiveyou have nothing to gain by being negative about your past employers. Instead, frame things in a way that shows that youre eager to take on new opportunities and that the role youre interviewing for is a better fit for you than your current or last position. For example, Id really love to be part of product development from beginning to end, and I know Id have that opportunity here.

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How Would You Handle Working Closely With A Colleague Who Was Very Different From You

Interviewer understand the idea of workplace diversity, so the interviewer may ask you this question to find out how well you can accommodate other people that are quite different from you. The interviewer may ask you this question to find out if you can work in a team.

Employers look forward to getting candidates that can function well in a team.

When you are answering this question, you should focus on the following:

  • Prove to the interview that you can accommodate difference
  • Let the interview see how well you can work in a team

You should avoid:

  • giving off the attitude that you cannot accommodate a different person

Sample Answer

I understand that there is diversity in the workplace, and I am open to embracing and accepting people the way they are. In my previous position, I was working closely with a colleague that is really reserved and accommodate little communication, and I love to ask questions and communicate a lot.

At first, I did not find it interesting talking with my colleague, but later I discovered that she loves to work with little or no distraction at all and I understood and accepted her that way. Her reserved nature helped me complete my task even faster. Since then I learned to value and accept differences.

Where Do You See The Company In Five Years

Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a JOB INTERVIEW!)

This question serves two purposes. First, we all want stability, and the hiring manager’s answer will serve to tell you just how stable the company is. Who wants to work for an organization that will lay off team members in the near future? Asking this question also tells the interviewers you care about the company and want to build a lasting relationship. Hiring managers aim to hire long-term candidates who are willing to stick around for more than a couple of years.

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Why Are You Filling This Position Now

It’s not unreasonable to want to know why the company is hiring for this job. One way to find out is to ask, “Is this a new position?” If the answer is yes, that opens the way for more questions and discussion. You’ll want to know why the position is being created. Does it involve a new initiative? Is an existing position being duplicated or divided? Who has defined the job and its responsibilities? How will success be measured, if there’s no precedent?

A “no” answer also raises more questions. Why did the previous person in the job leave? How long do people typically stay in this job? Are there usually chances for advancement?

Some other good questions also tend to raise more questions. Read on.

Top 10 Interview Questions

What the 10 most common job interview questions and answers?

What to bring to an interview?

How long do interviews last?

How long should my answers be?

How to stand out in a face to face interview?

Tips for interviewing over the phone

What are behavioral interview questions?

Looking to hire a job interview coach? Check out what Top Resume has to offer.

Have you ever stumbled over your words during an interview? Maybe a certain question had you stumped?

Dont worry: weve all been there.

Preparing yourself for questions commonly asked during a job interview can be the difference between landing or losing a job offer.

While theres no need to memorize every possible question and come up with the perfect answer for all of them, its still important to educate yourself about the interview process and the common interview questions you’re likely to be asked.

The more prepared you are the less nervous you’ll be, so even if you’re asked something unexpected, you’ll be able to think on your feet and answer.

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Looking At Your Qualification You Seem Overqualified For The Job And You Might Get Bored What Do You Think

As much as having no qualification could be a problem so does being overqualified too. Many employers usually have a double mind employing people that are overqualified for the position because of the following reasons

  • Employers usually think that over qualified candidates will ask for a higher compensation
  • Employers think that overqualified candidates will want to assume higher positions like management position as soon as they come in
  • Employers think that over qualified candidates may end up not becoming good team members because they may feel they are more qualified than others.
  • Employers think that over qualified candidates will get bored over time
  • Employers may think that their lack of enthusiasm may drag other team members down

Looking at the following reasons, how would you convince the interviewer that you are the best person for the job and that you will not get bored performing the role?

When you are answering this question, you should focus on the following:

  • Emphasize that you have the right qualification needed for the job
  • Emphasize that you are passionate about the role
  • Emphasize that your experience will be of great value to the organization
  • Emphasize that the position will help you advance your skill set

You should also avoid the following:

  • Avoid sounding overqualified for the position
  • Dont show off pride because of your experience

Sample Answer

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