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What Is Spark Hire Video Interview

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Video Interview Questions Job Seekers Must Ask Interviewers

What is a One-Way Video Interview? presented by Spark Hire

Picture it: youre sitting in front of your computer. Your video interview is going well, but youre still nervous. And then it happens. The dreaded put-you-on-the-spot final question:

So, do you have any questions for us?

Few things are as terrifying as when your mind goes blank. All the questions youve come prepared for have been asked and answered.

In reality, this is your chance to truly discover if this is the right role and company for you, so asking the right questions is crucial. Dont worry, we have you covered.

Prepare for your next interview with these top three video interview questions to ask interviewers:

What Is An Example Of How Youve Become More Productive At Work

The answer itself could be anything, such as calendars, tools, time-blocking, and more. The insight on this question is whether the interviewee thinks about productivity at work at all. The highest-performing employees often try to find better ways to get work done, and in doing so create efficiencies that can improve not just their performance but the entire organization.

Michael Alexis, CEO at Team Building

Retrieve Spark Hire Api Key

Note: Any user in your organization who wishes to use the integration must retrieve their own API key and enable the integration in their own Greenhouse Recruiting user account.

Navigate to your organization’s Spark Hire account and click your Name in the upper right-hand corner. Select Settings from the dropdown menu.

Click Integrations under the User section.

Navigate down the Integrations page to the Greenhouse banner. Click Activate Integration.

Your organization’s API key for Greenhouse Recruiting is available on the subsequent page. Click Copy. You will need to input this value into Greenhouse Recruiting.

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What Employers Say About Video Interviews

Using Spark Hire, we were able to take a 45 minute scheduled phone interview and replace it with a 15-minute one-way video interview. The videos are completed by the candidate in their free time and then reviewed by the hiring team at their convenience. This change has saved us countless hours in the screening process, and also given us the insights to only focus our time on the best applicants.

Amy Hargrove

All Web Leads

Once implementing Spark Hire, we experienced HUGE savings. The one thing we realized a year later is: the first people to do their video interviews are our most engaged and passionate employees. They love our company and you could see it from their first Spark Hire video interview.

Dustin Gordon

Expand Your Talent Pool

What is a Live Video Interview? presented by Spark Hire ...

Having a growing talent pool is an essential resource for recruiters and staffing professionals. Building and tending to an internal database of candidates ensures quality talent is readily available when its time to fill a new position. With video interviews, if a candidate doesnt work out for one client, youll still have their video interview on file for a future job order.

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If Youre A Newbie To Video Interviewing Youve Come To The Right Place Below We Discuss The Most Frequently Asked Questions By Candidates About Video Interviewing

Why do companies use one-way video interviews?

In many cases, a company is overwhelmed by the number of job applications they receive for a particular position. Enter the one-way video interview! Instead of being limited on the number of candidates that can be interviewed via the phone, companies have the ability to interview more candidates via the one-way video interview. As a result, more candidates get an interview opportunity so their story can be heard. Plus, this interview format empowers companies to standardize the interview process, learn more about their candidates, and improve collaboration with team members so a decision isnt based on one persons evaluation of a candidate.

Why do companies use live video interviews?

Live video interviews are mostly used when a company is unable to meet a candidate in-person. This could be a result of geographical or scheduling barriers. Since a live video interview enables companies and candidates to connect whenever and wherever, no job is out of reach!

Is this similar to a normal interview?

Is this a replacement for the in-person interview?

No! Companies use video interviewing in many different ways to suit their industry and to be more efficient and effective with their hiring. The bottom line is that a video interview is an excellent opportunity to showcase why youre a great fit for the position. Typically, companies do a video interview right before an in-person interview.

Who has access to watch the videos I record?

Invest Time And Effort Into The Best Candidates

Your process becomes extremely time-consuming when youre blocking out an hour for every potential new hire. This is especially true when a large majority of these people just dont have the qualifications necessary to be a good fit.

Instead of wasting your time talking to people who arent even close to what youre looking for, use video interviewing software to quickly sort through and decide whos a yes, whos a no, and whos a maybe.

From there, zero in on only the most qualified individuals. Save your face-to-face time for deeper discussions with them as you reach the final stages of the hiring process.

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Dont Forget Body Language

Ill let the organization I was interviewing for explain this:

Interviewers look for forward tilt.

An interviewee expresses forward tilt by leaning in or across the table, manifesting their excitement at the opportunity physically, unable to contain it within themselves.

*Actual screenshot from my practice recording.

I chose to record my responses standing.


Because I was fired up to be speaking with these people!

Sure, it also gave me a greater range to move around with nervous energy. But Ill take that standing up .

If Im going to move, its better to do it on my feet than moving only my upper body while seated, no?

So, dont forget about your body language when interviewing.

Also, speak to be heard and understood. Now isnt the time to mumble:

Smile and speak with passion!

You want them to feel your excitement through the screen. It can go a long way in a one-way interview where there isnt that normal back-and-forth exchange and youve no body language to go off of.

How Would You Deal With A Difficult Co

How to Answer: What is Your Greatest Strength?

The interviewer is attempting to find out if the candidate has the ability to diffuse and prevent potential drama among team members. A good answer would be, I would refrain from engaging in harmful activities such as gossip and negativity and remain positive in all dealings with that individual. If the situation became difficult to manage personally, I would seek advice from my supervisor on what to do specifically.

Tom McGee, Vice President and General Manager, Sales and Marketing Division at Lucas Group

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Question : Whats The Toughest Challenge Youve Faced

This is the first question of many where we need to challenge the face value of the question.

Whats actually being asked here is how well do you prioritize?.

Tough challenges usually involve large, complex, interconnected problems that need to be broken down and solved one at a time in a particular order!

Do you now see how the question is actually about prioritization? So when answering, talk about precisely that. Explain what tough problem you faced, break it down into its main parts, and walk through how you solved the first few steps!

When To Use Video Interviews

Depending on the nature of your business, video interview can fit in different parts of your recruiting process.

Employers frequently use one-way video interviews as a better way to screen candidates earlier in the hiring process and live video interviews to connect with non-local candidates.

Common hiring challenges that lead employers to look into video interviews include, but are not limited to:

  • High volume job applications
  • Lack of collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers
  • Non-local candidates

In general, staffing and recruiting firms find that video interviews help them:

  • Get candidates in front of clients quicker
  • Make candidates more tangible to clients
  • Gain an advantage over competitors not using video interviews
  • Brand their firm as innovative to candidates and clients
  • Improve collaboration with clients so time is not wasted
  • Build a digital library of video interviews that can be referred to at any time
  • Connect with candidates no matter where they are located

Want to see if video interviews are right for you? Get a live demo of Spark Hires video interviewing solution today!

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Dont Forget To Prepare

You want to prepare for a one-way interview the same way you would for a normal interview.

Here are a few things I did to prepare:

  • I Googled past interviews with the program,
  • listened to their podcast,
  • read their blog and
  • watched a few YouTube videos to get a better idea of what they might ask, what their program offers, and what their program stands for. This last one is important:

Just because you can rattle off a bunch of facts about their program or company doesnt mean you should. It doesnt reveal much about yourself to the employer, and anyone could pull up similar information in a quick search online.

I wanted to hear the founder speak about the program, listen to past participants, and get a better idea of why I wanted to go through this program instead of taking another path.

Remember that Spark Hire has tons of useful videos and posts, plus a Candidate Boot Camp, to help candidates prepare. They want you to succeed just as much as you do!

Finally, dont just say-show!

As you prepare, try to tie each of the qualities or skills youll mention to an instance of when you used it. Anyone can list off skills, but a real-world example gives the interviewer a much better idea of the way youd apply them to add value to their company.

Let The Candidate Set The Scene

Video Interviews by Spark Hire

No matter how inviting your office design is, its unfamiliar to candidates. There are new visual distractions and a general sense of disorientation. Chances are they wont have their bearings and feel at ease until the interview is well underway.

And that can compromise their performance.

With a video interview, however, candidates can choose where they record their answers. Whether its from the comfort of their den or at their favorite quiet coffee shop, theyll feel like they have home-field advantage. That boost to their confidence will allow them to truly shine to the best of their abilities.

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What Is A Spark Hire Online Virtual Interview

I want to help out any readers who find themselves interviewing online, whether in a one-way or traditional interview face to face.

The format of interviews with Spark Hire will differ, as the company allows the interviewing group to select the type of interview and then further customize the experience based on this choice.

I completed a one-way interview, and its the one most people have questions about, so Ill cover it here.

How To Ace Your One

Youre most likely very familiar with the traditional job interview where you meet with a recruiter or hiring manager face-to-face in their office. Nowadays, companies are implementing video interviews into their hiring process to better and quickly connect with candidates. The one-way interview, in particular, is used by many Spark Hire customers for the early stage of their interview process.

Below are answers to questions that you may have about your one-way interview so you can fully prepare and ace it:

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Configure Spark Hire Video Interview

Once the stage has been added to the job’s interview plan, click Edit inline with the Spark Hire Interview Kit.

From the subsequent page, navigate to the Spark Hire Test to Send Candidate panel and use the provided dropdown menus to select:

  • Test Name
  • Interview Questions Set
  • Expiration Date

Navigate to the Graders and Notifications panel and select at least one Greenhouse Recruiting user to grade the interview.

Click Save when finished.

Note: Keep in the mind that all configuration of the assessment itself, as well as the email template, will need to be performed in Spark Hire.

Webinar: Growing Your Staffing Firm With Video Interviews

5 Ways to STAND OUT in a One Way Interview – Spark Hire Interview

Have you ever wondered how other staffing and recruiting firms are using video interviews to drive more revenue? Get the recording of our webinar and you’ll learn their secrets.

To learn more about video interviews for staffing and recruiting firms, take a look at this page or get a demo with a Spark Hire product expert and theyll personalize the conversation to your recruiting process.

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Please Perform This Task During The Interview

This one is less of a question and more of a job-relevant performance task. For example, if someone is applying for a customer service role, I will ask them to write and send a reply to a real customer email.

Job application materials may show experience, but this activity proves the candidate can really do the work .

Works With Your Ats Platform

Spark Hire has more ATS integrations than any other video interviewing platform. In addition, Spark Hire has a Google Chrome Extension which lets you use Spark Hire alongside any ATS. Plus, Spark Hires Zapier integration empowers you to build custom, automated workflows with thousands of apps including Slack, Google Sheets, and more.

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Tell Me About A Big Mistake How You Dealt With It And What You Learned From The Experience

Once again, situational interview questions can tell you a lot about how candidates actually act and react in a real work environment. Asking situational interview questions about accomplishments is definitely important to be able to see candidates at their best. But remember, no person is on their best behavior all the time.

Mistakes happen, so it’s also important to use situational interview questions to evaluate how candidates react when they’ve made a mistake. The mistake, the response, and the lesson learned can tell you a great deal about how the candidate approaches setbacks and how they deal with high-stress situations.

Everything You Need To Know About One

Video Questions for One

Congratulations! Youve been asked to complete a one-way video interview. This is a big step towards your next job.

Youre used to the normal hiring process, with phone screens, in-person interviews, and the like. But, maybe this one-way video interview is a new thing entirely. Or maybe you have done a one-way video interview before, but you want to arm yourself with all the best advice you can find.

Look no further! The video interviewing experts at Spark Hire want to provide you with everything you need to know about completing a one-way interview.

Before we dive in, here are some fast facts about Spark Hire:

  • In business since 2012
  • Thousands of customers, all over the world, both in-house HR teams and staffing firms
  • Millions of interviews completed on the platform

There are many ways organizations use video interviewing, but the main goal is always to get to know you, so use the one-way video interview to present your professional yet genuine side.

Unlike a typical interview, theres only one person required to be present during your one-way video interview: you! One-way video interviews are a series of interview questions, created by the hiring organization, and presented as either text or a video.

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What If I Dont Have A Webcam Can I Use My Phone

If you dont have access to a computer and webcam, you can conveniently complete your one-way interview by using your mobile device. Just simply download the Spark Hire mobile app and youre ready to go! The mobile app supports iOS or Android devices. You can also check out your local library for a computer to use for free to complete your interview.

Interview Questions To Reveal High

High-potential candidates are those well-equipped to grow into your best performers. However, identifying these candidates during the interview process can be challenging because they dont typically fit your standard hiring qualifications.

To reveal candidates with high-potential, you need to prepare an arsenal of interview questions that explore deeper, sometimes hidden, qualities. We reached out to experts to share their favorite interview questions to identify high-potential hires.

Here are the best interview questions to bring high-potential talent to the top of your pile:

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Question : Tell Me About Yourself

This is a classic warm-up question, designed to break the ice.

However, the person viewing your video also actually wants to hear about you in your own words!

The best way to answer this is to not read off your CV! Many people make that mistake, and if you dont, you are already ahead of quite a few applicants.

Make sure your answer is an executive summary of yourself and your career. It doesnt have to go into details of each job or assignment you had or move in chronological order.

As long as the interviewer can place your overall career, aspirations, and style quickly, you will have accomplished your goal for this question.

Reduce The Amount Of Small Talk

How to Answer: Why Should We Hire You?

When a person comes in for a face-to-face interview, theres going to be some amount of time dedicated to small talk at the beginning or end of the interview. While this can be a nice way to get to know the candidate when the hiring manager is on a tight schedule and you want a more structured process, engaging in small talk is detrimental.

Video interviews cut down on the amount of chit chat that happens, thus keeping the initial screening process succinct for both parties and uniform for all applicants. Hiring managers then devote more time to speaking in-person with the most qualified candidates, making better hires, faster, and more efficiently.

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