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Amazon Data Engineer Python Interview Questions

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Top 15 Python Coding Interview Questions with Solutions – Do it Yourself
  • Application, resume, and referrals
  • Online assessment
  • First-round interviews
  • Onsite interviews
  • Lets take a look at these steps in more detail.

    1.1.1 Application, resume, and referrals

    Your first step is to get an Amazon interview. You can apply to Amazon directly through their website, or you may have a recruiter reach out to you directly somewhere like LinkedIn.

    Whether you apply or are contacted by a recruiter, it helps to have a quality and up-to-date resume that is tailored to data engineering positions, and to Amazon more specifically.

    If you do have a connection to someone at Amazon, it can be really helpful to get an employee referral to the internal recruiting team, as it may increase your chances of getting into the interview process.

    1.1.2 Online assessment

    Some candidates will receive an invitation for an online test before moving on to the first-round calls. These are more common for internship and junior positions, but may appear in experienced positions as well.

    This assessment will focus your technical skills, requiring a strong understanding of SQL querying and some coding. There may be a question on data modeling as well. Youll likely have a deadline by which you have to complete the assessment, but the test itself is not timed.

    If you pass the online assessment, youll move on to your first calls with Amazon interviewers.

    1.1.3 First-round interviews

    1.1.4 Onsite interviews

    Describe A Time You Had A Difficulty Merging Data How Did You Solve This Issue

    Data cleaning and data processing are key job responsibilities in engineering roles. Inevitability unexpected issues will come up. Interviewers ask questions like these to determine, A) how well you adapt, B) the depth of your experience, and C) your technical problem-solving ability.

    Clearly explain the issue, what you proposed, the steps you took to solve the problem, and the outcome.

    Discuss The Different Types Of Ec2 Instances Available

    • On-Demand Instances– You pay for computing capacity by the hour or second with On-Demand instances, depending on the instances you run. There are no long-term obligations or upfront payments required. You can scale up or down your compute capacity based on your application’s needs, and you only pay the per-hour prices for the instance you utilize.

    • Reserved Instances– When deployed in a specific Availability Zone, Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances offer a significant reduction over On-Demand pricing and a capacity reservation.

    • Spot Instances– You can request additional Amazon EC2 computing resources for up to 90% off the On-Demand price using Amazon EC2 Spot instances.

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    Best Amazon Data Engineer Interview Tips

    Here are useful tips to help you prepare for Amazon data engineer interview:

  • Get familiar with SQL.
  • The most common language for manipulating data is SQL getting familiar with it will save you a lot of stress and you have a better chance at being selected once you are familiar with it.

  • Learn to read the results of an EXPAIN query.
  • While it may look like its not a big deal, the truth is that not many data engineers know how to read this result learning how to do it gives you an edge.

  • You should know how some data systems like Kafka, Spark, Flink, Flume, Presto, HDFS, etc. all work on a greater scale, and the role they play in the data ecosystem.
  • Make sure you are skilled in running a java virtual machine language.
  • Many of the systems are in JVM languages. Although they may consist of APIs that are not JVM, APIs which are JVM are swifter in carryout the jobs.

  • Know what React entails.
  • This is largely because you would need to have front end skills because you may need to build data tools needed for your team.

  • Map reduce and Hadoop.
  • These are also important, having a sound knowledge of both of them are some of the things you need to have as a data engineer.

  • What have you done?
  • Its easy to start talking about the teamwork and the effort of the team but what is expected of you is to tell what your role was. What exactly did you do? You should be prepared to answer this.

  • Be concise.
  • It is important not to beat around the bush, tell the exact thing you are asked.

  • Be detailed.
  • Talk About A Time You Noticed A Discrepancy In Company Data Or An Inefficiency In Data Processing What Did You Do

    Data Engineer (Python) @DCG

    Your response might demonstrate your experience level, that you take the initiative, and your problem-solving approach. This is your chance to show the unique skills and creative solutions you bring to the table.

    Dont have this type of experience? You can relate your experiences to coursework or projects. Or you can talk hypothetically about your knowledge of data governance and how you would apply that in the role.

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    Data Engineer Interview Questions On Azure

    Most businesses are switching to cloud infrastructure these days. Organizations employ a variety of providers including , and Azure for their BI and Machine Learning applications. Microsoft Azure allows data engineers to build and deploy applications using various solutions. Check out these common data engineer interview questions on various Microsft Azure concepts, tools, and frameworks.

    What Happens When A Block Scanner Detects A Corrupted Data Block

    Block Scanner is a data engineers friend since it detects corrupted data that may have escaped a data professional. In such an instance, the DataNode will first report to NameNode when a corrupted data block is found. The NameNode then begins to create a new data replication using the corrupted block replica. The last step is matching the replication count of the exact replicas with the replication factor. The corrupted data block is not deleted when a match is found.

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    Facebook Data Engineer Interview Questions

    Facebook deals with a significant amount of user data, making it the perfect place for a data engineer. If you are a data engineer aspiring to join the Facebook team, you must go through the following .

  • What is meant by rack awareness?
  • What is meant by skewed tables in Hive?
  • What is the significance of the .hiverc file in Hive?
  • What steps would you take to validate a data migration from one database to another?
  • What are the advantages of the AWS network for data engineers?
  • What are version control systems? State differences between Git and GitHub.
  • What are the best features of Kafka for data engineering?
  • Why do we use clusters in Kafka, and what are its benefits?
  • State the differences between Rabbitmq and Kafka.
  • What issues does airflow resolve?
  • Data Engineer Interview Questions

    Amazon Software Engineer Interview: Print Left View of Binary Tree

    A blog for all the budding Data Engineers to understand some SQL interview questions with hands-on practice through the StrataScratch platform.

    Today we are going to cover the interview questions for a Data Engineer role. This article will cover some basic concepts and skills needed for a data engineer and then it will focus more on the hands-on practice with SQL.

    An interview for a Data Engineer can be overwhelming if you are just starting in this field. The interview will test you on some behavioral questions, your communication skills, your problem-solving ability, and SQL!! SQL is bread and butter for any Data Engineer and typically most companies will have a SQL round, wherein you will be given a problem to solve. This can be a bit intimidating, but if you practice enough, it can be a cakewalk. To practice SQL questions, the interactive StrataScratch platform has a wide range of problems you can try.

    As a data engineer, your main responsibility will be to extract the data from different sources, transform the data and load the data . This will include working on the data but also working on the data infrastructure so that you can provide data to other teams within the organization. You will be responsible for the data accuracy, data management, and in some cases data governance. To be a Data Engineer, you need to have excellent problem-solving skills with good technical skills.

    In this article, we will cover:

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    The Amazon Data Analyst Interview

    Most common responsibilities of a data analyst

    • Understand how to use one or more industry analytics and metrics visualization tools
    • Knowledgeable in a variety of methods for querying, processing, persisting, analyzing, and presenting data.
    • Good understanding of data lineage: including sources of data how metrics are aggregated and how the resulting business intelligence is consumed, interpreted, and acted upon by the business.
    • Strong knowledge of and experience with database querying .
    • Knowledge of statistics and experience using statistical packages for analyzing datasets, especially Excel.
    • Practical experience with any of the following tools: Tableau, Relational databases, big data, Salesforce, Python, R, Programming

    Interview format for a data analyst role at Amazon

    • Round 1: Phone screen
    • Round 3: Onsite

    * Some candidates have up to 2 technical screenings before the onsite.

    The data analyst interview will in a lot of ways resemble the data science interview. Its going to be heavily focused on problem-solving, statistics, and your proficiency with languages such as SQL and Python.

    Data analyst at Amazon will leverage a suite of languages such as R, Python, SQL, and must be able to support leadership by surfacing insights from complex data sets.

    How to prepare for your Amazon data analyst interview

    Your preparation should primarily be surrounding the 16 leadership principles, SQL queries, and database management.

    Example of a data analyst SQL question

    More Behavioral Practice Questions

    4. Describe a time you had to explain a complex subject to a non-technical person.

    5. Why are you interested in working at our company?

    6. How would you describe your communication style?

    7. Describe a time that you failed. How did you respond?

    8. Provide an example of a goal you did not meet and how you handled it.

    9. How did you handle meeting a tight deadline?

    10. Tell me about a time you used data to influence a decision or solve a problem.

    11. Talk about a time when you had to persuade someone?

    12. What data engineering projects have you worked on? Which was most rewarding?

    13. Why are you interested in this role? Working at this company? A career in data engineering?

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    Find All Subsets Of A Given Set Of Integers

    We are given a set of integers and we have to find all the possible subsets of this set of integers. The following example elaborates on this further.

    Given set of integers:

    There are several ways to solve this problem. We will discuss the one that is neat and easier to understand. We know that for a set of n elements there are 2 n 2^n 2n subsets. For example, a set with 3 elements will have 8 subsets. Here is the algorithm we will use:

    n = size of given integer setsubsets_count = 2^nfor i = 0 to subsets_count    form a subset using the value of 'i' as following:        bits in number 'i' represent index of elements to choose from original set,        if a specific bit is 1 choose that number from original set and add it to current subset,        e.g. if i = 6 i.e 110 in binary means that 1st and 2nd elements in original array need to be picked.    add current subset to list of all subsets

    Do You Have Any Experience With Data Modeling

    Top 20 Basic Java Interview Questions for SDET

    Unless you are interviewing for an entry-level role, you will likely be asked this question at some point during your interview. Start with a simple yes or no. Even if you dont have experience with data modeling, youll want to be at least able to define it: the act of transforming and processing fetched data and then sending it to the right individual. If you are experienced, you can go into detail about what youve done specifically. Perhaps you used tools like Talend, Pentaho, or Informatica. If so, say it. If not, simply being aware of the relevant industry tools and what they do would be helpful.

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    What Is The Purpose Of A/b Testing

    A/B testing is a randomized experiment performed on two variants, A and B. It is a statistics-based process involving applying statistical hypothesis testing, also known as two-sample hypothesis testing. In this process, the goal is to evaluate a subjects response to variant A against its response to variant B to determine which variants are more effective in achieving a particular outcome.

    Amazon Data Engineer Interview Process

    Amazon data engineer is one of the most crucial jobs if you want to build a career as a data engineer. The data engineer job requires a lot of hard work and effort. There is a lot of demand for Amazon data engineer jobs where there are many people are applying for the same job. So you need to stand out from the crowd to get an Amazon job.

    After applying for the job, a recruiter conducts a round of screening interviews by phone. Candidates then move on to the second phase of interviews which typically last around 1 hour and consists of two separate rounds one hour SQL/Data Modeling questions followed by another hour or so of in-depth database management and data warehousing questions. The final stage is an onsite interview held at or near your companys office with 3-4 different members from the department youll be working in who will ask you behavioural questions.

    So, if youre hoping to land a job as an Amazon Data Engineer, read on! Youll find everything you need to know about the interviewing process here. Recruiter Phone Screen Questions Technical Phone Screen Questions Onsite Round Questions

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    How To Learn Data Science

    • Who should learn Data Science?

    If you have the passion and knack for Data Science, that is all that is required. You must be enthusiastic about the tools and techniques that are essential in this domain. If you are good at mathematics, statistics, any programming language, or any data visualization tool, you will quickly master the concepts.

    • How can I start learning Data Science and become a master in it?

    The first thing to do is get familiar with all the concepts, applications, various tools, and techniques of Data Science. Consistency in learning and practice is the only way to stay updated and relevant in the Data Science world.

    • How do I learn Data Science online?

    You can check out all the online Data Science courses that Intellipaat offers. You will also find various tutorials, blogs, interview guides, and community forums to aid your learning.

    These courses will help working professionals master this technology without interrupting work hours. The curriculum of these online programs meets industry requirements and standards.

    • What are the best learning paths for Data Science?

    All kinds of degrees and certifications related to Data Science is a good career path in Data Science as you will get the opportunity to gain proficiency in this technology. However, before finalizing, make sure to learn whether the program and faculty are suitable for your learning style.

    It is better to opt for an online course if you are already working and want to learn while you earn.

    What Is The Difference Between A Data Warehouse And An Operational Database

    Most Tech Interview Prep is GARBAGE. (From a Principal Engineer at Amazon)

    Operational databases are used to insert, update and delete SQL statements. They mainly focus on speed and efficiency. That’s why analyzing data is a little more complicated in operational databases. On the other hand, data warehouses mainly focus on aggregations, calculations, and select statements. These functions make data warehouses an ideal choice for data analysis.

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    Mention The Aws Consistency Models For Modern Dbs

    A database consistency model specifies how and when a successful write or change reflects in a future read of the same data.

    • The eventual consistency model is ideal for systems where data update doesnt occur in real-time. It’s Amazon DynamoDB’s default consistency model, boosting read throughput. However, the outcomes of a recently completed write may not necessarily reflect in an eventually consistent read.

    • In Amazon DynamoDB, a strongly consistent read yields a result that includes all writes that have a successful response before the read. You can provide additional variables in a request to get a strongly consistent read result. Processing a highly consistent read takes more resources than an eventually consistent read.

    Are Lookups Faster With Dictionaries Or Lists In Python

    The time complexity to look up a value in a list in Python is O since the whole list iterates through to find the value. Since a dictionary is a hash table, the time complexity to find the value associated with a key is O. Hence, a lookup is generally faster with a dictionary, but a limitation is that dictionaries require unique keys to store the values.

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    What Challenges Came Up During Your Recent Project And How Did You Overcome These Challenges

    Any employer wants to evaluate how you react during difficulties and what you do to address and successfully handle the challenges.

    When you talk about the problems you encountered, frame your answer using the STAR method:

    • Situation: Brief them about the circumstances due to which problem occurred.
    • Task: It is essential to elaborate on your role in overcoming the problem. For example, if you took a leadership role and provided a working solution, then showcasing it could be decisive if you were interviewing for a leadership position.
    • Action: Walk the interviewer through the steps you took to fix the problem.
    • Result: Always explain the consequences of your actions. Talk about the learnings and insights gained by you and other stakeholders.

    Why Are You Interested In This Job And Why Should We Hire You

    Google and Amazon interview questions for ML researcher

    It is a fundamental data engineer interview question, but your answer can set you apart from the rest. To demonstrate your interest in the job, identify a few exciting features of the job, which makes it an excellent fit for you and then mention why you love the company.

    For the second part of the question, link your skills, education, personality, and professional experience to the job and company culture. You can back your answers with examples from previous experience. As you justify your compatibility with the job and company, be sure to depict yourself as energetic, confident, motivated, and culturally fit for the company.

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