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An Interview With God Netflix

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Gods Favorite Idiot Q& a With Mohsin Actor Usman Ally

AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD Official Trailer (2018)

Netflix Life: Did you know Ben Falcone or Melissa McCarthy before getting involved with Gods Favorite Idiot?

Usman Ally: I actually worked with Ben and Melissa a couple of times previously, they produced a show I did called Nobodies and also Ive done Superintelligence with them, so I had a pre-existing relationship with them.

I think it was about six months before we started shooting, Ben contacted me and was like, I have this really fun script and this role I think you would be great for, do you want to read it? I was like, sure! I had a read and I instantly felt connected to the role. I wondered if he wrote it for me. Im not sure if he did, but it just felt so much like some of my own life experience in there and I was thrilled so I jumped on board.

Netflix Life: I actually just watched an interview Ben did about the show and he was talking about how the character reflected himself a little bit, so its fitting that you felt the same way. And I remember seeing you as the Hook-Man in A Series of Unfortunate Events, which was great, by the way, and in comparison, Mohsin is more of the straight man against some of the shows more eccentric characters.

Usman Ally: Its always fun for me to play that sort of straight man character whenever I get a chance to. As you said, its very different from A Series of Unfortunate Events, but its fun because it allows, as a character and as an actor, to react to what is going on around you.

Review: An Interview With God

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Thats the intriguing notion posed by An Interview with God. The faith-based film, written and produced by Ken Aguado and directed by Perry Lang, had a limited, three-day run in theaters across the U.S. recently. My son-in-law, Tony, caught the trailer on Facebook and asked me and my husband, Pat, to join him for the screening.

We were blessed to witness a very special piece of Christian cinema with believable characters and a challenge to think about lifes big questions.

The film focuses on Paul Asher . Hes a religion columnist who recently returned home to New York after being embedded with U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Ashers marriage is crumbling and his veteran friend suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Asher also is under severe stress from his experiences overseas, with covert suicidal ideations.

Then he encounters a man who claims to be God. He grants Asher three half-hour interviews on consecutive days. The Man, as hes identified in the script, is portrayed by longtime TV actor David Strathairn .

An Interview with God delivers deep and clear, complete yet simple thoughts on God acting in our lives, his wonderful plan for his children, and his great concern and love for us.

Lynda Sheehan

On another level, the film challenges us to be those whom God uses to help others as we share what God has done for us.

Is Interview With God On Netflix

A Job Interview with God A famous and ambitious Christian journalist finds their own existence underneath the microscope as he interviews an individual who states be God.

A Job Interview with God within the U . s . States cinemas released on August 20, 2018 and it has grossed over $1,two million dvd and blu-ray release date was looking for November 6, 2018. Netflix dvd by mail rental date looking for November 6, 2018. Redbox rental date isnt announced.

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Exploring An Interview With God: A Film Review

Brenton Thwaites as Paul Asher

David Strathairn as God

Yael Grobglas as Pauls Wife

Hill Harper as Matt, Pauls boss/editor


A few nights ago, I went to watch the movie An Interview with God, which highlighted the life of Paul Asher, a young Christian journalist portrayed by Brenton Thawaites who begins to look into his faith after spending time in war-torn Afghanistan. He receives an invitation to engage in three 30-minute interviews with God.

In terms of production value and quality, I must say, it is excellently done. The graphic quality and drama are first-rate. The amusing and multifaceted dialogue between God and Paul serves as the main thrust of the movie, with his faith crisis and collapsing marriage functioning as the setting.

Story Line

The film did a brilliant job of revealing the reality of an individuals tussling with God and his own personal faith. Pauls marriage is on its last legs and his prayers, from his standpoint, seem to go one-sided. While parts of the film are mind infuriating and could very well serve as good conversation-starters. However, in the end, it is not predominantly deep and leaves the viewers with so many questions than answers.


While the devil is nothing more than a single fallen angel he and his legions of demon cohorts nonetheless have power, but only because God allows it for His purposes, which are often far above our understanding. In short, GOD IS STILL IN FULL CONTROL.

Contemplating The Mysteries Of God

24 Best Christian Movies on Netflix 2021  Faith

by David Bradshaw, My Idea Factory

Imagine youve been given a golden opportunity to sit down with the Creator of the universe face-to-face, in the flesh, and youre finally able to get answers to all those troubling questions you have about life, death, heaven, hell, etc.

In An Interview With God moviegoers are invited into three private conversations between God and Paul Asher an accomplished young NYC newspaper reporter who just returned from covering the war in Afghanistan to find his marriage on the rocks which has caused a wavering of his Christian faith.

The movie begins with Pauls statement: God works in mysterious ways. God quickly affirms that the Almighty is indeed a mystery. However, the rest of the movie contradicts this God is a mystery premise as Paul attempts to grasp the mind of God by requesting airtight answers to the biggest questions humans have struggled with since Day One.

Paul eases into his first interview of the divine, set in a New York City park, by asking introductory questions laced with sarcasm to signal his disbelief. Then the interview quickly shifts into reverse, as God begins interviewing Paul instead.

Paul hesitates posing such often-asked questions as, Why do bad things happen to good people? He then attempts to move the conversation deeper with questions such as, Is the soul immortal?Do I need salvation? and Why do humans have free will?

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Who Is In The An Interview With God Cast

Brenton Thwaites and David Straithairn are the two stars of the film, playing the journalist and the man. Thwaites had a breakthrough moment in 2014 when he starred in the film adaptation of The Giver. Since then hes appeared in the films Gods of Egypt and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Recently hes taken on a very high-profile role as the latest in a long line of actors to bring the superhero Robin to life. Thwaites plays an edgier version of Batmans no-longer-a-kid sidekick on the DC Universe original series Titans.

David Straithairn is a veteran actor who was nominated for an Academy Award for playing a journalist back in 2005s Good Night, and Good Luck. He also appeared in the Bourne franchise playing a CIA director and appeared in Steven Spielbergs Lincoln as the secretary of state. He previously won an Emmy for the TV movie Temple Grandin. More recently hes had major roles on The Expanse, Billions, The Blacklist, and Alphas.

The film also stars Hill Harper as an editor, who is on ABCs The Good Doctor and previously appeared on Homeland, Covert Affairs, and CSI: NY. Yael Grobglas plays Pauls wife Sarah Grobglas previously appeared on and Reign .

Brenton Thwaites And David Strathairn

. And now that the movie has hit more theaters it seems like a good time to serve up the spoilery portion of the interview which dives into what to make of the films mysterious. Also starring Yael Grobgias Hill Harper and Charibi Dean Kriek. Someone wants us to know they have seen some movies.

Premium streaming with no ads or interruptions. Covering the war in Afghanistan provided journalist Paul Asher with some of the best stories of his. An Interview with God 2141 57 1 h 37 min 2018 NR.

Visit Tunefind for music from your favorite TV shows and movies. Premium streaming with no ads or interruptions. Which leaves the ending to be a bit flat and disappointing.

An up-and-coming journalist finds his world and faith increasingly challenged when hes granted the interview of a lifetime with someone who claims to be God. In the new movie AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD we meet Paul Asher a journalist fresh off covering the war in Afghanistan. Listen to trailer music.

AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD. The film stars David Strathairn Brenton Thwaites Yael Grobglas Hill Harper and Charlbi Dean. An Interview With God Movie Review.

An Interview With God. At the time of the films release Robert Benton the films writerdirector who deliberately discussed the ending in interviews at the time said this There is something in the. Start your free 7 day trial now.

Rated PG Mild themes. Start your day together with God and the GOD TV team. In movie theaters across the US from August.

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An Interview With God

Paul Asher is an up-and-coming journalist who returns from Afghanistan and discovers that his life is falling apart. His marriage is failing, and he is gripped in a personal crisis. His faith is challenged when he interviews someone who claims to be God

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An Interview With God Is Convicting

Killer Sally | Official Trailer | Netflix

Paul wants to talk to God, but only on his own terms. He doesnt want to discuss his crumbling marriage. Finally, God forces the issue. You have no secrets from me, God says, to which Paul retorts, Yeah, I do! My personal life is off-limits. God then tells Paul, I would like to help you if you would let me. How many times throughout the week are we like Paul?

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The Movie Was Made By Giving Films

Thats the same company that was behind 90 Minutes In Heavenand Paul, Apostle of Christ. The company donates all proceeds to charities and will focus on foster care for An Interview With God. The companys mission is to fund films that will entertain and spark conversations around life, faith and relationships, according to a press release.

An Interview With God Review

An Interview with God is a unique, thought provoking and well produced film that is a great discussion starter covering the themes of who God is, and wondering what questions we would ask God while looking at our lives and faith.

The film follows journalist Paul Asher, who has just covered the war in Afghanistan, ending up with some of the best stories of his young career. Paul returns home and is struggling to deal with the effects of his experiences in Afghanistan, a failing marriage and his dying faith. Not knowing what to do or where to turn, Paul dives deeply into interviewing a mysterious man claiming to be God. Paul sits down with this mysterious man over the course of three days and find himself answering as many questions as he asks. Wrestling with what he knows and what he is unsure of, he finds himself at a crossroads.

An Interview with God is very well made, produced and directed, with an original and gripping storyline however at times it seems this unique concept of a story goes slightly off. It is heavy on the theology which for the most part is correct but there are a few lines when God is speaking that dont seem quite right.

As said, the story is good, the production is good and the acting from David Strathairn and Brenton Thwaites is great, really making this a gripping and thrilling film.

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It May Not Be For Small Kids

Theres only a couple of craps and a misuse of God, but the film also contains discussion of an affair by Pauls wife. Paul himself also has a romantic interest .

Entertainment rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Family-friendly rating: 4 out of 5 stars.

An Interview With God is unrated. Visit

Which Streaming Services Can You Watch An Interview With God On

Film Review: Get Me Roger Stone

Here is the comprehensive list of streaming services that will show An Interview with God in Australia. If An Interview with God will appear with other services further down the line, this table will be updated.


01.Is An Interview with God on Amazon Prime?
02.Is An Interview with God on Apple TV+?
03.Is An Interview with God on Binge?
04.Is An Interview with God on Disney Plus?
05.Is An Interview with God on Google Play?
06.Is An Interview with God on Foxtel Now?
07.Is An Interview with God on Netflix?
08.Is An Interview with God on Stan?

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Movie Review: An Interview With God

What would you ask God, if you had the chance?

  • 15 November, 2018

Before I begin, I need to confess that I approached An Interview with God with a slightly jaded attitude towards Christian filmsI think I had maybe seen one too many violin-driven climaxes? Or, sermon from the pulpit scenes.

An Interview with God is not like this. There is a lot of theology, yes, but the thread of dramatic tension that vibrates beneath every scene and every relationship is palpable. I have seen this film described elsewhere as gripping, and it islike a book, you simply have to know whats going to happen next.

Weird because, as the title indicates, it is mostly about an interview. Just two people, talking. One of them is Paul Asher , a jaded journalist returned from covering the war in Afghanistan, and the other is God who, in a lovely moment as Paul asks him to say and spell his name, says, Im God, G.O.D., with a humorous quirk in his eye.

Paul has experienced some things which have him questioning his faith, and the engaging, nuanced performance Thwaites gives as his character struggles with this really drives the film. The man claiming to be God is also played delightfully by Strathairn, and though sometimes the questions Paul asks are pretty predictable, and the answers God gives at times are slightly uninspired, the What-will-he-say? factor is pretty compelling.

I mean, what would you ask God, if you had the chance?

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    Where To Watch Interview With God

    A Job Interview with God . An up-and-coming journalist finds his world and belief more and more challenged when hes granted the job interview a person can have with somebody that states be God.

    This movie attempts to tackle styles which are a significant amount of for this too handle. Plus it was compiled by apes and also the first half was minimal quantity of enjoyment Ive ever endured as youre watching a film. ALSO ALSO her worst seem style of any movie Ive ever viewed. Like do we have to hear children yelling and playing lower the road throughout an emotional moment? And also the score sucks.

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    An Interview With God: When God Shows Up In The Crucible Of Life

    Tom Ellis on LUCIFER 5B Finale, a Deckerstar Engagement and More | Full Interview

    For three nights, starting on August 20, Giving Films An Interview with God will appear in theaters as a Fathom Event. In the film, journalist Paul Asher is assigned to interview The Man, an individual who has called the paper where Asher works and announced that he is, in fact, God. With his life splintering around him, Asher takes the interview and finds himself answering as many questions as he asks over three days. Powerfully, creatively, and spiritually, the film knits together the real-life world we live in with a fantastic parable about life and the choices we make.

    In a voiceover to open the film, Asher shares his soul-searching moment that will drive the films narrative: When I hear people say, I lost faith, I picture them giving up, no longer able to keep looking but thats not how it happened for me. The more I prayed, the more empty my words seemed. They were whispers into a void. I was looking for a sign, any sign, but it was quiet. This isnt funny like Bruces really bad day leading up to Morgan Freemans appearance as God in Bruce Almighty, but it reveals a certain measure of the internal struggle that Asher feels. The characters name, Paul Asher, connects both the transition of one of the churchs most respected heroes from the Book of Acts and the meaning of blessed or happy, an irony at the beginning of the film because the journalist is neither safe nor happy.

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