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Software Developer Coding Interview Questions

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Please Tell Us A Little About The Last Project You Worked On Along The Way What Challenges Did You Face And How Did You Overcome Them

Google Coding Interview With A Normal Software Engineer

Use the STAR method situation, task, action, and result to explain how you navigated bumps along the road on a previous software development project before ultimately arriving at a positive result. This question gives you an opportunity to showcase your problem solving skills. You should also explain how you plan to apply this knowledge to future web development projects.

Talk About A Project You Completed Successfully

Interviewers ask this question to understand your workflow and what youve worked on before. You probably wont need to focus on the technical details here. Instead, summarize the projects purpose, how you approached it including who you worked with, how you managed time, etc. and what the outcome was.

Learn About Amazon’s Culture

Most candidates fail to do this. But before investing tens of hours preparing for an interview at Amazon, you should take some time to make sure it’s actually the right company for you.

Amazon is prestigious and it’s tempting to assume that you should apply, without considering things more carefully. But, it’s important to remember that the prestige of a job won’t make you happy in your day-to-day work. It’s the type of work and the people you work with that will.

If you know engineers who work at Amazon or used to work there, talk to them to understand what the culture is like. The leadership principles we discussed above can give you a sense of what to expect, but there’s no replacement for a conversation with an insider. Finally, we would also recommend reading the following resources:

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Common Software Engineer Interview Questions

When preparing for a software engineering interview, it can be helpful to review sample answers to some of the most frequently asked questions, such as:

  • What programming languages are you familiar with?

  • Describe the last project you worked on including, any obstacles and your contributions to its success.

  • What are your thoughts on declarative vs. imperative paradigms such as functional and object-oriented programming?

  • What are your most used design patterns and in what contexts do you use them?

  • What is Agile software development and what are your thoughts on it?

  • What are your thoughts on software testing?

  • Describe a difficult bug you were tasked with fixing in a large application. How did you debug the issue?

  • How do you explain technical challenges to stakeholders who do not have technical knowledge or backgrounds?

  • What aspect of our company, product or team interests you most?

  • How do you determine a projects success?

What Are Constructors In Java

Top 10 Algorithms for the Coding Interview (for software engineers ...

Constructors refer to code that is used to initialize an object’s state in Java. Employers ask this question to determine whether you have an understanding of the basics of the programming language. Other questions such as, ‘Are there copy constructors in Java?’ and, ‘What is constructor chaining?’ are variations of the question.

Example answer:”A constructor initializes a newly created object. Java supports copy constructor, but you have to write your own code to do it. Constructor chaining is calling a constructor from another constructor. However, you cannot call a sub-class constructor using a super-class constructor.”

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Why Did You Want To Be A Software Developer

There might be certain reasons why the interviewee wants to be a software developer, but the most common answer would be, Because I love coding. A real developer would be passionate about his work and have a deep focus on his ongoing projects. If someone is being a developer just because they are paid high, then its better to ignore him.

What Is Agile Software Development And What Are Your Thoughts On It

Process is an extremely important component of software development. Agile is currently one of the most popular software development processes adopted in the industry. The core concepts were introduced in 2001 when The Manifesto for Agile Software Development was published. Since its inception, growing numbers of companies have adopted the methodologies in some form. However, there are a wide range of opinions and interpretations on the subject. Some invest the time to train for Agile certification while others use the principles as guidelines rather than hard rules, interpreting Agile as an adjective rather than a noun. And there are yet others who wholly disagree with the philosophy.

No matter your opinion, wide industry adoption means you will likely work within the framework at some point in your career. You should be capable of articulating the details of the process. Try using concrete examples from your experience. In your answer, address areas of the process such as:

  • What worked about the process?

  • Did your team deviate from the recommendations?

  • Did that work to your benefit or detriment?

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Describe The Software Development Process:

The software development process is like a life cycle of particular software. If the developer can answer and describe the process accurately, that means he be well acquainted with the cycle. The process is composed of the following activities: Requirement analysis > Specification > Software architecture > Implementation > Testing > Documentation > Training and support > Maintenance.

Whats Your Process For A Crashing Program

Coding Interview | Software Engineer @ Bloomberg (Part 1)

For an effective response to this question, youll need to use both hard skills and soft skills. Carefully explain your process to your interviewer in a conversational and logical way to show you thoroughly understand the process. Describe how you would search for the bug and the steps toward a solution.

Example:I worked at a startup called Innotech after grad school. I enjoyed the projects I worked on there, but we frequently had problems with crashing programs. After I run a debugger, I look for patterns. For example, maybe the program crashes while running certain commands or in specific conditions. If the program only crashes every fifth time the page loads, I would look into that further. Once I have identified patterns, I would then consider ideas for problem areas that might include elements of those patterns and use a code to search those possible elements. I am usually successful with this method.

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Tell Me About A Project You Were Involved With And Explain How You Chose Its Architecture

This question helps your interviewer learn how you use technology to meet organizational challenges. Feel free to talk about:

  • The high-level objective the project addressed.
  • Details about the architecture you chose, including design choices such as MEAN as opposed to MERN or other coding-language decisions.
  • Architectural decisions about hardware, such as servers and network structure.
  • Any unexpected adjustments you had to make to either the design itself or the technology you used.

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How Do You Reverse A String In Java

There is no reverse utility provided in Java. Hiring managers might ask this question to determine your knowledge of Java and your problem-solving skills. You can create a character array from the string and iterate it from the end to the beginning. You can append the characters to a string builder and finally return the reversed string.

Example answer:

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A Note About Video Resources

Some videos are available only by enrolling in a Coursera or EdX class. These are called MOOCs.Sometimes the classes are not in session so you have to wait a couple of months, so you have no access.

It would be great to replace the online course resources with free and always-available public sources,such as YouTube videos , so that you people can study these anytime,not just when a specific online course is in session.

Top 25 System Design Interview Questions For Programmers

Tech interview questions for Software Engineer position? ⢠r ...

Without any further ado, here is the list of some of the most popular System design or Object-oriented analysis and design questions to crack any programming job interview.

1. How do you design the Vending Machine in Java? You need to write code to implement a Vending machine that has a bunch of products like chocolates, candy, cold-drink, and accept some coins like Nickle, Dime, Quarter, Cent, etc. Make sure you insert a coin, get a product back, and get your chance back. Also, write the Unit test to demonstrate that these common use cases work. If you get stuck you can read my two-part articles about solving these classical system design questions.

2. How do you design a URL Shortening service like or This one is another common System design question. You have given a long URL, how would you design a service that would generate a shorter and unique alias for it? If you are not familiar with URL shortener service have a look at some of the popular ones like from Google and which is used by Twitter.

Make sure to provide database schema and rationale behind some design decisions like how long you keep the data, how to get stats and analytics etc. If you get stuck, you can follow the solution given on Grokking the System Design Interview course on Educative.

If you need a refresher on Data Structure then you can check out Data Structure and Algorithm in Java course and If you feel stuck you can check out my solution here.

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What Is Your Approach To Communicate Highly Technical Issues To Stakeholders Who Have A Non

Many software engineering jobs will require you to work as a part of large, multi-disciplinary teams. This question is all about proving that you have the soft skills communication, specifically to explain complex, highly technical software development issues to company leadership in a clear, concise way. In your answer, give a specific example of a time when you dealt persuasively with a non-technical stakeholder. At the same time, this will underline that youve worked directly with top company leadership.

How Much Are You Coding On A Daily Basis If You Do Not Code On A Daily Basis What Is Typical In Your Role

Since coding is a big part of being a software engineer, if a candidate isnt spending much of their time coding and they arent in a management role, it may be a sign of problems with their coding skills. What to look for:

  • Commitment to coding
  • Role in previous job


I code at least 30 hours a week. The rest of my time at work is spent working on design reviews, scrums, meetings and other tasks to keep projects moving forward.

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If You’re Comfortable With Git

Create a new branch so you can check items like this, just put an x in the brackets:

  • Fork the GitHub repo: by clicking on the Fork button.

  • Clone to your local repo:

    git clone [email protected]:< your_github_username> /coding-interview-university.gitcd coding-interview-universitygit checkout -b progressgit remote add jwasham fetch --all
  • git add .git commit -m "Marked x"git rebase jwasham/maingit push --set-upstream origin progressgit push --force
  • Coding Interview Questions At Faang

    How to pass a coding interview |Interview tips for software developer |Cracking the coding interview

    Coding interview questions are a crucial part of FAANG interviews. Questions and problems asked at these interviews are typically in the range of medium to hard on Leetcode. Practicing as many coding problems is absolutely crucial if you wish to set yourself apart from the competition.

    More than practicing a certain number of problems, it is important to identify patterns in solutions and use similar patterns to solve new problems.

    Letâs look at some popular coding interview questions asked at top companies to help you understand the type of problems to expect at FAANG coding interviews.

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    Software Engineer Interviews: Everything You Need To Prepare

    Nobody has time to grind hundreds of LeetCode questions, and the good news is that you don’t need to do that many to actually get the job at FAANG!

    I was frustrated at my job at Grab, a ridesharing company in South-east Asia and wanted to break into FAANG but I wasn’t sure how to. After a few months of research, studying and practicing, I interviewed at 11 companies and managed to get 9 offers from top tech companies in the Bay Area – Facebook, Google, Airbnb, Palantir, Dropbox, Lyft, and some startups. It was a tedious process which I don’t ever want to go through again. I went through that process but with this guide, you don’t have to.

    This guide will provide a quick overview of the top tips on how to prepare for a software engineer interview – both technical and non-technical interview rounds. Where relevant, you can delve into greater detail by accessing links in this overview article, or through the website’s left sidebar.

    How to prepare for your software engineering interview:

  • Maximize your chances of being shortlisted
  • Find out the interview format
  • Pick a programming language
  • Sharpen your Computer Science fundamentals for interviews
  • Practice for the coding interview
  • Prepare for the system design interview
  • Prepare for the behavioral interview
  • Negotiating the offer package
  • Tricky Programming Coding Interview Questions For Practice

    Question: Given a binary tree, how will you find the vertical sum of binary tree? For Example for the below binary tree, it has 5 vertical lines, and the sum of vertical line is 1 + 5 + 7 = 13.

    Question: In a 2-D matrix, every row is increasingly sorted from left to right, and the last number in each row is not greater than the first number of the next row. A sample matrix follows. Please implement a function to check whether a number is in such a matrix or not. It returns true if it tries to find the number 7 in the sample matrix, but it returns false if it tries to find the number 12.

    1 3 5

    7 9 11

    13 15 17

    Question :In a 2-D matrix, every row is increasingly sorted from left to right, and every column is increasingly sorted from top to bottom. Please implement a function to check whether a number is in such a matrix or not. For example, all rows and columns are increasingly sorted in the following matrix. It returns true if it tries to find number 7, but it returns false if it tries to find number 5.

    1 2 8 9

    4 7 10 13

    6 8 11 15

    Question: How do you find the missing number in a given integer array of 1 to 100?

    Answer: You are given a list of n-1 integers and these integers are in the range of 1 to n. There are no duplicates in list. One of the integers is missing in the list. Write an efficient code to find the missing integer.

     int intArray =    for  
    static int getMissingNo   

    Question:Write a method to check that a binary tree is a valid binary search tree.

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    How To Nail Your Next Tech Interview

    Coding interviews at the best tech companies are highly competitive and arduous to crack. They can put you to the test even if youâre an experienced programmer. To ace coding interviews at FAANG+ companies, you need to be a great problem solver.

    You need to diligently devote yourself to solving as many coding interview questions as possible. The questions weâre referring to here are problem-based questions in core data structures and algorithms. The problems asked at interviews are sometimes significantly challenging, meaning that if a solid strategy isnât in place, youâre unlikely to make the cut.

    The reason that FAANG+ companies ask tricky core DSA problems in coding interviews is to hire engineers who can find tech solutions to real-world problems through their fundamental ability to use programming and software to create solutions.

    Knowing how to solve tricky coding interview questions requires dedicated effort backed by a good, sound strategy. To help you prepare for your next coding interview, weâve compiled this list of the most common coding interview questions asked at FAANG+ interviews. These coding interview questions are around various topics fundamentally pertaining to core data structures and algorithms.

    If you are preparing for a tech interview, check out the technical interview checklist, interview questions page, and salary negotiation e-book to get interview-ready!

    Want to nail your next tech interview? Sign up for our FREE Webinar.

    Books And The Internet Can Be Helpful


    To understand programming, it is necessary to refer to and learn its intricate concepts through academic resources. You might refer to various publications on software development and interview questions to help you in the future.

    Several websites and courses are available online that provide comprehensive theory in software development. Investing in such classes will also be rewarding.

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    How Would You Describe An Api To Someone Who Knew Nothing About Programming

    Your interviewer may ask you to break down a complex concept in a way that’s easy to understand. Being able to explain highly specific, technical processes in simple terms can show excellent communication skills and thorough understanding of a topic. Try to make your answer as basic as possible and avoid using specialized vocabulary in your description.

    Example:”**API stands for Application Programming Interface. APIs exist to allow programs to communicate with one another.For example, if you wanted to schedule a hair appointment on a salon’s site and have that appointment show up in your Google calendar, an API would allow the salon’s server to communicate directly with Google’s. APIs allow users to complete an action without leaving the website.”

    Given Two Numbers M And N Find The Position Of The Rightmost Different Bit In The Binary Representation Of Numbers

    Anil Kadimisetty, Chainalysis.

    Anil Kadimisetty, Chainalysis

    What skillset is this testing for? Its useful when you are doing work on low-level systems. Because when youre working at a very low level, you need to understand how things are represented in actual physical memory. Like when you type your name, how is this saved on the disk? How is this saved in memory? Thats all saved in the binary representation of the numbers. If you understand that, you can write the part of code that is actually doing the work to save information in memory in a very proper and efficient way.

    Is this a good interview question? There are a lot of things that need low-level stuff. Lets say you are making an iPhone not an iPhone app youre going very low level at that point. If you understand how to solve this problem, if you can have a discussion around the topic, we can assume that youre good at low-level stuff. Thats kind of where its useful. So this is not super applicable to every company, but its useful to companies that do a lot more low-level stuff.

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