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Cloud Project Manager Interview Questions

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How To Become A Pmp Certification Training Professional In Tampa

Top 10 Interview questions for Azure Administrator | Job for Azure Admin

You can start your PMP career with a bachelor’s degree or a degree in business management. You can attend a PMP Certification Training Tampa because several companies demand proficient & skilled managers. With this, you will need additional skills like critical thinking, effective communication, prioritizing, and managing time.

How Can You Tell When A Project Is Not Working Up To Its Potential

Some projects start strong but can eventually go over time or budget limits. It is the technical project manager’s job to bring the project back together and keep it moving toward the final goal. Explain a situation that you’ve been in where you had to bring a project back into a workable timeline or budget.

Example:”At my previous job, there was a project that was moving slower than expected. I started by supervising the tasks of each team member and found out that there were additional tasks that were unforeseen in the initial strategy. Finding out about these additional tasks early was essential to fixing them so the project could be completed on time. I believe that having a strong strategy from the beginning with clear communication from all team members is important, and keeping track of time and budgets throughout the project is critical to a successful project.”

Have You Ever Had A Project That Did Not Meet The Deadline Or Budget

Missing the deadline or budget are two common issues that project managers encounter. Here, you can show how you handle project setbacks. You can use the

  • Situation: Explain the issue in a positive, constructive way.

  • Task: Explain your role in the situation.

  • Action: Explain what you did to resolve or address the situation.

  • Result: Explain how your solution had a positive impact.

The STAR method allows you to clearly explain a real-life situation and how you overcame it.

Example:I was working on a project with a client, and they wanted to add a certain feature to their custom software that would put them over the allocated time. As the project manager, I needed to decide whether we should add this feature and miss our deadline or spend less time on another part of the project.

I met with my team to understand how much time it would take to add the feature. Once I had a very thorough answer for the client, I presented them with the options. They decided that they would accept a later deadline for the feature. We ended up delivering the finished product a month later than the original deadline, but the client was happy with the outcome.

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How Is Proactive Project Management Possible

A proactive manager ought to be able to assess impending risks and take appropriate action or implement measures to lessen the threat. A proactive manager is able to keep records of all the problems and implement numerous small changes that increase productivity and efficiency. They frequently set up meetings with their team and colleagues to discuss their issues and stay on top of them.

What Project Plans And Career Goals Do You Have For The Upcoming 12 Months

Microsoft Teams Technical Interview Questions

Setting goals for your professional and personal development is crucial. Make sure the interviewer is talking about a specific time frame because there are short-term and long-term goals. There is no universal response to this question because career and personal goals differ from person to person. Instead, try concentrating on the professional rather than the personal aspect. Avoid giving generic responses that other applicants may have offered instead, and make your answer memorable. Include a plan for achieving these objectives as well. By outlining your strategy for achieving these objectives, you demonstrate your insight and level of organization.

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How Do You Motivate Team Members

Its crucial as a leader to not only ensure your team stays on the right track but also gets motivated about the projects theyre working on. Maybe you give praise for a job well done as a form of motivation. As long as you can demonstrate past examples of how youve motivated team members, theres not a right or wrong answer here.

What Are The Benefits Of Having A Pmp Certificate

A PMP certificate is proof of your top-notch skills in the field of project management. It verifies an individuals ability to speak the global language of project managers and brings all kinds of projects to successful completion. By achieving the credential, you can work in virtually any industry as a project manager.

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What Is Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure is used to identify the project’s core work activities and the different sub-activities that may be required to complete each activity. With a top-down or bottom-up approach, WBD’s structure follows a hierarchical pattern, with core activities split off into sub-activities housed under each parent.

While Monitoring Your Project You Discover That Your Project Is Behind Schedule What Can You Do To Bring Your Project Back On Track With Regards To Schedule

AWS Interview Questions | AWS Interview Questions And Answers 2022 | AWS Training | Simplilearn

Knowledge Area: Schedule Management

If the project is behind schedule, we first need to understand the extent of variance. If the variance is very small and the team will feel this variance can be managed easily without much change, then in that case, we may not do any alteration except keeping a very close watch on further progress.

Project schedule variance means some of the tasks on the critical path are having variances. Some of the critical tasks are running behind. If the variance requires intervention, then the team will identify means to expedite the remaining project work. Priority has to be given on expediting the work on the critical path without unduly neglecting the non-critical tasks.

Some of the common actions may include adding more resources on the critical path tasks appropriately or exploring to do some of the future tasks in parallel which are currently scheduled in sequence. These two methods can help in making up the schedule variance and help in expediting so that the project can be completed as per original timeline.

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What Qualifications Are Required To Be An Effective Project Manager

Besides being a good professional manager, the PM needs to have additional personal skills for being effective. It is not only essential for him to have project management skills but be proficient in them. Attitude, core personality characteristics and leadership qualities are needed. Team management and leadership skills that help the team reach common objectives and goals are required.

Frequently Asked Interview Questions For It Project Managers

Here are some popular IT project manager interview questions frequently asked by employers.

  • Describe a milestone you achieved in the professional career that makes you proud.
  • What is your greatest success as an IT project manager?
  • What is your greatest failure as an IT project manager?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • What is your biggest strength and weakness that affects your job?
  • Passing an IT project manager interview is no childs play. You should equip yourself with the right qualification, skills, and prerequisites required to secure a job. In the succeeding part of the article, we will discuss the IT project managers job description, skills, roles, and responsibilities in detail. And later, in the last part of the article, well take you through the answers to some of the commonly asked IT project manager interview questions.

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    What Content Will I Have Access To Once I Redeem The Digital Keys

    Once you redeem the digital keys, you will have access to the following materials:

    Student Manual: Workbook with instructional content and real-world activitiesSpotlight Videos: Supplemental student materialsProject manager checklist: Online lists for students to ensure adequate coverage of key conceptsCourse files: Course-related files, including activitiesSelf-knowledge check: Pre-class and post-class assessmentsPost-class survey: Course evaluation form

    What Is The Fast

    A Complete Guide to AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate ...

    Fast Tracking

    • To shorten the timeline, activities or phases are carried out in simultaneously
    • Rework and risk are both increased as a result of this.
    • Only when activities/phases may be overlapped to reduce project length does it work. Works exclusively for activities that require additional resources.


    • To condense the timeline, more resources are added to the activities or phases.
    • Increases the expense of doing business, as well as the risk and cost of doing business.
    • Only works for tasks when adding more resources will cut the time of the activity. It is dependent on the requirements. Fast-tracking is the greatest option if you can manage it. Because there is no additional charge for fast-tracking. Crashing, on the other hand, can assist pull timings in significantly in specific instances. For example, in construction projects, more employees can complete the wall sooner.

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    What Will Be Some Of The Typical Challenges You Will Face In Handling Change Request

    Knowledge Area: Project Integration Management

    • Change requests are very common in a project. Change request is a request for changing some aspect of the project plan such as the scope, timeline, cost, resources, technology, requirements etc. Any change to the project baseline, is treated as a potential change request. Change requests in project context are also referred as CR. A CR may originate from any of the project stakeholders including the project team and project manager also.

    The reasons for change requests in the middle of the project includes below points:

  • The stakeholders realize that a new feature or requirement or new technology will be beneficial for the project
  • Sometimes new regulatory requirements may come up and the project needs to comply to them leading changes in an already planned project
  • Stakeholders may suddenly feel the need for changing the project time lines, project budget leading to change requests.
  • Very often in the midst of the project, the team or stakeholders may feel the need for taking up some corrective or preventive actions if variances, issues and problems are faced by the project team. These are recommended for keeping the project on track and ensuring the projects final outcome will remain relevant.
  • A change request can impact the project baselines and various other project documents and already developed project deliverables.

    Typical steps to be followed will include the following:

    What Is Project Scope

    Scope refers to the detailed set of deliverables or features of a project. These deliverables are derived from a projects requirements. PMBOK® defines Project Scope as the The work that needs to be accomplished to deliver a product, service, or result with the specified features and functions.

    Post Graduate Program In Project Management

    Following are the three processes of Project Scope Management:

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    Explain The Security Usage In The Amazon Web Services Model

    • AWS supports security groups.
    • Access is provided to create a security group for a jump box with SSH access only for port 22 open. Later, a webserver group and a database group are created. The webserver group provides 80 and 443 from around the world, but only port 22 will be vital among the jump box group. The database group allows port 3306 from the webserver group and port 22 from the jump box group. The addition of any machines to the webserver group can store in the database. No one can directly SSH to any of our boxes.

    Situational And Domain Knowledge Questions

    Top 7 Cloud Infrastructure Interview Questions

    With some candidates, it is advisable to cut the chase and instead of postulating how specific answers indicate what they may do, directly ask them what they plan to do in specific commonly occurring situations.These questions should be tweaked to fit the scenarios a project manager in your company would commonly face or be about a particular quality youre looking for.

    For example,

    1. The client is being difficult and is not happy with the end result of your project. How do you deal with this?Here, the right answer must cover a through approach that suggests repeated and careful communication with the stakeholders and clients, strong SLAs and then, keeping in mind the old adage The customer is always right, a strategy to appease and maintain a long-lasting relationship with the customer, without burning both ends of candle.

    2. What are the key challenges in the industry today, and how can you deal with them?This is one of my favorite questions. Direct and to the point. The candidate usually has an answer prepared for this question which gives you an insight into their strategy coming into this interview, their level of preparedness along with domain knowledge.

    3. What do you do when a project is off-track?Any candidate worth hiring should be able to answer this question since it is a fairly common scenario. The answer should include an action plan which goes something like this: Asses, Identify, Communicate, Train for recovery, Reallocate, Execute, and Reassess.

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    Mention The Reliability And Availability Of Cloud Computing

    Use of Fault Domains:

    • Two virtual machines are in a single fault domain if a single hardware can bring down both the virtual machines.
    • Azure automatically distributes instances of a role across fault domains.

    Use of Upgrade Domains:

    • When a new version of the software is rolled out, then only one up-gradation of the domain is done at a time.
    • It ensures that any instance of the service is always available.
    • There is an availability of the applications in multiple instances.

    Look into the Cloud Computing Tutorial by Intellipaat.

    Storage and Network Availability:

    • Copies of data are stored in different domains.
    • it is a mechanism to guard against DoS and DDoS attacks.

    Career Transition

    How Will You Identify Bad Project Ideas As An Agile Project Manager

    Different opinions exist when you collaborate with others and you must take them into consideration before you decide. There will be a majority view that will be chosen because all decisions cannot be made by unanimous vote. There may be team members whose opinions differ and whose suggestions are useless for the project. It is important to handle this situation delicately so that no members feel excluded.

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    How Deep Is The Deepest Quicksand At The Equator

    This is not meant as a trick question, but rather a question that will give you a sense of the candidate’s ability to handle the unexpected and come up with creative solutions. Most projects are rife with the unexpected, and the candidate should treat this as such. You’re not looking for accurate answers, of course, but the question should give you a good idea of how the candidate uses critical thinking, logic and creativity to arrive at an answer.

    Interviewer tips

    You might need to encourage candidates to take the question seriously, although there’s nothing wrong with them having a little fun with their answers. You can easily substitute this question with a similar one.

    An example of a good candidate answer

    Before I answering, I need some additional information. By “at the equator,” do you mean each quicksand pit must be at exactly zero degrees latitude? Can it deviate off that exact latitude, perhaps, one degree in either direction? Also, if a quicksand pit is near a tidal zone, should it be measured at low tide, high tide or somewhere in between? The same goes for quicksand pits that might be impacted by changing water tables. Should I base my research on the average depth of each pit throughout the year or on another metric?

    Next Steps

    Skills Of An Agile Project Manager

    Practice Tests on AWS Certifications Exam

    Anyone given the task of managing in an Agile environment should have the following qualities for success, regardless of how an organization defines the position of an Agile project manager:

    • Outstanding organizational abilities, including the capacity to set priorities. Project managers working in an agile environment must prioritize the project’s crucial elements while letting go of extraneous or distracting tasks.
    • the capacity to perform well and maintain composure under pressure.
    • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills.
    • superior critical-thinking skills, including the capacity for quick decision-making.
    • Comfortable with priorities that change frequently and possess a high level of flexibility and adaptability.

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    What Are The Tools That Youve Used To Create Your Team

    There are various technologies available to aid project managers. With this answer, you can showcase your knowledge of all these software, tools, and other resources that you might have used in the past. Anything from collaboration tools, to tools youve used to complete daily jobs can be mentioned here. You can end the answer by expressing your eagerness to learn more.

    Digital Project Manager Interview Goals

    In a digital project manager interview, there are a few things that need to established:

    • What are their motivations for moving?
    • Are they nice and will they fit into the agency/team?
    • Are they passionate about digital?
    • Have they got the right experience?
    • Have they got a good work ethic?
    • Are they good digital project manager and good at what they do?

    As an interviewer, trying to establish whether or not someones good enough for a digital project manager role, or if youre sitting on the other side of the table, trying to convince someone youre a great digital project management candidate is a tough gig. Its worth doing your homework before you find yourself having a total mind blank, being tongue-tied, or wondering what to say.

    Ive previously explored what makes a good project manager the right experience combined with strong character, competence, and chemistry. So as an interviewer, what are the things you should be asking to uncover this, and as an interviewee, what should you be prepared to answer?

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