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Leetcode Vs Hackerrank For Interviews

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How Good Is Algoexpert

LeetCode vs HackerRank

AlgoExpert is a reasonably new education platform but quick to rise atop the ladder. With over 90 new and challenging questions, the platform seeks to encourage students and professionals alike to improve their coding skills. Its mainly designed for people who would like to brush up on concepts before an interview rather than seeking help from other mediums.

These questions are divided into three main categories easy, medium, hard. Each question has a thorough explanation video, along with instructions for the learner to attempt the solution. It also offers a built-in coding environment with support for seven languages, so you never have to step outside their learning platform.

Lets take a look at our opponent in this LeetCode vs AlgoExpert discussion.

Hackerrank For Employers And Interviewers

Hackerrank is aiming to be the go-to choice of talent marketplace for recruiters.

Hackerrank has over 18 million developers ranked on their performance and other metrics.

Employers can set their interview questions, candidates can solve them, and the results will be shared with the recruiter.

Talk about live interviews, live training sessions, business projects, and so on Hackerrank has provision for all of that.

Hackerrank Is Geared Towards Data Scientists

For those interested in becoming a Data Scientist, HackerRank is an excellent online learning resource. The platform features a wide variety of topics and is more focused on Data Science. Hackers can select from different tracks that cover data structures, math, and language-specific topics. There are also a variety of challenges ranging from easy to advanced. Some of the HackerRank challenges are more challenging than others and are designed for beginners to gain a strong foundation in coding.

Data scientists require unique skills and experience. Unlike traditional developers, data scientists require interdisciplinary skills and an understanding of a variety of disciplines. Traditional recruiting methods are not suitable for data scientists, but luckily, HackerRanks data science platform is geared towards that specific niche. Heres what you need to know to get started:

Aside from a community of developers and users, HackerRank also has a coding library and certification challenges. It also hosts regular coding contests and a ranked ladder. Some companies use the site as part of their interview process and consider it a valuable resource. You can show off your skills and certifications by building different profiles with different domains. This is a great way to showcase your skills and stand out from the competition.

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Best Interview Prep Course

Hackerrank and Leetcode both have some impressive specs to consider. The former aims to have it all. Talent scouting platform, developers hub, tons of challenges, and learning resources, name.

Leetcode also tries hard to make an impression, but the truth is, both of them still fall short of the title of best interview prep platform.

That honor goes to Tech Interview Pro, an interview prep platform developed by Patrick Shyu, also known as Techlead.

The course fixes a major flaw that many other interview prep courses, Hackerrank and Leetcode included, have.

And thats in the aspect of soft skills.

Soft skills include communicating well with others, teamwork, empathy, leadership, and so on.

As someone who has worked as an interviewer and screened hundreds of candidates, Techlead knows just how soft critical skills are in addition to your technical skills.

Think of it: if youre lagging in some technical aspects, you can be trained in a few months on the job, but thats not possible with soft skills.

And with your mastery of soft skills, you can maneuver your way even if you lack some technical aspects.

Tech Interview Pro is undoubtedly the recommendation if you want training in all aspects of passing an interview.

For more information on the course and everything it packs, check it out here.

Its not too expensive, especially in the long run. You can get the course for $997 or $597 now and access all its goodies for as long as the system exists.

Dont Continue Without Understanding

LeetCode vs HackerRank vs StrataScratch for Data Science

If you are investing your time solving this problems, make that investment count and extract as much learning as possible.

Its completely okay for you to not know the answer to a question, if you cant solve it refer to the questions solution or discussion section and really dig into that solution. Understand why the top solution is the most correct and why the time and space complexity are that way.

Additionally, when youre struggling with a question, dont skip to the solution too quickly. Spend some time working on it, even if it takes you an hour to write a brute force solution with terrible time complexity.

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Is The Leetcode Premium Worth It

Now, the question arises is, Is the LeetCode Premium worth it?

Since, it grants you access to company-specific questions which you can face in companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook, it works even more effectively to prepare for technical interviews.

Well, the choice between the LeetCode and LeetCode Premium usually depends on people or what they want to use it for.

If you just want to practice coding or brush up on your coding concepts or skills, then the regular version would be fine for you.

But, if you want to sit for solving technical interviews then LeetCode Premium would work best for you.

Its pretty obvious that with the premium version, you will get a couple of benefits, such as more questions, a built-in debugger, an interview simulator, and company-specific questions.

  • The company-specific question bank provided in the premium version is utterly helpful
  • Actual problems from top companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, etc.
  • The question bank will give you an idea of the mindset or mood of the interviewer mood
  • Interview simulator for the mock interview

Also, if you are not used to solving problems in a controlled and timed environment, then the interview simulator could be insanely helpful for you

So, yeah!! If you really want to do coding for cracking the companies interviews, then the LeetCode Premium subscription is definitely worth it.

Leetcode V/s Hackerrank V/s Codechef

You are looking for a perfect platform to start your coding journey. A platform that will help you to practice from basic to advance and finally benefit you to land a fine job.

Having a wrong start can make things messy and frustrating. Don’t worry I will solve your problem today. With all the research on different coding platforms, you end up choosing between “Hackerrank”, “LeetCode” & “Codechef”. In this article, I will help you figure out which one is best for you!

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Is Leetcode Premium Worth It

My AlgoExpert vs LeetCode discussion wont reach a good end if I dont discuss their premium subscriptions.

LeetCodes premium subscription can allow you to open locked problems, unlock company problem sets, and the ability to sort those questions. As of writing this article, LeetCodes monthly subscription is for $35 whereas, its annual subscription is for $159.

LeetCodes premium might be worth the trouble if youre going to apply for the tech giants. Other than that, I find it quite pricey, especially for access to a short subset of premium content. Similarly, you can find explanations to most problems on the internet, but their explanation videos and infographics are quite good.

I wont simply disregard LeetCode, simply due to its pricing in AlgoExpert vs LeetCode here. It does have good features, but the free version should get you started for your coding interviews and help you improve your skill without a dime.

After all this, you might be wondering, isnt AlgoExpert a premium service too?

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Leetcode Premium Vs Algoexpert Vs Interview Cake Vs Hackerrank

How HackerRank and LeetCode Helped Me Prep For Coding Interviews

Which coding interview prep product should you use?At Rora we have helped 1000s of software engineers negotiate their compensation at leading tech companies from FAANG to startups like Brex, Databricks and Roblox. The engineers we work with provide feedback on which tools were effective for their interview prep.

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How I Cleared Google Interview

The journey has been somewhat unbelievable. If someone would ask me 1 year back why dont you try for Google, I would have said not possible. I am not that good at DS/Algo. I had solved 0 questions on leetcode a year back. I solved 200 Questions until my final interview and got selected. Sharing my experience and some tips here.

I graduated from Engineering College Bikaner in 2015. I got an opportunity to give an interview at Google India in July. And I started brushing up my skills for the first time seriously. I had basic knowledge before this, which was acquired from solving questions and reading up code monk articles on HackerEarth.

Most of my preparation and practice was done on three platforms

Especially I like the articles on HackerEarth about Heap, Union Find & Dynamic Programming. For any topic, I would start reading the basics of a particular data structure/ Algorithm and read about some of the common problems on that topic. After that, I used to move to leetcode to solve problems.

I had 1 phone interview & 5 on-site interviews . the on-site rounds were split in two days


2. Cracking the coding interview

3. For Mock Interviews Pramp/InterviewBit/HackerEarth. Recommend pramp for simulating exact same environment as interview.

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Is Algoexpert Worth It

AlgoExpert is worth it if you need a lot of guidance in preparation for difficult coding interviews. For $119/year, AlgoExpert gives you access to 160 hand-picked interview questions with video explanations. Moreover, AlgoExpert has a Mock Interview section where you can easily schedule practice interviews with other community members.

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Amateur Programmers Who Want To Advance Their Knowledge

Leetcode is brimming with programming topics from basic to complex.

Arrays, graphs, trees, dynamic programming, etc., are just some of the numerous concepts found in Leetcode.

A significant change that fans of Leetcode will welcome is the addition of videos. Previously, Leetcode was all text, but now there are video explanations of the concepts.

The explore feature is also another assistant to upgrading ones knowledge.

It highlights featured topics you might want to consider starting with before moving on to more complex cases.

For practice to flex and build your coding muscles, there are up to 2,400 questions.

If you get stuck, there is a vast community you can always turn to for help on your questions.

Hackerrank The Skills Testing

How To Use LeetCode For Data Science SQL Interviews

Hackerrank gets straight to the point when evaluating whether your candidates can code. You can lean on a bank of over 2,100 pre-built questions, alongside getting support from Hackerrank if you need something custom.

Whether its asking your candidates to build a web application, fetch API data, or debug a codebase, youll have the opportunity to test across 40 different coding languages, all within a fully managed development environment.

If youd like to test candidates live in an interview, the Integrated Development Environment tool allows you to do so, with built-in audio, video and chat available alongside a private scorecard for recruiters to take notes.

Out the back of this, youll receive detailed analytics on each candidates performance as well as access to their submitted code.


  • Detail functionality to manage the entire hiring journey
  • Integrated Development Environment to test candidates coding skills


  • Custom tests are difficult to create and often require Hackerrank support.

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Coding Platforms Used In Sre Interviews

Due to the increasing requirements toward the stability of applications and systems, the demand for Site Reliability Engineers is growing every year. Digitally-driven companies of various sizes and specializations are building SRE teams to minimize downtime and improve the performance of their applications and services.

Although SRE specialists are in great demand today, hiring interviews for the various positions within this field are very rigorous. A typical SRE interview involves several stages, including a phone interview, a personal interview , and a coding interview. Engineers looking for a successful career in Site Reliability Engineering need to prepare thoroughly for each step of the recruitment process.

Is Hackerrank The Right Technical Screening Tool For You

In the battle of Hackerrank vs LeetCode vs Toggl Hire, Hackerrank makes a strong start with its wide range of features delivering an all-in-one solution.

If youre serious about hiring the best developers by testing them on their live coding ability, Hackerranks robust feature set could be for you. If youve got the time to invest in setting up the right tests, conducting live interviews and reviewing benchmark data, youre bound to find great developers to add to your team.

Youll also benefit from access to a community of proactive talent, all looking to be the best developers they can be. Overall, the developer community looks favourably on Hackerrank even if there is an element of playing the game when it comes to their interviews.

Where Hackerrank may not be for you is in the price. To run stand-alone tests, youre going to need the Individual Platform plan, meaning, at a minimum, youre paying $249/month. For many small businesses, this price may be unrealistic, with functionality far beyond what you need.

Wed recommend Hackerrank for Large organisations with dedicated hiring teams that need to test the best talent on the market.

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Hackerrank Vs Leetcode: Which Is Better

HackerRank and LeetCode are popular online competitive programming platforms for software engineers who are looking to practice for their technical interviews.

Lately, these platforms have been gaining popularity among recruiters and developers alike.

Both platforms are great ways to provide an easy way to practice common algorithmic and data structure problems in preparation for an interview .

Here, well touch on the basics behind both platforms, compare and contrast them, and narrow down which one is better for you and your company.

So without further ado, lets do this:

Summary Hackerrank Vs Leetcode Vs Toggl Hire: The Major Differences

HackerRank vs LeetCode 2022: Which Is Better & Why? | Saad Aslam

When it comes to comparing Hackerrank vs LeetCode vs Toggl Hire, it all depends on your requirements.

Hackerrank is a fantastic, enterprise-level tool for managing the entire development journey. Right from planning to making an offer, Hackerranks solution will guide your hiring process whilst removing admin and cutting time to hire. Smaller businesses may find it too complex and struggle to justify the high costs.

When comparing Hackerrank vs LeetCode vs Toggl Hire, its clear to see that LeetCode isnt a skill-testing platform as we know it. With its primary objective is to offer a platform for candidates to improve their technical skills, LeetCodes biggest advantage to recruiters is its access to a network of highly skilled developers. LeetCode does offer custom services to businesses for assessments, but theyre on an enquiry-only basis.

Toggl Hire makes skills tests a piece of cake. In just three clicks, you can access a bank of over 7,000 questions across 30 programming languages to build the perfect test for your next hire. Candidates love the instant feedback and simple interface, meaning businesses create a great first impression. You can get started on a free forever plan and access a range of superb features across the Standard and Premium packages.

for more articles like this!

Hire better and faster with skills-screening tools.

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Algoexpert V/s Leetcode V/s Hackerrank

But it is not something which you can learn by memorizing or reading. Coding needs continuous practice.

  • If you want to brush up on your coding skills, then HackerRank is the one for you. It is ideal for experimenting with new concepts. HackerRank conducts frequent contests and almost covers all the topics.
  • If you are someone who just loves to code and coding is a hobby for you, then you should go for LeetCode. It has more than 1000 coding questions which you can solve and challenge yourself every day to do better.
  • If you want to practice in an organized way for some top-famous companies like Google, Microsoft, or Facebook, then AlgoExpert is the best place for you with a paid option otherwise you can go with HackerRank or Leetcode.

Leetcode has tons of questions asked in real interviews, even you can also go with the free option to solve 300- 400 questions on Leetcode people usually start cracking coding interviews.

I hope, now, after reading this article, you will find the best coding preparation website for yourself.

When learning to code, a great way to improve your skills and knowledge is to solve different coding problems. Solving coding problems can help you to learn new algorithms and be a good problem solver.

Algoexpert Vs Leetcode Vs Hackerrank: Conclusion

So in the big faceoff of AlgoExpert vs LeetCode vs HackerRank, who comes out on top?

It all depends on what you need:

If youre ready to ace the FAANG coding interview, AlgoExpert is just right. With 150+ questions curated by an ex-Google and ex-Facebook engineer, its highly likely youll come across some of these questions at a FAANG interview.

If you want to brush up on your coding skills we recommend HackerRank. With all the available options, its difficult to stay focused on one path. HackerRank is ideal for practicing your skills and experimenting with new concepts.

If coding is a big time hobby of yours, LeetCode may be the platform for you. And with over 1400 coding questions, it can become an endless source of challenging yourself with coding problems.

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Algoexpert Vs Leetcode Comparison

AlgoExpert offers focused problem set to ace technical interviews.

  • 160 hand-picked questions
  • Over 100 hours of video explanations
  • Data Structure Crash Courses

LeetCode enhances your skills and prepares you for tech interviews.

  • Over 1400 coding problems
  • Video solutions for some problems
  • Access to Premium Content

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