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Erp Interview Questions And Answers

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What Are The Benefits Of Netsuite

Top 20 ERP Consultant Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

The following are the benefits of NetSuite:

  • NetSuite fits well across different companies. It provides rich functionalities for software, manufacturing, retail, eCommerce, professional services, and more.
  • Provides robust APIs that make possible integration with other software applications.
  • NetSuite ERP Provides a Platform for Enhanced Collaboration
  • Provides real-time visibility to make timely and informed decisions.
  • NetSuite ERP offers workflow automation to Standardize Processes.
  • NetSuite is the most customizable SaaS solution in the market.
  • NetSuite has got higher scalability.

Did We Cover All Of The Top Erp Interview Questions

Now that you have read through our top 9 ERP interview questions, you will be ready for a successful interview. What are your thoughts did we cover the major ERP interview questions? Let us know in the comments if you have recently interviewed for an ERP position and what kind of questions you were asked.

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How Can I Best Prepare For The Sap Interview

It should come as no surprise that the market for talent is becoming more competitive, given that SAP-based employment prospects provide greater compensation and attractive perks to those who possess the required technical aptitude. The following are some things to consider while preparing for the interview questions about SAP:

  • Investigate the Position.
  • Do your homework on the firm.
  • Determine the anticipated format for the interview.
  • Do your homework on the interviewer.
  • Get some questions ready for the people who will be interviewing you.
  • Before you come in for the interview, make sure you carefully go through your resume.
  • Give some examples of your work together with any references or exhibitions.
  • Get your mind in the game.
  • Conclude on a solid note.

If you prepare yourself well on the aforementioned themes, there is little doubt that you will have no trouble succeeding in the SAP interview.

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Our Field Is Always Changing As Such What Have You Done With Regards To Personal Development When It Comes To Our Posted Erp Manager Position In The Last 12 Months

Answer tips:

Here is an opportunity for you to showcase a wide variety of things you may have done both personally and professionally that will get your potential employers interested. Be sure to think about this one in advance in the event that it comes up.

Keep in mind, one of the key things that employers look for is an applicant who is self motivated and goal oriented.

Even if you dont have something that is specific to the role you are applying for, dont be afraid to list hobbies or other non-work related activities here. Again, this shows your employer you are the go-getter they are looking for.

In the end, you want to ensure that you are leaving your interviewer with the impression that you are motivated, self sufficient, and manage your time effectively.

Answer samples

That is a really great question. While I havent had the opportunity to develop within this particular role per se, I have actually become very involved in my local foodbank this year. This has taught me a great deal about community, teamwork, and taking initiative.

I took it upon myself to enroll in a summer business admin course at the local community college. Through this, I picked up some really great knowledge on communication and teamwork, as well as further develop overall managerial skills. Though it may not be directly applicable to this particular job, I believe the overall experience I gained could be a real asset here.

Within Netsuite What Does The Nonintegrated Shipping Feature Actually Mean

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Within the nonintegrated shipping feature within Netsuite, the user can do the following functionalities:

  • User will be able to generate own shipping labels
  • Users will be able to work directly with the carrier
  • Tracking number and shipping weights are manually handled
  • For sales orders, users will be able to print the labels
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    What Challenges Are You Looking For Within This Position

    Being motivated by challenges is a top skill to have. You should describe an eagerness to learn and try new things. After this, you can go on to talk about challenges which you have met previously, if relevant. Your interviewer may also ask about your experiences handling challenges and difficulties.

    What Are The Sap Upgrade Options Available And What Are The Recommendations To The Present Customers

    The general SAP recommendation is to always upgrade to the latest SAP ERP release to be able to use the latest functionality SAP offers. SAP ERP 6.0 is the “go-to release” and the foundation for any future innovations.

    Use the Product Availability Matrix at to find out about all SAP upgrade options. The Product Availability Matrix bundles technical and release planning information on SAP components for quick reference. You will find information on the availability of SAP component releases , maintenance end dates and upgrade paths, as well as technical release information .

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    What Is The Definition Of A Transactional Rfc

    Transactional RFC, also known as Transactional Remote Function Call, enables the retrieval of a previously made request in the event that it was incorrectly entered into the system. This takes place once the transaction process, also known as TID, has been assigned a unique identifier. Access to the distant system is not required right now in the Transaction RFC, so don’t worry about it.

    Why Netsuite Is Better Than Sap

    Top15 most important SAP interview questions & answers|ERP interview| Systems,Applications& Products

    The following table compares how NetSuite is better than SAP:

    Comparison Factor
    NetSuite designed exclusively as a cloud-based solution While SAP can be accessed only via the users system.
    Mobile-friendliness You can check anything on NetSuite quickly. SAP is fairly mobile-friendly but relies on its partners to provide mobile access and other web experiences.
    System Updates With NetSuite, the system upgrades automatically. NetSuites SAP permits system updates to make changes to code, restricting the customers ability to upgrade and apply fixes.
    Customization In Netsuite, customizations can be done easily. Users can add user-defined fields and manipulate the database. Compared to Netsuite, SAP restricts users ability to upgrade the system and apply bug fixes.
    Analytics & Reporting NetSuites Suite Analytics is much easier to use compared to SAP. Advanced analytics of SAP requires a separate license, which increases the overall cost of the software.

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    What Experience Do You Have When It Comes To Discussing Our Recently Posted Erp Project Manager Position

    Answer tips:

    Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If you know you do not have much experience in the job you are applying for, plan for this question ahead of time and ensure you can provide some relatable examples based on what you have done.

    Almost all interviewers will appreciate confidence and pride in the work experience you have earned and your passion in transfering these valuable skills to your future role or position.

    Answer sample

    Ever since my first paper route at age 10 Ive been doing something to keep myself busy and earn money. Back then, it was obviously about earning some spending money. What I didnt realize was that I was actually starting the journey of establishing what I liked to do and how I fit in to the grand scheme of things. I then worked as a junior computer tech in my last 2 summers of high school. It was here that I discovered what I was passionate about and what I wanted to do. I enrolled in college to get my degree in computer sciences, and I have been working around technology ever since.

    How Do I Create A Custom Record In Netsuite

    > > To create a custom record in NetSuite.

    Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types

    > > To create a new custom record.

    Navigate to Customization > Lists, Records, & Fields > Record Types > New.

    This will open a new Custom Record Type user interface that allows defining all of the settings related to your custom record, include record name, fields, access, subtabs, and other general preferences.

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    Differentiate Native Sql From Open Sql

    Here, you are assessed whether you understand the difference between the two concepts.

    Tip #1: Define Open Sql and Native Sql.

    Tip #2: Show the difference between the two terms.

    Sample Answer

    Native Sql permits the inclusion of database-specific Sql statements in ABAP programs. These statements cannot run with a different database. On the other hand, Open Sql helps to access all the database tables available in SAP r3 systems, irrespective of the manufacturer.

    How To Create Multiple Ledgers In Tally Erp 9

    SAP MM interview questions
  • Open Accounts info on the Tally gateway and select Ledgers, locate and select multiple ledgers and click on create.
  • Once created, enter the details under the group and update the information of the name of the ledger on the multiple ledger creation tabs.
  • FREE Introduction to Project Management Course

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    What Is Wf And Its Importance

    Business Work Flow: Tool for automatic control and execution of cross-application processes. This involves coordinating the persons involved, the work steps required, the data, which needs to be processed . The main advantage is reduction in throughput times and the costs involved in managing business processes. Transparency and quality are enhanced by its use.

    What Are The Different Sap Products

    • SAP R/3 It succeeds SAP R/2 and is the market leader in ERP. R/3 stands for three-tier architecture i.e. Presentation, Logic and Data tier. It has many modules like SD, FI, and HR etc which encompass almost all enterprise departments.
    • My SAP It is a suite of SAP products which apart from SAP R/3 also includes SRM, PLM, CRM, SCM.

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    What Leadership Experience Do You Have

    Of the many ERP interview questions you may be asked, this one might be the most important. Ask yourself, What does it take to be a good leader? Do you have the experiences and examples to prove your leadership skills to your interviewer? Some of the most-desirable qualities for an ERP professional are resourcefulness, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication skills. Choose relevant examples which highlight your leadership skills from your work history to answer the question.

    Name Three Vital Erp Consulting Skills

    Tally Interview Questions and Answers | Tally ERP 9 Interview Questions for beginners|

    The interviewer wants to know whether you possess the necessary skills to perform this role excellently.

    Tip #1: State two or three skills that related to this role

    Tip #2: Be clear and precise with your answer

    Sample Answer

    Technical or coding skills are critical in this role because it involves upgrading and troubleshooting the ERP software. Another essential skill is problem-solving. An ERP consultant is often called upon to resolve ERP software issues. Effective communication skills are also vital in this role as the consultant communicates with various people including the management and users.

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    What Products Does Sap Offer

    There are several SAP products that fall into various categories. SAP products include

    It is an interesting approach that is hosted in the cloud, and it enables customers and sellers to communicate with one another in order to conduct business on a unified platform. It has simplified business operations, which has led to an improvement in the company’s overall system for managing vendors. These improvements have resulted in cost savings for the firm. Your purchasing, supplier management, and contractual management procedures will all undergo a digital transformation owing to Ariba.

    SuccessFactors is a cloud-based human resources management system that makes it simpler for businesses to handle various HR tasks. The SaaS paradigm provides the foundation for the SuccessFactors platform. It was primarily developed with the purpose of catering to the requirements of enterprise-level businesses.

    It is hosted in the cloud and comes along with an open VMS, both of which assist businesses in managing, finding, paying, and engaging vendors, among other things. Using SAP Cloud Platform Interface, SAP Process Management, or web applications, SAP Fieldglass is able to integrate into an unlimited capacity with on-premise SAP applications.

    If A Company Doesn’t Currently Use An Erp System How Would You Convince Them To Implement One

    Asking a candidate for a position to describe the value of using an ERP system is an excellent opportunity for the candidate to show their practical knowledge of ERP systems and the functions they provide. When answering this question, focus on covering a range of key benefits provided by implementing an ERP system within an organization, without offering an in-depth elaboration of all the distinct elements. This allows you to maximize the number of reasons you discuss and show the full range of your knowledge.

    Example:”Usingan ERP systemcan have a significant impacton the daily performance of a companyby making its operations more efficient.An ERP system provides a centralized database for information within your company, which makes it easier for employees and departments to coordinate work among each other, as it increases access to information.ERP systems also allow for improved analyticsof performance and output, enabling you tooptimizework within your company.This leads to higher quality products and happier customers. Itall works together to result in increased profitability for a company.”

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    Play As Much As Possible In The Demo Account

    Use the demo account to make mistakes rather than getting stressed about it. The demo account was created for users to experiment and discover. Once you finish your training, keep using it to try new things. When it comes to module updates, your demo account will prevent you from making mistakes on a client account.

    What Is The Main Difference Between Xedit And Edit User Event Types

    ERP Software for pharmaceutical manufacture

    When the user is actually using event type argument as xedit then it means that the user is trying to execute the content within Inline edit or it is going to be a mass update.

    If the user is actually using event type argument as edit then it means that the user has completed editing the field in all other contexts. So basically it is not an inline edit

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    What Are Your Salary Expectations

    Many consider this question to be a loaded gun dangerous in the hands of the inexperienced. Often times, an interviewee will start talking salary before theyve had an opportunity to illustrate their skill set and value making any sort of leverage valueless. Here, knowledge is power, as salary often comes down to negotiation. Do some research into your industry to establish base rates of pay based on seniority and demand but keep in mind your employer is hiring you for what they believe you are worth, and how much benefit they feel you will provide.

    One relatively safe approach is simply asking the interviewer about the salary range. If you wish to avoid the question entirely, respond by saying that money isnt a key factor and your primary goal is to advance in your career.

    What Do You Know About Our Company

    Always research the company to which you are applying. Be knowledgeable on any big news and demonstrate that you have a thorough understanding of what the company does. However, dont write a book report on the company. Keep your explanation brief, and elaborate if asked further questions on the topic.

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    What Are The Different Functional Areas That You Are Familiar With

    The major purpose of ERP is the integration of all departments of a company. Candidate can explain in which functional area they worked previously. They can also explain the process of integrating two different departments effectively using ERP. Also, explain how they managed to overcome errors and problems.

    What Is Your Background In Computer Programming

    Tally ERP 9 Interview Question And Answers

    Building and configuring an ERP system requires a range of programming skills. The core of an ERP is usually built with Java or C++, although PHP or Ruby may also play a role in the setup. Python has also been gaining popularity as a programming language for ERP software development.

    Some systems have their own high-level proprietary language. If youre working with an SAP setup, for example, your analyst will need to know ABAP , while for Oracle, they may need experience with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne.

    Also, all ERPs will have a relational database that can be queried with SQL.

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    Is There Any User Events Limit That Can Have On One Record

    To be honest there is no limit to the number of user events scripts that can be executed on a single record type.

    For example:We can have 10 user events before loading, 10 user events before submitting, and 15 user events after submitting on a single customer record. Usually, it is not advisable to assign so many user events to a single record. As this could negatively affect the single record. Also, the execution of this record will be poor.

    As per the example, if we had 10 user events that are assigned to the record before loading then the time taken for the single record to load will also be increased thus giving out performance issues.By doing this, a negative experience would be generated for the user and the system wont be performance-friendly.

    Mention What Is An Application Presentation And Database Server In Sap R/3

    The application layer of an R/3 System is made up of the application server and the message server. Application programs in an R/3 system run on application servers. Using the message server, the application servers communicate with presentation components, the database, and also with each other. All the data are stored in a centralized server, which is known as a database server.

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