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How To Answer Teacher Interview Questions

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ENGLISH TEACHER Interview Questions & Answers! (How to PASS an English Teaching Interview.)

The days of shutting your door to do your own thing are out, and professional learning communities are in! Go in ready to discuss topics such as common planning, benchmarks, and data analysis. This is a key time to highlight your strengths. Whether you shine in making high-level DOK assessment questions or have a plethora of student-centered activities for your subject, let the interviewers know what you have to offer to your prospective peers and what you hope to glean from collaborating with them.

How You Will Manage Your Classroom

Knowing how you will manage your classroom demonstrates that, in addition to being competent in your area of discipline, you can also lead and relate to students well.

Note that classroom management overlaps with teaching style. The more organized you are, the more you will be able to avoid misunderstandings between you and your students.

The interviewer might ask you:

  • Are you a tough teacher or an easy one?
  • Has there ever been a time when you had to deal with a particularly difficult student?
  • If so, how did you handle that situation?

Teachers work with students that have varying levels of interest in the subject being taught. Not every student will be excited about being at school. Thats why it is essential for you to be familiar with classroom management.

Classroom management is especially important for Special Education teaching positions. Special ed teachers need to be familiar with a variety of strategies for keeping students attention and dealing with disruptive students. They also need to be able to explain how theyll help students persevere with a difficult task.

Use your past experience or online research to come up with tactics appropriate for the age level and type of student youll be teaching. Do some research ahead of time to learn about the disciplinary procedures at the school where youre applying. Then you can tailor your answer accordingly. Know what you would do, and show how your methods fit the schools philosophy.

What Do You Love About Teaching

Any hiring manager wants to know that youre qualified and applying for the job for the right reasons. Truly caring about the profession is essential. Working with children and inspiring our future generations is a great responsibility and requires a dedicated and caring individual. Make sure you convey this adequately during the interview. If your passion for teaching is disingenuous, you may likely spoil your chances of getting hired.

Before the interview, think through what you love about teaching and why you are pursuing a career in education. Revisit the thoughts you had initially when you decided to start your teaching journey. Writing out your thoughts can be a helpful way of processing them. You want to answer your interview questions with logical reasoning, concrete examples, and personal stories, when appropriate.

A few common reasons are:

  • You love learning and being in a learning environment.
  • Teaching is a job with a lot of variety no two days are the same!
  • Teaching is a way of serving your community.
  • You enjoy the creativity and independence teaching offers.
  • You want to make a difference in students lives.
  • You were inspired by a teacher and want to inspire the next generation.

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Be Comfortable And Honest

Make sure youre comfortable when you arrive at the interview, especially since youre likely to be interviewed by several people. For everyone, this means something else. Perhaps for you it could mean showing up early to get familiar with the setting, or wearing something that you feel confident in.

Its also crucial to be honest, because otherwise youll not only be caught in your lies, but perhaps the position isnt really the right fit for you.

Do You Know What Is Going On In Education Today Do You Stay Current With Educational Trends

8 Teacher Interview Questions and Answers
  • PURPOSE: This is an opportunity to show your passion for the profession. Show how you have devoted yourself to being a life-long learner, specifically in how you will continue your education throughout your career. Especially show your competency in technological trends and how you could incorporate these into the classroom setting in an effective way.
  • TIPS: If you have not already considered it, consider how you will push yourself to be a life-long learner. They will be looking for someone who is passionate enough about the profession that they stay current with education trends and are planning on using those to grow as a teacher.
  • PREPARATION: Study education trends and make a plan for how you will pursue life-long education.

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If You Noticed A Child Being Bullied In Your Class How Would You Deal With The Situation

What They Want to Know: Bullying is a huge problem in schools. What steps would you take to recognize, prevent, or respond to it in your classroom?

One of the most important large group activities I do with my class at the beginning of the year is writing our class rules together. I make it a big deal together we come up with and agree to the rules, and we all sign the poster in a commitment to do our best to follow the rules while also helping others to follow the rules throughout the day. One of the most important rules on our poster is to not bully other children.

I use this group activity as an opportunity to talk about what it means to bully, and what to do if a student is bullied or they see someone being bullied. Part of the lesson is making anti-bullying posters that we hang in our classroom and in the halls. If I witnessed bullying, I would talk to all the children involved separately, and I would also revisit our anti-bullying lesson and posters with the whole class.

What Are Your Strengths

This is a common interview question that every other candidate would have come across and has to be discussed while talking about primary teacher interview questions and answers. The interviewers would want to know more about your area of interest and strengths.

How to answer: Some basic skills are expected out of a good teacher. Try and frame your answer around the skills. For instance, compassion and patience are extremely important skills for teaching and if you draw attention to those skills of yours, higher are the chances for you to be selected. Communication skills, interpersonal skills, etc are also areas that you can talk about while discussing strengths. To know more about teaching skills, read our blog here.

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What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Handle It

The interviewers would like to know the candidates experience as well as problem-solving skills.

Tip #1: Be realistic

Tip #2: Display that you are capable of solving your problems or obstacles

Sample Answer:

One of the biggest challenges I had when working as a teacher assistant was to tackle students behaviour. Being in an education role is tough as there is no manual or textbook to handle different students. However, I managed to get the hang of it gradually. One of the solutions is by approaching them and making them trust me as an educator and a friend. It was a tough but satisfying challenge.

Example Teacher Strength : Collaboration

TEACHER INTERVIEW Questions and Answers! (PASS Teaching Interview)

I am an excellent and energetic collaborator. Two years ago, my whole fifth grade teaching team was new to our school. To foster team spirit, I suggested we choose a theme and create decor and team-building activities between the students around it each morning. We chose Greek mythology. Not only did we have the best attendance record for the past six years and experience fewer discipline issues, but all seven teachers asked to remain on the same team the following year.”

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Why Do You Want To Teach At This School

Research, research, and research more before your interview. Google everything you can about the school. Do they have a theater program? Are the students involved in the community? What type of culture does the principal promote? Use social media to see what the school proudly promoted most recently. Then, ask around. Use your network of colleagues to find out what teachers loved and hated about it. The point of all this digging? You need to know if this school is a good fit. If it is a good fit, youll demonstrate how much you want the job by explaining how you would get involved with all the amazing school programs youve heard so much about!

Does Disciplining Help Them Learn

Example: Yes, because its essential for maintaining order in the classroom so they hear lessons and the encouragement to do well and learn. However, I also believe that part of my job is teaching a student to understand self-discipline and acceptable behavior. I use positive feedback on their behavior in accordance to my classrooms set of rules to keep my students accountable.

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What Do You Know About This Company

This interview question is a clear attempt to find out if youâve done your research. Show youâre enthusiastic about the job by researching the company before your interview. Chances are your interviewer isnât going to grill you, so it can be as simple as checking out the company website and doing a quick Google search. Bringing up recent news such as a leadership change, a big company event, or a recent product launch can earn you a gold star from your interviewer and demonstrate you know your stuff.

What Are In Your Opinion The Most Important Skills For Teachers Name 3 Of Them

Interview Questions and Answers to Prepare You for a Job ...

A good teacher needs to have a whole set of skills and qualities. Most often we can hear that in order to become an effective and inspiring teacher, absolutely crucial and necessary are:

  • Passion for teaching,
  • Excellent communication and listening skills,
  • Leadership skills,
  • Good classroom management and a knack for organization,
  • Knowledge.

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Where Do You See Yourself In 5/10 Years

This question is asked to determine how the job youâre applying for fits into your long-term career plan. Will you be gone in a few months? Do you have unrealistic expectations of where the role is headed? To answer this question, like many common interview questions, stick with honesty. If you hope to move into a more senior or management role, say so, but be realistic. Most interviewers will appreciate your ambition after all, 5 years is a long time.

What Strategies Do You Use To Record Childrens Progress

A key aspect of teaching is to ensure that you are meeting national standards. You must keep clear records of what your students are learning.

You need to show that you understand the importance of lesson objectives and demonstrate how you would assess if your students have achieved these at the end of each lesson or unit.

Show how you would use a range of assessments, both formal and informal, that provide measurable results. Ideal answers would also add how you use feedback from these results to improve future lessons.

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How Will You Arrange Your Classroom For Your First Day

To begin with, I will talk to the senior teachers of the school and try to appreciate the level of thoughtful of students and also what motivates them. In the classroom, I will have a small preliminary session in which I will hand out my contact details to the students. I will also prepare a copy of the syllabus, and discuss the same in the classroom so that students get a general idea of their curriculum and clear their misgivings about the same.

What Interests You About Our District

How to Answer Teacher Interview Questions | Reading and Math Block | NavaED | Kathleen Jasper

What They Want to Know: Youd be amazed at how many entry-level teaching candidates fail to research school districts before their interviews. Hiring committees ask this question to see if youve been interested enough to do your homework and learn about the needs of their school district.

As the parent of a 4th grader in the district, I have experienced firsthand how warm and welcoming the teachers and administrators are. The feeling of community the school district works hard to foster and maintain is something I have never experienced in any of the schools I attended or taught in. Everyone knows my daughters name, my name, and you can tell that everyone in the school is genuinely happy to be there working with the students and their families.

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Common Teacher Interview Questions And Answers For Fresher Experienced

There are many reasons to become a teacher but most importantly is their love for children education attracts them to become a teacher or choose this profession. Since they have their own learning skills and it makes them adoring about teaching. A teaching interview is your chance to prove that you’ve got the information, abilities, and skill to become a teacher. Good groundwork is key – determine the questions you’re likely to be asked and how to method them

If you’ve protected a teaching interview, this means your selected school wants to get to identify more about you – and you’re possible as a teacher. What questions will your interviewers ask? whether you’re interviewing for a rest on a course, with School Direct, another teacher training way or your first teaching post. Read on for some common interview questions and policies for finding your being answers. Arranging your answers to interview questions using the star method will confirm you’re getting your point across:

  • Situation – give context for your story
  • Task – clarify what you were asked to do
  • Activity – define what you did
  • The result – explain how the condition played out.

Indication at least some of your answers in your answers to show your honest interest in them as a school or organization. This will help your answers stand out. Ask someone you know to give you a simulated interview as practice, such as a friend, trainer, teacher or careers adviser.

How To Make The Best Impression

Often at the end of an interview, you will be asked if you have any questions for the interviewer. This is when you become the interviewer and have the chance to ask some well-thought-out questions.

Review the list of good questions to ask during an interview for teaching jobs. It is important that you come prepared with questions in order to demonstrate your enthusiasm for the position and your interest in learning more about the role, the school or the district.

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Most Common Teacher Interview Questions

Here are some common interview questions for teachers, as well as advice on how to answer them with example answers. Remember that the interviewer is interested not only in the content of your answers but also, in your overall ability to be clear, approachable and engaging:

1. Why do you want to teach?

When you’re asked this question during an interview, you’ll have an opportunity to discuss your dedication to teaching. Every teacher will have their own reasons for entering this profession, so feel free to provide personal anecdotes in your answer. Make sure to explain your passion for teaching and any person or experience that inspired you to enter the profession.

Example answer:I became a teacher because of my high school algebra teachers impact on my life. Math doesnt come naturally to me, but she took the time not only to explain the material in a way that made sense to me but also helped me understand that every form of intelligence is equally valuable. Theres no job more important than teaching the future leaders of our world the information they need to know, but more importantly, showing them their worth, their potential, and their ability to form their own opinions by thinking critically and observing the world around them.

2. What makes you a good fit for this school?

3. What characteristics do students want their teachers to possess?

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4. How does a teacher’s personality affect their success?

Using The Star Interview Response Technique

70 best images about Matt Career on Pinterest

STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action and Result. The STAR interview response technique is a way to use stories and anecdotes from your life to illustrate traits that are in demand in the position for which you are applying.

During an interview for a teaching position, your interviewer may ask behavioral questions so they can see how you have managed specific situations in the past. Behavioral interview questions that inquire about your strengths and weaknesses include What is something you are especially proud of? or Tell me about a time when you made a mistake.

The first of these questions can illustrate a strength and the second can show how you overcame a weakness and learned from the mistake. When answering interview questions, try to use the STAR method by describing a situation in which you showed strength or overcame a weakness.

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Prepare Thoughtful Questions To Ask The Employer

Doing so shows your passion for the position and your preparation for the interview. These questions can also help you determine whether your core values align with those of the school’s administration. You may want to consider asking about what kind of support you can expect in terms of mentoring or training.

What Did You Find To Be The Most Difficult Aspect Of Student Teaching

  • PURPOSE: This question is self-explanatory: simply share what areas you found difficult as a student teacher, and how you would work in those areas with your own classroom.
  • TIPS: Do not just speak of the areas that you found difficult, but expound on what you learned from those things and how you walked away better prepared to overcome or endure those obstacles well.
  • PREPARATION: Consider the ways those difficulties developed you as a teacher.

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