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How To Decline A Candidate After Interview

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Job Applicants Deserve Closure

How to Give Candidate Feedback After an Interview

If you interview a job applicant, they deserve your follow-up. Yes, a candidate can assume that he or she wasnt selected. If a person gives up time to meet with your team, the applicant should get closure about the position. Its just fair. Your companys reputation with customers may not be harmed, but it could be with potential applicants. If you want to hire good candidates, you need to be aware of your hiring practices from the time an applicant submits a resume until the position is filled. Treat job applicants like you would want to be treated. Giving job applicants respect needs to be part of your selection process. Teach hiring managers how to make phone calls to unsuccessful candidates.

How Do You Reject Your Candidates

The next time you start typing bad news to your dear candidates, imagine how much better they would take the news with a personalized video email message where the recruiter is talking directly to them.

Thinking of ways to tell candidates that they didn’t get the jobs is one of the biggest challenges for recruiters, but finding the best way to do so is what separates the average form the most successful recruiters!

Connect On Social Media

Consider connecting with interviewees on professional networking sites if other roles become available. Because you’ve already interviewed the person, you have valuable insight into their strengths and skills as opposed to candidates you’ve never met before. This makes it easy for you to send out a friendly message, letting them know of the new position. By maintaining a positive relationship with interviewees after you turned them down, you’re showing your level of professionalism.

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The Call Might Go Something Like This

Hiring Manager:

Candidate: Yes, Id love to get your thoughts.

Hiring Manager: Well first of all, I have to say, you have a fantastic background and everyone loved meeting with you. However, we noticed you were unable to provide specific examples about winning clients through your own lead generation efforts. Because were a growing software firm, were really looking for people whove acquired new Enterprise business through their own efforts.

Eventually, well have a strong SDR team, but were still a few years away from that. We really need people who are comfortable being their own SDR. There may be a better fit for you with us in the future as we grow and add more sales support resources.

Candidate: I dont remember being asked much about where my new clients came from. In fact, I dont really remember that coming up at all. Ive opened a lot of doors in my sales career.

Thanks anyway for sharing the feedback. I enjoyed meeting with everyone too. Let me know if things change.

How To Gracefully Withdraw From An Interview Process

Example Of Interview Regret Letter

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It can happen to any job seeker: youre searching for a new job and apply for positions with multiple employers. You have an interview with one company and are making your way through the multi-step interview process when a second employer the one that was your top choice reaches out and makes you a job offer. What do you do? Its a great position to be in, but your professional reputation hangs on the line with regards to your next move.

Or, heres another scenario. What if you go through the first interview but realize that the position or company isnt what you thought it would be or that the company culture is different than what you were seeking? Knowing how to decline a second interview or how to cancel a job interview for a position you now realize you dont want are essential skills for job seekers, but its not something many people talk about. And yet, these are scenarios most people in the workforce will encounter at least once in their career.

Thus, its necessary to have a game plan for withdrawing from an interview process without damaging professional relationships. But it can be tricky. Whether you are an employer who wants to withdraw an interview invitation or a candidate who has to figure out how to politely bow out of a job interview, there are both standard protocols and unspoken rules of professional etiquette that you should follow.

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Make It Short And Sweet

No one wants to read a novel about why they arent getting a job. Keep your rejection letter short and sweet. One to two paragraphs that include all of the critical information will suffice. Let them know that they wont be moving forward, that you appreciated their time, add any additional information that you feel is necessary, and then move on. If they reach back out for more information, try to keep that quick and concise as well.

How To Write A Rejection Letter After An Interview

No recruiter enjoys sending rejection letters, especially when a candidate shows huge potential during their interview. Its never an easy task, and as much as candidates dislike opening their inbox to find a letter along the lines of thanks, but no thanks, you also have a lot on your plate. At any given moment you could be tasked with sending dozens, even hundreds of rejection letters all at once, which is no easy challenge.

But how you draft a rejection letter is critical for a number of reasons.

You may hear about those rare occasions where candidates never hear back from a recruiter after having their first face-to-face interview. Stories of ghosting candidates or rejection letters received months later are sadly the norm. Be aware that when you do get back to your candidate, you dont want them to remember you for the worst reason so try your best to send their rejection letter promptly and correctly.

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How Do You Say No To Extra Work Hours

How to Politely Say No to Extra Work at the Workplace

  • Explain Your Current Workload. Your boss probably keeps giving you more work because they dont know about all the other tasks you have at hand.
  • Appreciate The Opportunity. Whether you do an additional task or not is secondary.
  • Talk About The Priority Tasks.
  • Suggest an Alternative.
  • Rejection Letter Examples For After An Interview

    Candidate Rejection Email After Interview | How to write a Job Rejection Email | Smart HR

    Are you a job seeker wondering if you will be notified if a company opts not to hire you after they have interviewed you to evaluate your candidacy? Or are you a hiring manager who needs to let a candidate know that they weren’t hired?

    Even though the appropriate protocol is to notify all the candidates that employers interview for a job, this, unfortunately, doesnt always happen. Employers aren’t required to notify applicants, even though it’s courteous to inform candidates who haven’t been selected to move forward in the hiring process.

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    When Employers Notify Applicants

    Employers dont always provide applicants with the courtesy of letting them know where they stand in the hiring process:

    • Some employers let every candidate know the status of their application.
    • Some companies notify applicants who havent been accepted for an interview, while others only contact candidates they wish to discuss the job with.
    • Some employers dont even notify applicants who interview that they werent selected for a second interview or the job.
    • Other companies may send rejection letters to applicants who are not selected for a position after the interview process is complete.

    You may not receive a letter directly after your interview, if the organization notifies applicants.

    Many employers wait until they have hired someone for the job before notifying the other candidates.

    Thats because they may want to give the applicant pool another look if their leading candidate rejects their job offer.

    Be Generous To The Ones That Almost Made It

    Write a considerate email or make a call

    Nothing says This is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship like going through multiple rounds of interviews. Use a template email to turn down someone whos nearly gone the distance with you, and you might as well just sentence the relationship to death by 1000 cuts. Instead, draft a personal email or call them.

    Before calling them, write pointers for everything you would like to say , and make sure you say it. At the end of the conversation, give them the opportunity, or space, to seek additional context.

    If you have archived their resume for a later opportunity, let them know and seek permission to reach out to them in the future. You could send them a request on LinkedIn too! Keep the relationship open to any communication in future.

    Make them feel valued and worthy

    Its natural for candidates to feel inadequate and doubt themselves after a job rejection. If they do so, some honest praise can really help set them right again. Highlight the unique strengths you were able to spot during the interactions and encourage them to focus and build further in those areas leave them feeling confident, valued and worthy

    Heres an another email you can use for rejecting interviewed candidates:

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    Mention The Name And Position Of Applicant

    Mentioning the name of the applicant will show that the Email was made specifically for the candidate, unlike an automated Email. Mentioning the position that the candidate was rejected for is essential as well.

    For example:

    Dear Jack RobertsonWe regret to inform you that you are not applicable for the job as an assistant manager

    Job Rejection Letter Sample For Unsuccessful Candidates

    Candidate Rejection Email After an Interview (Free Templates)

    A job rejection letter informs interviewed but unsuccessful job candidates of your decision. You may wish to customize this rejection letter sample template to fit your startups needs.

    Choosing to hire is a significant business decision for any organization, and job interviews need to planned and conducted with care. A difficult element of this recruiting process is informing unsuccessful candidates.

    Remember to maintain goodwill with all applicantseveryone is a potential source of referral.

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    Let Them Know You’ll Keep Their Resume On File

    When writing your job rejection email, let the candidate know you can keep their resume on file. This shows that you value their work and may consider them for future opportunities. Perhaps this candidate may not be the best fit for the specific role you are currently hiring for, but in the future, they might be a great choice.

    Be Professional And Considerate

    While its likely the applicant will be disappointed no matter how you frame the rejection, using professionalism and consideration can diminish any negativity they may feel toward you or the company. Consider using the Sandwich Method where you deliver less welcome news between two positive messages. For example, you might start by letting the applicant know youre impressed by a specific skill or experience, tell them youve chosen to move forward with another candidate and then finish by thanking them for their time and wishing them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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    Following Up With Unsuccessful Candidates

    Rejecting unsuccessful candidates over the phone does take time, but it also lets you keep good candidates in mind for future jobs. To do it right, you need to make sure that your business reputation isnt damaged in the process.

    The one who makes the call needs to be in control of the conversation. Dont let the unsuccessful applicant draw you into an argument or allow you to give out too much information. If you get voicemail, ask the candidate to call you back. Dont tell the candidate the bad news over a message. Here are five things to consider.

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    Dont Talk About Other Candidates

    Tutorial: How To Follow-up With Your Candidate After Client Rejection

    Talking about the reasons another candidate did get hired can also get your business in hot water. You dont want to talk about the newly hired candidate in terms of race, age, gender, or specific qualifications. Its natural to want to explain why you went with another candidate, but you need to consider the liability in hiring decisions. Dont give the applicant a reason to believe that you discriminated against in your choice. You can be generic in your answer by saying that the candidate was very strong.

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    Job Rejection Email Template

    It’s helpful to create a template that you can use for all of your rejection emails. Here’s a template that you can customise:

    Dear ,

    We appreciate you applying for the position at . After meeting with several candidates, we have decided to move forward with another candidate for this position. We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us and learn more about our company. Our hiring team enjoyed learning more about your experiences, skills, and qualifications.

    While we were impressed by your , we were looking for a candidate with . One thing that stood out during your interview was . In the future, we may enjoy learning more about these experiences.

    As you continue looking for jobs, please consider the other roles in our hiring portal. If we ever find a position we feel you are suited for, we can reach out directly as we have your resume on file. We appreciate the time you took to meet with us and wish you the best of luck in your job search.


    Here is an example of a rejection email you can send after interviewing a candidate:

    Subject line: Social media strategist at Social Corp

    Dear Nathan,

    We appreciate you applying for the social media strategist position at Social Corp. After meeting with several candidates, we have decided to move forward with another candidate for this position. We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us and learn more about our company. Our hiring team enjoyed learning more about your experiences, skills, and qualifications.

    Interview Result Email To Candidate

    The interview outcome email is important at every stage, especially the final one. At this point, you will have spent a significant amount of time with a candidate. A short email isn’t going to reflect the time, effort, and potential expense they’ve spent on this. Here’s how you deliver an interview result email to a candidate with some compassion.

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    Rejecting Unsuccessful Candidates Over The Phone

    May 1, 2020

    Dealing with unsuccessful candidates for a job is one of the least favorite parts of the hiring process. How your business deals with job applicants directly correlates to your reputation in the industry.

    If you want to maintain good relations within your industry, you must have a plan to manage the dozens, if not hundreds of job applicants that arent hired. Learn more about when you can send an automated rejection letter, when you should call an unsuccessful candidate and how to talk to a rejected candidate over the phone.

    Why Should I Send A Job Rejection Email

    Candidate Rejection Email After an Interview (Free Templates)

    A whopping 36% of candidates reported waiting as much as two weeks for a response, according to data from an Indeed survey. In the same survey, 52% of job seekers said the digital hiring process has made the experience more inefficient and their resume seems to disappear into a black hole. *

    For an applicant who has been counting the days since sending their application, the waiting period after submitting an application can feel like a lifetime and not receiving a response paints a negative image of your companys hiring process. Of course, if you have dozens of applicants who have applied for a role, sending personalized rejection messages to each person who is not selected for the job can seem like a tedious and time-consuming task. However, its crucial you dont skip or delay this step. Heres why:

    • A job rejection email shows the applicant you recognize the effort they put into applying and/or interviewing, and helps limit any negative feelings toward your company.
    • Notifying applicants will ensure they wont be left waiting for an answer and may reduce the number of check-in emails you receive from those applicants.
    • If an applicant has impressed you with their skill set and you feel theyre a good culture fit despite not being the right match for the role youre currently looking to fill, you can encourage them to apply for other positions within the company.

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    Reasons To Reject A Job Candidate:

    Usually, a candidate during an interview or after the interview process gets a fair idea about his selection. Now it is not mandatory that at all the times, the guess of the candidate turns true. There are also instances where the candidate gets rejected even after performing well.

    Getting selected or rejected in an interview is a very common thing that happens in almost everybodys career. Now if you are selected then well and good, but in case if you are not, then you should learn your mistakes and should not repeat them in your next interview.

    Here we have mentioned a few reasons to reject a job candidate based on a survey done based on this topic in which top employers have participated.

    • Sloppy job applications

    Be Prompt And Dont Wait Around

    No one likes to waste time, so the moment you know a candidate isnt the right fit, tell them. Dont wait around and keep them in the dark.

    Try and see it from their perspective. Candidates could be turning down job offers or holding off on applying for other jobs, simply because theyre waiting for your response. Whether youre worried about hurting their feelings or you genuinely liked them and are choosing to wait, its always best to just get it out of the way.

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