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Interview Questions For Cna Position In Hospital

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What Is Your Biggest Weakness

BEST Interview Tips for Getting A Hospital Job (PCT|CNA|EMT)

While there is no exact answer or correct response, its crucial to indicate your self-awareness and offer a sincere explanation for what the interviewer may perceive as a potential weakness.

At the same time, you should never leave your answer resolved either. Instead, always end this answer with tangible ways youre addressing your weaknesses and how you hope to change them in the future.

Putting It All Together

There you have it! 27 important CNA interview questions to be ready for. Yes, CNAs are tasked with less than fabulous tasks. Yes, as shortages of doctors and nurses continue, the need for and the responsibilities of CNAs increases. But while the role of CNA may sound less than glamorous, it is an extremely important cog in the engine that is Healthcare. CNAs are part of a team responsible for maintaining the health and wellness of communities. Few jobs are as crucial to society as CNAs, and medical professionals and community members do recognize this fact. Not only can you make a critical difference to a patients physical health but you can make a huge difference in a patients emotional health as well.

Good luck!

What Would You Do If You Are Done With All Your Tasks But Have A Few Minutes To Spare Before Completing Your Shift

Demonstrate that you are self-motivated and know how to stay busy. The following is an example of a good answer: Ill review the files of the patients so as to refresh their treatment plans in my mind. This will also help me explain the things to the nurse aide who is going to resume the duty for the next shift.

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Why Have You Decided To Become A Cna

Hand on heart, CNA does not belong to the best paying professions in the world. Nor it is the most convenient position one can have.

If someone is to have this job for more than a few years, and still enjoy doing it, there must be something that drives them forward. Some motivation, love, commitment, passionhard to say. It probably varies from one person to another, but you should do your best to convince the interviewers that there is something that drives to have this career.

I have had an office job for a long time, and I didnt feel happy anymore. I lost my motivation. I needed a career change, and I wanted to work with people, for people, to see a purpose in my daily activity. Job of a CNA was a great choice for me since it didnt take long to get the certification, and I knew I would work with people in this role.

I originally dreamed of becoming a nurse, but my situation did not allow me to invest time and money into nursing school. So I decided to become a nursing assistant, since the role is similar, and getting the certification does not require a lot of money.

Its a long story. My grandmother was ill and she spent last two years in a private nursing home. I visited her often, we had a close relationship. When I watched local staff working with the people, the love and care they provided, I knew I had found my true calling. I hope to follow their example and become a great nursing assistant.

What Unique Skills Can You Bring To This Position

Top 80 CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) Interview Questions

You can bet that there will be others interviewing for this position that have similar work experience and skills to yours. What can you share that will make you stand out?

Now would be an appropriate time to remind your interviewer of some of the skills youve learned recently or perhaps a unique training that would benefit your team. Note your desire to share your expertise with others.

If this happens to be an interview for your first job, be sure to mention your dedication to growth and eagerness to learn all that you can by doing and observing.

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What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role

This is a common question asked by the hiring manager to know the attitude you have toward this role. In your response, demonstrate that you are ready for the task and you have the right strategies and mindset for performing the role.

Sample Answer

A good CNA must be ready to juggle between different responsibilities of patient care. He or she will need to check and record important patients signs, moods, emotions, food intake. Another strategy is to know when to clean up patients as well as helping them carry out basic day-to-day duties. To have all these done in good time, a CAN must be extremely organized and calm to avoid things getting out of hand.

What Are Your Weaknesses

As much as we all hate the question about strengths, this one is even worse. Who wants to admit to having flaws? The truth is everyone has a few. Here are a couple of hints: First, turn a weakness into a strength. For example, if you know youâre a perfectionist, you could say, âI sometimes have a hard time being patient when others donât want to do their job well.â Second, think of a story that illustrates how you recognized a weakness in yourself and worked to overcome it. Maybe youâre a control freak. Hereâs what you could say: âI used to think that no one could do a job as well as I could. I didnât want to share tasks or ask for help. I would feel frustrated. But over time, Iâve come to appreciate having co-workers and team members who can pitch in.â

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What Are The Common Challenges Youll Have To Face During Work

State the obstacles and problems youll have to deal with and how you will tackle them

Sample Answer Some of the issues I might have to deal with in my job will be having to instill a sense of confidence and keep the hope alive in the patient that he will get better. To and maintain harmony among the office staff and superiors. Ensure that the medicines are stocked up and that there is no problem in working for the organization.

Q1: What Challenges Did You Face In Your Previous Cna Job And How Did You Overcome It

NHS Healthcare Assistant INTERVIEW Questions and ANSWERS! (PASS your HCA Interview!)

Insight: Every job has challenges and the employer is aware of this. The key here is to be as honest as possible and smart about what you choose to say. Go with a challenge that you actually experienced and one which you were able to successfully deal with.

A14: Once I was taking care of a client who was stubborn. He did not want help moving around or eating though he was not able to move or eat on his own. It was really frustrating as I knew I was there to help him yet he did not want me to do my work. Over time I figured he was somewhat rejecting me because I did not wear colors he liked. My uniform back then was sky blue and the old man hated blue. When I switched to white he happily let me help him with his daily activities. In essence, learning as much as possible about a patient under my care puts me in the best position to be successful in my work.

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Tell Me About The Various Stages Of A Pressure Sore

Many times, CNAs have more direct contact time with a patient than doctors or nurses. For this reason, you might be the first to notice the signs of various complications. Be prepared for a question that checks your knowledge of some of the most common issues you might encounter it might not be pressure sores and refresh your memory of the basics of bedside care.

If you dont know the answer, be honest and dont guess. Be genuine with your response and explain your desire to learn. Interviewers understand that experience levels vary your honest response will go a long way.

How Do You Handle Stressful Situations

CNAs are often required to work in very high-stress environments. They need to know how they would handle a situation if it were ever thrown at them unexpectedly! The best answer for this question would be that the CNA plans on taking some time to themselves and relaxing before coming back to work. CNAs should not say that they would lose their temper!

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Explain How To Stay Updated With The Nursing Profession

What? You thought your education stopped with your obtaining CNA certification? Guess again! Most states require CNAs to complete nearly 15 hours of continuing education units every year! Thats 15 hours of training through online education sources or through attending conference workshops or in-house training experiences.

Face it, new treatments and new medical conditions arise every year making most training outdated within a year if not months of graduating. Show hiring managers you know of the need for continued education, where to obtain CEUs, and that you are already experienced in completing such trainings. By the way, accredited CEU providers are essential so seek CEUs offered by accredited institutions. And make certain you clarify your training was accredited. Did I mention to highlight your CEUs and training were accredited?


I have already completed 10 hours of continuing education units through online providers accredited by both the California Board of Registered Nursing and the Florida Board of Nursing. Most recently I completed CEUs including the Care of Patients with Alzheimers and Talking to Dementia Residents, training which is especially relevant to this position as a CNA for your Alzheimers facility.

How Would You Handle A Patient Who Refuses Care

Top 27 CNA Interview Questions (+Example Answers)

Sometimes, patients will refuse care. Their reasons vary. Try answering this question with a detailed example of a time when youve successfully cared for a patient who refused care. Did you show patience? Were you empathic to the needs of the patient? Did you take the time to learn and address any concerns that might have led them to refuse the care?

Strive to share specific ways that you handled the situation. For example, lets say you noticed that an elderly patient was aggressively acting out due to her loneliness. At the end of your shift, you decided to leave her a card with an encouraging note and pictures your children drew to brighten her mood.

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Explain The Differences Between Lvn Rn And Vn

Knowing about the different designations and duties of the nursing department is always a plus point.

Sample Answer RN is a registered nurse and is more experienced and responsible than an LVN in terms of taking care of the patient. LVN is a licensed vocational nurse, who is a subordinate of the RN and is responsible for collecting and documenting data.

Tell Us About Yourself

Every interview has this question ⦠and it is often misunderstood. Do not answer with your life story: âWell, I was born in Pittsburgh. I met my husband in high schoolâ¦â Instead, talk about why you want to work there. âIâve always wanted to have a career in health care. Iâm good with people, and I enjoy helping others.â

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How Do You Feel About Working With People In Bad Physical Condition

Changing diapers, cleaning patients, assisting them in the shower. These are common duties of a nursing assistant. You need to convince the interviewers that you count with this aspect of the job, and are ready to take care of such duties.

But your answer shouldnt be a brief one, saying I feel okay about doing it. You should elaborate on it, saying that you did it before, and felt okay about it, or saying that you are aware of your duties and do not feel any aversion to doing them regularly. Showing some empathy in your answer is a clear sign for the employer that they can find an excellent care giver in you.

I have done it in my practice. I have a lot of respect for old people and I understand how they feel when they need someone to help them at in a bathroom. It is not easy for them, and I always tried to stay polite, and to do it with love and respect. After all, we never know what awaits us later in life. Everyone can end up in the same situation on day.

I know my duties and I am ready to take care of them. I have a child, so I have experience with changing diapers and cleaning. I think it is just about creating a habit. Once you know what you do and why you do it, it becomes easier. If I was not ready to work with people who can not walk, I would never get a CNA certification.

What Would You Do If You Saw A Co

CNA Interview Questions and Answers for Hospital

What you want to hear: Quality patient care demands remaining calm and respectful at all times, even when challenged. It is the responsibility of each CNA to ensure not only that they follow this protocol, but that their colleagues do as well. Listen for a candidate who will have the courage to step into a situation where a colleague is behaving inappropriately. They should be able to explain how they would diffuse and take control of the situation, including calmly asking the colleague to tend to something away from the patient, comforting the patient with listening skills and a pleasant demeanor, and resolving the cause of conflict or seeking a supervisors assistance.

Red flag: A candidate who is not prepared to take aggressive and appropriate action when a co-worker is being combative with a patient is failing to be a productive team player and is putting the patients health at risk.

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How Do You Communicate Bad News To Patients/patients’ Families

A question like this checks your interpersonal skills and ability to deliver healthcare information professionally. Therefore, its essential to carefully consider your answer.

The best answers include empathy and understanding of how healthcare-related situations may impact patients, family members and other loved ones. In addition, the interviewer will be looking for your ability to support patients through their decisions.

Describe A Situation Where You Had To Work With A Difficult Co

With this question, make sure you dont throw anybody under the bus. You want to include the resolution, and, if possible what you learned from the situation.

Sample answer:

I worked the night shift with a nurse who consistently showed up late for their shift. This would impact the whole team and put us behind. I took time to talk with the nurse and asked them if switching shifts would help them arrive to work on time. My co-worker said it would help them since the particular hour they were scheduled was difficult for them. We switched, and that solved the problem. I learned that taking initiative goes a long way.

Spot on! This shows an ability to adapt and problem-solve. Hiring managers want to find someone who can overcome a tough situation and find a resolution. Moreover, it shows character since you were willing to sacrifice for the team. Kudos.

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Question #: Are There Any Duties You Are Not Willing To Perform

The interviewer wants to make sure you understand some CNA tasks can be unpleasant and that you are willing to do what the job requires.

  • Acknowledge you know some tasks are not as pleasant, but they’re part of the job.
  • Assert that you have done these types of tasks.
  • Assure the interviewer you will do everything you are assigned.

How You Could Answer

“CNAs have to do all kinds of things other people would not be willing to do! But it’s part of the job. I’m trained and ready to do what the job takes. And I grew up with two brothers, so nothing shocks me!”

Describe A Time When You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learnt


This is a common question asked by many hiring managers to gauge your ability to own mistakes. The employer wants to know whether you are the kind of employee who blames others for their mistakes. In your response, describe the situation, how you failed, and the lessons you learned.

Sample Answer

The worst experience I have had as a CNA is when one of my patients died. This traumatized me so much until I hated being a CNA. I wrote a letter of resignation to my boss because I took the blame on myself. However, the boss was very understanding. He asked me the reasons why I wanted to quit and I explained. After discussing at length with him, he made me know that death that comes without my negligence is natural. Today, I am a bit stronger than before to accept when my patients lose their lives. I have learned to overcome a lot of fears to work effectively as a CNA.

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Q1: Where Do You See Yourself In 5 Years

Insight: No company wants to take on an employee who will quickly jump ship at the slightest whiff. The idea is to reassure the employer that your future plans involve them. Also, you need to show some ambition. Every employer likes the sound of an employee who is willing to grow and better their skills.

A11: I intend to learn a lot from your professional medical team. Five years from now I will be pursuing a nursing degree with a wealth of experience on my back. Some time down the road, I would like to work at this very facility as a licensed practical nurse.

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