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How To Interview A Caregiver For The Elderly

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Have Multiple Interviews And A Trial Period

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Interviewing a potential caregiver just once doesnt give you enough information to make a good decision.

To get a more complete picture, consider having 3 interviews:

  • A brief screening interview via phone to make sure they meet basic requirements
  • An in-person interview to meet candidates who pass the phone screen
  • An in-person interview where the top 1 or 2 candidates meet your older adult
  • An interview is one thing, but real-life is something else entirely.

    After choosing a great caregiver candidate, its a good idea to arrange a trial period before making the job permanent.

    This gives you a chance to observe how well they get along with your older adult and how they handle the caregiving tasks.

    It also gives the caregiver a chance to make sure the job meets their expectations.

    Get tips on setting up a trial period here. Its written for child care, but applies to senior care as well.

    How Would You Maintain A Client Or Patient’s Records

    Sample answer: It’s important to log all activities, vital signs, and medications that were administered. Or any situations where the patient showed changing signs of health. From here, we can review those situations and determine how severe they are. After that, we can consult the working physician or pediatric doctor about the issue and remedy the situation. Keeping a close record of all activities and vital signs is incredibly important in the caregiver role.

    What Made You Become A Professional Caregiver

    You need someone who is going to take this assignment seriously, someone who will pay attention to detail and ensure your loved one’s needs are met.

    Asking why a person chose to become a professional caregiver is a solid opportunity to learn what motivates that person.

    Look for sincerity and interest in response it’s an important conversation. But do know that any reputable home care agency will have already had this conversation well before they’re considered for your assignment.

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    What Attributes Do You Have That Make You A Good Caregiver

    Caregivers need certain personality traits to assist sick, elderly, or disabled patients. By asking this question, you can determine whether a candidate has the required qualities to care for others. What to look for in an answer:

    • Patience, compassion, and attentiveness
    • Experience caring for and assisting others
    • Desire to use their qualities to help others


    “As a caregiver, I believe my most valuable personality traits are kindness and patience. In my last role, I cared for an elderly woman who was experiencing memory loss. She would buzz me to attend to her and forget why she buzzed when I came. I understood her medical condition and was patient with her. After taking care of her for three months, her family members hired me to provide in-home care because of my compassion.”

    What Questions Should A Senior Caregiver Ask

    Interview Questions For Hiring a Caregiver

    here are eight questions to consider asking during an interview with a potential caregiver:

    • What made you become a professional caregiver?
    • Do you specialize in whats ailing my loved one?
    • Are you quiet or talkative?
    • What kind of hobbies do you have?
    • How often will you evaluate and update a written care plan?

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    Common Caregiver Interview Questions And Sample Answers

    To be a successful caregiver, you need the right training, skills, and personality. Caregivers should be organized, detail-oriented, empathetic, and patient. So, to show prospective employers you’re the best candidate, highlighting these skills and making a good impression in your interview is necessary. In this article, you’ll learn more about what a caregiver is, how to answer common caregiver interview questions, and the best ways to prepare for your interview.

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    Finding A Private Hire Caregiver

    When hiring a caregiver directly, there are a few pros and cons. Primarily, you will have the benefit of getting a feel for the candidates personally during the interview process rather than simply getting to consider individuals the agency recommends. However, youll need to take over and be ready to handle the tasks mentioned in the list above to ensure that you hire the right caregiver. Read on for more advice concerning choosing a caregiver regardless of your preferred method of finding one.

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    Interview Questions To Ask A Caregiver For The Elderly

    For most of us, a job interview means answering questions instead of asking them. Its just the way the world works. There are more workers than bosses.

    But now youre in a situation where youre the one doing the hiring. The position: a caregiver to look after an elderly family member.

    You know that you want someone capable, caring and friendly. However, you might not be sure which questions to ask to find that person.

    Thats why weve put together this list of caregiver interview questions to help you choose the best person to care for your loved ones.

    This last question is particularly important. You want a person with experience, but also someone who enjoys working with senior citizens or has a nurturing nature.

    Ask For Specific Details

    Sunrise Senior Living Interview – Caregiver

    For example, when a potential caregiver says that she has assisted in showering for a care recipient, probe further.

    For elderly who are still able to walk, sometimes a caregiver is only required to provide supervision and support but does need not to help the elderly with the actual washing up. This might not be suitable if you require a caregiver to be showering your loved one.

    For wheelchair-bound elderly, there may be situations where a caregiver might have extra help at home in transferring the elderly from bed to wheelchair as she had difficulties doing it independently. She might not be suitable for you if you are looking for someone who can manage the care independently.

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    In An Emergency What Procedures Would Get Followed

    Sample answer: Before working with a patient, I like to understand the patient’s needs, issues, ailments, diseases, and more. It’s best to understand how emergencies should get handled. This can be a written procedure list from the family or the provider. And then, in emergencies, attempt to follow the procedure list the best we can.

    Arrive Early And Prepared

    An interview is your chance to make a lasting impression on prospective employers. To help you do this, always arrive early and prepared. Being prepared includes dressing professionally and bringing additional resources, such as a copy of your resume or cover letter.

    Bringing a copy of your resume for you and the interviewer to refer to gives you a great opportunity to talk about your credentials and work experience. Employers may also make notes on your resume to refer to later.

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    Be Aware Of The Information You Will And Will Not Have When Using A Placement Agency

    However, there are a couple issues to keep in mind when hiring a caregiver from an in-home senior care placement agency. Since the agency will be in charge of paying and keeping records on their caregivers, you won’t really know what they are earning or have access to a full picture of your caregiver’s background if they do not choose to provide it. This situation can make your relationship with your caregiver a little impersonal, which can make some people uneasy.

    Another thing to think about when considering hiring a caregiver through an agency is the cost. An agency will charge a premium price for their services, and you may be able to acquire equally qualified help for a lower price if you hire directly.

    Lastly, enlisting the aid of an agency doesn’t mean that you can simply walk away from the situation. You still need to be active and involved in the care that is being provided. Not monitoring a caregiver’s work can lead to misunderstandings and worsening conditions for your senior in need.

    Opening your home or a family member’s home to a caregiver is a big step that should not be taken lightly. However, by paying attention and carefully evaluating your potential caregivers, you are sure to find someone who can provide the attention your senior needs.

    Get Pricing and Availability

    Why Is Hiring The Right Caregiver Important

    Common Interview Questions for Caregivers for Elderly

    The elderly caregiver you hire will be interacting with your loved one every day, as well as ensuring his/her safety and well-being. Its a huge responsibility. The experience of in-home care depends greatly on the caregiver and how this person is able to interact and connect with your loved one. A list of skills isnt enough. Youll want to look at the right fit for your loved ones condition and personality, as well as the caregivers experiences and profile.

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    Guide To Hiring The Right Senior Caregiver

    Many older adults receive in-home help from relatives, but professional, paid caregivers have their place, too. Some perform all of the care, while others help seniors’ family members so they can maintain a work-life balance. COVID-19 made finding caregivers trickier in 2020 and 2021. Families relied on video interviews to talk with job candidates and asked that caregivers mask at work and practice safe behaviors on- and off-duty. It was even more trust than usual to place into a stranger.

    Overall, there are many options for caregivers and places to find them. It takes time, research, and effort to find someone reliable and trustworthy who has the right skillset to tend to your loved one. Just as important is that your loved one feels comfortable with the caregiver.

    If your search is beginning, you may be wondering things such as, Can I really afford a caregiver? and How can I trust a stranger in my parents’ house? This guide walks you through the process of hiring help at home. It also explains other considerations when searching for quality home care.

    Do You Prefer Working Alone Or With Other Healthcare Professionals

    Candidates who provide in-home care work more independently than those who work in a hospital setting. The goal of this question is to understand a caregiver’s preferred working style. What to look for in an answer:

    • Ability to work independently and as a team
    • Interpersonal and communication skills to work with others
    • Suitability to your organizational culture


    “I find I can provide more personalized patient care when I work independently. However, I also enjoy working as part of a team. I value being able to share my opinions with doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to determine the best care programs for my patients. I can adapt to either environment as I have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy being social with both my patients and other professionals.”

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    Are You Comfortable Working Flexible Hours

    Caregivers may have to work flexible hours to meet a client’s needs. By asking this question, you can determine what days a candidate is available to work. What to look for in an answer:

    • Experience working flexible hours
    • Ability to adapt to your work culture
    • Desire to provide the best patient care


    “I worked flexible hours as a caregiver in my last two roles. Currently, I’m available to work Mondays through Saturdays. I’m also open to caring for patients during the weekends, evenings, and holidays when required.”

    Hiring A Caregiver Directly

    Interviewing Caregivers and Home Care Companies – #AskHomeCareExpert (Episode 3)

    If you opt to find your caregiver yourself, you will find that you have a great degree of control over who will ultimately be providing for the senior in need. You will have the opportunity to survey a wide range of candidates, and meet with them individually so you can get the best feel for who will be able to most effectively manage the senior’s situation. Due to the fact that circumstances that require the aid of a professional caregiver are almost always very personal in nature, it can be helpful to begin the relationship at a one-on-one level so you can find the best person for the job.

    Hiring directly gives you the most control over finding the person who will provide care for your senior in need. However, it also means that you must put in the necessary work to vet and investigate candidates for the position. There are numerous resources at your disposal to find caregivers, starting with your family, friends and colleagues and also including Internet services such as Craigslist or sites like Once you have found a candidate through these sources, you must continue to investigate them.

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    What Are Adl’s Or Activities Of Daily Living

    Sample answer: ADL’s are followed procedures as it relates to a patient’s required daily living standards. This could be hygiene, cooking, cleaning, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning a room, or changing bedsheets. And changing bedpans or assisting with regular living activities, including exercise and mobility movements. ADL’s are important because they allow caregivers to understand and have a checklist for providing the most optimal care. Care and support to the patient, elder, or those in need.

    Questions Related To Previous Experiences

  • What previous experience as a senior caregiver do you have? Have you applied for any caregiver jobs before?
  • What challenges have you faced while working with past clients and how did you overcome them?
  • Think of a time when you cared for a senior. What part of your experience was the most difficult? What was the most meaningful?
  • Think about a time when you worked with a either a difficult client or customer. What was difficult about working with them and what did you do to get past it?
  • Tell me about the best day of work youve had and what made it so memorable.
  • Tell me about a mistake you made while caring for a client and how you handled it.
  • Give me an example of a time when you exhibited one of your companys values.
  • What are some factors that make a job feel fulfilling for you?
  • Tell me about the worst boss you ever had.
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    What A Caregiver Should Not Do

    6 things not to do as a caregiver DO NOT shy away from sharing with others that youve become a caregiver . DO NOT pretend that everything is like it used to be you need time to grieve the loss of your old life. DO NOT attempt to be Super Caregiver . DO NOT be reluctant to share your challenges and difficulties with the person in your care.

    Here Are The 10 Questions At A Glance:

    Caring and Support for the Elderly  Oplex Careers

    1. How long has the agency been providing private duty home care?

    2. Is a written, customized care plan developed in consultation with the client and family members, and is the plan updated as changes occur?

    3. How are emergencies handled after normal business hours?

    4. Do they closely supervise the quality of care, including maintenance of a daily journal in the clients home and non-scheduled supervisory visits?

    5. Does the agency employ a nurse, social worker, or other qualified professional to make regular visits to the clients home?

    6. Do they provide a written document that states the rights and responsibilities of the client, and explains the companys privacy policy and code of ethics?

    7. Do they triple-screen their caregiver employees carefully, including use of reference checks, driving records and criminal background investigations?

    8. Does the agency mandate ongoing training of its employees to continually update their skills?

    9. Does the agency manage all payroll and employee-related matters and adhere to state and federal guidelines in its employment practices, such as withholding appropriate taxes and providing workers compensation and other benefits?

    10. Do they also use independent contractors? If so, who employs the person and pays the mandated taxes and withholdings in this case?

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    Consult Your Loved One

    As you narrow down potential candidates, its important to involve your senior in the final decision. Our parents spent most of their lives caring for us to give us the best life possible now it is time to do the same for them, adds Scallan. Taking their feedback on who is caring for them will make the job much easier for all parties concerned.

    Is A Written Customized Care Plan Developed In Consultation With The Client And Family Members And Is The Plan Updated As Changes Occur

    Youre loved one is a unique individual and their care should be just as unique. A customized plan caters to their specific needs. You are not looking for a cookie cutter care plan, selected for them because they have a particular chronic condition like heart disease, diabetes or Alzheimers disease. Additionally, a persons needs dont stay the same. As their condition deteriorates, they need more care. That requires a change in the care plan.

    Dementia and Alzheimers care demonstrates this well. At Homewatch CareGivers, we believe that every dementia care client should not only get a customized care plan, but their caregivers should learn about their social history to make them feel more comfortable. This plan adjusts as the dementia progresses so at any one time, the care is always right for your mom or dad. Homewatch CareGivers also offers Pathways to Memory, a unique dementia care program that focuses on one-on-one interaction with the goal of creating meaningful moments in a failure-free environment. The goal is to make your loved one feel safe and confident, not to correct them.

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    Questions To Ask When Interviewing Caregivers

    When it comes to cooking, cleaning, running errands or watching the kids, its easy to find people willing to do those types of things for you.

    Plenty of people are willing to stick out their neck for you once in a while. Plenty of people want to lend a helping hand. Getting things taken care of is one thing, but getting YOU taken care of, is another.

    Things prove to be a little different when looking for someone to help you directly. One day, we will all need some help with ADLs .

    What do you envision that to be?

    Its important for us to provide the senior care now that we will want in the future. What kind of person would you want working with you? What kind of person do you want working with your loved one right now?

    Hiring a caregiver can be both nerve-wracking and difficult. We see postings for these jobs all over the place it can be difficult to hire the right caregiver.

    Here are 51 caregiver interview questions to help you connect with and hire the right people to work for you, and hopefully find people to work for the long haul.

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