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Interview Questions For Solutions Architect

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What Is A Vlan

Solutions Architect Interview Questions AWS

VLAN You have 100 computers in one switch and within one subnet. Limit the finance to access the things only they need. Finance, HR, Sales, ITOps team might need access to everything. You can virtualize your switch to chop into multiple virtual logical switches. This way you can enhance security for those logical groups of computers. Cloud Architect Technical Interview

How Can You Improve Existing Software

Here,the interviewer will assess if you have the ability to improve a system

Tip1: Provide ways through which IT solutions architects can improve a system

Tip2: Make your answer brief and precise

Sample Answer

Performingan upgrade is one of the effective ways to improve an existing system.Technology keeps changing and for software to remain useful, it should beupgraded to the latest version. Another way to enhance a system is by updatingit.

Updating the software gives users access to up-to-date security which the software developers have come up with to be able to protect their applications from malicious viruses. An existing system can also be enhanced by upgrading the hardware.

What Are Some Security Best Practices For Integrating Amazon Ec2

The interviewer may use this question to evaluate how you ensure that company networks and cloud-based processes remain encrypted and invulnerable to security risks. An insecure system can cause loss or damage to the company data. You can answer by giving examples of how to mitigate security risks within an AWS framework.

Example: “Some of the best practices include controlling and limiting access to AWS resources. Restriction of resources is achievable through identity and access management protocols. You can do this by regularly analyzing the protocols set in your security groups and open permissions only based on these requirements. You may also disable password-based login capability. Removing this function can mitigate risk by ensuring that if attackers compromise a password, they are unable to access the server.”

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Tips To Prepare For A Snowflake Interview

Here are a few tips that can help you improve your confidence for attending Snowflake interviews:

  • Understand the role you are applying for by reading the job description carefully. Identify the critical skills the employer is looking for and highlight these skills in your answers.

  • Review the company’s past interview questions. Search for the company name along with the keyword ‘Snowflake interview’ to see if you can find any sample questions online and try solving them.

  • Use the Challenge-Action-Result interview response method. This technique helps in presenting your answers clearly and effectively by demonstrating your problem-solving skills to the interviewer.

  • It is okay not to know the answers to a specific question. If you face any challenging question, you can let the interviewer know that you do not know the answer but are eager to learn more about it.

Please note that none of the companies, institutions or organisations mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

Ask Questions And Establish Scope


The biggest mistake you can make during a system design interview is to jump right into the design without first asking questions. Because system design interview questions are intentionally vague, youll want to collaborate with your interviewer to establish design scope and validate any assumptions you may have.

Youll likely want to ask some or all of the following questions:

  • Which features are most important?
  • How many daily active users are there?
  • Can I leverage existing cloud providers like AWS, GCP, or Azure? , auto-scaling groups, document storage , message queues , cache , or CDN .
  • What types of data are we dealing with?
  • Do we need to consider ?
  • Can I assume that ?

Once you feel that you have a decent understanding of the problem, you can move on to the high-level design.

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What Consistency Design Patterns Are There For Different Systems

Every read request should receive the most recent data written, according to consistency from the CAP theorem. When there are several versions of the same data, it becomes difficult to synchronise them so that the clients always receive up-to-date information. The available consistency patterns are as follows:

Weak Consistency: The read request may or may not be successful in obtaining the new data after a write operation. Real-time use cases like VoIP, video chat, and online gaming all benefit from this kind of stability. For instance, if we experience a brief network outage while on a phone call, we will lose all information that was said during that time.

Eventual Consistency: Following a data write, reads will finally receive the most recent data in a matter of milliseconds. Here, asynchronous replication of the data is used. DNS and email systems both use them. In highly accessible systems, this works well.

Strong Consistency: Subsequent reads will always access the most recent data after a write. Here, synchronous replication of the data is used. This is seen in RDBMS and file systems, which are appropriate for systems needing data transfers.

Additional System Design Interview Prep

Here at Exponent, weve connected tens of thousands of job seekers in countless tech roles with expert courses and resources to best prepare them for their upcoming interviews.

If youre interested in more system design-related resources, be sure to check out:

Study up on example system interview questions

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What Kind Of Careers Can You Pursue With The Background Of Cloud Computing

With a cloud computing background, you can pursue a career as a Cloud administrator, Cloud architect, Cloud automation engineer, Cloud consultant, Cloud engineer, Cloud security analyst, and Cloud software engineer. You can simply opt for a cloud computing course or cloud architect certification, and you are good to pursue a lucrative career in cloud computing.

What Is The Most Innovative Solution Youve Proposed Working As A Solutions Architect

AWS Solutions Architect Interview Questions and Answers 2021 | AWS Certification Training | Edureka

When an interviewer asks you about innovative solutions youve proposed, they may want to know what experience you have with new technology and how you can apply it to help their business. The most appropriate answer discusses a non-obvious solution and how it impacted business operations.

Example:When I worked at Copy Company, I was presented with a problem having to do with a client that was a creditor. The companys website was designed to encourage users to create an account and find the perfect credit card for their lifestyle.

They wanted to include a way that customers could return to a credit card they had previously viewed. I decided that the best solution would be to create a user interface that allows guests to favorite credit cards. This allowed consumers to mark cards they wanted to return to. As a result, the creditor increased their customer base.

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Amazon Solution Architect Interview Faqs

Q. Where do I start my preparation?

You can start by visiting the and going through the requirements for some of the Amazon solution architect job opportunities you may find interesting. While youâre at it, we also recommend learning about their goals and values.You might also find our article on helpful for your onsite interview preparation.

Q. How can IK help me prepare for the Amazon solution architect Interview?

If you need help with your prep, whether youâre a coding engineer/software developer or a solution architect, you may consider joiningInterview Kickstart.

IK is the gold standard in tech interview prep. Our programs include a comprehensive curriculum, unmatched teaching methods, FAANG+ instructors, and career coaching to help you nail your next tech interview.

The 1st Telephonic Interview Was Around Technical Question From Applications To Storage Tcp Vs Udp Nas Vs San Raid 5 Vs 0+1 Firewalls Hypervisor Load Balancer Containers Dockerspupper Shef Cdn Map Reducer Big Data Sql Vs No Sql Router Switch Osi Model Development Tools Unix Shell Scripting Tuning Rdbms Running Application Tuning I/o Soa Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment Monolithic Application Loosely Coupled Application Cloud Security Encryption Dedup Wan Optimization For 2nd Telephonic It Was Mainly Focused On Example Based Like Give Me An Example Where You Have Done Something Which No One Has Done Give Me An Example Where You Have Failed Give Me An Example Where You Went Out Of Your Charter/comfort Zone To Help Someone Give Me An Example Where You Have Handled A Difficult Customer And How You Have Handled It What Have U Learn New Lately And How You Have Implemented It Next Was Face2face Onsite For Whole Day It Started With Presentation/white Boarding Then One Technical And Four Example Based Interviews In A Few Example Based Interviews They Might Ask You To Do A Architecture White Boarding

the techround in face2face round was more or less same like the phone screen . They expect the SA should have knowledge on all the areas plus depth in 1-2 area. If you have depth in 1-2 area they are going to go deep in that. It make sense to tell them initially that your expertise is in which area so that they can go deep into the sameLess

HI,I just took my first interview with Amazon and I was asked to come for second interview. In the email, HR asked me to prepare more or less same way I have prepared for the first interview. I was wondering if you could give me insights about the second and third interview? I am coming from non-software background, it is more or less based on telecommunications and networking. If I am called for on-site interview, did you happen to do coding problem on site? Your insight would be highly appreciated.Less

Its very important that you learn the 14 amazon leadership principles , your example based answers should reflect them also try to learn their offering , if possible complete the aws solution architecture training since it helps in white boardingLess

There are traditional machine learning approaches and deep learning approaches. It can be treated as a classification problem or a clustering problem, or an anomaly detection problem. Accuracy as a metric could be problematic because unbalanced data set.Less

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So What Are You Waiting For To Be Prepared

Get AWS Certified Solution Architect Professional certification Today! We provide 400+ UNIQUE practice questions for AWS Solutions Architect Professional certification exam.

Note: You need to pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect Associate certification exam to become eligible for AWS Solution Architect Professional certification exam.

Question 2 What Is Virtualization How Does It Work And Why Would You Use It

Solutions Architect Interview Questions

All the compute instances that you see in the cloud are virtual machines. So the hiring manager wants to know if someone has any concept of how the cloud is built.

They want to know that the candidate understands that an instance is nothing more than a virtual machine. The hiring manager wants to know that theyve actually set up virtualization before because its really hard to design something if youre not sure what it is.

So the hiring manager wants the candidate to be able to tell them:

Virtualization is when you take a bare metal server out of a hypervisor, and the hypervisor logically partitions your physical hardware. You can create multiple logical computers inside of a computer. Each logical computer will have its own operating system, you can set the memory, the CPU resources, and other matters.

Then you know how the cloud works, or at least how virtualization works. See, the cloud is nothing more than a virtualized network and a data center. And if you dont understand the data center and you dont understand the network, its very hard to actually build cloud solutions.

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What Are Vpc Flow Logs Nsg Flow Log In Azure

In networking we have Cisco NetFlow. It will examine the traffic, they would cross cisco routers and you could say, hm the traffic all going from here to end point B and check for security violation. You can find areas of congestion in your network. Check any issue on network traffic and troubleshoot.

Vpc flow log gives info about traffic flow. They are excellent for any network troubleshooting especially in security.

It will tell you below things:

Something accepted by ACL but rejected by security group. If this traffic was supposed to be a web app hosted in a VM and you want to know why it got rejected by SG. Check the VPC flow logs.

How Would You Secure The Cloud

Follow Defence in Depth and secure physical to data layer.

Steps are as below:

  • DDos, Firewall , IDS/IPS or intelligent thread detection
  • NSG : Network protection
  • WAF : Compute, Patches, Malware protection etc.
  • Application: design/code review of applications installed
  • Data: User azure PaaS services which is by default data at rest.

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How Do You Decide Which Operations To Automate With Intelligent Automation

Select a process for Intelligent Automation in case of:

  • Unstructured Data Intelligent automation is capable of processing unstructured data and has Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Because RPA can automate structured data, Intelligent Automation is a natural fit for a process that employs unstructured data. Machine Learning can handle unstructured data from scanned photos and documents using Optical Character Recognition and Advanced Image Recognition.
  • Judgment based Process Intelligent Automation allows for the automation of an end-to-end process that requires minimum human intervention and requires specific cognitive judgements.

When Vpn And Direct Connection

SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT Interview Questions & Answers!

If you need guaranty consistent latency and guaranty bandwidth use Direct connection since it is connected with direct wire. Costly option. Use the VPN because it is cheaper, works with the internet, and is flexible since everyone has the internet. You can create connections on demand. It was easy to connect to multiple remote sites. The side is you depend on internet bandwidth.

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When Would I Prefer Provisioned Iops Over Standard Rds Storage

  • If you have batch-oriented workloads
  • If you use production online transaction processing workloads.
  • If you have workloads that are not sensitive to consistent performance
  • All of the above
  • Answer A.

    Explanation: Provisioned IOPS deliver high IO rates but on the other hand it is expensive as well. Batch processing workloads do not require manual intervention they enable full utilization of systems, therefore a provisioned IOPS will be preferred for batch oriented workload.

    A Company Needs To Monitor The Read And Write Iops For Their Aws Mysql Rds Instance And Send Real

  • Amazon Simple Email Service
  • Amazon Route 53
  • Answer B.

    Explanation: Amazon CloudWatch is a cloud monitoring tool and hence this is the right service for the mentioned use case. The other options listed here are used for other purposes for example route 53 is used for DNS services, therefore CloudWatch will be the apt choice.

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    You Have An Ec2 Security Group With Several Running Ec2 Instances You Changed The Security Group Rules To Allow Inbound Traffic On A New Port And Protocol And Then Launched Several New Instances In The Same Security Group The New Rules Apply:

  • Immediately to all instances in the security group.
  • Immediately to the new instances only.
  • Immediately to the new instances, but old instances must be stopped and restarted before the new rules apply.
  • To all instances, but it may take several minutes for old instances to see the changes.
  • Answer A.

    Explanation: Any rule specified in an EC2 Security Group applies immediately to all the instances, irrespective of when they are launched before or after adding a rule.

    How Can I Load My Data To Amazon Redshift From Different Data Sources Like Amazon Rds Amazon Dynamodb And Amazon Ec2

    Bpm solution architect cover letter May 2021

    You can load the data in the following two ways:

    • You can use the COPY command to load data in parallel directly to Amazon Redshift from Amazon EMR, Amazon DynamoDB, or any SSH-enabled host.
    • AWS Data Pipeline provides a high performance, reliable, fault tolerant solution to load data from a variety of AWS data sources. You can use AWS Data Pipeline to specify the data source, desired data transformations, and then execute a pre-written import script to load your data into Amazon Redshift.

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    Experience And Background Questions

    Some positions require you to have a certain level of experience before applying. Experience and background questions allow employers to assess your industry knowledge and how to interpret your skills. They may also ask about previous projects and challenges to see how you function in the workplace. These questions usually produce the most variance in answers, and include:

    • What are your strengths as a solution architect?

    • What highly innovative solution have you created as a solution architect?

    • What are your weaknesses and how do they impact on your solution architect duties?

    • What is your educational background and how does it prepare you for this role?

    • Tell me about a time that a project of yours was unsuccessful and assess what went wrong.

    • What security approach do you take in your solutions?

    What Will Be Your Approach To Investigate The Issue

    Large data volumes can lead to sluggish performance, including slower queries, slower search and list views, and slower sandbox refreshing. You can avoid this predicament if you plan for accommodating LDV up front, designing your data model to build scalability in from the get-go.

    There are three types of data skew that can occur and negatively affect performance:

    • Account data skew Too many child records associated with the same parent Account causes account data skew
    • Ownership skew When a large number of records with the same object type are owned by a single user, this imbalance causes ownership skew
    • Lookup skew Lookup skew happens when a very large number of records are associated with a single record in the lookup object

    There are two approaches to resolve the Large Data Volume problem:

    • Short Term Solution
    • Use Query Optimizer to identify possible indexes
    • Check possibility of Skinny Tables / Big Objects
    • Eliminate Data Skew
    Dont want to reimplement the existing AppExchange Apps
    Dont want to impact end users in existing org Implement FSC in multiple phases to minimize end user impact

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