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Manager Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

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Can You Describe A Time When You Exceeded Expectations

5 interview questions to ask candidates

Important Points to Address: Provide an example of going the extra mile or taking the initiative even when it was not required of you.

Example Answer:In a previous job, I was once when I was given a manual data-entry task to complete that should have taken two weeks, I noted that both software we were using had import/export functions, but no one knew how to use them. I studied them at home for two nights, and on the third day, I was able to successfully export and import the data digitally. By doing this, I saved the company seven days.

What Is A Pmp Certification

The Project Management Professional or the PMP certification is the most popular credential in the field of project management. Administered by the Project Management Institute , the certification demonstrates that an individual is capable of bringing projects to successful completion and work in virtually any industry. Not everyone can achieve this certification easily, people have to pass a rigorous exam for it. Our PMP training course can help you prepare for the PMP exam and clear it in a single try.

Common Interview Questions To Avoid Asking Qualified Candidates

One last thing to keep in mind. In the same manner, its important to ask the right questions, avoid interrogating candidates and instead you should get them excited about the job! This carries the same importance as to why you should avoid common interview questions that some candidates might even repulse.

For example:

  • What are your greatest strengths? Weaknesses?
  • Why do you want to leave your current company?
  • Tell me about a time you made a mistake.
  • Discuss your resume.
  • Tell me how you handled a difficult situation.
  • Why are you looking for a new job?
  • What are your salary requirements?
  • Who are our competitors?
  • What was your biggest failure? Regret?
  • What motivates you?
  • Tell me about a time when you disagreed with your boss.
  • How do you handle pressure?
  • What is the name of our CEO?
  • What are your career goals?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • What makes you uncomfortable?
  • What questions have I not asked you?

These common questions should be reworded. If not avoided, they should be asked in the context of a conversation instead of the focus of the interview. The interviewer can practice and rehearse while not seeming as if that were the case.

While there are plenty of tips for interviewers youll want to keep these tips in your repertoire to get the most information out of that short conversation.

Remember these 20 interview questions to ask, and youre much more likely to hire the best people for the job.

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What Is The Rescheduling/cancellation Policy For Cbt Exams

You can reschedule or cancel the exam at any time until two calendar days before your scheduled exam appointment. However, because of limited seating capacity at the test centers, cancellations and rescheduling the exam will lead to a fee.

Please read the following policy carefully.

Within 30 days of your appointment

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Within 2 days of your appointment

Extenuating Circumstances

  • Medical emergency
  • What Is It About This Job That Interests You

    The questions to ask in an informational interview

    Important Points to Address: It is important that you convey genuine interest and not that you simply need a job to pay the bills.

    Example Answer:I am passionate about the industry and was excited when I saw this position advertised. I am excited to be in a position where I can put my skills and experience to good use, where I can develop new skills, and where I can create value for the business.

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    Do You Have Any Questions For Us

    This question helps you assess the candidate’s interest in the position. It shows their commitment to ensuring that they understand the company’s processes and operations. It also allows you to assess the candidate’s cognitive abilities and gives you an insight into their personality.

    Example: “I want to ask you how the company measuresperformance for this role andwhat a typical workday is like for an individual in this position. Also, what’sthe biggest challenge associated with this role?”


    Why Should I Do Pmp Certification With Simplilearn

    Simplilearn is an authorized training provider through our PMP Certification training course, and is aligned with the syllabus covered in the actual PMP Certification exam. Our applied learning approach helps learners understand the concepts better and our instructors are PMP-certified themselves. The pmp course includes access to digital materials from PMI, case studies, industry projects, interactive quizzes, and simulation exams to help you prepare for the PMP Certification exam and clear it in the first attempt.

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    So Getting More Into The Specifics Of How To Apply That Approach What Are Good Interview Questions To Ask Manager Candidates

    LR: Im looking for the nitty gritty. I want to know what you did on the ground.

    For example, creating a diverse and inclusive culture is really important here at , tell me how youve accomplished that before? Id love to hear a story of how youve done that.

    Think of common issues you have . We have pay scales, we think theyre pretty competitive, but it would be ludicrous to say we always pay everybody exactly what they want to be paid. So how do you deal with that situation where someone tells you they dont think theyre being paid fairly and they want to get a raise?

    And a really important question to ask a manager candidate is tell me your game plan. Tell me how you will approach this role in the first 30 days, 60 days, six months, etc. Because , there is a certain type of manager candidate that most of us are familiar with whos going to say, oh, heres what I always do: I come in, I evaluate the team, I see who Im going to keep, I see who Im going to get rid of, and its like whoa, no.

    Thats a warning sign, because being the manager obviously doesnt mean this is my kingdom. Its not a kingdom. My analogy for a manager is an orchestral conductor. A conductor cant play the violin or the tuba as well as these musicians can, but they are able to bring together the sounds, so that it makes an amazing experience for everyone.

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    What Is Your Greatest Achievement

    Top 10 Questions YOU Want To Ask In a Job Interview | Indeed Career Tips

    Important Points to Address: Showing your biggest achievement is important to help you progress in the interview process, especially if applying for a management or leadership role.

    Example Answer:In a previous role, I saw an opportunity to grow the business by collecting customer reviews for the company website. I researched review platforms and took my suggestion and research to my manager. By implementing a prompt for customer reviews on the website, the positive reviews generated a 15% increase in sales over the next three months.

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    What Past Experience Do You Have In A Management Role

    Before interviewing any candidate, the hiring manager should always review their previous experience on their resume and application. If they dont have the appropriate experience listed on their resume, they shouldnt even be getting an interview.

    This interview question is about more than the candidate listing off their past jobs. This question will give you a perspective on how the candidate feels their experience is relevant to the position. It will also help expand the conversation on various experiences they have had in the past that may not be on their resume.

    Hiring managers should ask follow-up questions about previous management experiences that were successful and those that were less than successful. These types of questions will highlight a candidates strengths and weaknesses.

    Have You Managed Remote Teams

    Project managers may be managing team members from around the world that they never see. Depending on the type of project youre hiring for this information could be key.

    Project managers that can not effectively manage remote teams may experience problems. These issues can cause project delays and into the companies bottom line causing costs to skyrocket.

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    What Are Some Good Questions For A Candidate To Ask An Interviewer

    Most interviews end with the question, do you have any questions for us? Here are some questions a candidate might ask an interviewer:

    • Why is this position open?
    • What are the average daily responsibilities of this job?
    • How would you describe the company culture?
    • What is your training/onboarding process?
    • What can I expect in my first 30/60/90 days on the job?
    • What do you think are the most important qualities for someone to excel in this role?
    • What is your favorite part of working for this company?
    • What development opportunities does the organization offer?
    • What changes do you expect to see within the company over the next year/five years?
    • What are the next steps in the interview process?

    Remember that an interview is a two-way street where the candidate evaluates whether to join the company. Preparing thoughtful, thorough, and confident responses to common applicant questions makes a positive impression. Of course, a candidate may pose a unique or interesting question that catches you off guard, in which case you can buy time to think by commenting, that is a great question!

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    Project Manager Interview Questions On Customer Orientation

    Sample Interview Questions To Ask A Candidate

    Project managers are responsible for understanding the need of the customer and responding in a timely, efficient manner in ways that meet customer expectations. They are also responsible for establishing and maintaining effective relationships and gaining the trust and respect of customers. Here are a few questions that are usually asked to gauge the candidate’s customer orientation:

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    What Are Some Improvements You Would Make As General Manager

    When you’re interviewing for a general manager position, the company will want to know what changes you plan to implement and how they’ll help the company improve. Remember to use a positive tone when describing ways you would improve a business’s processes. For example, if you notice that the company doesn’t have a social media presence, instead of talking about how bad a lack of social media presence is for business, you could talk about the benefits of a company using social media to get more clients and improve a company’s reputation.

    Example:”I noticed that the company’s social media channels haven’t been updated in a while. If I were hired for this role, I would create a part-time social media manager position to help increase community engagement with this business with regular postings. We could even use targeted ads to help bring in more business from users who engage with us on social media, which could offset the cost of hiring a new employee.”

    List Of Top Second Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

    The Indeed Editorial Team comprises a diverse and talented team of writers, researchers and subject matter experts equipped with Indeed’s data and insights to deliver useful tips to help guide your career journey.

    Second interviews allow hiring managers to provide candidates with more insight into the company’s daily operations. HR professionals can also use these interview sessions to ask questions related to the candidate’s work style and expectations. Identifying relevant questions you can ask a candidate in a second interview can help you confirm if they are the right fit for the role. In this article, we explore common second interview questions to ask candidates, background questions, in-depth second interview questions, provide examples of appropriate answers you can expect, and review helpful tips to guide you when conducting interviews.

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    One Of Your Team Members Is Asking For More Time To Complete A Task How Would You Handle This Situation

    Situational questions like these are common in project management interviews. This is a chance for hiring managers to see your thought process and gauge how you think on your feet.

    How to answer: As a project manager, youâll be expected to help team members that havenât been able to complete tasks on schedule in the interest of the project. Youâll want to know why the issue arose in the first place, and apply an appropriate fix. You might talk about adding another member if the team is feeling overloaded, implementing time buffers in the planning phase for certain tasks, or negotiating with a stakeholder for more time or resources.

    Reason : Project Management Professionals Demonstrate Better Project Performance

    5 Interview Questions You Should Ask Managers (Before You Hire Them)

    Not all project managers are PMP certified. Consequently, project managers who lack the credential perform less efficiently than their certified peers. The standards for the rigorous PMP exam are higher than other pmp certifications, testing professionals on five project management processes: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring & controlling, and closing, providing the Project manager with a detailed, standardized, actionable set of project management best practices.

    Further, in order to qualify for the PMP exam, aspirants must have an in-depth understanding of nine knowledge areas of project management, including project scope management, integration management, human resource management, time management, cost management, quality management, and procurement management.

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    Questions About The Culture

    Lees warns that you should take answers to questions about the company culture with a grain of salt. Its highly unlikely that the interviewer is going to come out and tell you that the culture is unwelcoming, or even toxic. Thats why questions like #22 below can be helpful. They get at company culture without explicitly asking about it and can help you uncover any unexpected elements about your potential new workplace, Markman says.

  • How do you typically onboard employees?
  • If the position will be remote, ask specifically about how remote employees are integrated into the company culture, Markman advises.
  • What do new employees typically find surprising after they start?
  • Is there anything that I should read before starting that would help me have a shared understanding with my colleagues?
  • Asking this question not only signals your interest in the position but also shows that youre eager to have shared cultural references with the people youll be working with, Markman says.
  • Whats your favorite office tradition?
  • What do you and the team usually do for lunch?
  • Do you ever do joint events with other departments or teams?
  • Whats different about working here than anywhere else youve worked?
  • How has the company changed since you joined?
  • What Do You Think Makes A Good Technical Writer

    Consider this question as it will help you understand what the candidate considers to be an excellent technical writer. It will also assist you in determining the level of experience and expertise of the candidate.

    What to Look For?

    Look for candidates who believe that an excellent technical writer can take complex information and communicate it in a way that is easy to understand. Candidates should also be able to explain why they believe this makes them excellent technical writers.

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    Tell Me About A Time You Set A Goal For Yourself And Achieved It What Did You Do To Ensure You Reached Your Goal

    Ideally, you want your new sales manager to demonstrate the ability to set a goal and follow-through with it. When seeking a candidate to fill a sales manager role, youll want someone who has had success setting and reaching goals even if they are small goals.

    As youre listening to their response, note the approach they took to reach their goal. This will give you a feel for how they will lead their team to reach their goals.

    If The Project Is Not Adhering To Schedule How Do You Get It Back On Track

    12 of the Best Job Interview Questions to Ask Local Government ...

    Knowing that a project is not keeping to its schedule is only as important as being able to get the project back on track. Once a project manager is aware of the discrepancy between the actual project schedule and the schedule baseline estimated in the project plan, they need to take action, such as project crashing or fast-tracking. Any project manager worth hiring will be able to answer this with practical specifics. On these types of questions, its best to answer with the STAR method.

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    Why Do You Want To Become A Manager


    One of my core reasons for wanting to transition into management involves my success as a project lead. In my past role, I had the opportunity to oversee several high-visibility projects, coordinating teams of no less than five members. While I relished in the opportunity to put my skills to work, what was most rewarding and was ultimately an area where I shined was coaching others toward success. I feel my experience as an individual contributor gives me an advantage in that regard, as I understand the perspective of the team. Plus, my active listening, delegation, and communication skills help eliminate obstacles and resolve conflicts, and I believe I could do the same in a management role.

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