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Mobile App Development Interview Questions

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How Will You Communicate With Me During The Project

Mobile App Development Mock Interview | Interview Questions for Mobile App Developers

What youre listening for here is a team-based approach. You want regular meetings with your app development team at Ascendle, we recommend a status review meeting every two weeks. More importantly, find out what to expect during those meetings. Our goal is to show our clients ACTUAL WORKING SOFTWARE during every update. So youll be looking forward to those meetings for all the right reasons, instead of the wrong ones.

Follow-up questions:

  • Describe my role on your project team. How will your Product Owner represent me?
  • What is your process for requesting a change in the middle of a project?
  • How will I make sure the projects outcome is exactly what I want?

What Are The Differences Between Service And Thread

The main difference between Service and Thread is given below:

Service Thread
Service is an application component that facilitates an application to run in the background in order to perform long-running operations without user interaction. A Thread is a concurrent unit of execution.
It exposes few functionalities to other applications by calling Context.bindService. Google has brought in handlers and loopers into threads.
When an application is killed, service is not killed. When an application is killed, the thread is killed.

How Do You Balance The Need To Compress Information Displayed In A Mobile App And Presenting The Full Application As It Was Designed

    How to Answer

    The interviewer is continuing to ask operational questions. Throughout the interview, an interviewer will ask various types of questions. No two interviewers are alike, so the question they ask and the order they ask them in will differ. Additionally, the questions will become more complex as the interview progresses. This indicates that the hiring manager is gaining confidence in your ability and is seeking to explore your background in more detail.

    Written by William Swansen on September 5th, 2021

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What Is The Difference Between Serializable And Parcelable Which Is The Best Approach In Android

While developing applications usually it needs to transfer data from one activity to another. This data needs to be added into a corresponding intent object. Some additional actions are required to make the data suitable for transfer. For doing that the object should be either serializable or parcelable.


  • Serializable is a standard Java interface. In this approach, you simply mark a class Serializable by implementing the interface and java will automatically serialize it.
  • Reflection is used during the process and many additional objects are created. This leads to plenty of garbage collection and poor performance.


  • Parcelable is an Android-specific interface. In this approach, you implement the serialization yourself.
  • Reflection is not used during this process and hence no garbage is created.
  • Parcelable is far more efficient than Serializable since it gets around some problems with the default Java serialization scheme. Also, it is faster because it is optimized for usage on the development of Android, and shows better results.

Describe A Conflict You Had With A Team Member And How You Resolved It

Top 10 Android Interview Questions for Fresher

When hiring managers ask this, they’re trying to assess your problem-solving skills. You may hear this question if the company plans to have you work within a large team or department. Your answer is a great opportunity to showcase your communication and problem-solving skills. Remember to stay positive when speaking about a former colleague.

Example:”In my most recent role, another developer and I disagreed with a project’s direction. To resolve the matter, we met and discussed our opinions while letting each other speak. This allowed our conversation to flow more freely and we were better able to understand where each other was coming from. Once we discussed our concerns, we came to a mutual agreement for the betterment of the project and our company.”

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Can You Find The Error In This Code

Its common practice to ask candidates to write code on the fly during an interview, which isnt an ideal setting. An alternative is to provide the candidate with a piece of code such as a Java class and the JavaScript that invokes it with strategically placed errors and ask interviewees to debug it. This is a quick way to establish both a candidates technical knowledge and attention to detail.

Importance Frequently Asked Questions To Ask Android Developers

As Android is the most popular operating system, it does have a few bugs. Someone should be able to fix bugs to ensure a smooth user experience.

To achieve this, good Android developers are necessary. This is a field that may flourish in the future. And to hire good developers, asking the appropriate Android interview questions is important.

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Does Android Have Any Drawbacks

Androids weaknesses stem from one of its advantages, namely that its everywhere and can run on a huge number of devices.

  • First of all, developers can encounter difficulty in creating apps that easily adjust the display to accommodate the widely disparate screen sizes of all these different devices.
  • Secondly, the large number of devices has given rise to a large number of custom-made Android versions to suit them, thus there is no central set of policies governing upgrades, or parameters for running on many operating systems. Its anarchy out there!

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Q12 What Is The Open Headset Alliance

Android Developer Interview Questions with Answer Examples

The OHA is a conglomerate of 84 technologies and mobile companies that have joined hands to fast-track innovation in mobile technology and at the same time, offer the end-users an improved, cost-effective, and richer mobile experience. Members of this alliance include Google, HTC, Sony, NVIDIA, Dell, Intel, Motorola, Samsung, and others. The OHA was started on 5th November 2007 by Google and 34 other companies. Android is the primary OS of this alliance.

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Difference Between A Web App Native App And Hybrid App

Web Apps:

Web applications are not real applications They are websites that open on your smartphone with the help of a web browser. Mobile websites have a wide audience of all primary types of applications.

  • Example Great Education
  • Downside Access to file systems and local resources is not available on websites.
  • Many existing websites do not support offline capabilities.
  • The website only needs to be opened in a web browser.

While native and hybrid apps appear on the App Store and Google Play, web apps will not. Therefore, redistribution is not so sensible.

Native Apps:

A native app has been developed specifically for one platform. It can be installed through an application store .

Examples Whatsapp, Facebook.

  • Benefits Can be accessed via the original application icon.
  • They can take full advantage of all device features camera, GPS, accelerometer, compass, list of contacts, and so on.
  • Can use the devices notification system and work offline.
  • The best user experience.
  • As it is found in the App Store, redistribution is easy.


  • High cost for the creation of the app.
  • Maintenance is high.

Hybrid App:

These apps are a way of exposing content from existing websites in an app format. They can be described as a mixture of web apps and native apps.

Examples Instagram, Wikipedia.


  • Graphics are less accustomed to operating systems than native apps.
  • Hybrid apps are slower than native apps.

What Type Of Development Are You Currently Working On

When hiring managers ask this, they want to know that you understand your contribution to a company. When you answer, explain the business reasoning for your everyday work as a developer.

Example:”I’m currently a developer for an e-commerce company. I build applications that help the company process customer orders and track payment and other customer information.”

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How Do You Address Security Risks When Developing An Application For Internal Company Use

The security features of any application are of utmost importance. Throughout the development process pay close attention to the security of the application.

Use strong encryption and make sure that the code is written securely. Also make sure that you run the application through several security tests to make sure that the steps taken are effective.

What Are Your Rates Fees And Payment Terms

Developing 7 Mobile Apps in 7 Weeks: Interview with Tony Hillerson

Pay attention to how they intend to set up the project. Is it based on time and materials or on a flat rate? If they want to go flat-rate with you, proceed with caution. We always set up projects on a time and materials basis at Ascendle because it allows for the flexibility needed in mobile development especially when your needs change halfway through.

Follow-up inquiries:

  • For what reasons do you charge time and materials ? What if my needs or requirements change during the course of the project?
  • What is the relationship between your fees and milestones and performance?
  • What if Im not happy with the projects outcome or the way its going? How will you / we deal with this?

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What Are The Key Ui Features You Feel Are Important To Mobile Applications

    How to Answer

    Organizations hire mobile application developers for two reasons. The first is to work on applications already under development or planned for the future. The other is to provide new perspectives on application development that the organization can incorporate into its practices. Interviewers will ask questions to determine what new ideas you will bring to the organization and your willingness to contribute to the growth of the development team. Be prepared to discuss these, but only offer suggestions after being asked to do so. Providing unsolicited recommendations can actually work against you during an interview.

    Written by William Swansen on September 5th, 2021

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What Is The Content Provider How It Is Implemented

Content provider is one of the primary building blocks of Android applications, which manages access to a central repository of data. It acts as a standard interface that connects data in one process with code running in another process. So it can be used to share the data between different applications.

They are responsible for encapsulating the data and providing mechanisms for defining data security. It is implemented as a subclass of ContentProviderclass and must implement a set of APIs that will enable other applications to perform transactions.

public class MyContentprovider extends ContentProvider }

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Top 10 Mobile App Developer Interview Questions

Are you asking the right mobile app developer interview questions? In recruitment, the appropriate questions will typically determine the ultimate success of employee hiring.

Hiring mobile app developers can be tricky, especially if youre a startup. You need to allot time and resources to find the right professional for the job. On top of that, there is a significant risk you need to undertake.

For instance, someone who looks great during the resume screening may not be a good fit for the project. Or, the newly hired developer meets all the technical requirements but falls short on soft skills, like communication and teamwork.

These possibilities can happen even to the most careful recruiter. However, when you ask the right interview questions, the chances of securing a good hire increases.

Common Behavioral Web Developer Interview Questions

Must know Interview Questions – Mobile application development Q& A – Part 1

With behavioral interview questions, employers are seeking to understand how your past behavior may translate into the current position. Focus on explaining the situation or problem, how you handled it, and the result or outcome of your actions.

To assess your behavioral skills, employers may ask questions such as:

Question: Please tell me about a time you received negative feedback. How did you respond?

Answer: Even an entry-level Web Developer has likely faced criticism at some point. The hiring manager will be looking to see that you have the communication skills and service-oriented attitude to respond in a professional manner to negative criticism and ultimately use it to improve the quality of your work.

Still, you should not choose an example where a client was unhappy simply because of poor work.

A good example would be a time when a client or stakeholder was not pleased with a web application or product even though it was developed according to an agreed-upon plan.

If you can then describe how you pivoted from your original plan to create something that everyone was happy with, it will show that you are adaptable and devoted to customer service.

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Q13 If An Application Is Crashing Frequently How Will You Troubleshoot It

If an Android application is crashing frequently, you can do the following:

  • Free memory: As there is a limited amount of space on mobile devices, you can try by freeing up memory space for the application to function properly.
  • Compatibility check: It may not be a hardware problem, but more of a software issue. It is not always possible to test an application for all devices and the OS system. There might be a chance that the application is not compatible with the OS. Check the compatibility on the applications Google Play Store page.
  • Memory management: Some applications run perfectly on one mobile device but may crash on other devices. This is where processing speed, memory management, and CPU speed comes into play. Check the application memory requirements if the application is constantly crashing.
  • App data usage: If an application is crashing frequently, you can delete the applications data, which will clear its cache memory and allow some free space on your device and might boost the apps performance.

Q2 Briefly List The Components Of The Android Architecture

This is another top-level question to help you gauge how well the developer understands the big picture of application design. The Android software stack is typically divided into five main components:

  • Linux kernel: The base layer of an application that directly interfaces with the device hardware this is the level that deals with hardware drivers like the camera, keypad, and display.
  • Native libraries: Resting on top of the Linux kernel is a set of open-source libraries, including the SQLite database, libc, and the WebKit browser engine.
  • Android runtime: The Dalvik Virtual Machine is on the same level as the native libraries and allows every Android app to run its processes.
  • Application framework: The next layer up provides higher-level services in the form of Java classes to applications on the device. The key services to know are the Activity Manager, Content Provider, Resource Manager, Notifications Manager, and the View System.
  • Applications: The top layer is the Android app itself. This is the level where you can install applications, and the one developers are most familiar with.
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    What Is Your Approach To Writing Application Documentation

    Hiring a developer who knows how to write clear and easy-to-follow documentation will improve scaling and save the entire team a lot of stress. Thats why its a good idea to ask candidates to elaborate on the strategies they use to document progress. Here are a few answers that would mean a programmer in front of you is experienced and skilled:

    • . Leave promotional content to marketing materials and keep documentation concise.
    • Use user workflows as the documentation cornerstone. Write posts that cover main action sequences within the app.
    • Collaborating with professionals when needed. While developers can film excellent feature demos, most of them arent excellent writers. Thats why requesting feedback from content creators improves the readability of documentation.

    What Are The Four Essential Activity States


    The four states are:

    • Active: The activity is at the top of the stack, running in the foreground
    • Paused: The activity is still visible but cannot receive user input events its in the background
    • Stopped: The activity is invisible and consequently is paused, and obscured or hidden by a different activity
    • Destroyed: The activitys process has been killed, completed, or terminated

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    What Is An Android Testing Framework

    One of the most standard testing frameworks for Android applications is the Android testing framework. It is comprised of three segments:

    • Application PackageIt is the target application that requires to be tested.
    • Instrumentation Test RunnerThis part of the framework serves as a Test Case Runner, allowing test cases to run on the target application. It includes two parts: an SDK tool for building test and a tool that provides APIs for writing program which controls an Android device or an emulator outside of Android codes
    • Test PackageIt consists of two components: Test case classes and Mock objects. Test case classes constitute test methods to perform the on-target application, while mock objects include mock data used as sample input for test cases.

    What Tools Do You Use To Keep Track Of Project Requirements

    Hiring managers ask this to determine how you stay organized at work and how strong your time management skills are. When you answer, tell them the specific software or tools you use to stay on top of your projects.

    Example:”I typically use an online spreadsheet to track not only project requirements but also their deadlines. This lets me view the requirements no matter my location and in an organized format. It also lets me share the document with other members of my team so everyone understands the project’s requirements and deadlines.”

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    What Is Androidmanifestxml File And Why Do You Need This

    • The AndroidManifest.xml file contains information regarding the application that the Android system must know before the codes can be executed.
    • This file is essential in every Android application.
    • It is declared in the root directory.
    • This file performs several tasks such as:
    • Providing a unique name to the java package.
    • Describing various components of the application such as activity, services, and many more.
    • Defining the classes which will implement these components.

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