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Online Interview Invitation Email Sample

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Interview Invitation For A Telephone Interview

Formal Interview Invitation Email | Recruiting Email | @SMART HR

Here are two email examples for a telephone interview invitation:

Short, introductory email for a telephone interview

Here’s an example of a short introductory email for a telephone interview:

Subject: Phone interview with Mer Company for the Paralegal positionHi Pak,Thank you for applying to Mer Company.My name is Jenny Chan and I’m the HR manager at Mer Company. I would like to have a quick discussion over the phone about your application for the Paralegal role. I’d like to tell you more about Mer Company and get to know you better.Can you let me know if you are available for a short introductory phone call early next week?Looking forward to receiving your reply.Kind regards,

Detailed invitation email for a telephone interview

Here’s an example of a detailed invitation email for a telephone interview:

Subject: Interview for Financial Analyst position

Invitation To Interview With A Date And Time

Subject: Invitation to Interview

Dear Jane Applicant,

Thank you for applying for the position of office administrator with ABC Company in Minneapolis, MN.

We would like to invite you to come to our office to interview for the position. Your interview has been scheduled for 1 pm on May 10, 2022, at 123 Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55199.

Please call me at 651-555-6666 or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or need to reschedule.


123 Main Street, Minneapolis, MN 55199651-555-6666

Template #: Final Interview

Thanks for attending the recent interview for the role of Sales Assistant at XYZ Corp. I am glad to invite you to the final stage of the selection process on September 28th, 2018 at 10 a.m.

On that day you will be meeting with Ms. Ritter, our CEO, and Mr. Cotton, our Director of Sales. The interview will last no longer than one hour. After the meeting, we would love to have lunch with you and the rest of the sales team.

It would be perfect if you could contact me at [email protected] or 2828-333-666 to confirm your attendance at the interview.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.

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How To Reply To An Interview Email

Show your interest in the job and your professionalism in your interview confirmation email. Heres how to accept an interview invitation:

  • Choose the Reply All option if others in the employers organization were copied on the message. This will keep everyone on the employers side informed. Exception: If the message tells you to send your response to a specific email address, be sure to comply. You will be demonstrating that you read messages carefully and can follow directions.
  • Use the senders name in the salutation .
  • Thank them for the invitation to interview.
  • Include that you are very interested in learning more about this opportunity.
  • Clarify or confirm the type of interview. especially if it will be a video interview using a platform like Zoom or Skype.
  • If they have invited you to interview at a specific date and time, confirm if that time works for you or offer more than one alternative date and/or time. Generally, agreeing to their date and time is the best strategy, if what they have offered works for you. With video interviewing when working from home, we all usually have more flexibility in scheduling.
  • If they have offered you more than one date and time for the interview, choose the best date and time for you. When choosing the date and time, consider the following:
  • If possible choose mornings over afternoons, preferably mid-morning. When possible, avoid late afternoons.
  • Avoid Mondays and Fridays when possible because people are usually distracted.
  • Basic Etiquette To Follow When Writing An Interview Acceptance Email

    Reply To Interview Invitation Email Sample

    Your resume is an important part of the application process but so is the way you communicate with the people in charge of hiring. Therefore, you need to make a respectful and professional interview confirmation email reply if you want to make a good impression. After you receive an invitation for an interview, take some time to compose your interview acceptance email to ensure that it will convey the right message. To help out, here are some basic etiquette you may want to follow:

    • Send a timely responseThe sooner you get back to the employer, the better. Thats because recruiters are usually on the clock and they dont have time to wait around for confirmation from applicants. As soon as you receive the information, compose your interview confirmation email then send it at least within the day.
    • Express your appreciation for the opportunitySomewhere at the beginning of your reply, express your appreciation for the opportunity. This is especially important if youre applying to a huge company which may have invited several applicants for interview. Showing your appreciation may give a positive message to an employer about how youre enthusiastic about the chance for an interview.
    • Accept and confirm the interview invitationFinally, accept the interview invitation in a professional way. Then keep checking your email up until the schedule of your interview in case there are any changes to the details.

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    What Is Response To Interview Invitation Email

    Response To Interview Invitation Email is email where a candidate responds to an interviewers invitation to interview for a position. In these Emails, the candidate typically thanks the interviewer for the opportunity and confirms the date, time, and location of the interview. Also gives the candidate an opportunity to ask any questions about the interview process or the position.

    It is an important part of the interview process, as it shows that the candidate is interested in the position and is willing to make the time to meet with the interviewer. It is a professional way to communicate with an interviewer and should be written in a clear and concise manner. Also It is an important part of the interview process and can help set a positive tone for the meeting.

    Let The Applicants Know The Modalities Of The Interview

    Once you’ve clearly defined the invitation, inform the applicants of the individuals likely to interview them by mentioning their name and title. This person may be a management representative or the head of the organisation, an expert recruiter or an HR representative. You may then explain what they’re likely to meet in the interview process, such as tasks that aim to evaluate their skills or discussions about the duty roles. Doing so helps applicants to prepare ahead of time for the interview.

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    Template #: Formal Interview Invitation

    Thank you for your application for the reative opywriter position at ABC company. We are impressed by your qualifications and background and think that you are an excellent candidate for this role. As a result, we want to invite you for an interview on May 10th, at 10 AM at our office at 288 Benson Street, New York. Please find attached a screenshot with directions.

    During this meeting, you will be able to talk to our CEO, Ms. Sykes, and our CMO, Ms. Robinson. We ask that you bring a portfolio and a few copies of your resume. The interview will last about thirty minutes.

    Please call me at 111-222-3333 or email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or need to reschedule.

    We are looking forward to meeting you!

    Interview Invitation Email Sample

    How to Reply for Interview Invitation

    Everyone loves receiving an interview invitation, especially if it’s clear what the next steps are! To make sure your invitation is clear, use this template.

    Here we follow the same format as above, but when using this interview email template, make sure to spell out precisely what you will be asking the person to do, where they need to go, and when.

    You may also have specific requirements for interviews, such as asking people to bring in a portfolio or prepare a presentation. If this is the case, provide clear instructions, as shown in the template below.

    If you’re still struggling to find the right words for interview invitation emails, then sign up for Flowrite â it transforms sequences of words into clear, consistent, and compelling emails. If you want to be the first to experience the future of writing, request access now.

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    Interview Invitation Email Examples And Templates

    If you need a starting point, recruiters can consolidate the steps from above into a recruiting email template to ensure every necessary detail is included. When using a template, copy and paste the text into a blank email, replace placeholder text with the correct details and proofread carefully.

    Take inspiration from these 11 interview invitation template samples to send polished and engaging emails to candidates at every stage of the recruitment process.

    How To Change Your Scheduled Interview Time

    If you already accepted an interview invitation but then discover a scheduling conflict and need to request a change, dont panic. Heres what to do:

    Find the latest interview confirmation email and respond promptly by apologizing, explaining the situation, and asking politely if its at all possible to reschedule.

    Provide new times/dates of your availability to interview, too.

    Hiring managers understand that you have other obligations apart from the job search and hiring process, and as long as youre polite and apologetic, they should be able to reschedule your interview.

    Youre unlikely to lose the interview opportunity if you are polite and suggest a few options of when you can interview next.

    Note that your message may be frowned upon by a potential employer if its extremely last-minute. For example, if your interview is tomorrow morning and you email the company at 11 pm the night before, then thats not ideal.

    Still, emergencies arise, and your best shot at making a good impression if you must reschedule an interview invitation is to follow the tips above.

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    Phone Interview Invitation Email

    After an applicant has applied to an open role, the next step is typically a phone screen interview to assess their qualifications. When you have a loose relationship with the candidate but are reaching out for the first time to invite them to a phone interview, use the following template.

    Subject Line:: Phone Interview Availability

    Hi ,

    Thank you for applying to the position at .

    After reviewing your application, we are excited to move forward with the interview process.

    We would like to schedule a phone call with , at .

    Below are some date and time options:

    Please reply directly to this email and let me know if you are available at any of the above times. From there, Ill coordinate with and send you an email with a calendar invitation to confirm the date and time.


    Email Sample : Responding To Accept A Phone Interview Request

    Format Of Sample Email Invitation For Second Interview And Review ...

    If youve applied for a job and the hiring manager or HR department has responded to your job application and invited you for a phone interview, heres a sample template you can use to respond.

    Hello NAME,

    Thanks for getting back to me. Id love to have a phone interview and learn more about the position and what youre looking for.

    Here is my availability this week:

    • Tuesday Wednesday, 11:00 am 5:00 pm Eastern Time
    • Thursday Friday, 8:00 am 3:00 pm Eastern Time

    The best number to reach me: 555-182-5872

    If none of these times work, please let me know and Ill be happy to come up with some other options, too. I look forward to speaking with you.

    Also, if youre able to tell me who will be calling, thatd be a big help. I always like to research and prepare ahead of time!

    Best regards, Your Name

    This is a great way of responding to an interview request because youre avoiding back-and-forth emails for the scheduling, and youre also finding out the person youll be talking to so you can prepare ahead of time!

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    The Interviewer And Format

    Preparation for the interview is essential for success, and knowing who will conduct the interview and what is his position in the company helps you in researching and preparing. Another thing that helps prepare for the interview is the interview format knowing it beforehand can be helpful as a company can have a panel, group, or one-on-one format interview, therefore, it is essential to include a section regarding requesting this information in the email.

    Stage Of The Interview

    If you had no prior contact with your potential employee, what you need is to state that you are sending an interview invitation: We reviewed your application and would like to start the interview process with you. If you have already talked to the candidate over the phone or Skype, explain what they should expect from your second/third meeting.

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    Video Interview Invitation Letter: 4 Templates

    If you want to take a video interview of your candidate then it is vital to send him/her an invitation letter requesting him/her to join the video interview. Here are a few invitation letters below.

    You can simply follow those sample letters. When you write this letter you must provide the name of your company or organization, the video link, and website URL, the exact time and date of the interview, and the name of the interviewer.

    You can also request him/her to join the call exactly at the time mentioned in this letter.

    Letter Template: 1

    Sub: Invitation for Video Interview

    Dear applicant/ candidate,

    This mail is being sent to inform you that, firstly we thank you for applying for the vacant post of of our department of at our company .

    According to the results and performances of your initial interview you are requested to attend the second interview process which will be conducted by our senior authority through the video calling procedure.

    As per our company norms your schedule for this interview via video call will occur on , and the time will be . I have sent the phone no. of the interviewer of our company.

    As the interview will be taken via video call, therefore be prepared for that. We hope you will cooperate with us in this process. Prepare the related documents and other credentials required for this interview.

    We wish you every success in this event. All the best for your interview and your future as well.

    Thank you very much,

    Dear applicant/ candidate,

    Mistakes To Avoid When You Reply To Accept An Interview

    How to reply to an interview invitation? (Template)

    If you read the tips above, you should know how to respond to an interview request to get an interview quickly and make a great impression at the same time.

    However, there are some BIG mistakes you need to avoid while doing this, so I want to make sure you know those, too

    First, dont let your interview invitation sit for too long. You should try to respond within 24-48 hours if possible. You dont need to be checking email constantly, but dont leave the company waiting for a week, either.

    Also, dont respond without taking the time to indicate at least one day or time that would work for an interview. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate that you take initiative and are a great communicator. So Id recommend providing multiple days/times to help them schedule the interview.

    Next, always proofread your email! Having a typo or mistake in your email probably wont cost you the interview , but it does make a poor impression.

    So always check your email for mistakes before sending it! Proofread from top-to-bottom, and bottom-to-top. Thats a good trick that will help you catch more errors!

    And finally the biggest mistake of all going into the interview without preparing! It takes a lot of effort to find a good position to apply to, submit your resume and paperwork, schedule an interview, etc. Right?

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    Use The Right Language Tone And Voice

    Language and voice are always powerful tools for job hunters to successfully approach and impress recruiters. It goes the same to how those two factors create a positive candidate experience and efficient hiring process.

    Usually, recruiters utilize language, tone, and voice to establish a specific relationship between them and potential candidates. Hence, the consistency of the wording style plays a vital role in building a positive connection and impression during and after the hiring process. To effectively practice this factor, it is recommended that recruiters assign different groups of applicants to various staff members from the beginning until the end of recruiting progress. By doing this, recruiters can avoid distraction and confusion to both staff and candidates.

    Additionally, the use of light and conversational tone of voice throughout the recruitment will create the feeling of fitting in and appreciating toward potential candidates. It is worth considering this style of language in interview invitation email as it helps candidates be well-prepared and ready for a high-quality interview. And it is what recruiters expect from their candidates, dont they?

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    Template #: Friendly Interview Invitation

    Thank you for applying for the Pastry Chef position at Polly Bakery. I liked your resume and samples of your works, and I would love to meet with you for a face-to-face interview at our bakery to learn more about your background.

    We are located at 1212 Anderson Street in Piedmont. Please bring two copies of your resume and a positive attitude to the interview. You will be speaking to the following team members:

    • Polly Smith, Owner
    • Jessica Smith, Pastry Chef

    You will speak with us for approximately one hour. As we want to let you choose the time for this meeting, I listed some date and time options below when we are available next week:

    • Wednesday, June, 1st at 10:30 a.m.
    • Wednesday, June, 1st at 3:45 p.m.
    • Thursday, June, 2d at 11:00 a.m.
    • Friday, June, 3rd at 13:30 p.m.

    Please confirm the appointment date not later than Saturday. In case you have any questions before the interview, please feel free to contact me at 222.2222. We look forward to seeing you!


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