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Questions For Company Secretary Interview

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Why Do You Want To Work As A Secretary


Managers prefer to hire honest secretaries. To say that you are looking for a solid job and good relationship with your colleagues and with your superior is a good one. You can also say that you enjoy doing what secretaries typically do in their daily jobanswering calls, greeting guests, organizing daily schedule, helping with administrative and clerical work, etc.

The key is to show them that you want the job, and not only need one. Dont forget to speak with enthusiasm, and try to avoid talking about the past.

Here Are A Few Questions That Will Help You In Finding The Right Fit For Your Company

  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What according to you are the qualities a secretary should possess?
  • How do you define yourself?
  • How do you think the company will be affected positively by hiring you?
  • What do you think are the major challenges of this job?
  • How do you think your past experience has helped you for your present role?
  • How you do prioritize work?
  • What do you think are your prime duties?
  • What is the first thing youll focus on if youre hired?
  • How comfortable are you with technology?
  • How would you plan your work if you work for multiple superiors?
  • How do you update your superiors on their schedule?
  • What would you do if a manager is busy with another meeting but has another important one to attend within 5 minutes?
  • How would you safeguard confidential information?
  • Tell us about a time when an employee tried to extract the information from you. How did you respond?
  • Tell us about a time when you faced harassment at work.
  • Tell us about a time when you felt fulfilled with your job?
  • Defend the remuneration package that you want.

What Is The Most Rewarding Part Of Being A Secretary

Its important to know what the candidate likes and values about their position. A person who sees that their work is valuable and takes pride in what they do will be more effective than someone who just sees it as another job. This question will give you insight into how they feel about being a secretary. What to look for in an answer:

  • Genuine enthusiasm about the job
  • Examples of things they like about the position
  • Sincerity in their answer


There are many aspects of being a secretary that I enjoy, such as filing paperwork and talking with a variety of characters over the phone. However, the daily, face-to-face interaction is most rewarding for me as it appeals to my extroverted nature.

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Few Employees Misuse Office Supplies How Do You Deal With Such Situations

First, I keep a strong check on usage throughout the office which helps me identify the issues. I encourage the teams to use the supplies carefully and I recently launched a bonus campaign for all employees who use them efficiently. A cup of coffee or a doughnut to a team member does encourage them to use it better.

Questions About What To Expect After The Interview

Finance Administrative Assistant Interview Questions : Assistant ...

Ask these last questions when it’s time to finish the interview so you know what to expect after you leave:

  • Do you have any concerns about my suitability for the job?

  • When can I expect to hear from you?

  • What happens after I leave here today?

  • Can I provide you with any other information or documentation?

  • Do you have any final questions for me?

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Where Do You See Yourself In The Next Five Years

Here, the interviewer wants to see if you have figured out your career path and how determined you are to grow.

Tip 1: Be a go-getter but not over-ambitious

Tip 2: The growth should be related to the workplace. Avoid mentioning leaving as the interview may assume you are looking for something temporary.

Sample Answer

In the next five years, I hope to build a more organized organization by ensuring that all activities are well scheduled and met deadlines. I hope to bring more order to the organization than there is at the moment.

What Are The Roles Of An Administrative Secretary

There are various responsibilities under this role:

  • Managing appointments and meetings as per calendar,
  • Creating copies via scanning, faxing, and email for smoother communication internally and externally,
  • Managing office supplies and ordering when required,
  • Maintaining files with up to date data,
  • Responding to incoming calls and emails and assigning to respective departments and
  • Formatting and typing documents when required.

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‘what Was Your Most Challenging Experience As A Secretary In Your Previous Employment’

How would you solve an inquiry from a potential customer? How would you speak with a salesman? What would you do if the system crashed? There are a variety of scenarios that secretaries have to deal with on a daily basis, and a human resources interviewer can listen intently as to how you conduct yourself in a stressful situation.

Have You Ever Used Scheduling Software At Office Yourself Share Your Opinion

Top 20 Secretary Interview Questions and Answers

In my previous role, I used this software and I am a fan of technology! Booking calendars and meeting rooms became much easier with this software as reservations can be done easily with the phone application and desktop application as well. With the schedule availability, the teams were able to book their spots and office equipment like Printers or Multimedia sets and even parking spots! Few software is easily linked with Emails and invites are automatically sent to everyone in the loop even G-Suite and Outlook too. Automatic notifications are also sent if an appointment is canceled and alternate team members can book immediately.

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How Do You Stay Motivated At Work

Every workplace comes with its share of challenges, and the interviewer would like to know how you will handle the problematic situations thrown your way.

Tip 1: Avoid mentioning material incentives.

Tip 2: Be honest and relatable.

Sample Answer

I consider it to be an honor to beat deadlines and all organizational activities being on schedule. Seeing the organization thrive due to my organization skills and input brings me great joy.

Secretary Job Description & Key Qualities Needed For The Role

Secretaries form a crucial and fundamental role in the successful operation and running of a business or organisation. They are employed across a wide variety of sectors, including businesses, government organisations, public sector offices and also remotely via outsourcing websites. A unique set of skills and qualities are often needed to perform the role competently, including exceptional planning, organisational and attention to details skills, strong interpersonal and communication capabilities, having a positive and flexible attitude to all work, and also being able to respond to requests from their line manager or company executives in a fast and efficient manner. There are many different types of secretary, including:

Typical duties of a secretary include:

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Corporate Secretary Interview Questions And Answers

Learn what skills and qualities interviewers are looking for from a corporate secretary, what questions you can expect, and how you should go about answering them.

A corporate secretary is a key member of a companys senior management team. The corporate secretary is responsible for the administration of the company, including the board of directors and shareholders. The corporate secretary also ensures that the company complies with all applicable laws and regulations.

If youre interested in becoming a corporate secretary, youll need to have excellent communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills. Youll also need to be able to handle confidential information with discretion.

During a job interview, youll be asked a variety of questions to assess your suitability for the role. Weve compiled a list of some of the most common corporate secretary interview questions, with sample answers to help you prepare for your interview.

Are you familiar with the legal requirements for maintaining corporate records?

The interviewer may ask this question to assess your knowledge of the legal requirements for maintaining corporate records. This is an important part of being a corporate secretary, as you are responsible for keeping accurate and complete records of company activities. In your answer, explain that you understand the importance of these records and how they can be used in case of any disputes or lawsuits.

What Resources Will You Require To Operate Smoothly

21 Secretary Interview Questions &  Answers

Your answer will help the interviewer know how best to equip you for your job.

Tip 1: Be honest.

Tip 2: Do not make demands.

Sample Answer

I believe that the organization has done a commendable job in equipping all employees to do their tasks with ease and meet the deliverables. I believe that the transition here will be seamless with open communication lines and have an excellent working experience.

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What Better To Expect

In case youre interviewed in an agency, you are able to face an easy personality test, and perhaps an IQ test. While its doable to get ready for the character test in advance, you are able to barely make for an IQ test.

Often, in case there are plenty of applicants for the project, the employer might invite you for a team interview. Absolutely nothing changes for you in this particular situation, however success is often about great responses to interview questions, about making an excellent impression, and also about creating an excellent link with the interviewers of yours.

Whether they talk to you online, on the cell phone, within the team, or perhaps alone it does not make a huge impact for this specific function.

What Kind Of Strategies And Mindset Is Required For This Role Explain With Example

The interviewer wants to determine whether you have what it takes to get the job done. Strategy is an essential part of achieving that.

Tip 1: The strategy and mindset need to be job-related.

Tip 2: Choose a practical strategy

Sample Answer

I believe that a secretary should be orderly and ensure she/he has a proper organization for all activities. This will ensure that all activities are well scheduled and run smoothly. A positive mindset is crucial for a secretary dealing with different kinds of personalities.

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Practical Assessments In An Interview

A female just prevailed in her secretary interview. We are able to observe her smiling, while the interviewers have a talk in the rear of the room.To conversation about performing work is one point, to actually get it done yet another one. Interviewers are able to ask you to handle an office software program, or perhaps with a scheduling application.

For instance they might provide you with a printed page with particular format, and also ask you to retype the book, then structure it within the program.

Doing this, they are able to readily find out how quickly you can type, and also just how healthy you use the software program. An easy yet powerful way of assessing the computer skills of yours.

In case it happens, in case youve to cope with an useful test, try to remain calm. Do it because you will get it done back home . Place the newspaper on the proper spot, alter the computer screen, then completely focus on the project.

Could You Work Together With Ms Office

Secretary Interview Questions with Answer Examples

Attempt mentioning some details. Rather than saying only yes or no, you need to tell them how long youve been working with the software program, and how its helped you in the work of yours.

In case youve experience along with other software programs , let them know about it. Clearly show them you understand the significance of the computer skills of yours, and are continually trying to enhance them.

Additional questions plus sample answers to difficult questions Handshake of the secretary as well as the boss. He uses a dark jacket, she a pink shirt.You is going to face lots of rivals in the job interview of yours. In case youre uncertain just how to stand out, and also ways to create the absolute best perception, have a glimpse at an eBook from Jacob Gates, an interview coach from Philadelphia, who had written the article for us.

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Typical Secretarial Interview Questions And Answers

Sample secretarial interview questions frequently asked by interviewers. The interview answer guidelines will help you prepare your best answers to land the secretary job you want.

Secretarial jobs require a broad base of skills and experience. The questions asked in the interview for a secretarial or administrative professional job will vary depending on the employer, the level of the job and the candidate’s experience.

However, this is a good sample of the interview questions that are most commonly asked in secretarial recruitment.

How Do You Ensure Confidentiality In Your Work

As a secretary, confidentiality is a core requirement in your line of work. The interviewer wants to know whether you respect the sensitive nature of your work.

Tip 1: Mention that you respect and adhere to organizational ethics requirements.

Tip 2: Explain the importance of building trust in the workplace.

Sample Answer

As a secretary, I engage and interact with various people from all levels of the organization. Sticking to the ethical requirements of the organization is a crucial part of my job. I refrain from sharing any information that I am not supposed to share.

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Behavioral Secretary Interview Questions

You are able to count on a selection of behavioral interview questions in the secretary job interview of yours. Thesere created to examine the specific actions or maybe competencies needed for effective work performance within the secretarial role.

Prepare for these kind of secretary interview questions.

Describe Briefly About Your Secretary Experience

Apply for a Job as Secretary/Administrative Officer In A Leading ...

Since the interviewer already has your CV, let it be the one to explain your expertise. When asked this question, you need to talk about the things you are good at and what you have achieved.

Tip 1: Sell yourself.

Tip 2: Do not leave out any relevant information.

Sample Answer

Over the years, I have learned the art of time management and grasped it well. This allows me to schedule everything and ensure all goes as planned. I have also mastered how to prioritize work with a sense of urgency.

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How Do You Imagine A Typical Day In Work

Many people believe that secretaries do nothing but make coffee and answer phone calls. Well, they cant be further from the truthYou should show a different attitude to your job.

Tell them that you plan helping the boss with their schedule, with the administrative tasks, and basically with anything they need. Try to show them that you are ready to manage the entire office--if required from you, if they do not have someone else taking care of it .

It is crucial to show them that you like to be busy in work, and they you prefer a proactive approach to your duties. Job of a secretary often encompasses more than the job description explains, and you should be ready to take care of a variety of duties. Whats more, think about the exact secretarial role you will have. School secretary does different things than medical secretary and cultural secretary. You should keep these differences on your mind.

Special Tip: Want to practice your interview answers later? Download the full list of questions in a one page long PDF, print it, and practice anytime you want:

Are You Familiar With Composing Meeting Minutes Can You Provide An Example From Your Previous Role

Secretaries have a diverse set of job responsibilities, including taking notes during meetings and composing meeting minute documents to send to participants afterward. This question allows an interviewer to learn more about a secretary’s previous experience and their writing skills. It also allows interviewers to gauge a candidate’s willingness to learn and adapt to new responsibilities.

The candidate’s answer should emphasize:

  • Ability to write meeting minutes
  • Knowledge of document layout

This example answer shows one way a great candidate may respond to this question:


“I am familiar with meeting minutes. In my previous job as an office assistant, I was responsible for taking notes during meetings between the office manager and upper management and department heads and employees. During the meeting, I would write down the agenda, time the meeting was called to order, the names of attendees and the presenters. I would also document each time an attendee made a suggestion and document the number of attendees who agree or disagree with a particular suggestion. After the meeting, I compile my notes into an organized format and make edits before sending it out.”

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Please Rate Your Verbal And Written Communication Abilities In A Professional Setting

The ability to communicate effectively, whether over email, over the phone or in person, is critical to being a good secretary. Secretaries spend most of their workday on the phone with clients, taking notes at meetings and sending important emails. This question will ensure that they are someone who can write and speak in a polished, professional tone. What to look for in an answer:

  • Confidence in oneself and a clear answer
  • Description of their abilities in detail
  • A calm, professional tone


Throughout my career, I have developed and refined my communication skills and consider myself fluent in both written and spoken English. I strive to maintain a professional demeanor in my interactions at work, and I always proofread my emails.

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