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How To Write A Post Interview Email

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Summarize The Interviews Highlights

How to Write a Thank You Email After the Interview & WOW Them!

When it comes to the actual body content of the email, in addition to thanking the interviewer, you want to focus on referencing two or three high points from the interview.

Mine your conversation for highlights by reflecting on these questions:

  • Did the interviewer make an interesting point?
  • Did something you discussed excite you?
  • Did you learn something new about the role or company?
  • Do you two have something interesting in common?

In your email, say you enjoyed learning about X. Or that you appreciate that the hiring manager shared Y. Or, when you heard them say Z, you became even more interested in the role.

Giving a couple quick highlights demonstrates you were an active, attentive participant in the conversation.

How To Write A Post

Writing a short, professional thank-you email after an interview can have a strong impact on the success of any job search. It’s a small note that takes only minutes to write. And can separate you from other candidates, encourage progressing to the next steps of the process, and build a professional network.

Prompt To Take The Next Step

To close the thank-you note, encourage the hiring manager to take the next step in the hiring process. Reference what you learned during the interview to complete this section since you may need to provide references or complete a second interview to get the job. For example, you can write, Please don’t hesitate to contact me to arrange a follow-up interview.

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Staying In Touch After The Thank You Notes Are Sent

Hopefully, you will get an email in response to this message, but dont panic if you dont hear from them on their deadline. MUCH may be happening that has nothing to do with you at all.

Read 5 Absolute Must-Ask Questions for Your Next Job Interview to get the details you need about how their hiring process works so you have contacts and their guidelines.

If they said they would contact you in a week, DO reach outafter five business days to see what is happening if they have not contacted you when they said they would. If you forgot to ask when they would be contacting you after the interview, five business days is a sufficient gap to demonstrate that you are interested, but not a nuisance.

DO NOT contact them daily or even weekly for a decision.

DO move on with your job search. This opportunity may happen or it may not. Dont pause your job search until you know. Keep searching. Best case, youll have a choice to make between two jobs. Worst case you wont lose any momentum.

Example Email: Is The Position Still Available

interview thank you email samples

This is a good follow-up email to use if you want to get an idea of where you stand in the hiring process. If youre not sure which follow-up to use, this is a safe bet. This technique basically asks for any new information about the hiring process regarding the job you interviewed for.

Ms. Frizzle,

Its been weeks since we spoke about the opening for your companys opening for a . At the end of our meeting, you mentioned that your company would respond with a decision soon.

Because I have not heard back from your company yet, I wanted to check in with regards to my status in the hiring process. If the position is still available, I would like to reiterate my interest in working with your company.

If your company is seeking a performance-oriented individual to fill this role, I feel that my experience and skills will be a valuable contribution to the department.

If you would be interested in scheduling another meeting to discuss how I could contribute to your company, please feel free to reach out to me at your convenience.

Best regards,

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More Complex Thank You Email

Replace the text below with whatever terms are appropriate for you and your situation.

Subject: Thank you for the interview on

Dear :

Thank you very much for your time today to interview me for the position of . I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this job, to meet you and , and to see your facility .

As we discussed, I have of experience with . With my background and experience, I believe that I could become a contributor to your team very quickly.

I am excited about this opportunity to join . Please do not hesitate to email or call me if you have any questions or need any additional information.

I look forward to hearing from you .

Best regards,

What To Do In A Panel Interview/group Interview

Take the business cards or contact information of every person in the panel interview. And send a separate thank you note to each person that attended the group/panel interview. Never send a group thank-you email to everyone involved.

Be sure to do this for any type of interview where multiple interviewers or multiple people were involved in asking you interview questions.

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Add Your Signature And Proofread

You can now add your signature to the end of the email. This can be your first and last name. If you’d like your interviewer to view your online profile or any social media pages, you can share this at the end of the email as well.

Once you’ve added the signature, you can proofread your email to ensure that it’s free of any grammatical or spelling errors. You should also reread your message to ensure it’s clear and simple for the reader to understand. After everything is reread, you can send it to the interviewer.

Why Is It Important To Follow Up An Interview With An Email

How to Write a Post-Interview Thank You Note (Template Included)

Not only is it courteous to thank your interviewers for their time and consideration, a follow-up email also expresses your continued interest in the job. You want to keep your name in the interviewers mind. The follow-up also gives you an opportunity to further discuss any items from the interview that youd like to touch on once more. And by including items discussed at the interview, your follow-up will show that you are a good listener and have further considered the items discussed.

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What Subject Line Should You Use For Your Thank You Note

Sometimes coming up with a subject line can be the hardest part of writing an email! In this case, you don’t need to go crazy something short and to the point will do just fine. My recommendations are:

  • Thank you for your time today
  • Following up from our interview today
  • It was great speaking with you
  • Thank you!

Any of those will do the trick!

How To Write A Thank You Email After An Interview

Does sending a thank you email really make a difference in your chances of getting a job offer? Learn the ins and outs of the thank you email after interviews, and get two email templates you can use to make this step of the job search process a breeze.

Biron Clark is a former executive recruiter and highly sought-after job search and career advice expert. His website, Career Sidekick, is read by more than one million people per month and has been mentioned in INC, Forbes, Business Insider, CNBC, Yahoo Finance, and more. He has been advising job seekers since 2012 on how to think differently in their job search and land high-paying, competitive jobs in less time and with less stress.

Youve probably heard that you should send thank you emails after your interview.

Youve probably also wondered, Does it really make a difference in my chances of getting a job offer?

Is it worth your time? And what happens if you dont send one?

Learn the ins and outs of the thank you email after interviews, and get two email templates you can use to make this step of the job search process a breeze.

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Why Is A Thank You Email After A Phone Interview Important

A thank you email serves as a professional thank you note to an interviewer that expresses your gratitude for the phone interview. Sending a thank you email after you’ve finished your interview helps hiring managers remember who you are and shows your politeness and professionalism. Taking the time to write an email expresses your dedication to the role and can help you stand out among other candidates.

This Job Would Be So Good For Me Because

FREE 7+ Sample Post Interview Thank You Letter Templates ...

This is a trap thats easy to fall into. You want to talk about all of the ways that the role would positively impact your life.

Heres the brutal truth: prospective employers dont care. It might seem selfish or cold-hearted, but they want to know about how youll add value to their companyas opposed to how they can benefit you.

Resist the urge to rant and rave about all of the reasons that job would improve your life, and place the majority of your emphasis on what you bring to the table and how that contributes to any company goals.

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If I Dont Get This Job I Dont Know What Ill Do

Yes, you want that job. But, you still need to avoid these types of phrases that place even more of a burden on that employer. You can be enthusiastic about the opportunity without making it the thing thats solely responsible for your happiness and well-being.

Emotional threats like this one wont do you any favors. On the contrary, they only make you seem desperateand perhaps even a little unstable.

When To Send A Thank You Email After An Interview

The best time to send a thank you email is about 24 hours after an interview, with a few exceptions.

Its important to consider the time of day you send your message. Sending the thank you email after standard working hours means it is likely to be opened the next morning. Sending the message early or mid-morning means the recipient will likely not read your note until lunch. Because of this, its advisable to send your message at lunchtime the day after the interview for the best chances of a quick read-and-response.

If you interviewed on a Friday, you have two options for when to send a thank you email. First, you can send a thank-you note that same evening so that youre not sending it over a weekend. The second option is to wait until the following Monday around lunchtime. This avoids the Monday morning inbox overwhelm but hopefully will catch the reader with a fresh mind.

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Tips For Writing An Effective Thank

To write a subject line that works in the thank-you email you send after an interview, consider the following tips:

  • Be positive: Use an upbeat tone for the subject line that maintains the energy of the interview.
  • Be polite: Make sure to use friendly, respectful language and avoid being sarcastic, humorous, or overly informal even if you have developed a relationship with the hiring agent.
  • Be punctual: Ensure the recruiter receives the subject line in a thank-you email that is sent as soon as possible after your interview.

How To Write A Job Interview Thank You Email

How To Write an INTERVIEW FOLLOW UP EMAIL! (The PERFECT Follow Up Email after a JOB interview!)

Leave the TO: field empty until you have completed, spell checked, and proofread the message .

Adapt the text in this sample to your circumstances, and customize it to each individual who interviewed you.

If you know the person who is receiving this thank you note, you can be less formal, as in Dear Mary vs. Dear Ms. Jones but err on the side of being more formal rather than less formal when in doubt.

Dont make the mistake of sending exactly the same message to everyone who interviewed you at an employer! Emails are easy to share. Vary the details a bit, or use the second, more customizable sample below.

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Writing A Winning Interview Thank

Many aspects of the job search process have changed over the years. However, one thing has remained unchanged, and that is the importance of sending an interview thank-you note after meeting with a prospective employer.

You might think that a thank-you note is old-fashioned and a minor part of the job search process. But thats where youd be wrong. Most employers still expect to receive oneand they usually appreciate and take note of the gesture.

The act of writing an interview thank-you email is fairly simple, takes little time, and canmake a huge impact. It can help you stand out from the competition and show that youre willing to go above and beyond what is required of you in an interview.

When To Send Your Thank

It’s best to send your thank-you email message within the first 24 hours of your first interview being complete. Even if that means you took your interview on a Friday.

Presume the interview took place at 3pm on a Friday. Send an interview thank you note immediately after the interview.

The hiring manager might have more interviews to perform. Regardless, they’ll see your email and it can help to show enthusiasm and excitement for the job opportunity.

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Tips For Writing An Interview Thank

Here are additional tips for writing a strong thank-you email after a job interview and what to include:

  • Express Why You Want the Job: In addition to thanking the person you interviewed with, your thank-you note should reinforce the fact that you want the job, so view this thank-you as a follow-up “sales” letter. Restate why you want the job, what your qualifications are, and how you might make significant contributions.
  • Bring Up Anything You Wish You Had Said: Your message is also the perfect opportunity to discuss anything of importance that your interviewer neglected to ask. For example, if you didnt have a chance to explain why you thought that you would fit in well with the company culture, you might briefly state this in the email.
  • Revisit Any Issues Brought Up During the Interview: Finally, use your letter to address any issues and concerns that came up during the interview, including topics you neglected to answer as thoroughly as you might have wished. For instance, if you feel that you botched an interview question, you could explain your answer in more detail here.

A Thank You Email Example For After An Interview

40 Thank You Email After Interview Templates á? TemplateLab

Heres an example of a professional thank you email to send after a job interview. The key elements of this email message include:

  • Short and easy to read
  • Shows appreciation for the interview
  • Reconfirms interest in the position
  • Reminds the hiring manager of why the candidate is right for the role
  • Leaves an easy opening for the next steps

For example, you might write:

Hi Beth,

Thank you for taking the time to meet with me yesterday. I enjoyed hearing about what the day-to-day work would look like as a Senior Account Representative.

Im confident that my 2 years of experience in customer support at XYZ Company would give me an advantage in this role, especially since both positions involve responding to a high volume of customer requests primarily via email.

Ive learned that communication via email requires a unique approach, since you cant gauge their reactions in the moment, and its easier to have miscommunications if youre not careful.

This is something Ive worked on mastering in my previous position and Id love to continue working in this area.

Thank you again for your time yesterday, and I look forward to hearing about the next steps!

In the meantime, dont hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Best regards,

Your Name

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The Importance Of Following Up

Following up with the people you communicate with during each stage of the hiring process shows that you are grateful and excited about the position. This will likely help to increase your chances of getting to the next interview, and eventually receiving an offer.

Writing a thoughtful follow-up expressing your enthusiasm about the job, thanking the reader for their time and including anecdotes from your conversation shows strong soft skills. Because soft skills are more difficult to teach in the workplace, candidates that show respect, communication and active listening skills will be highly sought-after by employers. It will also make you a more memorable candidate as you will have had more communicative touch-points than those who did not send a follow-up.

Start By Choosing The Right Subject Line

The best subject lines in your follow-up email are clear, concise and convey appreciation for your interviewers time.

Here are the best interview follow-up email example subject lines:

  • Thank you for your time,
  • Great speaking with you today!
  • Thank you for the opportunity
  • Thank you!
  • I appreciate your time and advice
  • Follow up regarding

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These Emails Seem Too Simple Should I Add More

Some job seekers have asked me whether the example emails above are too brief or too simple. In my opinion, no.

I always recommend using a short and sweet follow-up email in your job search. I recommend keeping the length approximately the same as the templates I provided above.

Dont complicate your message. Give a polite greeting, be up-front and say what you want , and then conclude your email politely without any unnecessary fluff or filler content.

This type of follow-up email is your best shot at getting a prompt update after your interview without seeming pushy, desperate, etc.

In all likelihood, the person you emailed will get back to you and apologize and say theyre still working on a decision. Or theres a chance they have news to share and will update you as soon as they get your email.

Either way, you reminded them youre waiting for news and still have interest in the position, which is the goal

If you want to know what else hiring managers look for when conducting interviews, read my list of job interview tips here. Itll help you understand the employers mindset better and will give you a big advantage over the competition in your job search.

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