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Sterile Processing Technician Interview Questions

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What Major Challenges Did You Face During Your Last Role How Did You Manage Them

Mock Interview for Sterile Processing Technicians

There are several challenges I have faced in this role but I have always learned from them and performed better. For the lab testing facility, we have to make sure zero contamination at any level of the testing procedure. One tiny contamination can make a huge difference in the test result and doctors will be basing their medical way forward on the value appearing on the test result. At the start of my career, I once felt that protocols are not being followed. I discussed it with my supervisor and we all became vigilant and covered the sterilized items tightly in airtight boxes.

Interview Questions To Ask As A Surgical Or Sterile Processing Tech

The best advice I ever received for an interview was, Remember, youre interviewing them just as much as theyre interviewing you. Coming to an interview with questions is vital for your success as it can give you a better feel of what to expect on a healthcare travel assignment.

If a facility and unit are a good fit for you and both parties are clear on expectations and logistics from the start, youre much more likely to have a happy, successful assignment. And that, in turn, will also allow you to provide the best possible patient care when youre on the job making for a win-win-win situation for you, the facility, and the patients.

Knowing what to expect going in will also allow you a less stressful onboarding experience and give you more time to focus on acclimating to your new location and facility. Plus, many hiring managers/interviewers actually really appreciate travelers asking the right questions. It reflects that youre engaged in the process, that youre well-prepared, and that you care enough to ask!

As a surgical technologist or sterile processing technician, here are some questions that you can ask during your next travel healthcare interview!

  • Will I be working weekends?
  • What areas will I be working in while I am on assignment? Or, will I be rotating throughout the department?
  • How many cases per day?
  • Will I have guaranteed hours? If so, how many?
  • What shift are you looking to fill?
  • How much on call is required for this assignment?
  • Arrive Early And Wear Appropriate Attire

    The recommended attire for an SPD interview is business casual. Excellent options include slacks, a conservative skirt or a dress, a blouse, a button-down shirt, or a Polo shirt. The best way to present a positive impression to the interviewer is to dress in something that makes you feel comfortable. Tee shirts and shorts are both inappropriate attire. Never wear sandals or flip-flops, never wear items with writing or prominent logos, and never wear anything with a camo design.

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    Are You Okay With Flexible Working Hours

    I dont have any issues and I have worked a variety of shifts in my previous role. I can be at work whenever I am scheduled for. I have my night shifts where we had to cover the emergency and trauma rooms for any incoming accident. I try to maintain my work and personal life balance so as long as its taken care of, I can help my team.

    Can’t Wait To Work At Your Favorite Pharmacy


    Since you’ve now reviewed our potential pharmacy technician interview questions, you can accelerate your job search as soon as you create a profile on Monster. You’ll be doing interviews in no time, and we’ll send you top-notch advice from our career pros and personalized alerts for new jobs that match your background and location along the way.

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    Dental Sterilization Technician Interview Questions

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    What Are The Roles Of A Sterile Processing Technician

    The responsibility may vary if one is working at a healthcare center or at a laboratory. The basic duties are:

    • Maintaining the inventory of supplies,
    • Recording the supplies with their expiry dates and disposing of them on dates,
    • Record keeping of all procedures along with equipment used,
    • Providing all required equipment including instruments for all medical procedures including surgeries, traumas, and examinations,
    • Reloading instrument trays during the medical procedures after the sterilization process,
    • Checking and reporting if there is an issue with the sterilized items,
    • Using decontamination machines and removing the waste to maintain the machinery and
    • Collecting the supplies and equipment after the process and sterilizing them.

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    Opportunities As An Spd Tech Are Endless

    As a sterile processing technician, your opportunities span as far as your ambition does. With the right attitude and career aspirations, you can move up the ladder to a sterile processing manager or supervisor. Advancement in the sterilization field give you a deeper look at other opportunities in the medical community, and you might find that you want to explore opportunities as an endoscope technician or surgical technician.

    Question #: What Makes You Want To Work In A Pharmacy

    Interviewing For Sterile Processing

    Employers will want to know what compels you to work in this environment. Do you have certain personality traits that spurred you to work with pharmaceuticals and offer great customer service? Or you can respond by considering what factors led you to become a pharmacy technician. Interview questions such as this one should then take into account:

    • What do you love about pharmacies?
    • Do you have a story that inspired you to join a pharmacy staff?

    How You Could Answer

    “Growing up, I’d always be curious about what was going behind the scenesor, really, just beyond the counterat my local pharmacy. It was a small operation, but the head pharmacist was always busy, so we’d rarely interact with him. The pharmacy techsusually cheerful and pleasantwould be the ones we’d typically see. My parents would ask them questions and get our prescriptions filled. I recall them always smiling at me .”

    “When I got older, I became interested in learning about the technical aspects of properly supplying medicine to patients. More so though, I felt like pharmacies are such essential businesses within any community, and it seemed like I’d truly be making an impact by working at one.”

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    How Do You Handle Stressful Situations

    This is a specific question asked in most SPD interviews, even for Lead & Supervisor positions. Sterile Processing is a fast-paced department where priorities are constantly shifting and emotions run high. A busy day happens more often than not, so most SPD technicians will feel the stress of the job at some point. How you handle stressful situations will be unique to you, so be honest with your answer. Do you focus on the task at hand? Take deep breaths to compose yourself? Will you need to step out of the situation for 10 seconds to clear your head? Do you actually enjoy the stress or fast-paced work environment? There is no wrong answer, but this question will come up, and you should be prepared for how you individually handle stress. Bonus points if you can spin this question to a positive, like, I love fast-paced work environments because my day will go by quickly.

    Have You Ever Had A Difficult Co

    These two are different versions of the same question, but they both boil down to teamwork issues. Everyone has dealt with a difficult co-worker at some point. Whether they are lazy, or a gossip, or are actively negative about everything and everyone, weve all interacted with them. This question can be tricky, but you want to handle this question by talking about how well you interact with others. Remember, this question should really be, How will you fit in with our team? or Are you going to be a good teammate?. Your answer should spin this negative connotation question to a positive by talking about how you have the ability to help others and work well with others, even if they dont have the same positive attitude as you. The best possible answer to this question is to show how you believe you can help others with their negative attitude by being a positive influence in the department, which is exactly what hiring managers want to hear.

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    Sterile Services Technician Interview Questions

    Sterile Services Technician Interview Questions

    Are you looking for sterile service technician interview questions and answers? If yes, then I will break down the top questions and answer tips for you. One thing I should say, an interview is an uncertain event, the interviewer can ask you various questions. But it would help if you had confidence, that is why I am planning to give you some most asked questions in a sterile service interview with possible best answers. Lets have a look:

    Reasons To Become A Sterile Processing Technician

    Sterile Processing Technician Cover Letter Template

    As a sterile processing technician, youll work behind the scenes in the medical community. SPD Techs are some of the most important team members in a hospitals arsenalresponsible for eliminating infections, maintaining supplies, and manually cleaning tools to be used in critical surgeries. If youre considering a new career, explore our list of reasons why you might want to contemplate a future as a sterile processing technician.

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    Five Important Questions To Ask Spd Candidates During The Interview

    This is part four of HIGH FIVE, a multi-part series on leading a successful and fulfilling sterile processing career. Here are 5 solid approaches to take during a CS/SPD interview.1. Everyone relax.2. What do you know about this type of work?3. What are your expectations of this job and our company?4. If we called your favorite boss or instructor right now, what would they tell us about you?5. How did you hear about this position?

    Why Become A Sterile Processing Technician Top 6 Reasons

    Sterile processing is a rewarding career with accessible entry-level jobs and professional growth.Sterile processing technicians are a crucial part of healthcare as they ensure all instruments and equipment are sterilized and safe to use in surgical procedures. They are instrumental in eliminating infections and maintaining supplies in hospitals, clinics, and surgery centers.

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    Tell Us About A Time When You Were Working With A Team And Had To Overcome A Challenge

    As a pharmacist, youre likely to face challenges on a regular basis. These could include confrontational customers, confusion over particular prescriptions, or miscommunication resulting in a mistake. It can take team work to overcome these difficulties, which means good communication and the ability to delegate and be delegated to. Think about a scenario from your past in which you overcame a challenge and paint the picture for your interviewer.

    When interviewing, its always better to be over prepared than under prepared, so taking some time to practice how you will answer potential questions is a good idea. Hopefully this guide can help you make a good first impression and land the position youve always wanted.

    Why Do You Feel You Are Qualified For This Role

    Sterile Processing Technician interview questions

    I have relevant skills and experience in this field that match what you are looking for. I have great communication skills and leadership skills that make me a good candidate for this position. I have been managing a team of more than 5 people currently and I believe I can lead the department here as well.

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    Sterile Processing Technician Interview Questions

    Sterile processing technicians work to sterilize, assemble, install, and prepare all laboratory and healthcare equipment for use in medical procedures. Sterile processing technicians should be meticulous and attentive to their work, as they ensure medical equipment is safe to re-use without causing infections.

    When interviewing sterile processing technicians, look for candidates who demonstrate strong technical skills and knowledge of sterilization processes. Be wary of candidates who lack teamworking abilities as well as organizational skills and attention to detail.

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    How Do You Delegate Tasks At Work

    My focus is to give a variety of tasks to everyone so that there is no boring work for anyone. While giving out tasks, I usually try adding at least 1 task in the bundle that is challenging for them. I want my team to remain focused and learn new things. Sometimes, if one team member is getting stuck on one of the challenges, I encourage other team members to assist him so that team-building activities can be performed as well.

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    Do You Have Any Questions For Us

    Come prepared with several questions for the hiring team. Here are some examples:

    • How many people are on the Sterile Processing team?
    • What is the leadership structure of the department?
    • How many cases does the Operating Room perform daily?
    • Do you feel like there are opportunities for advancement within the department?
    • This in particular is a great question to ask.
  • How would you describe the culture of the SPD?
  • Does department management stress accuracy over productivity?
  • What do you feel are the biggest challenges this department faces?
  • This is a trick I have picked up on over the years, and Im passing it along to you for free. If you come prepared with questions, especially questions about culture and challenges of the department, it can turn the tables on the hiring manager. Instead of you as the applicant trying to convince them of why you should be joining the team, it makes them try to convince you of why you should be on the team. Whatever they say in response to culture or challenges, make sure you respond by stating how you can help them achieve their goals.

    If You Are Understaffed What Will Be Your Plan Of Action

    Sterile Processing Tech Resume Samples

    I believe group work will sort the issue. A department should not be giving out any excuse for being understaffed when it can be handled between the team. We are the initial phase of the medical procedure so we have to do prompt work and respond promptly as well. The teamwork is actually dependent on how well synced the team is to take up to pressure of work. On the other hand, if it is a normal routine then the understaffed issue should be highlighted to the supervisor or management to hire a few extra employees to share the load. It depends on the budget. Sometimes internship programs can be a great relief as well.

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    How Do You Respond To Negative Feedback

    My rule is to let it not affect you unless and until it is constructive feedback that you can actually implement and improve. In my experience so far, I have felt that negative criticism of my work has helped me improve my work a lot. If feedback is coming from my supervisor, I always discuss it in detail with them to understand his perspective. I reevaluate my work and then do meaningful changes.

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    What Is Your Greatest Weakness

    This can be a difficult question to answer during an interview unless you prepare in advance. The best way to tackle it is to turn a negative into a positive. For example, you could say your weakness is that youre almost too thorough in checking the handover figures, and while you recognize this weakness can set you back, youd rather be safe than sorry.

    What Field Experience Do You Have For A Sterile Processing Technician Position

    5 Tips on how to prepare for a job interview as a Sterile Processing Technician!

    Answer tips

    Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If you do not have specific experience, get as close as you can.

    If you are being asked this question from your employer then you can explain your experience. Tell the employer what responsibilities you were performing during your job. You can tell what programs you developed and what modules you worked on. What were your achievements regarding different programs.

    I have been working with computers since 2001. I also have a degree in network support/computer repair. I have built my last 3 computers, have work with Dell as an employee. So I have around 15 years experience working with computers.

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