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What To Wear To A Tech Interview

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Consider The Position You Are Applying For

What to Wear For a Technician or Mechanic Job Interview

The attire that you should wear to work is dependant on your future role in the company. For example, positions that involve a lot of face time with clients will likely require nicer attire. If you spend most of your day in the office with other employees, your outfits may likely consist of very casual clothing.

Women’s Job Interview Outfit

There are a few general guidelines to keep in mind when selecting a women’s job interview outfit. All the factors mentioned above, like fit, cleanliness, and formality, still apply. You also want to choose colors that you like and feel confident in. The following job interview outfit suggestions are great places to start.

  • Jacket and slacks – you can update the classic powersuit with fun colors or mix and match items to build a more casual look.
  • Interview dress – ah, the classic move when you dont feel like piecing multiple parts of an outfit together. The interview dress is the trusty companion for busy professionals.
  • Shoes – heres a wild card. In a virtual interview, it is unlikely anybody will see your shoes. If wearing formal shoes helps you to focus and feel confident, wear them!

Virtual Interview Dress: A Simple Way To Make A Great First Impression

Success in a virtual interview requires preparation and focus. Wearing a good suit is not enough to get you hired, but it can help you make a good impression. It is best to treat a virtual interview like a traditional interview wear a suit or other business attire. Wearing formal clothes makes it easier to be focused and engaged in the conversation.

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The Rules On What To Wear To Interviews Are Changing Save Your Suit For Funerals And Weddings

Dress to impress at your job interview.

Youve survived a few phone screenings, and now the hiring manager is ready to see you in person. Your interview is scheduled . Youve done thorough research on the company, practiced answering the most common interview questions, and figured out some great questions to ask face-to-face. Theres really only one thing left to figure out. Do you know what you should wear to an interview?

You think the answer is pretty simple: A dark, perfectly pressed and tailored suit. Thats what you wore to your last job interview in 2010. Its what everyone wears to a job interview. Right?

Dont bet on it.

Where desk employees in the pre-2000s would almost always show up to work in ties, khakis, blouses, and heels, you might see employees in those same roles today heading to work in jeans, sneakers, and hooded sweatshirts. And with so many employees, from entry level to senior management, taking the casual approach to workplace attire, the recommended attire in the interview room is changing, too.

I dont believe the suit is completely deadbut it is dying, and its not a slow death, says Kalei Carr, who runs a consulting firm in Atlanta that specializes in image and personal branding for women.

Are The Interview Outfits Presentable

What to Wear to a Job Interview

When you work from home, you might wear old t-shirts and jeans every day. On tough days, you might even be tempted to wear your PJs to your home office. In the context of a job interview, having fresh, ironed clothing is vitally important. If you have a few days before your job interview, you can take your interview outfits to a dry cleaner.

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Dress For The Job You Want

Thinking back to the grey area theme, there is no one-size-fits-all interview outfit. Different departments have different expectations, and different companies will have different ideas of style. For example, are you interviewing for a role that is client facing or computer facing? Dont be afraid to ask your recruiter for help if youre stuck on what that grey area is for the team youll be interviewing with. Were here to help!

Interview Outfits Are Not Just For Interviews

These days everyone needs to be aware of their digital presence, knowing that LinkedIn is often one of the first places recruiters look when searching for candidates. Expect to be digitally pre-screened before your interview and ensure that your LinkedIn profile picture looks professional. When having your profile picture taken, simply follow the same outfit guidelines as if youre interviewing for a job.

The same applies for any candidates having a video or digital interview: dress exactly the same as if you were having a face-to-face interview, with the same attention to detail head to toe. Not only will it put you in the right mindset, it will also ensure you dont get caught out if you have to get up from your seat. You dont want to be the candidate caught in their pyjama bottoms!

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Interview Outfits For Women

A jacket or cardigan can pull together a look for anyone, said Annie Barlow, a Chicago-based wardrobe consultant. It shows that youre polished, and that youve pulled yourself together without being super formal, Barlow said.

Zuajeiliy Romero, style director at online styling service Wishi, offered some specific combinations. Her ideas are below, and check out this inspiration board for visual cues.

Pair a tailored and crisp white blouse with black or navy pants. Depending on the pant color, you can match your shoe to the pant or keep it minimal with a nude sandal or shoe.

Top a slip or pencil skirt with a fitted crew-neck sweater. The sweater should hit the top of the skirt for a put together look. Simple accessories, for instance a dainty necklace and watch, give this outfit a chic finish.

For a more conservative company, wear a crew-neck bodysuit under a matching skirt or pantsuit. For shoes, I love a suit with a pair of sneakers, Romero said. Fit wise, make sure the suit isnt too fitted or too baggy.

Shoe and bag combinations: Pair a low slingback with a simple top-handle bag. Prefer to wear a pump? Keep it mid-heeled and carry a structured tote. More casual? Minimal white sneakers and a leather backpack do the job. Dressier? Flats with a chain-strap bag do the trick. Boots? Pair them with an oversized soft pouch bag.

Putting It All Together

Information Technology Interview Tips – The Interview

Ultimately, figuring out what to wear to an interview doesnt have to be a challenge. With the tips above, you can head in the right direction. Just consider the standards for that workplace, and aim slightly above. Or, when in doubt, aim for somewhere between executive casual and business formal. If you do, youll probably be in great shape.

Good luck!

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Look For Blouses With Interesting Details

A blouse like the one shown here with a bow makes for an elegant look, which can be completed with either a skirt or slacks. Add a skinny waist belt for a touch of detail that makes the top pop. A skirt made of an interesting fabric or a simple black pencil skirt is a great way to make a business look your own.

Depending on where you’re being interviewed, you can add a jacket to dress up the look.

What To Wear For A Blue

We all know how to dress when it comes to office interviews, but what if your interview is for an industrial, blue-collar job? What do you wear then?

They say first impressions are everything, and its true. Even though your interview may be for a labor position, there are definite dos and donts when it comes to dressing for a blue-collar job interview.

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Dressing Up For An Interview When You Already Have A Job

One of the trickiest aspects of interviewing is how to dress up for an interview without raising suspicion from your present employer, especially if your regular workplace attire tends to be quite casual.

If possible, try to schedule your interview for the beginning or end of the day, when it might be possible to get changed into your normal workwear either before or after the interview. If your interview is during the day, wear the basics of your interview outfit but leave off the more formal touches, such as jacket, tie or heels, bringing them with you and only putting them on when you leave the office and are on your way to the interview. If this is still too formal for your workplace, you may have to bring your entire interview outfit with you and find a place to change before the interview.

If none of these options are feasible and youll be turning up at the interview in less than appropriate interview attire, its best to let the interviewer know ahead of time and explain why.

Wear Makeup To Highlight Your Features

Keep it MBAchic: what to wear to a tech or startup ...

Makeup is also a great confidence booster and can help highlight your best features on-camera. Naturally, webcams are unflattering and tend to wash us out to give your skin a healthy and natural glow, wear a light foundation or CC cream, and use concealer to brighten the area underneath your eyes. If youre on the oily side, consider using a blotting paper and some powder before you join your call you dont want any shine to distract your interviewer from what you are saying.

Its essential to keep your makeup natural and neutral as you would with a regular interview. Simply use mascara, brow pencil and bronzer enhance your features and make yourself look more presentable on camera.

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When In Doubt Dress Up A Little

Dress codes vary. For example, a tech start-up in Silicon Valley might frown on someone who dresses too formally, while a Fortune 50 company on Madison Avenue might frown on someone who dresses too casually. Its important to get a sense of the corporate culture before you head into the interview, to make sure that your attire is appropriate.

Different industries have different expectations of how candidates and employees should dress. The appropriate dress code can vary greatly depending on the company, industry, and location.

However, regardless of what everyone else at the company is wearing, its essential to take particular care with your appearance during a job interview. The candidate dressed in a suit and tie, or dress and heels, will usually make a much better impression than the candidate dressed in jeans and sneakers.

Learn more about what to wear for a corporate position and what to wear for a more laid-back casual position. In both cases, being well-groomed with clean, untattered clothes is always required.

Chinos Or Dress Pants

Crisply pressed cotton pants, light-colored chinos or khakis are great options for a business casual interview. Stick to neutral colors like grey, black, brown and navy blue, since these match many shirt colors. In some workplaces, it may be acceptable to wear dark-colored jeans. If youre not sure if jeans are appropriate in this office, wear chinos or dress pants instead.

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Think Menswear With A Khaki Mix

A menswear-inspired khaki blazer is an extremely versatile piece to have in your wardrobe. Wear it with a button-down shirt or blouse. It looks great with a matching skirt, dark-wash jeans for a startup casual interview, or navy blue bottoms for a dressier look.

The button-down here might be a basic top, but the pink makes the look pop. With a shirt that has an interesting collar detail, you could choose to button it up to the top, eliminating the need for a necklace. Another option for a unique collar detail is a rounded Peter Pan collar.

Finally, a navy blue skirt is a stylish alternative to the traditional black pencil skirt. It’s a bit more easygoing than the typical black skirt, but it’s still professional, creating a look that is relaxed and also refined.

What Men Should Wear

What to wear to an engineering interview female | How do engineers dress?

Men applying for a job in the healthcare field in 2021 should dress for business with a suit or slacks and tie, be neatly groomed, and wear limited accessories.

Clothing: If the professional office sport formal business wear, then dress more business-like . If the office is more informal than that, wear smart business casual . Make sure it fits appropriately, neither too loose nor too tight.

Accessories: Rarely should men wear any accessories other than a black or brown belt and a maximum of one ring per hand. Earrings are rarely considered business attire for men, so if you wear them, consider leaving them at home for the interview.

Hair: Whatever your style, make sure you take time to groom it well for the interview. Facial hair should be neat and trim.

Shoes: Stick to brown and black casual shoes, dress shoes, or hybrids depending on the formality of your outfit.

Working Interview/Scrubs: If you are taking part in a working interview, you will likely be instructed to wear scrubs. Even here, your appearance matters. Choose professional scrubs that are in good condition. Wear your nice work shoes.

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Interview Outfits For Men

A black, gray or navy suit, with shoes matched to your belt or the base color of the suit is appropriate. A white button-down or tailored t-shirt underneath is appropriate for a casual atmosphere, and a tie might be called for if the company is more conservative.

Not big on suits? Team tailored trousers with a fitted crew neck or v-neck sweater, or khaki pants with a structured white t-shirt and blazer. Dark denim trousers with a white shirt and black or navy blazer creates a casual and professional work. Confine prints to a pocket square, if thats your jam.

For shoes and bag: Pair leather loafers with a matching leather ledger, or minimal white sneakers with a canvas tote. Low-heeled Chelsea boots with a streamlined backpack also work.

General Guidelines For What To Wear To An Interview

More than anything, you want to present as a consummate professional with impeccable grooming and impeccable grooming is defined by attention to detail. You need to consider every aspect of your appearance, and dont leave it to the last minute.

Here are some details to consider when planning your interview outfit:

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What To Wear For Your Tech Job Interview

The tech industry is known for being casual , which defies everything we learned back in school about how to present ourselves at interviews.

What does this mean you should wear for a tech company interview? Do you go with a suit and feel uncomfortably over-dressed…or dress down and wonder if youre making a good impression?

Consultation with several tech interviewers revealed the answer: it depends. They advise that you take these steps before the big day.

Try to research the company in advance.

What are people wearing in the company photo?

You should check the company’s social media channels first , says Brian Shoicket, Director of University Programs at Uncubed, a platform that hosts online courses and connects students with job opportunities. Usually tech companies post photos from their office or employee gatherings and you can see what they are wearing day-to-day.

No luck on social media? Check out their About page. Shoicket continues, See what employees chose to wear in their photos, as this is an indicator of their company culture / environment. Is everyone in jeans and a T-shirt? Then it’s clearly very casual.

Oftentimes companies will actually let you know the attire before you arrive — its often business casual, but could be just business or even just casual.

Take your role into account, too.

When in doubt, ask the recruiter .

Always aim for one level up.

Nonetheless, you can probably ditch the suit.

Outfit suggestions

Virtual Interview Outfits By Industry


The above tips on job interview clothes will work in most cases. That said, there are a few industry-specific tips to keep in mind.

  • Accounting and law. These professions are focused on offering serious advice to clients in need. Therefore, it is traditional to dress conservatively. We’ll cover law interview clothes in more depth below.
  • Advertising and Creative Fields. Some industries like advertising and graphic design value creativity and innovation. In that case, you might experiment with more unusual job interview clothes. For example, consider wearing a remarkable watch or a more creative necktie.
  • Technology. Some parts of the technology industry are known for their informal dress code. Before showing up in a hoodie, ask people in your network for tips first. Spending five to ten minutes to clarify the dress code can make your job interview experience much less stressful.

Keep reading for more industry-specific tips on virtual job interview clothes.

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Video Interview Bonus: Anything That Looks Weird On Camera

Due to COVID-19, video interviews are increasingly common. If youre getting ready to meet with the hiring manager virtually, then you need to make sure that the attire you chose looks good on camera.

What many people dont realize is that certain colors and patterns dont appear the same when viewed through a lens or screen. For example, white and black can actually be bad choices for video interviews, as well as many bright colors.

At times, patterns can also get a bit muddied with viewed on camera. It can cause some strange color shifts, some of which may not be flattering.

When in doubt, stick with neutrals that arent black or white. Navy blues, mid-toned beiges, deep greens, soft maroons, and similar hues can work well, along with many pastels. Once you have some options ready, test your outfit on camera before your video interview, just to be safe.

Simple Chic Color Blocking

You may not be required to wear a suit for an interview with a tech company, but that does not mean you cannot still wear something similar. This look is simple and not too flashy but still stylish. You look put together without doing the most and you are still kind of trendy since you are color-blocking.

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