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How To Dress For Online Interview

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What To Wear For A Video Interview

How to Dress for an Interview

As remote work becomes the norm and safety remains paramount, an increasing number of businesses are opting for video job interviews over face-to-face when it comes to the hiring process. If youre currently on the job hunt or trying to land an internal position, chances are youll be asked to do a video interview at some point or another.

Video interviews offer a significant advantage over in-person meetings. Primarily, youre in control of your environment, so you can set it up in exactly the way that you feel comfortable. However, this control also means that you need to be more considered in a number of areas, including your backdrop, your body language and your attire.

Like an in-person interview, what you wear to a virtual interview matters. Below, we share some video interview tips to help you dress for success.

1 Smart Casual Outfit

As a substitute for a usual suit, wear a white slim-fit button-down shirt and throw a navy blue vest on top. Of course, the shirt must be tucked in, and just let the vest do the job of covering it. You can roll up the sleeves if you want, just do it the right way above the elbows or above the wrists. Avoid leaving any crumples as you do so.

Dont Let The Relaxed Remote World Influence Your Dress

In the relaxed world of remote work, it is easy for a casual dress approach to trickle into an interview, however, what you wear can have a major impact on that first impression, so it is best to resist this temptation. You will not be expected to be overly formal, but a button-up shirt or blouse that gives off a professional vibe can go a long way in sending the message of your seriousness about the position and your adherence to a professional company culture.In addition, pay attention to your background, as this too, can also send a distinct message. Just as you would not invite someone to your home when it is messy, that rule should apply to your virtual interview. By approaching your virtual interview the same way you would if you were doing it in an office setting, you will prevent embarrassment and place yourself in a great position to make a good first impression.

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Wear Colors That Reflect The Workplace And Role

The colors you wear for interviews can spark certain impressions. For jobs in more formal industries such as law and banking, clothes in gray, black, and blue shades are good. Those colors are good standbys for nearly any interview. Save the more colorful shades such as purple, green, and yellow for interviewing for creative roles.

Feel Good About Yourself

White Coat Wardrobe

The last best practise for Zoom interview attire is to make sure that youre feeling confident and comfortable. At the end of the day, wearing that really scratchy blouse just because it looks good on camera will only be a distraction from the interview.

You need to be performing at your best, and to be able to concentrate on the questions asked. This means feeling confident and happy, and not unnecessarily stressed. If you feel uncomfortable and are constantly fidgeting then the interviewer will likely notice this.

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Get The Camera Angle Right

Just like getting the lighting correct, youll need to make sure that you set up the camera angle correctly too, in order to show yourself in your best light.

This means having the camera at eye level so you can make eye contact with the interviewer, and having it pointing straight on rather than looking up or down at you.

Check The Website For Details

You want to fit the culture of the company who is hiring. A way to do that if you do not already know people working for that company, is go to their website and see how they present themselves and their staff in different positions. Also if you are not sure, dress less casual and more formal. Today that may mean wear a sport jacket and tie, or no tie. Be neat in your appearance, watch your posture, it effects your energy level and positive state of mind. Go for it!

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Think About Color And Contrast

During a job interview, you want to stand out in all the right ways. Rosenfeld said that a great place to start is by matching the color of your eyes.

If you can repeat that on your body, whether it is a top, a blouse, a shirt, an appropriate piece of knitwear, it can be piecesthats a wonderful opportunity to amplify the authenticity of a person, said Rosenfeld. Eyes to me are always the window of the soul.

Skin coloring, makeup, hair, outfit, accessories, and background should all be working together in medium contrast, according to Rosenfeld.

For example, a woman with light hair and white skin may want to avoid white walls, or else shell blend into the background. However, shell also want to avoid too much contrastsuch as black walls and black sweaters against a white backgroundor the effect might be bobble-head syndrome, where the head almost looks as if its floating in space. Someone with darker skin already has the advantage of contrast against a white wall.

Business Casual Is Always A Safe Choice

How to Dress for Your Interview

If youre feeling unsure of what to wear for your interview outfit and its stressing you out, I always say business casual is a safe bet. You probably have a nice shirt and jacket to go with it, and by picking your favorite go-tos, you will feel relaxed and confident. I wouldnt worry too much about your bottom half unless for some reason it will be in the cameras range. If you make sure the top half is looking clean and put together, your appearance will be the least of your worries!

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How Should You Dress For A Zoom Interview

Unless otherwise indicated, business casual interview attire should be the go-to for most Zoom calls.

Business casual usually means blouses, button-downs and/or blazers.

Video-based interviewees dont have to worry too much about whats going on below the waist due to the nature of the medium. However, I personally always recommend wearing pants, a skirt, or even just a pair of jeans just in case. Tales of boxer brief mishaps are far too common in this new era of Zoom.

And as always, when in doubt, do a little research on the company dress code before hopping on. Start with the company website. It may offer a few clues about employee culture and wardrobe expectations.

11 Internship Interview Outfit

Give them the impression that you are professional and serious about your impending career. Show the recruiter you are ready to join the workforce and take the opportunity seriously.

A simple combo of a white button-down and khaki pants would do for your internship interview. Go for a regular or slim fit. Do not tuck in the shirt this time, and leave the sleeves unrolled.

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Consider Going A Bit More Casual

While you should dress for the job you want and meet the roles standards of formality, in general, remote interviews may be innately more casual than in-person ones.

Heres what Im hearing: Its going more casual, Davis said. Where a suit might make sense at an in-person interview, business casual may be sufficient for remote interviews, for instance. But when in doubt, opt to be more formal.

Avoid Wearing Too Much Jewelry

Pin by Wendy Soto on Just for me!

While it may be tempting to accessorize your outfit with matching jewelry, it’s best to keep your accessories at a minimum for video interviews. You should especially stay away from shiny jewelry that would catch the light on camera, as this would be very distracting to the interviewer or hiring manager.

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What To Wear For A Virtual Interview

Assume that the rules for online interviews are the same as those for in-person interviews. Stick to the dress code youve determined is appropriate for the role and workplace environment, even if the job entails working from home.

Your on-camera background is a part of the total picture the interviewer will get about you. Be sure it projects professionalism and is free of clutter, pets, people walking by, and other distractions.

Zoom Interview Attire: What To Wear

Youve accepted your Zoom interview invite, but then the fear creeps in what Zoom interview attire do you wear? In this guide, well help you figure out what to wear for a virtual interview so you can look your best on camera. Well cover:

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Relax And Be Yourself

As tough as it may be in any interview, try to relax and let your personality and skills shine. Since you may not be able to convey enthusiasm as much on video as in person, make sure to explain why you think youre a great fit for the role and why youre enthusiastic about joining Capital One. Rememberit took a lot to get to this point. You have the skills, now let the interviewers get to know you. Youve got this.

While you may not be as familiar with virtual interviews as you are with in person interviews, they dont have to be scary. Following these virtual interview tips can help you relax, be clear about your skills and land your dream job at Capital One. Good luck and happy interviewing!

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Tip : Keep Your Answers Simple

5 Tips on What to Wear for Zoom Interview 2021 | The Claire Image Coach

As with any interview, try to keep your answers simple and to the point. When youre on a video call, pauses in conversation can feel awkward and unnatural, so it can be tempting to fill the silence with chatter.

However, its likely that your interviewer will simply be processing your answer during the natural lapses. If the question doesnt warrant it, dont feel like you need to give a long, drawn-out explanation. Being able to respond in a clear, concise manner is an important skill and will stand you in good stead during the interview.

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Do Arrive Early And Test Everything Out Before The Interview

My final tip is more about the overall interview rather than wardrobe.

Make sure you log in to the call early and give yourself enough time to test your lights, microphone, virtual backgrounds , speakers and overall appearance. Make last-minute minor adjustments as needed.

Theres nothing worse than running late to an important meeting because of a technical issue or wardrobe malfunction.

Also make sure that you have everything you might need within an arms length before you begin a cup of water, a box of tissues, reference materials, notes, etc.

As with most things in life, preparation is key. Zoom interviews are no exception.

Do you have a big Zoom interview coming up? Are you struggling on selecting the right interview attire? What are your best Zoom tips? Let me know in the comments below. And dont forget to connect with me on social media.

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Tips For Acing An Online Job Interview

COVID-19 has impacted a lot of thingsincluding how we restrict face-to-face interactions. Many interviews are now taking place virtually, especially in the early stages of the talent search.

In recent years, online job interviews have become more popular and many companies, including Hilton, are regularly using technology to conduct preliminary interviews. During the pandemic, job interviews for nearly every stage of the hiring process became the norm.

While online interviews are similar to traditional, in-person meetings, they have some major differences that candidates should be prepared for.

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Write Down 5 Questions Beforehand

Prepare by doing some research on the company and industry. Try to think of five good questions that arent about salary or benefits

You want to think up five in case some of them are naturally answered along the way. Most interviewers ask at the end if you have questions and having two or three questions to ask will show youve put thought into this.

Pro Tip: Ask questions that show you would be an engaged and valuable member on the team, ready to get to work as soon as you are hired.

Consider The Brand Values

Why You Should Always Dress Up for a Phone Interview

Most companies have a paragraph or two about their core brand values on their website or LinkedIn page. Make sure you have a read of these, and use them to influence your outfit decision about what to wear for a Zoom interview. For example, if a companys brand values are more light-hearted and energetic you can head away from a traditional black suit and consider something a bit different.

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Log On Early And Test Setup

Being on time is really being about 10 minutes early. For a virtual, first-time interview, you may want to make sure you are ready to go 15-20 minutes early. If this sounds like a lot, just remember: In a normal interview, you would probably be getting ready, driving, parking and finding the right room before the interview.

In this situation, setting up the computer and logging in is essentially the parking part of your interview process. Make sure everything works and then you can hang out until about 5-10 minutes before the scheduled time.

Pro Tip: ALWAYS act like your interviewer can hear and see everything you are doing. Getting in the habit of feeling watched during the session will help you not do something strange because you forget people are in the room or dont realize your camera is on. From the moment you log in until the moment you close the screen, just assume they can hear and see everything.

Would Dressing Professionally Help You

Dressing professionally can help you in the following ways:

  • Leave a lasting impression: The first impression is the last impression! In many cases, first impressions might be your only chance to get it right. The best way to leave a lasting impression is to dress professionally for an interview.
  • Prove that you are a serious candidate: A serious candidate would give the time and effort required to excel at the interview. Choosing appropriate attire shows that you are genuinely interested in the role and respectful of the interviews time.
  • Boost your self-confidence: When you wear clothes you are comfortable with and look good in, it surely boosts your confidence.

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How To Dress For Every Type Of Job Interview

Knowing how to dress for a job interview is an important part of interview preparation. The way you present yourself can subtly suggest your understanding about the companys business purpose and culture.

Selecting an appropriate interview ensemble requires research and planning. You should dress according to the organizational dress code and the role youre seeking.

Dress code policies are being reconsidered due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the increase in remote workers, according to a 2021 article by the Society for Human Resource Management. While companies may be becoming more lax about dress codes, its still best to stick to the tried-and-true guidelines for projecting a professional image.

Follow along for guidance on proper attire for your job interview.

Arrange For Children And Pets

How to Dress for a Job Interview

Even if you’re conducting the video interview from your home, it’s a good idea to plan child or pet care to minimize distractions during your call. You may want to schedule at least an hour with your caregiver to allow yourself time to calm down and focus before an interview. If you ask the caregiver to come to your home, ask them to stay with your child or pet away from where you plan to interview.

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Dont forget also that youre likely to be making hand gestures as you talk during the session, so either keep your nails free of nail polish, or opt for a neutral-toned varnish. Super-dark colours like black or super-bright colours like neons are not recommended.


Toh also pointed out some common dressing and grooming mistakes that candidates are making during online interviews: Wearing outfits that are overly casual or ill-fitting neglecting to properly iron their clothes and attending the interview with damp hair.


In order to present the best possible image of themselves to interviewers, smart candidates know that its also crucial to properly set up the camera angle, background view and sound levels for an interview.

After all, theres no point in getting your appearance shipshape, only for the session to be ruined by an unflattering angle, or a view of a messy home, which will signal a careless attitude on the part of the candidate. While the reliability of your Internet connection and noise disturbances may at times be impossible to control, you should always aim to get the interview environment at home as close to ideal as possible.

Do a test run to ascertain that everything about the set-up is good to go, and it goes without saying that you should log on to the platform you are using in advance, and get yourself ready 10 to 15 minutes before the scheduled time of the interview.

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