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An Interview With God Review

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An Interview With God Ending Explained & Film Analysis

An Interview with God- Howells Hollywood Reviews

What is the meaning of the film An Interview with God by Perry Lang? In 2018, Perry Langs film An Interview with God is released on world cinema screens. The director, who is known for Jacobs Ladder and his work on many TV shows, once again decided to try his luck at the big box office. Two of his works on similar topics have already failed, barely recouping the budget invested in them. The picture turned out to be rather peculiar and difficult to perceive. After all, the director took as a basis the theme of war and religion. Today, this film is known to a few and has equally negative and positive reviews. But after watching every second one asks the question: What is the point of the film?

Film Roles And Continued Success

Following Thwaites’ relocation to the United States, he signed on to play the male lead in the 2012 television film opposite . The film received generally mixed reviews, with praising both Thwaites and Evans’ ” believable” acting and saying their performances were superior to those of the leads in .


In 2013, Thwaites starred in the psychological/supernatural horror film as the male lead Tim Russell. Production on the film began in October 2012 in Alabama, and was completed a few weeks later. The film was first released on 5 September 2013, at the , and received a worldwide theatrical release on 11 April 2014. His performance as Russell was well received by , which claimed that Thwaites maintained a “credibly frightened demeanor” throughout the film.

In 2014, Thwaites appeared in as . A was released in 2019, but was recast in Thwaites’ role as he was unable to return due to scheduling conflicts. Additionally, he starred in as the male lead, Nic Eastman. The film opened at the in January, seven months after shooting on location in the desert of New Mexico. Thwaites received praise in a review by that noted his performance in The Signal was “as a compelling presence in the driver’s seat as things get freakier and freakier around him.”

Thwaites starred in . He played Bek, a human thief. on the film began on 20 March 2014 at the in Sydney, Australia, and the film was released worldwide on 26 February 2016.

An Interview With God Is Convicting

Paul wants to talk to God, but only on his own terms. He doesn’t want to discuss his crumbling marriage. Finally, God forces the issue. “You have no secrets from me,” God says, to which Paul retorts, “Yeah, I do! My personal life is off-limits.” God then tells Paul, “I would like to help you if you would let me.” How many times throughout the week are we like Paul?

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The Plot Of An Interview With God By Perry Lang

The main character is a promising journalist Paul Asher. He is predicted to have a wonderful career, a wonderful wife. But everything in this mans life is changed by the war in Afghanistan. From there, Paul returns a different person. This causes his wife to leave. And the man himself begins a severe crisis. He thinks about everything, even calling into question religion. In addition, his career ceases to go in the right direction, because he leads a religious column in the newspaper. Paul is on the verge of panic and fear, no one can help him with the solution of such a complex internal conflict.

But suddenly a man appears in Pauls field of vision who calls himself none other than God. And the man decides to interview him. More for myself, of course. The conversation turns out to be so interesting that the question arises before Paul who is God really?

An Interview With God Review

Interview with Mastho Vamsee Author of God Damn It! Smith

I interviewed god and a few other friends on the blog about their opinions on religion and spirituality. Check out the interview after the jump.

There are two things I want to add to this interview. First, they asked us if we had any questions for them. So Im happy to have those answered and Im happy weve been asked to put those questions out there. But, second, it really is a great interview. Its a real pleasure to have them talk with us about their beliefs. I dont think Ive ever heard them say something that was so honest and straight-forward.

Were big fan of the God games, and Im excited to get to see a God sequel, but we also know that the next God game will be more about religion than the first one. If you like what you have seen so far, then you are going to want to read on to read about the upcoming sequel. It is going to be a first person shooter that focuses on God.

The God games are based on the idea that God is a force of chaos and will only allow people to be themselves. The first one is a story of an innocent person who is sent into the depths of an alternate universe by the God of the first game. He wants to help, but also uses his power to control chaos. The second game is set in a world where the God has been defeated and now lives in the underworld.

This is not a criticism, it is simply a fact. There are certain things that are so evil and evil that they become gods of chaos themselves.

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Things You Should Know About An Interview With God

Paul Asher is a talented reporter who is having a crisis of faith. He once believed in God, but a visit to war-torn Afghanistan changed all that. He now questions everything he was taught about religion.

He also has a crumbling marriage. And he’s battling emotions and thoughts from seeing soldiers die.

What will it take to rescue him? Perhaps an interview with the Almighty would help.

That’s exactly what Paul gets: three sit-down interviews with God, 30 minutes apiece. Will it help?

Here’s my movie review and what you need to know:

Review: An Interview With God

If you could ask God one question, what would it be?

Thats the intriguing notion posed by An Interview with God. The faith-based film, written and produced by Ken Aguado and directed by Perry Lang, had a limited, three-day run in theaters across the U.S. recently. My son-in-law, Tony, caught the trailer on Facebook and asked me and my husband, Pat, to join him for the screening.

We were blessed to witness a very special piece of Christian cinema with believable characters and a challenge to think about lifes big questions.

The film focuses on Paul Asher . Hes a religion columnist who recently returned home to New York after being embedded with U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan. Ashers marriage is crumbling and his veteran friend suffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Asher also is under severe stress from his experiences overseas, with covert suicidal ideations.

Then he encounters a man who claims to be God. He grants Asher three half-hour interviews on consecutive days. The Man, as hes identified in the script, is portrayed by longtime TV actor David Strathairn .

An Interview with God delivers deep and clear, complete yet simple thoughts on God acting in our lives, his wonderful plan for his children, and his great concern and love for us.

Lynda Sheehan

On another level, the film challenges us to be those whom God uses to help others as we share what God has done for us.

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Review: An Interview With God Is Gripping

This week, moviegoers get a chance to watch another movie that tells the fictional story of a man who talks to God. But does the dialogue square with Scripture?

Movies that depict God appearing in bodily form and talking to modern man such as Bruce Almighty or The Shack can be fraught with theological problems.

First, the filmmaker faces the temptation of placing ideas in the movie that might fit his or her worldview but arent found in Scripture. Then, the filmmaker must choose which actor will play the role all of whom will bring their own flaws to the film. Finally, theres the not-so-small problem of placing imagined dialogue in the mouth of God. For some Christians, thats a non-starter.

This week, moviegoers get a chance to watch another movie that tells the fictional story of a man who talks to God. Called An Interview With God , it shows in theaters for three nights only and depicts a dejected newspaper journalist named Paul Asher who is granted three separate interviews with God, spanning 30 minutes apiece.

Brenton Thwaites plays Asher, a man who once had a strong faith but began having doubts about God following a trip to cover the war in Afghanistan. Hes also fighting to save his crumbling marriage. Academy Award nominee David Strathairn plays God. The movie was made in part by Giving Films, which also was involved in 90 Minutes in Heaven and Paul, Apostle of Christ.

God also tells Asher that he always has existed and that he exists outside of time.

Movie Review: An Interview With God

An Interview With God | A Marriage On The Rocks

‘What would you ask God, if you had the chance?’…

  • 15 November, 2018

Before I begin, I need to confess that I approached An Interview with God with a slightly jaded attitude towards Christian filmsI think I had maybe seen one too many violin-driven climaxes? Or, sermon from the pulpit scenes.

An Interview with God is not like this. There is a lot of theology, yes, but the thread of dramatic tension that vibrates beneath every scene and every relationship is palpable. I have seen this film described elsewhere as gripping, and it islike a book, you simply have to know what’s going to happen next.

Weird because, as the title indicates, it is mostly about an interview. Just two people, talking. One of them is Paul Asher , a jaded journalist returned from covering the war in Afghanistan, and the other is God who, in a lovely moment as Paul asks him to say and spell his name, says, Im God, G.O.D., with a humorous quirk in his eye.

Paul has experienced some things which have him questioning his faith, and the engaging, nuanced performance Thwaites gives as his character struggles with this really drives the film. The man claiming to be God is also played delightfully by Strathairn, and though sometimes the questions Paul asks are pretty predictable, and the answers God gives at times are slightly uninspired, the What-will-he-say? factor is pretty compelling.

I mean, what would you ask God, if you had the chance?

An Interview with God premiered on October 25th.

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An Interview With God: When God Shows Up In The Crucible Of Life

For three nights, starting on August 20, Giving Films An Interview with God will appear in theaters as a Fathom Event. In the film, journalist Paul Asher is assigned to interview The Man, an individual who has called the paper where Asher works and announced that he is, in fact, God. With his life splintering around him, Asher takes the interview and finds himself answering as many questions as he asks over three days. Powerfully, creatively, and spiritually, the film knits together the real-life world we live in with a fantastic parable about life and the choices we make.

In a voiceover to open the film, Asher shares his soul-searching moment that will drive the films narrative: When I hear people say, I lost faith, I picture them giving up, no longer able to keep looking but thats not how it happened for me. The more I prayed, the more empty my words seemed. They were whispers into a void. I was looking for a sign, any sign, but it was quiet. This isnt funny like Bruces really bad day leading up to Morgan Freemans appearance as God in Bruce Almighty, but it reveals a certain measure of the internal struggle that Asher feels. The characters name, Paul Asher, connects both the transition of one of the churchs most respected heroes from the Book of Acts and the meaning of blessed or happy, an irony at the beginning of the film because the journalist is neither safe nor happy.

Brenton Thwaites And David Strathairn

. And now that the movie has hit more theaters it seems like a good time to serve up the spoilery portion of the interview which dives into what to make of the films mysterious. Also starring Yael Grobgias Hill Harper and Charibi Dean Kriek. Someone wants us to know they have seen some movies.

Premium streaming with no ads or interruptions. Covering the war in Afghanistan provided journalist Paul Asher with some of the best stories of his. An Interview with God 2141 57 1 h 37 min 2018 NR.

Visit Tunefind for music from your favorite TV shows and movies. Premium streaming with no ads or interruptions. Which leaves the ending to be a bit flat and disappointing.

An up-and-coming journalist finds his world and faith increasingly challenged when hes granted the interview of a lifetime with someone who claims to be God. In the new movie AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD we meet Paul Asher a journalist fresh off covering the war in Afghanistan. Listen to trailer music.

AN INTERVIEW WITH GOD. The film stars David Strathairn Brenton Thwaites Yael Grobglas Hill Harper and Charlbi Dean. An Interview With God Movie Review.

An Interview With God. At the time of the films release Robert Benton the films writerdirector who deliberately discussed the ending in interviews at the time said this There is something in the. Start your free 7 day trial now.

Rated PG Mild themes. Start your day together with God and the GOD TV team. In movie theaters across the US from August.

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Who Is In The An Interview With God Cast

Brenton Thwaites and David Straithairn are the two stars of the film, playing the journalist and the man. Thwaites had a breakthrough moment in 2014 when he starred in the film adaptation of The Giver. Since then hes appeared in the films Gods of Egypt and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. Recently hes taken on a very high-profile role as the latest in a long line of actors to bring the superhero Robin to life. Thwaites plays an edgier version of Batmans no-longer-a-kid sidekick on the DC Universe original series Titans.

David Straithairn is a veteran actor who was nominated for an Academy Award for playing a journalist back in 2005s Good Night, and Good Luck. He also appeared in the Bourne franchise playing a CIA director and appeared in Steven Spielbergs Lincoln as the secretary of state. He previously won an Emmy for the TV movie Temple Grandin. More recently hes had major roles on The Expanse, Billions, The Blacklist, and Alphas.

The film also stars Hill Harper as an editor, who is on ABCs The Good Doctor and previously appeared on Homeland, Covert Affairs, and CSI: NY. Yael Grobglas plays Pauls wife Sarah Grobglas previously appeared on and Reign .

What Is An Interview With God

Pin on Prayers

An Interview with God is a Christian drama film that had a limited theatrical run in August 2018 and was added to Netflix on March 1. The film focuses on a series of one-on-one conversations between a young war veteran turned journalist named Paul Asher and a man claiming to be Godyes, God, capital G God. The film was directed by Perry Lang, who has directed a whole bunch of TV over the past 20 years . An Interview with God was written by Ken Aguado, who also produced the film.

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Early Life And Education

Strathairn was born in San Francisco, California, the second of three children of Thomas Scott Strathairn, Jr., a physician, and Mary Frances , a nurse. He is of descent through his paternal grandfather, Thomas Scott Strathairn, a native of , and of ancestry through his paternal grandmother, Josephine Lei Victoria Alana. Strathairn attended in , and graduated from in , in 1970. At Williams, he met fellow actor and director , with whom he has collaborated on a number of projects.


Strathairn was nominated for an for his stirring portrayal of newsman in the 2005 biographical film . The film explored Murrow’s clash with Senator over McCarthy’s in the 1950s. Strathairn also received Best Actor and nominations for his performance. In 2010, he won the for his portrayal of Dr. Carlock in the HBO television film . For that role, he also won the and was nominated for a .

Other notable film roles include his portrayals of the title character in Col. Craig Harrington in Memphis Belle Whistler, the wisecracking blind techie, in convict Ray McDeere in the legal thriller abusive husband Joe St. George in Pierce Patchett, a millionaire involved in the seedy side of 1950s Los Angeles in , Duke of Athens, in the of and baseball player in .

Strathairn is a , appearing in supporting roles in many independent and Hollywood films. In this capacity, he has co-starred in as a psychiatrist in as a husband and in as a teacher.

He starred as Dr. Lee Rosen on ‘s series .

But It Has A Few Head

Paul asks God, “If we’re saved through faith and faith alone, why would anyone follow all the other rules?” God responds: “But is faith all it takes? I think you have a misunderstanding about the nature of faith.” Is this a reference to faith without works being dead ? Perhaps. Asked if the Torah and the New Testament are the Word of God, God says, “Of course. But as understood by man and as translated by man.” Many Christians will be troubled by God referencing the times of Noah and saying, “Was I too vengeful back then? Maybe.” Hell is never discussed Paul doesn’t ask about it although God does say that Satan is “real” but “overrated.” Satan, we’re told, only has the power that is given to him.

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