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How To Ask For A Job Interview

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Perform Research On The Company And Role

How to Ask for a Job Interview

Researching the company youre applying to is an important part of preparing for an interview. Not only will it help provide context for your interview conversations, but it will also help you when preparing thoughtful questions for your interviewers.

Researching the company and role as much as possible will give you an edge over the competition. Not only that, but fully preparing for an interview will help you remain calm so that you can be at your best. Here are a few things you should know before you walk into your interview:

Research the product or service:Even if the role isn’t directly related to the company’s product or service, you’re still looking to be part of the team. It’s important to learn all you can about the product or service the company produces and promotes. You don’t necessarily need to understand each and every detail, especially if it’s a technical product, and you’re interviewing for a non-technical position, but you should have a basic understanding of the main products or services the company offers.

If possible, request a sample of the product to familiarize yourself with the customers perspective. The more you can tell them about the product from both a company and customer standpoint, the better you’ll perform in your interview.

Two More Tips For Following Up

If you follow the advice above, you will have great emails to send after any interview from a phone interview to a final stage in-person interview.

However, there are also a few other tips I can share that will make the process easier and help you get the job:

Tip 1: If youre still not 100% confident about your emails after reading the information above, have a friend or family member look at your follow-up email to give feedback.

They can double-check everything and tell you if it sounds polite and clear, or whether something sounds off!

Tip 2: End each interview by asking when you can expect to hear feedback. Simply say, When can I expect to hear feedback, and who will be in touch?

Sometimes its normal for it to take one to two weeks for a response after your job interview. For example, maybe you were the first person they interviewed and they need to talk to a couple of other candidates before making a decision.

So this tip will save you a lot of stress because youll know whether its time to follow up or not, and you wont be worried if youve gotten no response after a couple of days.

While you wait for feedback, you can read these signs your interview went well or badly.

And if you have more interviews coming up and dont want to leave anything to chance, Ive written detailed preparation steps for how to pass an interview here.

What Else To Do While Waiting For Interview Feedback

Keep in mind that delays happen and the hiring process takes time. So the best thing for you to do while waiting for a status update is to apply for more jobs and try to get more interviews scheduled. You shouldnt stop doing this until youve signed a job offer!

No matter how well you write your follow-up email, it isnt going to get a company to move its process faster, bypass delays, skip over other candidates, etc.

This is why you should keep applying for jobs until youve signed a job offer. No exceptions. Because you never know if a company is interviewing 10 other people, considering promoting an internal candidate, or any number of other things that could cost you the job even if your interview went well.

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Ask For An Informational Phone Call Or Meeting

The first step is to find out which person to contact. If you do not know anyone who works for the company, use social media platforms or the company’s website to find out the name of the employee who best suits your purpose. If you do not want to contact them via social media, you could call the company’s general contact number and ask the receptionist if they are allowed to send you the email address you need.

Once you have an employee’s contact information, ask them politely for their help or assistance. Phrases like “I would love it if you could help by offering me some career advice,” or “I am hoping you will be able to help me answer some questions” will let the employee know they would be doing you a favor. You will need to be very specific in your request so that your contact knows exactly what to expect. Ask for a meeting at a particular time and location, and tell your contact precisely what sort of questions you will be asking.

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Thank Your Interviewer For Their Time

[INFOGRAPHIC] Checklist of the Best Job Interview Questions

Regardless of which approach you use, a little gratitude goes a long way. So, dont forget to say thank you at the end of the interview, and send a thank-you note to follow up!

Thank you so much for talking with me today. Im really excited about the company and its plans. Is there anything else I can tell you?

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What Are Your Greatest Weaknesses

It can feel awkward to discuss your weaknesses in an environment where youre expected to focus on your accomplishments. However, when answered correctly, sharing your weaknesses shows that you are self-aware with an interest in continued growth and learningtraits that are extremely attractive to many employers. Consider using this formula for your response:

1. Select an actual weakness that is honest but professionally relevant:“Im naturally shy…

2. Add context:“…From high school and into my early professional interactions, it sometimes prevented me from speaking up…

3. Provide a specific example:“…After being a part of a workgroup that didnt meet our strategic goals two quarters in a row, I knew I owed it to my team and myself to confidently share my ideas…

4. Explain how you overcame or are working to overcome it:“…I joined an improv acting class. Its fun and has really helped me overcome my shyness. I learned practical skills around leading discussions and sharing diverse perspectives. Now, in group settings, I always start conversations with the quieter folks. I know exactly how they feel, and people can be amazing once they start talking.

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How To Prepare For A Job Interview

First, youll want to start with some basic interview prep.

Always research the company to understand the style of dress appropriate for the workplace, says Steven Starks, senior manager of Career Advising Programs and Operations at University of Phoenix. You can even ask a human resources representative if you dont know. Every workplace is different in terms of level of formality, but its safe to dress one level up from the normal work attire. And it goes without saying that you should be well-groomed with an outfit that is clean, wrinkle-free and comfortable but not loose.

Select an outfit the evening before your interview. Be sure to try it on and check yourself out from every angle to make sure it creates the impression you want it to create. Doing this in advance will save you time and frustration in the morning, which means you can devote any extra hours you have to prepare for the hard part: job interview questions.

Heres what to do:

  • Review the original job description. If its no longer available to you because the posting expired or you cant find it, email the recruiter or hiring manager to request it again. Then print it out and make notes, either on paper or mentally, of how you meet each qualification. Think about examples that illustrate your abilities.
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    Why Is It Important To Ask For Feedback After An Interview

    Asking for feedback after an interview will help you develop yourself as a professional and increase your interviewing skills. If the hiring manager is honest, they may give you pointers that will help boost your CV and a chance to secure the next role that you apply for. For example, if you dont have enough experience, they may suggest that you take a particular course that will help enhance your skills.

    Not only that, but you will gain insight and learn what the recruiters are looking for a valuable piece of information that you wouldnt have unless you had asked. It will also allow you to make changes in your delivery and improve before your next interview. If you ask correctly, youre also demonstrating great professionalism and may make a connection with the interviewer, who will likely consider you for any future positions.

    When Time Is Against You

    How To Ask For The Job During A Job Interview

    While the ideal interview situation might include a few days of lead time, the real world doesnt always allow for that. So, what do you do when youre invited to interview that afternoon?

    There are a couple of ways to set yourself up for success in a situation like this. First, ask for a detailed job description, do basic research on the company and then figure out where you need to be and how much time you need to get there. Even having a top line understanding of the companys history, mission, size and partners will help you develop relevant responses to interview questions.

    Next, think about some situations that underscore your skills and achievements and get ready to talk about them during your job interview. You wont be able to rehearse this extensively, but identifying a few key experiences that you can reference during your interview will help you get your point across.

    The good news? If you dont have a lot of time to prepare, your interviewer may give you a little more latitude during the conversation.

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    Ready To Use The Best Interview Questions

    Asking the right questions is the best way to get to the right hire, but first you need to make sure you are bringing in the right candidates. That is where we can help. At Monster, we know what makes for a good hire, and we have years of experience matching qualified candidates to jobs across the globe. Find out how you can post a job with Monster for free and start reaching the right candidates you need for your company.

    Assessing The Candidates Desire Factor

    Theres no excuse for candidates not having researched your company, its achievements, competitors, and challenges prior to an interview. Still, some will go out of their way to articulate their understanding of who you are and why theyre so excited about joining your firm.

    What youre really trying to get to here is whether the candidate wants a job or whether they want this job. Try questions like these to isolate those who are hungriest for the opportunity that you offer:

    • What do you know about our organization?
    • Why would you want to work here?
    • In your mind, what makes us stand out from our competitors?
    • If you were to accept this position with us today, how would you explain that to a prospective employer five years from now?
    • How would this role with our company provide a link to your future career progression?

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    Expanding On Your Skills

    Focus on your core competencies and professional skills. This is another angle to further convince the reader that youre qualified. Pull key words and phrases from the job posting and match them to your competencies. For example, if the job posting says the company seeks candidates who pay attention to detail and are comfortable working in a fast-paced industry, describe yourself in those terms.


    I am a detail-focused professional who thrives in deadline-centered work environments.

    Add a sentence or two about your professional values and business principles. Character matters to potential employers.


    If you are seeking an ethical, hard working employee committed to ongoing professional development, I am an ideal candidate.

    What Has Been Your Biggest Obstacle Or Problem At Work And How Have You Overcome It

    Asking questions during the job interview process signals ...

    Use an example that relates to the job you’re going for.

    Good: A customer at the record store you worked at was not happy the store had sold out of a new album and was threatening to buy it online. You solved it by asking the manager to order extra copies, and suggested that in future the manager could order extra stock of the latest top five releases.

    Bad: Don’t say that you’ve never had an obstacle. Everybody has.

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    What Is A Promotion Interview

    A promotional or internal interview is conducted with the working employees of the company. The employees are chosen, for a new job or position, with more responsibilities within their department. It is a process for hiring internal candidates for the company. The company decides to hire their current candidates for some position within the company, the reason for this being, knowing the work of the employee and their job description. Also, the candidate is familiar with the company and its departments. However, the candidate has to go through a promotional interview to make the employer certain about the promotion.

    The End Is Just The Beginning

    After your interview, be sure to follow up with everyone you talked to. Whether its an email or an official thank-you note, express appreciation for their time and let them know how much youd like to work with them in the future.

    If youve been informed of when a decision will be made, or if further interviews are required, mark your calendar to follow up at the right time. Being proactive with this step, after all, is just one more way to demonstrate you have the skills and the drive to take on the job.

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    How To Ask For Feedback After An Interview

    Heres a step-by-step method for writing your email:

  • Thank your interviewer. Start off by thanking them for their time and the opportunity. When you come from a place of professionalism and courtesy, youll set a positive tone for the correspondence.

  • Express disappoinment. Express that not getting the job was a letdown, but do so graciously. Make sure you dont sound like youre whining or disagreeing with their decision. Only include enough to show your genuine enthusiasm for the role and interest in the company.

  • Explain why youre writing.Post-rejection follow-ups are normal enough, but not everyone is asking for feedback.

    Express your motivation to continue seeking opportunities and improve your candidacy. The more focused you can make your email, the more likely the recipient will give you a substantive answer.

  • End the letter by asking for feedback. If you can, mention that youre looking for specific feedback it might prompt them to be a little less general. Ensure that your tone is polite and not demanding.

  • Thank them again. If you really liked your interviwer, you can briefly mention a positive moment from you conversation. Make them feel like an expert whos opinion you genuinely value, and theyll be happy to help.

  • Why Ask For Feedback After An Interview

    Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a JOB INTERVIEW!)

    Hearing feedback from interviewers about your candidacy can provide valuable insights, both for your career and your interviewing skills. Some of the benefits of asking for feedback include:

    Build a professional resume in minutes.

    Our AI resume builder helps you write a compelling and relevant resume for the jobs you want.

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    The Conversational Positive Ask

    Im really excited about this opportunity. If we decide to work together, Im sure wed find a salary that matches the value Ill bring to your organization. Can you give me an idea what youve already budgeted for this position?

    Here, youre grounding your salary question in your enthusiasm for the position and the skills you bring to the job, rather than your own needs. This language of this question subtly gives you more agency in both the hiring process and salary negotiation.

    Tips On Asking For A Job

    Now youve got some powerful strategies for asking for a job, but there are a few more tips to keep in mind:

    • Dress the part. If youre asking for a job in person, you should put some effort into your appearance. That doesnt necessarily mean going over-the-top formal. It just means putting together a clean, professional look. Business casual attire is usually a good choice. Tidy your hair, wear clean, unwrinkled clothes, and keep your nails clean.

    • Be a confident communicator. You should come off as calm, cool, and collected throughout your interactions with people who might be able to get you a job. Do everything in your power to make your conversational partner comfortable and relaxed.

      Try not to use too many uhms or likes in your speech. If youre sending an email, check for typos and grammar errors. You can even have a second set of eyes look it over to make sure your tone is on point.

    • Slow and steady. If youre in the business of asking for jobs rather than sending online applications, the chances are that youre not in a rush. Youre looking for quality, not speed.

      Building, maintaining, and working your network requires finesse just as much as it requires tenacity. Let people know youre enthusiastic and hopeful, but dont come off as desperate and needy.

      Dont get down on yourself if you run into a dead-end . Always express gratitude toward the people who spend time talking to you.

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