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How To Crack Microsoft Interview

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How to crack off-campus Interviews of Tech Giants Like Amazon, Microsoft etc. | GeeksforGeeks

It was nearly 23 months back when I saw a series of messages from Microsoft employees on Linkedin. It was about Microsoft hiring pre-final year for an SDE summer intern. I got really excited about this and didnt want to miss the opportunity.

I had mailed my resume, including all my projects, achievements, and experiences to 1520 people from Microsoft, hoping at least one of them would refer me for the online coding test.

Key points:

  • Dont hesitate before contacting a stranger. In the end, its all about making networks. The better you have, the easier you can get your work done.
  • While contacting someone dont be like Hi! Can you please refer me to the company? Instead, write a good message explaining your projects, experiences, achievements, and give them reasons to refer you.
  • Within 12 hours of mailing, I got an invitation from Microsoft for the first round of interviews, which was a purely coding round.

    It was September 22, 2019, when I had the first round.

    I got three problem-solving questions and the time given for the same was decent enough.

    One of the questions was:

    Given an array of size n, rearrange the numbers of the array in such a way that even and odd numbers are arranged alternatively in increasing order.

    P.S.: This was the easiest question.

    During this round, when there were only 5 minutes left, my laptop crashed. Probably the worst thing that could happen, but fortunately, I could resume the test in a while.

    Key points:

    Key points:

    How To Answer Microsoft Interview Questions

    Alright, we know that youre here for example Microsoft interview questions, and we are going to get to that. But first, lets pause for a moment and focus on something else thats ridiculously important: how to handle the interview questions youll face when trying to secure one of the available jobs at Microsoft.

    Why would you want to do that? Its simple, really. Microsoft hires people for all kinds of roles. Along with tech positions , the company has administrative, financial, human resources, and a ton of other specialist positions throughout the company. Its a giant of a business, so it has to dot the is and cross the ts, ensuring every base is covered.

    And why does that matter?

    Well, it means not everyone faces the same Microsoft interview questions. While everyone may encounter certain basics, the majority of your interview will focus on the role you want to land. For example, tech interviews are going to differ from administrative interviews thats just a fact.

    So, thats why learning how to answer Microsoft interview questions is so ridiculously important. When you have a great technique, youre more agile, allowing you to craft great responses that speak to the job you want with greater ease.


    Additional Microsoft Data Scientist Interview Questions

    Microsoft Data Scientist Interview Question #1: Users Exclusive Per Clientâ

    Users Exclusive Per Clientâ

    Write a query that returns a number of users who are exclusive to only one client. Output the client_id and number of exclusive users.

    You can solve this Microsoft data scientist interview question here



    This is one of the easy level Microsoft data scientist interview questions. This problem uses the same fact_events dataset used in the previous problem. This problem is easier than the one we discussed. This real-life Microsoft Data Scientist interview question can be solved using groupby and drop_duplicates methods.


  • Identify number of clients used per user_id for each unique combination of client_id and user_id
  • For this group of users, summarize the fact_events table by client_id counting the number of user_ids for each unique combination of client_id and user_id
  • Microsoft Data Scientist Interview Question #2: Bottom 2 Companies By Mobile Usage

    Bottom 2 Companies by Mobile Usageâ

    Write a query that returns a list of the bottom 2 companies by mobile usage. Mobile usage is defined as the number of events registered on a mobile client_id. Order the result by the number of events ascending.In the case where there are multiple companies tied for the bottom ranks , return all the companies

    You can solve this Microsoft data scientist interview question here




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    Communication > Technical Skills

    A lot of people tend to spend all their time preparing for technical interviews on sites like LeetCode and Hackerrank. These are great sites to practice on but you need to take a few steps back before you spend hours solving random problems that you think you might be asked. It’s an ineffective strategy and won’t help you a whole lot if your interviewer asks you a question you’ve never seen before – which you likely will.

    I have a lot of friends who are way smarter and better coders than me – and it would always surprise me when I got through the technical portion of an interview and they didn’t. The biggest difference between us was probably that I spent a whole lot of time practicing my communication. Seriously – knowing how to solve all the “Top 100 Liked Questions” on LeetCode won’t do you any good if you don’t know how to explain how you got there. You need to learn to communicate your thoughts. It can be hard, awkward and unnatural – so it requires a lot of practice.

    Refreshing your technical skills is important but communicating matters a whole lot more. If you don’t have a lot of time before your next technical interview focus on practicing your communication more than trying to relearn 2 years worth of computer science class material in a 2 days. Here’s a few things you can practice doing before your next technical interview:

    Week 0 What Programming Language Should You Use


    Pick a programming language and then stick with it. Im often asked: what if I know more than one? Would, for example, Python be better than Java?

    The answer, of course, is that the best programming language for your coding interviews is the language that youre most comfortable with. Most companies/interviewers dont care as long as you can show proficiency in any one mainstream programming language.

    In some of the worst cases, Ive seen people deciding to switch to a different programming language in the middle of the interview. Thats a big turn-off and a waste of time. Dont do that. Pick one early, and stick to it throughout.

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    Sample Answers To Why Microsoft Behavioral Interview Question

    Check out our sample answers to some behavioral interview questions at Microsoft that can help you frame your responses during interview prep. You can use these examples as a structure to create a unique answer, as there is no one-size-fits-all response.

    Response 1:

    The Windows operating system and Microsoft Office Suite have been responsible for the digital transformation of the modern world. Though Microsoft had a humble beginning, it has played a critical role in shaping the world of technology as we experience it today.

    Working with Microsoft will allow me to leverage my X years experience as a software developer and work on some world-class products that empower the customers. During my previous role as a software engineer at Y, I worked on . This assignment helped me sharpen my skills in designing efficient front-end user interfaces using the industryâs best practices. I am also well-versed in JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, and React framework and can assist the team in designing front-end applications.

    I am keen on working with an organization that can contribute to my growth as a software engineer. I am fascinated by the emphasis on team effort at Microsoft to empower the customers and ease their challenges. Working and collaborating with others to find a solution to a problem is something that I have always loved doing right from high school, where I was . I would like the opportunity to work here and be part of the team effort.

    Response 2:

    Response 3:

    Top 25 Coding Questions To Crack The Microsoft Interview

    Aiming for a career at Microsoft is a worthy challenge given the companys excellent track record for technological innovation, generous compensation packages, and flexible work-life balance.

    As the largest and arguably most influential software company in the world, prospective applicants may find the technical interview process daunting. However, familiarizing yourself with the type of technical questions that will be presented to you and learning to recognize coding patterns will help you navigate these interviews with greater confidence.

    Well start with an introduction to 25 common coding questions, move on to an overview of the complete interview process for software engineers, move on to frequently asked technical questions, and then wrap up with additional guidance and resources to maximize your chances of receiving an offer.

    Topics covered:

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    How To Answer The Why Do You Want To Work At Microsoft Interview Question

    Even the best software engineers and developers find it incredibly challenging to answer this behavioral interview question at Microsoft. After all, there are no right or wrong answers in a behavioral interview. These questions only help the recruiters evaluate whether you are a good fit for the company and its environment. And while these questions look deceptively simple, they play a critical role in establishing your value to an organization and directly impact the hiring decision.

    But before we learn about the ways of answering this question, letâs understand the real motive behind asking such a question.

    • Most interviewers try to determine whether you are genuinely enthusiastic about joining the organization or simply appearing for an interview to strike it off on your checklist.
    • They are also eager to learn more about your authentic self to determine whether your values are aligned with the companyâs culture.
    • Lastly, asking such behavioral interview questions also helps hiring managers to check whether you have done your homework and researched the company well.

    Therefore, you need to frame your answer in such a manner so that it ticks off all the boxes on the recruiterâs checklist and makes a fantastic impression on them. Your response should be able to convince the hiring manager that you are genuinely interested in the position.

    Who This Course Is For:

    He cracked FAANG interviews in 10 companies including Amazon, Facebook, UBER, Microsoft
    • Developer, CSE graduates, Freshers, software engineers, architect, SDE III, SDE IV, Senior Software Engineers
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    • 1 Course

    I spent 5 years at Amazon as Recruiter II. At Amazon I got the opportunity to work with Amazing recruiters , Awesome managers and Business leaders.

    At Amazon, I got the opportunity to build teams for business which in turn generated revenue of millions of dollars and also minimised unnecessary expenses. I also helped businesses to build their teams in multiple locations likes Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi and Pune.

    I managed 10+ stakeholders across the globe and was able to fulfil their business requirements.I always dreamt to be in A team at Amazon , after working really hard i got an opportunity to transition to A team and was successfully able to hire Data Scientists, Business Intelligence, Research scientists.

    At Amazon – I worked on Software Development Engineering , Web Development Engineering , Quality Assurance Engineering . Software Development Engineer in Test , Technical Program Manager, Software Development Manager, Product Manager, Support Engineering requirement.

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    Tips For Microsoft Interview Preparation

  • Gauge Your Plans – Microsoft is a deeply diverse company that deals with several different technologies. It is necessary as a candidate to go through the entirety of the companys businesses, what they do and figure where one fits, and where one sees themselves going forward. Understanding how things work on the inside can help come up with the right answers during the interviews.
  • Focus On Specifics – From how you have solved certain problems in a previous project to answering how you deal with working in a team, be specific about your experiences. This gives the interviewers a closer view into who you are as a person and how likely you are to be a good fit.
  • Know Beyond Microsoft – While it is a good idea to know what is happening inside Microsoft, it is important to know what is happening in the larger technology scene as well. Having a good understanding of newer areas with potential or even existing competitors can give you the edge when answering about what you want to do inside the company. Learn More
  • Get Ready To Crack Microsoft Software Engineering Interviews

    The interview prep for Microsoft is no piece of cake. These technical interviewsare infamous for being extremely grueling. Having someone by your side who can guide you through your prep can be a real gamechanger. And thatâs whereInterview Kickstartcan make a difference! We have trained over 9,000 software engineers to nail their tech interviews at FAANG and other tech behemoths. So take the first step towards building an amazing career at Microsoft by registering for our FREE Webinar!

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    How To Crack The Microsoft Interview

    Today we’re welcoming Kavya Sukumar, a Microsoft developer who can share some insights on the interview process and how to crack it!

    HackerRank : Hello Kavya, thank you for accepting the invite! Our readers would like to know a little bit about you, so…

    Kavya Sukumar : Yep, sure! I currently work as an Software Development Engineer in Test at Microsoft. I joined Microsoft’s India Development Center after graduating in Computer Science and Engineering. After a year in IDC, I moved here to Redmond, WA.

    HR: What’s the interview process in top tech companies like Microsoft?

    KS: In Microsoft, there is no fixed interview process or format. It changes with product groups or teams. The most commonly followed interview process consists of four to five rounds, each focusing on analytical, problem-solving, designing, coding and testing the skills of the candidate.

    It starts with a screening round, which may be submitted in written format, via telephone or in person. In Microsoft, there are three engineering profiles: development, test and program management.

    Apart from screening candidates, the initial round also decides the profile best suited for you. Once you clear the screening, you proceed to the next round, which is called a loop. A loop usually consists of three to four people who interview you separately.

    HR: Thanks Kavya! That was indeed a detailed explanation. Now, how does a candidate prepare herself/himself for the interview?

    Weeks 6 7 8 Practice More Complex Coding Interview Problems

    How to Crack Coding Job Interview?

    Now that youve been practicing more straightforward problems for a couple of weeks, its time to get real and start practicing harder questions that are more likely to be asked during coding interviews.

    For practice and automated challenges along with interactive solutions, look at Grokking the Coding Interview

  • .
  • Here are some guidelines to keep in mind as you solve these problems:

  • Now is the time to start timing yourself. Ideally, you shouldnt spend more than 2030 minutes solving any given problem.
  • Dont be discouraged if you are not able to solve a problem within the allocated time. Solve it even if takes you a couple of hours, without looking at the solution. This will help you build the confidence that you can solve it and then you can focus on solving them faster later.
  • Start thinking about the Runtime and Memory complexity of each solution. You will have to articulate the complexities in the actual interview clearly, so its better to start now.
  • Here are some sample problems to consider:

    • Implement Binary Search
    • Find the Intersection point of two linked lists
    • Reverse words in a sentence
    • Check if two binary trees are identical
    • Clone a directed graph
    • Find solutions to a Boggle game
    • Determine if there are any three integers in an array that sum equal to the given value.

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    Do You Use Microsoft Products Or Services If So Which Is Your Favorite And Why

    This question is fairly straightforward, allowing the hiring manager to gauge your familiarity with Microsofts product or service lines. However, it also serves as a unique opportunity.

    Since the question is relatively open and broad, you can steer it in nearly any direction. That means you can use it as a chance to highlight relevant skills or traits that you want to showcase that you may not be able to work in otherwise. Additionally, you can tweak your approach based on which of the Microsoft jobs you are trying to land, allowing you to discuss a product or service that aligns with the nature of the role.


    Yes, I use Microsoft products and services. If I had to pick a favorite, I would choose Microsoft Office 365. I appreciate any tool that allows me to work efficiently. Since documents created with Office 365 are cloud-stored, I can access them with any internet-connected device, including while on the goal. Since time management and adhering to deadlines is critical to me, its an ideal solution that ensures I can continuously exceed expectations, no matter where the day takes me.

    Tip : What Not To Bring

    It is important that you keep unnecessary items in at your home or in your vehicle during an interview. Chewing gum during an interview is distracting and unprofessional, so discard it before the interview. Do not bring your cell phone will you to your interview under any circumstances. Even if you leave it on silent or vibrate, it is a source of distraction. Truly, the only items that you should carry with you to the interview is your portfolio and your car keys.

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    Round Ii Onsite Interview

    If you pass the recruiter screening and coding assessment, you will be called for an onsite interview. This is a day-long process at Microsoftâs office and involves four onsite interviews. These interviews are based on product design, technical knowledge, behavioral aspects, and strategy. Each interview lasts for 60 minutes.

    Onsite interviews are usually one-on-one with people from the team youâre applying to be a part of. This may include current Microsoft Software Engineers, a hiring manager, and a senior executive. Most of the interviews will be based on data structure and algorithm questions, which you will need to solve on a whiteboard. You may also be asked a system design question.

    Behavioral questions will be a part of all interviews and will focus on evaluating whether you are culturally a good fit for Microsoft or not. It involves behavioral questions. Microsoft tends to spend more time on behavioral questions as compared to its counterparts like Google and Facebook. Check out the following articles for sample interview questions:

    Microsoft Senior Software Engineer Interview Process

    Check out System Design Interview Preparation Tips for more.

    Microsoft Software Engineering Manager Interview Process

    AA or ASAPP Interview

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