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How To Do A Video Interview Well

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What Quality Of Light Is Most Flattering For Video Interviews

How to Look Good in Skype Interviews – Tips & Training

While there are different light sources, natural lighting is the most flattering for video interviews. However, artificial lighting for a video interview can also produce flattering results.

Natural lighting is free and abundant. With your device ready, you are all set for the interview. The quality is perfect such that if you position yourself well, you will not have to bother about too much brightness or shadows. Since most interviews will last for under an hour, you may not have to worry about drastic light changes, depending on the time of day.

You can use artificial lighting like fluorescent or LED lights at any time of the day. This is possible because these extra light sources have a strong reflective quality. With artificial lighting, you can create a professional-looking setup that leaves you looking polished and clean. Keep in mind that artificial lighting does come with a cost because you have so many moving parts .

Choose Your Location Carefully

Choose a quiet spot where, hopefully, you will be the only person visible .

Dont make the mistake of trying to do this interview in a busy place with many distractions around. Keep the interview background as simple as possible, like a wall, or something else that is unlikely to cause a problem or create a distraction.

If possible, have a light showing on your face from in front of you so that your face is well lit. Test the lighting to find the best position for it a lamp which is slightly above your face and behind the camera, shining on you, is usually the most flattering.

Highlight Your Company Culture

Candidates cant experience your company culture firsthand during a video interview, so make it a point to highlight your culture throughout the conversation. Emphasize your core values and company mission, share stories about team outings, and talk about how your office is structured and the intention behind it.

Paint a clear picture of what its like to work at your company. Above all, infuse your culture into the interview by embodying your core values and treating the candidate as you would a colleague.

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Where Do You See Yourself In Five Years

This is one of the tougher typical interview questions youll face, but answering doesnt have to be difficult. First thing to realize- you dont have to really know where youll be in five years. Who does, really?

You just have to show that youve thought about it. You need to seem goal-oriented, and like you care about your career.

And then you need to make sure that what you say fits with the job youre interviewing for. Its going to kill your chances of getting hired if you say your five year goal is something unrelated to the job youre interviewing for.

Why would they hire you if this job is taking you AWAY from your goals? Theyll be worried youll hate it and leave within the first year.

Finally, make sure you pick a goal thats slightly ambitious! Dont say you hope to doing the same thing in five years. If you want to get hired youre going to have to convince them youre motivated to learn and advance. Whether or not its true, you need to talk the talk.

Pay Attention To Body Language

Job Interview Skills to Help You Get Hired

Your body language in a video interview can convey a lot of things about who you are as a person and potential employee. You can present a positive image by ensuring youre sitting up straight with good posture. Place both feet on the ground, and avoid slouching or holding your head up with your hand. Always try to keep your hands in your lap to avoid distracting gesturing or fiddling.

Its also important to pay attention to where youre looking. Looking at the interviewers face on your computer screen means youre not actually looking into the camera and making eye contact. Instead, look into the camera as often as possible, especially when youre speaking. This will give your interviewer the sense that youre engaged and not distracted by whats happening on your screen.

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How To Answer Popular One

Youre all up to speed on what a one-way video interview is and have learned about best practices for successfully completing one. Now, how do you go about answering the one-way interview questions? You definitely want to seize this opportunity to show the recruiter or hiring manager that you are a good fit for the job and that you are sincerely interested in the company and position.

Below you will find several of the more popular questions recruiters and hiring managers ask in one-way interviews along with tips on how you can form great responses:

They Want You To Meet Other Team Members

When youre asked to meet with other team members who werent originally scheduled or youre asked to meet with their boss, thats a very strong indicator that they are excited about you, Liou says. Most likely, they want to advocate that youre the perfect fit and ensure that the approval process gets expedited by having other influencers meet you.

This isnt necessarily a common scenario, especially if your job interviews are taking place virtually, so dont take it as a bad sign if you only meet with your scheduled interviewer. However, if the hiring manager mentions wanting to introduce you to their boss, a department leader, or another decision maker , you can still mark a check in the positive signs column.

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Know The Companys Product Or Service

This process has two tiers. The first is knowing what problem the companys product or service solves for the consumer. This is critical to sounding informed in a video interview. You cant solve a businesses problems unless you know what problems they are solving for their customers.

The second tier is understanding the companys value proposition. After you discover what their product or service solves for their customer, you need to know what incentivizes customers have to shop with this company as opposed to a competitor.

Unless the companys product or service is absolutely cutting edge, its likely they have a fair amount of competition in the marketplace. If you can enter an interview knowing what makes that company better or different than its competitors, your evaluators will be much more likely to perceive you as a qualified candidate.

Here’s some action steps you can take to familiarize yourself with your potential employers product or service:

  • Search Google News for the companys name to find the most recent developments or innovations happening inside the company.
  • Visit review sites, find out what customers/clients, employees and have to say about the companys product or service. The following are some of the most prominent review sites that you might find your potential employer on:
  • An organizational site that reviews businesses for licensing, ethical practices, advertising, compliance and more

    What To Expect During Your One

    How to Interview Well (and Feel Comfortable)

    If you receive an email invitation to interview on-demand, you should know what to expect going in.

    On-demand interviews are not like one-on-ones, they do not have a live interviewer on the other end. Typically, you can think of these as one-way video interviews. Expect to respond to on-screen prompts, either through text or pre-recorded questions, rather than questions from a live recruiter or hiring manager. There are several different methods companies use to deliver questions for one-way video interviews, so it’s best to be prepared for any of the following:

    • Questions asked via pre-recorded video. After the video finishes, you will be given time to respond.
    • Questions asked in a simple text format. Normally 30 seconds are given for you to read the question and prepare your response.
    • Questions requiring you to write . If you are applying for a role that involves a great deal of writing, expect to asked for a written response to a prompt. Often these will involve doing outside research – do not close the interview window! It will be helpful to first draft your response in Microsoft Word or another text editor, just in case.
    • Coding challenges. If you are applying for a software development role, expect to be asked to code in response to a prompt. These challenges can be in any language- research what languages you will be expected to code in on the job. Be prepared to explain how and why you coded your responses in the way you did.

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    Your Interviewer Sold You On The Job And Company

    It can be tough to remember that job interviews are supposed to go both ways, but they do. The employer is evaluating if youre a good match for the role and the company, and youre collecting more information to see if this is a place youd like to work.

    With that in mind, if your interviewer is actively selling you on the jobby touting things like growth opportunities, perks, company culture, accolades, and morethats a sign they want to get you excited about the position. Similarly, take note if they ask about your job search and if youre interviewing with other employers. They could be evaluating how competitive of an offer they need to make.

    How Many Questions Are There Do I See The Questions Ahead Of Time How Much Time Do I Have To Answer

    The number of questions for a one-way interview is decided by the recruiter or hiring manager. Once you start the interview, you will be told the number of questions you will need to answer. The most questions you will be asked is ten. The questions will be presented to you one at a time so you will have an opportunity to think about your response before recording.

    The length of time to answer a question varies from interview to interview. You can have as much as three minutes to respond or as little as thirty seconds — the amount of time is decided by the recruiter or hiring manager. Dont worry too much about whether youll be able to say all you need to in the time given or if you will have enough to say at all. Focus on answering the question as best you can.

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    How To Light An Interview With Artificial Light

    Sometimes, natural light is not readily available. Not to worry you can use artificial lighting like lamps or ring lights to create a well-lit interview set up. A lamp placed behind your device can make the difference when the sun is not at its brightest.

    You must strike a balance between your distance from the light source and its brightness. If you sit too far from the source, you will appear dark. If youre too close, the light could appear harsh and reveal too much detail on your face, some of which you do not want to be seen. So experiment with the lighting beforehand to find the ideal balance.

    Do You Have Any Questions For Us What You Should Consider When Facing The Final Interview Question


    If youve ever interviewed for a job, be it inside or outside the video games industry, youll likely be familiar with the drill. Youve navigated your way expertly through the previous experience questions, perhaps even swerved through some tricky employment gaps. Youve made a pitch not too dissimilar in passion and persuasion to a rom-com protagonist as to why youre the perfect fit for the role. Youve even identified your own strengths and weakness in such a way that you look neither overly self-assured, nor incompetent. Now youre at the last hurdle Do you have any questions youd like to ask us?

    If you didnt know, the correct answer is yes. But the difficulty lies in what to ask, and arguably just as importantly, what not to ask. Thats why weve asked some of the best-in-industry Recruiters, Line Managers, and HR staff what questions they place value on being asked, as well as providing you with some tips of our own on what you should be looking to find out, so that you can sail plainly through your next interview and land your next dream role!

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    Meet The Employers Deadline

    The good news is that you can usually pick a time for the interview that is the best for you, after work or on weekends if you are employed. The employer usually sets a due date when the interview should be completed. Know that date, and meet that deadline to be considered.

    If possible, beat that deadline by several hours or even days. Avoid doing the interview at the last possible moment to make the best impression on the employer.

    Your Interviewers Body Language Cues Were Positive

    Nonverbal communicationparticularly body languagecarries a lot of weight, says Muse career coach Eliot Kaplan, former VP of Talent Acquisition at Hearst Magazines. Does the recruiter seem engaged with what youre saying? Are they leaning forward when you say something particularly incisive? Smiling? Do their eyes have some spark in them?

    While these types of cues can be more difficult to pick up on in a video interview, there are a few things you can look out for. For example, its a good thing if your interviewer makes frequent eye contact with their camera and sits upright rather than slumped in their chair.

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    Choosing The Best Location For A Mobile Video Interview

    Our usual virtual interview tips still apply, even if you need to use your phone instead of a computer. Choose an interview spot that is quiet, where you wont be interrupted by a family member, pet or a neighbor mowing their lawn. Check that you have a strong signal or WiFi connectionif you do have any connection issues, let your interviewer know. Theyll have your contact information so they can call you back.

    Good lighting is key so the interviewer has a clear view of your face. Phone cameras can be tricky with lightingmake sure light is shining on your face, not from behind you. You may also want to make sure the phone is focused on your face. On certain phone models, you can reset the focus just by tapping the screen. This will help the camera adjust the lighting around you as well. Make sure you pick a spot where you can prop up your phone and dont have to hold it for the duration of your interviews. You can also use on of our Zoom backgrounds for your interview.

    Video Interview Tips: How To Prepare For And Succeed In A Video Interview

    How To Interview Well

    Video interviews are an important part of the hiring process and are becoming more popular. Understanding the specific requirements of a video interview can make you more comfortable and successful with the entire process. In this article, we explain what a video interview is, how to prepare for a video interview and how to deal with any potential problems that might occur.

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    What Employers Look For

    What do employers want to see when they review videos from candidates for employment?

    • Answer the questions asked, not the questions you wish were asked. Recruiters and hiring managers want to know you can do the job required, so they ask specific questions. A video is a faster way for them to screen seekers than traditional applications, so don’t give them a reason to not consider yours.
    • Show creativity. In your responses, relate an experience that demonstrates how you can perform the job required. If you are recording interview responses in advance and applying to be a chef, for example, record your answers in the kitchen while you’re preparing a dish.
    • Be presentable. Make sure you are dressed and groomed appropriately and practice your answers, so you have the best representation of yourself as possible. Videos are a great way to stand out from the other applicants who have only their paper applications or online text resumes. The best videos get forwarded and replayed many times.
    • Have a resume and application ready. Video can get your foot in the door, but standard materials still get used at some point in the process. Make sure your experiences and best points match what you’re saying in the video.

    What Questions Can I Expect During A One

    Beyond logistics specific to the format, it’s important to consider the content of the interview itself. When it comes to general questions, this format won’t differ much from any other, but here are some general questions employers may ask you to record responses to:

    • Tell us a little bit about yourself.

    • Why are you interested in this role?

    • Why are you interested in our company?

    • What are you looking for in a job?

    • What compensation are you looking for?

    • How did you find this position?

    • What are your career goals?

    • Describe your current job responsibilities.

    • What is your ideal management style?

    • What motivates you?

    • How do you manage your stress levels?

    • Why should we hire you?

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    For The Recent College Graduate

    If you are a yet-to-be-employed, recently graduated college student, the job search probably doesnt bring you a whole lot of joy. Resume after resume, cover letter after cover letter – it can feel like each application is quickly sucked into a black hole.

    With most job descriptions requiring 2+ years related experience, it is easy to wonder if most of these applications are a wasted effort. Perhaps, like most recent grads, you didnt graduate with a stellar GPA or an Ivy League degree – what chance can you have against those that did?

    On-demand video interviewing gives the average grad an advantage in a couple ways. Weve already touched on the first: it gives employers insight into your personality and ability to think on the fly. While you might have no direct experience in the workplace, you can still display competitive attributes. The second is perhaps more important for the recent grad: it signifies the employer is willing to take a chance and hire outside the box.

    Think about it this way: if an employer cared only about past experience and academic pedigree, they would only need a resume for their hiring decisions. By investing in a technology that provides a platform for candidates who dont look great on paper to display their skills, they show that they are willing to invest in less experienced applicants.

    Here are some tips to make the most of the opportunity an on-demand video interview provides:

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