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How To Interview A Nanny

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Dive Into Your Nannys Details

Tell Me About Yourself – A Good Answer to This Nanny Interview Question

Having relevant experience is important when it comes to caring for kids, but it isnt the only factor to take into account. As a parent, you know that unexpected and unplanned situations arise all the time when it comes to caring for kids, whether it be missing a bus, rescheduling an activity, or a diaper blowout at the playground with no spare clothes.

  • Can you tell me about any emergencies or accidents that happened while you were taking care of children, and how you handled those?

  • Can you tell me about a conflict that came up with previous employers or the kids and how you addressed the situation?

  • Have you ever worked for a family that had a different method of discipline, routines, or parenting style than you? How did you negotiate that?

If There Was One Skill/lesson You Could Teach Our Child What Would It Be

This will give you a look at what is important to your nannywhether its a foreign language, an activity, or a personality characteristic is less important than what it means to them. Something important to them will likely become something important to your child, and that can be a wonderful thing.

Nanny Questions About Their Caretaking Style:

  • How would you handle behavioral challenges and tantrums?
  • How would you approach discipline with my child?
  • How do you feel about screen time?
  • Are you familiar with ?
  • What are your favorite playtime and learning activities to do with ___-year-olds?

Keep in mind, you can tailor these questions to fit your familys needs as much as possible and you should! You should also know that there are some questions you cannot ask your potential nanny. Such as anything considered to be discriminatory, intrusive, or illegal. If you reside in the U.S., you can review the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices here.

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How Do You Handle A Crying Baby

Your baby will cry, no doubt. Find out how your nanny would handle crying and whether her method is something youd agree with. These are some of the most trying times for any caregiversee how shed handle a fussy baby.

For instance, if youre sleep training, you need her to be consistent and do check-ins, not carry your baby if he cries. On the flip side, you may not want your baby to cry at all, even if it means your nanny carries him the entire nap.

What Are The Qualities Of A Good Nanny Or Babysitter

Nanny Interview Preparation

This is another example of one of the most frequently asked nanny interview questions.

Everyone wants whats the best for their children and a nanny also must be the best. Most of the parents will come to an interview with a long list of the required qualities. Such lists often include self-discipline, a knack for organization, a sense of humor, creativity, imagination, speaking fluently at least one foreign language, etc.

However, we want to make it clear. Wheatear you are a nanny looking for a job, or a parent looking for a nanny , remember that a perfect nanny does not exist. Think of the qualities which are really important for a good nanny :

  • loving children,
  • dynamic and full of energy,
  • patient,
  • fun J

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Are You Looking For A Long

Some nanny candidates view caregiving as a career. Others consider it a stepping stone, allowing them to earn a living while, say, furthering their education.

Ultimately, neither answer is wrong. However, if theres a timeframe involved, its wise to find out what it is. That way, you can see if their timeline aligns with your needs.

Make Sure Your Children Are Prepared

During the first interview, you shouldnt expect your candidate to provide free childcare in front of you. That being said, if the interview goes well, it makes perfect sense that you would bring them into the room at the end of the interview and introduce them.

To help this interaction go well:

  • Avoid scheduling the interview right before nap time
  • Make sure the kids understand the role the nanny will play in your family
  • Allow your children to meet each candidate right after the interview so theyre not overwhelmed by meeting lots of candidates in one day

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Job Description And Salary

Towards the end of the interview, you want to clearly define the job description to the candidate and ensure that they understand what is expected of them while in your household. This is where you can ask whether they are willing to assist with household chores or available to work extra hours when needed. Its also important to give the applicant a chance to address their expectations from youlike their ideal salary, hours, number of children to care for, etc. Brody recommends that parents briefly introducing their kids to the prospective caregiver as well. You can tell very quickly whether someone is comfortable with kids or not, she says. Questions you can ask about the job itself include:

  • What are you looking for in this job?
  • When would you be available to start?
  • Are you able to make a one-year commitment?
  • What is your availability for evenings and weekends?
  • What kind of housework are you comfortable doing?
  • What are your expectations from us?

Questions You Cant Ask A Potential Nanny During The Interview

How to Hire a Nanny – Helpful Nanny Interview Tips

Like any employment interview, potential nannies cannot be asked intrusive, discriminatory and illegal questions. You may find it helpful to take a moment to review the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commissions Prohibited Employment Policies/Practices.

In addition to not asking about religious views, sexual orientation and any medical or disability information, heres a list of other questions to avoid.

  • “Are you a U.S. citizen? It is illegal to make a hiring decision based upon an applicants citizenship status. However, you should ask if someone is authorized to work in the U.S.

  • How old are you? It is illegal to discriminate against candidates for their age.

  • Do you plan to have children soon? Instead, ask about their future plans, how long of a placement are they looking for and what their career goals are in the near future. This will give you an indication of what you might expect from them for the next few years.

  • Have you ever been arrested?

Once youve completed your list of interview questions, end the interview by giving the applicant the chance to address any concerns they may have by asking, Do you have any questions or anything youd like to bring up with me?

Before you say goodbye, offer a timeline for when they can expect to hear back from you about the position.

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Allow An Appropriate Amount Of Time For The Interview

Give yourself at least one hour to interview each caregiver. Its also wise to limit the number of interviews you conduct in a single day. Limit yourself to one or two interviews this way, you dont forget who said what. Spacing out meetings also gives you plenty of time to process each candidates answers and figure out who your top picks are.

Discuss Your Approach To Childcare

Let your candidates know about your parenting style and exactly the type of relationship you hope they will have with your kids. Nannies balance the role of employee and family member, so an honest discussion of their role is certainly warranted.Remember to ask open-ended questions about their experience as it relates to your preferred methods of childcare. It can be tempting to go on at length about your family, but remember to let the candidate do most of the talking.

This is your time to listen intently and let the nanny tell you her story and explain her skill set.

Lastly, dont forget that your interview is an opportunity to communicate the benefits of working for your family. The candidate may be going on other interviews, so if she seems like a good fit, talk up your household.

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Interacting With The Children:

Sometimes it is possible that the children might be present along with their parents at the time of the interview. This is the best advantage that the person can interact with the children so that they can start liking the person.

Make eye contact with the child, come down to their height and talk to them. Ask them certain questions like what activities they like doing, what games they like playing etc. Interacting with the children gets the person one step closer towards getting the job as the children is also familiar with them.

How To Ace A Nanny Interview

Top ten ways to mess up your nanny interview! â London School of ...

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Preparing for a nanny interview is a lot like preparing for any other job interview, but there a few elements that are specifically related to the childcare industry. Despite the fact you will be spending most of your days with children, it is important to act and appear professional because you want to make a great impression on the parents who are interviewing you. You should also take some time to think about how you will answer some commonly asked questions.

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Questions To Ask In A Nanny Interview:

1. Why do they want to work for your family?

2. What training, certificates, licensing, or degrees do they have? For example, are they CPR- and first-aid-certified? Did they study early childhood development? Where did they train?

3. Do they speak any foreign languages? Is this something you think would be beneficial for your kids?

4. Why did they leave their last job? What do they envision for this job?

5. Do they have references you may contact?

6. Do they have questions about your family, expectations, job description, or anything else?

7. Are they up to date on vaccinations, including Covid and whooping cough? Do they get a flu shot during cold and flu season?

8. Ask your candidate to describe their caregiving style. How would they handle certain situations that you think might come up, like sibling arguments, being late for an appointment, or public meltdowns?

9. How many other families have they cared for? What ages were the children? What is their favorite age to care for and why?

10. Does the nanny have children or grandchildren?

11. What do they do for fun in their spare time? Do they have any passions they are pursuing?

12. Ask how they handled challenging situations in the past, such as a fussy baby, a middle schooler’s bad attitude, or any emergency-type problems.

13. Are they looking for a long-term position or something different?

14. What kinds of tasks or experiences do you see as non-negotiable? For example, some nannies will not work overnight or travel.

How Do You Introduce Yourself As A Nanny

This isnt a question as much as it is your first introduction during the interview. Youll want to open with a brief, enthusiastic statement that outlines your interest and main qualifications. Remember that this is your chance to make an amazing first impression.

Sample answer:

I first began working with young children as a camp counselor back in my teenage years. This inspired me to study preschool education. After I completed my Associates degree, I took on my first position as a nanny for twin boys whose parents traveled frequently for work. Over the last ten years, I have had the privilege of working for three other amazing families. Im happy to say that I have remained close with all of them, and just attended the middle school graduation of the first child I cared for.

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Whats Your Favorite Part Of Working As A Nanny What About Your Least Favorite

This is another question that lets you discover the candidates passions and motivations. Ideally, theyll enjoy aspects of the job that you find particularly important or ones that give you a sense of peace of mind.

Asking about the least favorite isnt a trap. Everyone has parts of their job that they dont enjoy, and thats okay. However, how the nanny candidate responds could sway your decision, so its critical to find out what they dont like, too.

How Would You Handle An Unruly Child

10 Tips for a Successful Nanny Interview

Every child has its better and worse moments and can be sometimes unruly. It is a normal situation and as a nanny or babysitter, you should know how to react. Of course, every child is different, but there are some general rules that may help.

Firstly, try to understand the feelings and emotions of a child. Try to talk with a child and identify the root cause of the problem. The reason for a childs misbehavior can be more or less serious. Sometimes the problem can be solved on the spot, sometimes it will be required to report the issue to the parents and together work on the solution.

Another thing that can help is to introduce a fixed agenda for a day. It is also good to take time and know the childs better: his interests, passions, pleasures, routines, etc. this will help you to understand his behavior and set up the cooperation rules that will suit both of you.

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How Do You Deal With Temper Tantrums

Every kid can get naughty at times. So parents want to understand how youd be handling those mood swings. Can you respond to temper tantrums in a positive, age-appropriate manner? Your answer should show that you can handle this situation calmly with empathy.

Sample answer:

First, I simply lower my voice. Ill sit on the floor so the child knows I am nearby. If its a younger child, I might try to hold their hand or simply talk to them in a calm tone. When they calm down enough, Ill comfort them. For older kids, I will encourage them to try deep breathing or mindfulness exercises. When the tantrum is done, we can work on strategies for staying calm. Mostly, I try to avoid tantrums by learning to recognize and avoid triggers such as hunger and overstimulation. I also believe that becoming angry or shaming kids who have lost control of their emotions is counterproductive.

Question : What Is Your Citizenship Status Are You Planning To Have Kids Or Any Other Questions That Could Lead To Discrimination

Employers arent permitted to ask about certain factors that are irrelevant to the job and could result in hiring discrimination, like race, national origin, age, marital status, if you have or plan to have kids, religious affiliation or citizenship status. Some families might not realize this, so be prepared just in case.

Oliveira answers these questions by making a friendly joke about it: Im happy to tell you, but I dont think youre supposed to ask me about those things. Its a nice way to make it clear theyre overstepping and shouldnt ask those kinds of questions, she says. Then, its up to you as to whether you want to answer or not.

If youd rather be more serious and leave no room to answer, Mathurin recommends treading carefully because you want to be diplomatic.

You dont want to lecture or sound arrogant you want to be educational and conversational, she says, especially for parents who are new to hiring and oblivious to the laws.

She suggests avoiding something vague like, I cant answer because of the law. Instead, try saying something more like this: I dont know if youre aware, but based on the laws in , these are questions that Im not able to answer.

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How Long Have You Been Working As A Nanny

Naturally, the parents want to know how much experience you have. Be simple and direct with your answer. Dont exaggerate the length of your work experience. But do mention extra relevant jobs or educational experiences.Sample answer:

I have three years of experience working as a full-time nanny. Before that, I worked part-time as a childcare provider in the summers while I was attending a trade school for two years. Additionally, I worked as a line cook in an Italian restaurant, so Id be happy to help with some food prep for the kids.

Questions You Shouldnt Ask

How To Interview A Nanny: Your Questions Checklist

According to Green, questions about age, race, religion, sexual orientation and relationship status should be off the table. Yes, you want to get to know the potential caregiver personally, but there are boundaries. Families often dont realize that theyre becoming an employer just like any other employer in Canada, so they need to adhere to all the labour laws that go with that. Green continues: That includes discrimination law and employment laws around paying taxes and, statutory holidays and so on.

Once youve concluded the first round of interviews and are able to narrow down the list of candidates to the top two or three, the next step from there is to arrange a kind of trial run, during which you invite the top candidates to spend a few hours or a day watching your children, during which time you can see them in action. Green explains that he and his wife will pay the candidates during this round. Depending on how those go, you can continue to funnel down your list until youre confident in the last nanny standing!

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