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How To Pass A Customer Service Interview

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How To Pass Customer Service Interviews

Answer tips

Speak about specifics that relate to the position you are applying for. If you do not have specific experience, get as close as you can.

If you are being asked this question from your employer then you can explain your experience. Tell the employer what responsibilities you were performing during your job. You can tell what programs you developed and what modules you worked on. What were your achievements regarding different programs.

I have been working with computers since 2001. I also have a degree in network support/computer repair. I have built my last 3 computers, have work with Dell as an employee. So I have around 15 years experience working with computers.

What Are Your Career Goals/where Do You See Yourself In 2

Most people dont dream of being in customer service and dont want to stay there forever.

So employers are probably going to ask about your long-term goals in a customer service representative interview.

You dont need to lie and say this is your dream job

You just want to show that this customer service representative position fits into your overall goals, even if its not where you want to be forever.

For example, do you want to become a manager? Learning the ins and outs of customer service can boost your people skills and help you learn about a vital part of the organization.

Want to work in sales eventually? You can say that you hope to build A+ interpersonal skills and communication skills, and you thought customer service was a great place to build that foundation.

Thats the basic idea when answering this interview question.

Further reading:

General Awareness And Communication

  • Tell us more about yourself

  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The idea behind the first question is to see if the candidate can communicate clearly. Since it is an open-ended question, many tend to ramble on, adding lots of unnecessary details. It is important to hire somebody who will keep their answers relevant and coherent, in customer service, because this skill will be required to handle open-ended questions about the product from customers, whether over a phone call or email.

The second question will do a great deal in helping you understand whether or not a candidate is self-aware. This question tends to elicit cliched responses, but a candidate with some genuine experience and introspection will be able to let you know what their weaknesses have been, and how they overcame it.

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Give An Example/role Play Questions

At some point in your interview, you will have to answer a question that prods you to give an example or take part in a role play situation.

This group of questions will provide you with guidance on how to deal with questions of this nature and challenge you to think of scenarios where you have demonstrated attributes that are closely link to the job description.

30. What is the biggest challenge you have faced in work in the past 12 months?

This is often an opening question, as it allows you to use one of your strongest examples and may help you relax.

For the interviewer, it is also an indication of where your natural focus or achievements may be people development, process, cost reduction, change etc.

31. What is your biggest achievement?

If possible, think work related. There will hopefully be a number of things you are most proud of in your career to date.

Think about your key achievements:

  • Were they commercial, people or process orientated?
  • What was the cause and effect?
  • How were you involved, what was improved, saved or developed?

If you are short on career-based examples, use personal achievements which demonstrate the commercial skills required for the role, such as team work, commitment, empathy, determination, attention to detail, etc.

32. Can you give me an example of ?

These questions will more often than not be based around the role competencies. Preparation and rehearsal are key to answering these effectively.

What was the situation?

For example:

What Motivates You In Your Career

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Employers want to know what motivates you and keeps you going aside from money especially when you interview for a difficult/stressful job like customer service representative positions.

These jobs are DEFINITELY stressful at times.

So employers want to make sure theres something that will motivate you and keep you going when a day gets difficult.

Dont say money when you answer this question.

They want to know whats going to keep you motivated besides the paycheck.

Thats what hiring managers are curious about this when they ask this question in a customer service representative interview.

Heres some further reading on answering the what motivates you interview question.

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What Do You Know About Our Product Or Service

Interviewers point of view:

This is where your preparation gets tested. It shows how much youve explored what the company does and how well you understand the key processes, as well as your general ability to do research. This is your signal to show off all youve done while preparing for this interview.

Answer example:

XY company is focused primarily on small businesses. They are the primary target since you develop features that are for companies of smaller size. Apart from that, the XY company is looking into new job prospects. After launching new features, the company is targeting more prominent companies since these features are applicable to their needs. This is a great move since it will definitely increase the companys revenue and market share.

Why Should I Hire You

Your answer should stress how your skills and experience benefit the company and help meet the companys goals. If you are being hired to address a specific problem, explain how you have handled similar situations in the past.

Other things you might be asked about include:

  • An explanation of any gaps in your resumé, poor grades, or a change in career direction
  • How you might handle a specific problem on the job
  • How you would describe your personality
  • How you feel about overtime, working on holidays, or other job conditions
  • How much you expect to be paid
  • What you value at work and in life, what you look for in a job, or what is your ideal job
  • What you find difficult to do or who you find difficult to work with

When planning responses, be positive. Indicate how you have learned from experience, what benefits you have gained, and how this learning benefits the employer. Be honest and sincere. Some employers may ask about your leisure activities. Often these employers are looking for someone who is well rounded and contributes to the community.

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Customer Service Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

Ask every candidate the 23 customer service interview questions below to get the information you need to hire top talent.

1. How would you define good customer service?

2. What appeals to you about this role?

3. Whatâs the best customer service youâve ever received? Why?

4. Can you tell me about a time when you received poor customer service?

5. Is there a difference between customer service and customer support?

The first five questions on our list help you find candidates who share your underlying beliefs about the role customer service plays in an organization. You know what you consider to be great service does your candidate have the same high expectations?

Good candidates will be able to explain why customer service matters to a business and give clear examples of good and bad service. They should be prepared to talk about your specific company and how customer service might contribute to its success.

Watch out for people who really want a different role but see customer service as the easiest way to get a foot in the door. Theyâll be less likely to have thought through what great customer service means to a business.

6. Can you tell me about a time when you were proud of the level of service you gave a customer?

7. Have you ever dealt with an unreasonable customer? How did you handle it, and how would you handle it today?

8. Have you ever bent the rules in assisting a customer? Tell me about the situation and the outcome.

Questions You Should Ask Your Interviewer


When the interviewer finishes their interview questions for the customer service position, they will most likely say, Thats all the questions from us. Do you have any questions? Make sure you have questions. This is your chance to get to know the company better and show your interest in the role.

  • What would I have to accomplish in the first 90 days to be successful in this position?
  • What does a typical week look like in this position?
  • Whats your favorite thing about working for this company?
  • What are some of the qualities youre looking for in a customer service representative?
  • What are some of the biggest challenges for a person in this position?
  • Cass Thompson has more great examples of questions you want to ask at the end of an interview so go check out her video:

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    Tell Me About Your Previous Customer Service Experience

    What They Want to Know: Potential employers want to know if you have experience in a similar role. You do not have to describe every role you’ve had. Instead, highlight the most relevant customer-oriented jobs you’ve had. And, if you do not have a lot of experience in customer service, discuss relevant skills that you have, such as communication skills, empathy, and problem-solving. It can be effective to use an example of a time when someone made an impact on you through their superb customer service skills.

    How Would You Handle A Customer You Know Is Wrong

    Sometimes customers might have incorrect information. When this happens, you must handle the situation delicately. Hiring managers want to see that you’re able to tactfully address miscommunications with customers and manage problems well. In your answer, refer to a real-life example if you have one.

    Example:“I once helped a customer who wanted to use a coupon we no longer accepted. He was very unhappy that I wouldn’t accept the coupon and continued to tell me he was right and I was wrong. I told him I was just as frustrated as he was that the coupon was no longer valid and offered him some alternative discount options.”

    Discover Indeedâs top resources for sales talent including career advice, sample resumes, job search quick links and more.

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    Customer Service Interview Questions And Answers

  • What does customer service mean to you?
  • Creating a customer-centric, high performing customer service organization always starts with hiring great people.

    No matter how finely tuned your processes are, how good your data is, or how well you’ve set up your canned responses, hiring the wrong team members will make your customer experience suffer — and fast.

    In this article, we’ll cover what you need to screen for and what questions you can ask in your interview process to determine if a candidate is a good fit for your team.

    The questions we include in this article are great examples, but if you need a more in-depth selection, check out this resource.

    More Customer Service Interview Questions You Should Prepare

    Uber Interview Questions and Process: How to Pass Easily
  • Do you have any prior customer service experience?
  • Why did you get into customer service, and where do you see your career advancing in the next 5 years?
  • What do you like/dislike the most about customer service?
  • In your opinion, what qualities are the most important for someone to succeed in a customer service role?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced in your last position and what did you do to improve it?
  • Are you able to work a flexible schedule? Are you available to work overtime?
  • Have you ever worked remotely? Describe the skills you have that would allow you to work unsupervised at home.
  • What is your preferred method of correspondence/communication?
  • Would your past customers or supervisors describe you as a people person? Would you agree/disagree with them and why?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated in a role that can often seem repetitive?
  • What role, if any, should collaboration play in customer service?
  • Have you ever dealt with a customer that was clearly wrong? What did you do?
  • Describe to me a time that an inferior product/service created a customer service issue for you and how you solved the situation.
  • What Customer Relationship Management software are you familiar with?
  • Describe your comfort level with basic software such as Microsoft Office, Excel, Powerpoint or similar programs.
  • Are you confident in utilizing multi-line phone systems?
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    What Are The Top Qualities Of A Person Who Needs To Deliver Reliable Customer Service

    Interviewers point of view:

    This question is also closely connected with your preparation for the interview. Every company has its own values which they nourish. For example for some companies put an extra emphasis on fast response time, others on customer satisfaction or meeting the customers expectations. Be honest when replying and try to keep in mind what your research about this company has shown, and finally how your role fits in the entire process.

    Answer example:

    I truly believe that the most important thing is to be patient and warm with customers. It will leave a good impression on customers, it may soften their anger or distress about their issue and they will eventually have a better customer experience. On the other hand being kind is not enough. It is crucial for me to be able to solve all customers issues efficiently and the fastest possible.

    Customer Service Interview Questions With Sample Answers

    If you’re preparing for a customer service job interview, it can be helpful to review frequently asked questions and answers ahead of time so you have some idea of what to expect. Review this list of 15 questions and answers to help you prepare for your next interview.

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    Gauging An Empathetic And Customer

    I think the most important skill and the one thats harder to train for is customer empathy and a customer-centric attitude. Kirsty Traill, Former VP Customer Support at Hootsuite.

    Customer service is all about empathy in action, and you dont want to miss out on sizing up the candidate on this one. But empathy being more of a personality trait is also hard to measure.

    These questions will help you test an interviewees customer-centric attitude and see how much they care about a customer.

  • Could you give me an example of when you delivered exceptional customer support?
  • Tell me about a time you had to work with a difficult customer. How did you handle it and what was the outcome?
  • Give me step-by-step guidance on how youll assist a customer in resolving a problem. Choose a problem relevant to the candidates previous experiences, like a customer finding it challenging to check out a product or struggling to book a ticket online.
  • Have you ever gone against a companys rule book to meet a customers needs? Describe the event.
  • Teach me something.
  • Listen for:

    • The efforts and action theyve taken to help out a customer truly.
    • Are they breaking down complex product information or company policies into simple terms that the customer understands?
    • When you ask them to teach something, do they have the capability to unlearn a few steps and explain the concept from a newbies perspective?

    Are You Ready To Ace Your Interview

    Interview Questions and Answers! (How to PASS a JOB INTERVIEW!)

    Interviews are nerve-racking, but taking the time to prepare thoughtful answers to some of these commonly asked questions will calm your nerves and boost your confidence. To help you earn the job as an agent, discover more about life in a call center or check out our seven must-have skills for call center agents.

    If youre looking for more interview preparation tips, view our Job Seeker Tips section.

    If youre looking for help in finding a call center job, connect with Masterson Staffing and explore current job openings. Also, check out our recent post that discusses the administrative skills you need to success in an administrative role.

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    Tell Us More About Your Customer Service Experience

    Interviewers point of view:

    With this question the interviewer is simply interested in your previous work experience, related to the one youre applying for. If youve had a lot of similar jobs in the past, you dont have to go through all of them. Single out the most relevant ones or the ones where youve had the best results. If you dont have much experience in this area, try to focus on some characteristics and skills youve gained, which are relevant for customer service. Some of the skills that are always welcome are great communication skills, ability to listen, patience, problem-solving, etc.

    Answer example:

    In my previous position where I worked for XY years/months Ive had a similar role, but it was more focused on sales and customer growth. While working in this position, Ive learned a lot about customers needs and demanded customer service skills. I think that Ive gained the best of both worlds sales and customer service, and this is an extra perspective I can bring into your team.

    Tip: Articulate A Well

    A clearly defined job description is a candidate-screening step since its more likely to attract the relevant talent youre hunting for. A great job description sets the right expectations of the job, conveys work boundaries if any, provides the opportunities and benefits in store, and gives a glimpse of your companys culture.

    What does a well-crafted customer service job description2 look like?

    It usually has the following sections

    • Job title
    • Educational qualifications
    • Employee benefits

    See if you can float the job requirements internally and then post the job description on popular job boards, social media handles like LinkedIn, and community forums like Support-Driven, which has a dedicated Slack channel3 for job postings.

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