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How To Record An Interview On Zoom

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How Long Are Meeting Recordings Stored

How to host & record an interview on Zoom

JobScore doesn’t store your interview recordings, Zoom does. Control over which interviews are kept is 100% controlled by Zoom. If something has disappeared it’s likely because one of your users deleted it or changed a setting in Zoom. JobScore doesn’t delete recorded meetings in your Zoom account.

If you are losing recordings, try our recommended settings above to avoid having recordings be accidentally deleted in the future.

How To Follow Up After Your Zoom Interview

Within two or three days, follow up with your potential employer to express your gratitude for the chance to interview and enthusiasm for the position:

  • Address an email to the most appropriate recipient: your interviewer, recruiter, hiring manager, or the supervisor for your role.

  • Begin the email with a greeting and a short âthank youâ message.

  • Include the date of your interview and the position for which you applied.

  • Confirm youâre still interested, and summarize how you can contribute to the organization.

  • Add any important details that you did not discuss during the interview.

  • Close by stating that youâre eager to hear the next steps.

  • If no timeline was given during the interview, wait at least five business days to receive a response, and if you donât, follow up a second time.

Close And Follow Up After The Virtual Interview

Prepare for future interviews

Identify a few dates that work for you and keep them handy, in case the interviewers want another online meeting.

End it right

Ensure that you close on a positive note. Offer to send any additional info they might need. Remember to thank the interviewers and acknowledge their understanding, if there were glitches at your end.

Keep in touch

Send a thank you email and offer to answer any questions that they might not have covered. Be quick and responsive to questions or communication from the companys end.

Remote jobs are here to stay. As companies, startups and businesses hire for different roles, your ability to communicate and impress online will make a significant difference. When you practice and prepare for an online interview, you will be more effective in showing them why they should hire you.

Zoom up, Camera, Action!

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Shes a co-founder at Maroon Oak, and is founded Win Thinks, where she writes, speaks and teaches about Digital Media, Brand Building and Future Ready Businesses. A day trader for over a decade, Pooja launched Trading Paces to educate amateur and pro stock traders. As a classroom mentor, Pooja loves teaching students across the U.S. about job skills and entrepreneurship. Read about her on Huffington Post and Forbes.

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How Do I Turn Off Interview Recording

There are a few options to keep using Zoom but stop having recorded interviews show up in JobScore:

  • Edit your Zoom integration settings and set the “Interview Recording” option to OFF.
  • Have users that don’t want interviews recorded adjust their personal cloud recording settings in Zoom
  • Turn off the cloud recording feature for your Zoom account recording settings.
  • Dont Stare At Your Screen Look Into The Camera

    How to Record a Podcast Over Zoom

    Its natural to look at your screen. After all, thats where your interviewer is. Unfortunately, to them, it appears as if you are looking away, or at some unknown object.

    So instead of scrutinizing the screen, focus on the camera. This is like making eye contact. Feels a bit awkward at first, but a must-do for a good interview.

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    The Next Stage In Video Interviewing

    The interviewer of the future might be a robot, at least for part of the recruitment process. The technology behind video interviews is evolving and companies are looking at approaches that use artificial intelligence , or virtual reality whether it’s in the form of a robot, a chatbot, a voice call with an automated caller, interacting with an interview avatar on screen or taking part in a virtual reality escape room. One of the arguments in favour of this type of assessment is that it is free from bias and personal prejudice.

    Although the early stages of the recruitment process are increasingly likely to be handled by technology, human judgement is still a deciding factor in the later stages, when recruiters typically invite applicants to assessment centres or face-to-face interviews.

    The ISE reported that in the 2020â2021 recruitment round, 5% of the employers that comprise its membership had used virtual reality assessments.

    Recording Your Session To The Cloud

    You can either set up your webinar to record automatically, or you can press record when you are in session.

    We recommend you record to the Cloud.

    You need to pre-tick this option in your Zoom account settings .

    You can access your Zoom account at

    You can check your Settings> Recording tab to make sure Cloud Recordings is enabled. See the the for your own use section of the Cloud Recordings page.

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    Four: Set Up Each Speaker As A Separate Audio Track

    Did you know that you can record separate audio files for each speaker? This is a smart thing to do and makes it a lot easier to edit your podcast afterwards.

    Go to Zoom settings and click on the Recording settings. Then, select the option called Record a separate audio file for each participant who speaks.

    Once the call finishes, youll have a folder that contains the three standard files the joint audio, the video and the chat transcript. Youll also get an additional folder called Audio Record with a separate M4a file for each speaker.

    Zoom Video Interview Tips For Success

    How to Record a Zoom Meeting or Interview

    20 Apr 18 by Jason Bishop

    The use of remote interviewing has grown significantly, with a large portion of employers now regularly incorporating it into their recruitment processes. Video interviews offer a number of benefits, from cost and time savings to improving the screening process and providing a positive candidate experience. This makes it a popular choice for tech-savvy employers, but the method also comes with its own set of challenges for both interviewers and interviewees alike.

    So, whichever side of the virtual table youre sitting on, here are the key dos and donts for how to give a good zoom video interview.

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    Have A Tech Backup Plan

    Since you’re relying on technology which can be finicky just when you need it most have your computer plugged in and charging.

    You’ll also need a back-up plan, in case you have issues with your Wi-Fi internet connection. If you have an unlimited plan on your phone, you can connect your computer to its hotspot. Or you can download the Zoom app on your phone and have the meeting there. While this isn’t ideal, it should work.

    Choose Your Favorite Layout

    There are a few options for how you view your screen when using Zoom. Determine which layout you prefer from the following:

    • Active speaker: This will enlarge the video window of the person who is talking. So, if the interviewer is speaking, their video will take up the majority of your screen. If a second attendee is also on the video, then their screen will stay smaller until they begin speaking.

    • Gallery view: If you want everyone to be the same size, including yourself, choose gallery view. This will show all the meeting participants in a grid view. This makes it easy to view everyone at the same time.

    To change your layout, select the option you want in the top right corner of your screen.

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    Use A Laptop Or Computer

    Although Zoom has a mobile app, it’s better to use it on a desktop computer or laptop. Having your computer on a table creates a more stationary view of yourself while holding your phone in your hand could cause camera shake. Your computer camera also gives the interviewer a better view of yourself and tends to come in clearer.

    Are You Allowed To Record Interviews

    How to Record a Video Interview on Zoom

    Recording a conversation in the US requires consent from both parties in roughly a dozen states. It is important for organizations conducting video conferences to understand that the participant must give their consent prior to recording the interview. This includes both the candidate and his or her employees.

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    Using A Remote Recording Service For Remote Interviews

    There are a variety of remote recording services designed specifically for podcasters to conduct remote interviews. Here are two options we recommend you use to record remote interviews.

    Zoom: By now, Zoom is a fairly ubiquitous web conferencing service that has also become one of podcasters greatest remote recording tools because its able to seamlessly record audio and video on separate tracks. The $15/month subscription allows you to host up to 100 participants, host unlimited group meetings, stream to social media, and includes 1GB of cloud recording per license. If you are going to use Zoom, know that you are compromising audio quality for ease of use.

    Squadcast: This is an easy to use service that prioritizes audio quality, and requires little effort for your guest. You simply send them a custom link and youll be able to record them through a web browser. It includes features such as scheduling, video conferencing with a host and up to three guests, .wav/mp3 formats, and no audio drift. 2 hours of recording is $10/month, 5 hours is $20/month, 12 hours is $45/month. This is not a good option if you need more than four people on the line at any given time.

    There are several other remote recording services available such as Zencastr or Cleanfeed. Its up to you to decide what to use. Ultimately, the advantage of these services is that they record separate tracks for each speaker. This allows your editor to have more control over the final quality of the interview.

    Find A Brightly Lit Room

    Your interviewer needs to be able to see your body language and facial expressions during your Zoom interview. Choose a room with good lighting, so they can easily see you. Setting your interview space facing a window that lets in a lot of natural lighting is a great way to make yourself more visible. Setting up with a window behind you can cast shadows on your face and make you appear to look like a silhouette.

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    Five: Brief Your Guest Before You Begin

    Its a good idea to give your guest a quick rundown on how to use Zoom and what to expect, especially if they have never done this before. Before you start the podcast recording, you can give them some tips on how to use Zoom. For example, let them know that they can press the spacebar to mute themselves at any point if they need to.

    You should also give them an idea of how long the interview will be, and a rough overview of the topics youll be asking them about. Allow for a bit of extra time so they can get their microphone and headphones set up and you can test the settings.

    The good news is that your guest will not have to download Zoom themselves to do the interview. They can simply click on the link and enter the call with you from their own browser.

    Pros And Cons Of Using Self

    TUTORIAL: How to Record a Zoom Interview

    Pro: This yields the highest-quality audio for remote interviews outside of a studio setting. Theres a good chance that your guest has a smartphone with a native audio recording app, and if your guest holds their phone up to their ear during the video call on Zoom or Squadcast, youll get crisp audio from the interview thats a better quality than the recording done through an Internet connection.

    Con: This requires a lot of reliance on your guest to make sure that they record themselves correctly, and for them to successfully send you long audio files. The advantage of the self-sync is that you will always have the Zoom or Squadcast recording of your interview to use as a backup.

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    How To Schedule Zoom Interviews

  • Open Zoom.
  • Change the Topic text to: Zoom Interview:
  • Set the Duration for the interview.
  • Set the Video options for both the Host and Participants to off when joining the meeting, so both parties can individually turn on their Video upon arrival.
  • Simplify the meeting message to include only the Zoom meeting link and Zoom meeting ID.
  • Send the meeting invite to the interview candidate.
  • Video Tutorial: How to Schedule a Zoom Interview Meeting

    Tips For Succeeding During Your Zoom Interview

    More employers may choose to conduct an interview using video conferencing software. This is because it tends to be more convenient for remote positions or initial screening interviews. Since this type of interview is a bit different than a traditional in-person interview, it’s important that you consider a few factors of this format. In this article, we share 18 tips on how to prepare for your interview Zoom call.

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    What You Need To Record A Self

    • A video conference service such as Zoom or a remote recording service such as Squadcast.
    • Headphones to use with the remote recording software, both for the host and guest. We highly recommend wired headphones, as wireless earbuds or microphones have given us plenty of issues by randomly disconnecting and reconnecting throughout a recording session. And youll only find that out until after the session is wrapped.
    • Guests: a smartphone with a voice recorder app . Or a high-quality microphone with a digital recorder or digital audio workstation such as Audacity or GarageBand.
    • Host: a high-quality microphone and a digital recorder or a DAW.

    Dont: Conduct The Interview In A Crowded Place

    TUTORIAL: How to Record a Zoom Interview

    Try to find a quiet spot to do the interview, whether you’re in the office or working from home, noise can be distracting to everyone involved and isnt a great look for your organisation. Ideally, find a room that you know you won’t be disturbed in, and ensure that you have an appropriate professional background. Double-check that no one can be seen walking behind you and ensure that you have the best lighting possible daylight actually provides the best light for on-camera work.

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    How To Maximize Zoom Interview Results

    Once you have your Zoom interview recording, you can analyze and share user research with your team.

    If you want to present an expertly accurate transcript of the interview, consider ordering a human transcript for more accurate analysis and sharing. A human transcript can account for non-verbal interactions, like laughter or pausing, which can also be insightful for research. We offer transcription with 99% accuracy with just a 12-hour turnaround time.

    Use your Zoom research interviews to inform your qualitative research interview guide. You might want to add more questions or reshape how you approach future interviews.

    With easy technology thats free for your market research subjects to use, Zoom can provide valuable qualitative data wherever you are.

    Do Get Your Lighting Just Right

    Bad lighting can be a real problem. Unfortunately, many people simply dont know how to create flattering, professional lighting for in-home video.

    So here are a few dead-simple tips:

    • Light the whole room to get rid of shadows.
    • Keep the light bright enough to see you, but not so bright it causes glare.
    • Use natural light when you can,
    • Dont sit with a window behind you.
    • Have lighting to your right and left, angled downward, so half of your face isnt in the dark.

    Again, do a quick recording of yourself from different places at the house to find a good corner.

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    The Process For Recording A Self

  • You and your guest use a laptop or computer to access the video call.
  • Both the host and guest should use headphones plugged into your laptops to hear each other during the video conference.
  • Connect your microphone to the digital recorder to record yourself while you speak with your guest through the video call. Your digital recorder or DAW will only be recording you.
  • Have your guest record themselves with the voice recording app on their smartphone .
  • If theyre using their smartphone to record, make sure they hold the phone up to their ear as if theyre on a phone call , as this position yields quality audio.
  • Record the interview via the video conference service while recording yourselves locally .
  • Once youve completed the interview, have your guest send you the audio file they recorded on their smartphone via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, etc.
  • If you have an editor, send them all of your audio files: the video conference recording, the hosts local recording using the digital recorder, and the guests local recording from their smartphone.
  • You or your editor can then sync up the two locally recorded audio tracks using the video call recording as reference.
  • Zoom Video Interview Tips

    How to Record TV Interviews Using Zoom
    • Test your software and make sure its updated.
    • Align the video camera at eye level if youre using video.
    • Record the interview in a well-lit room if youre using video.
    • Clear clutter from the background so you appear professional.
    • Test the sound before the meeting. You might want to connect an external microphone to the computer for optimal audio.

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