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How To Write An Interview Rejection Email

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Rejection Letter To A Candidate Who Is Deemed Unfit For The Position

Candidate Rejection Email After Interview | How to write a Job Rejection Email | Smart HR

Primarily, this rejection letter is aimed to discourage the applicant from applying again in the future. Of, course its best not to blatantly say please dont ever reapply be professional, not rude. Remember to thank them for their time and express your appreciation that they chose your company.

Dear ,

Thank you for taking the time to interview for the position of with . We interviewed a number of promising candidates, which made the decision to choose just one all the more difficult. Unfortunately, you were not selected for the position as there were stronger candidates.

Thank you for taking the time to come to to meet our team.

We wish you success with your ongoing job search.

Best wishes,

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The Following Are Examples Of The Candidate Rejection Email Message Or Letters You May Receive

How to respond to a job rejection email without interview. One or two sentences thanking them for their consideration If it’s an automated email after sending in a resume saying we don’t have a position for you at this time but we’ll keep you resume on file, then no. I’m grateful for the opportunity to interview at company name for job title.

If there’s any hint of being confrontational, then any chance you had of getting a straight answer most likely disappears. Use statements like i really appreciate that you took the time to interview me, or im grateful that i was considered for this position. always be kind, courteous and professional in your responses. Below is an example of an email response to a job rejection notification.

Its better to reply to the rejection email with appreciation and sincerely thank you for considering the role. Send it in response to the resumes and applications you receive from applicants who are less qualified than those you decide to interview. Request for another open position or another interview

I wanted to give you a happy endings story. dear , thank you for getting back to me about your hiring decision. There seems to be no sense in replying because such mistakes are unlikely.

Responding graciously to a job rejection. I was slightly devastated, but having read almost every article youve posted, i knew i. Be sure to include specific details so that your reply does not seem like a generic letter:

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How To Send A Candidates Job Application Rejection Email: Be Considerate Concise And Supportive

7+ Interview Rejection Letters

When you send out a job rejection email to someone that you dont decide to interview for the position, you should keep the rejection email brief, but be considerate. In addition, you should offer support and encourage them to apply for future opportunities at your company that they may be a better fit for.

Also, try to keep in mind the persons excitement when applying to a new position, and their hope to receive a positive response. While every person cant receive a positive response, negative news is better than no news. Thus, you should try to send rejection emails out sooner rather than later, but if you are delayed in sending an application rejection email, then you should make sure to appreciate them for their effort and thank them for their patience when you have a chance to notify them. Most candidates spend time researching and preparing before applying for a job, so you should convey your gratitude for their excitement to work in your company as much as possible, even when rejecting them.

Youll also want to include a general reason why you are not moving forward with their application: maybe you had many qualified applicants to choose from, you have already secured another candidate for the role, or you are simply no longer looking to fill the role at this time. Whatever the reason is, the candidate will feel more relieved and comforted when a reason is given, rather than if the rejection is vague.

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Rejection Letter Examples For After An Interview

Are you a job seeker wondering if you will be notified if a company opts not to hire you after they have interviewed you to evaluate your candidacy? Or are you a hiring manager who needs to let a candidate know that they weren’t hired?

Even though the appropriate protocol is to notify all the candidates that employers interview for a job, this, unfortunately, doesnt always happen. Employers aren’t required to notify applicants, even though it’s courteous to inform candidates who haven’t been selected to move forward in the hiring process.

Key Takeaways From These Examples

The above two rejection email examples apply some of the aforementioned tips. While unsuccessful candidates will always be disappointed, that doesnât mean that the rejection email needs to be devastating.

In the example for a good candidate, the hiring manager highlighted a specific strength . He also made clear that the reason for selecting another candidate was because of the other applicantâs leadership experience.

Following this by encouraging future applications also helps keep the door open. Since she was a good candidate, the hiring manager indicates that he is considering reaching out about other openings. This is more positive than merely asking the person to check back for other opportunities. However, you should only include this type of language if you mean it.

He also concludes with a positive note that she will make a good fit somewhere. While this isnât going to salve the wound from rejection completely, it does help.

The example for the poorly fit candidate is shorter and more to the point. As with any other type of communication, it is best to say less when you donât have positive things to say. There is no reason to kick the candidate when he or she is already down.

Additionally, the hiring manager offers a chance to get some additional feedback. This is not necessary and should only be offered if you genuinely want to be helpful.

However, this can be a best practice when hiring. Providing feedback gives a good image of your company.

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Job Rejection Email Template

It’s helpful to create a template that you can use for all of your rejection emails. Here’s a template that you can customise:

Dear ,

We appreciate you applying for the position at . After meeting with several candidates, we have decided to move forward with another candidate for this position. We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us and learn more about our company. Our hiring team enjoyed learning more about your experiences, skills, and qualifications.

While we were impressed by your , we were looking for a candidate with . One thing that stood out during your interview was . In the future, we may enjoy learning more about these experiences.

As you continue looking for jobs, please consider the other roles in our hiring portal. If we ever find a position we feel you are suited for, we can reach out directly as we have your resume on file. We appreciate the time you took to meet with us and wish you the best of luck in your job search.


Here is an example of a rejection email you can send after interviewing a candidate:

Subject line: Social media strategist at Social Corp

Dear Nathan,

We appreciate you applying for the social media strategist position at Social Corp. After meeting with several candidates, we have decided to move forward with another candidate for this position. We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us and learn more about our company. Our hiring team enjoyed learning more about your experiences, skills, and qualifications.

Why Is Writing A Candidate Rejection Email Important

How to Write a Rejection Letter (Great Example Letter Included)

Writing a candidate rejection email is more a courtesy than an obligation, but it can have a significant impact on the companys image. Waiting for a response after a job interview can be stressful for some people, and not receiving an answer can leave a negative impression on candidates. If you send a thoughtful candidate rejection email, your consideration and kindness can help build the companys positive reputation. Doing a personal document for every candidate is a worthwhile investment of time, and you can streamline the process with an appropriate protocol.

Here are some benefits of writing a candidate rejection email:

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Candidate Rejection Email Samples

The template below is great for candidates who reach the late-stage of the hiring process but fail to proceed to the final stage.

Dear ,

Thank you for showing interest in and giving us the opportunity to consider you for employment. We have reviewed your application but regret to inform you that at this time we will not be moving forward with you as a position.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.


**Please note: Do not reply to this email. The email is sent from an unattended mailbox. Replies will not be read.

Alternatively, you can use the template below with candidates who get rejected during the initial stages of the hiring process or post the interview.

Thank you for showing interest in the position at .

Regrettably, we will not be moving forward with you, as we have selected a candidate who best fits the requirements of the position.

We appreciate your time and effort to apply to our organization and wish you the best of luck in your professional path.

Best wishes,

Example Of An Email To A Candidate Who May Fit A Future Opening

Dear Angelo,

On behalf of First Company Studios, I want to thank you for your interest and effort in applying for the Community Manager position. We appreciate the time you spent here with our team and enjoyed meeting and speaking with you during the interview.

At this time, weve decided to move on with another candidate who has more experience handling social media applications. However, we were very impressed with your interview performance. We believe you would be a great asset to our team.

Please check our list of vacancies next month, and I hope you consider applying for another position with us in the future. In the meantime, we wish you the best with your career and job search.

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Why You Should Respond

When responding to a job rejection email, it helps to think of your interview or application as a networking opportunity. Creating professional connections is a great way to advance your career. By following up after a rejection email, you can build a positive relationship with the employer.

While other applicants likely also received the same rejection email, most will not send a response. By sending a reply to any rejection emails you receive, youll stand out among the pool of applicants who werent selected.

A polite, gracious response reflects well on you both professionally and personally. Plus, it could be beneficial to you in the following situations:

  • The applicant who was hired changes their mind and decides not to take the position.

  • The applicant starts the new position but realizes its not a good fit and leaves after a short time.

  • The employer has another opening for a similar or related position for which you would be a good fit.

In any of these situations, its much easier to choose from recently interviewed applicants than to start over to fill the position. After all, it takes a considerable amount of resources to post a job, review resumes, schedule interviews and discuss the candidates. Instead, many hiring managers first consider applicants from a recent candidate pool. If youve sent a thoughtful response to your rejection notification, it could help you to stand out when the employer is searching for new candidates.


The Right Time To Send A Job Rejection Email

Letter Declining Job Interview Database

Theres no industry standard time to send a rejection email, but its encouraged to send a rejection email as soon as you find out a candidate is not being considered for the position. For candidates that have interviewed for the position, its advisable to send the rejection email within one week from the interview date.

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How To Write An Interview Rejection Letter

When you are looking for recruits to join your company you are playing an important role in making sure that you are employing the most competent candidates. You will need to sort through several application letters, resumes, sit for interviews, and if possible, contact references before offering the job to the lucky candidate.

Each stage of the recruitment process entails cutting out applicants that did not make the final cut. Below are some great examples to take inspiration from during your recruiting process.

Why Do I Need To Know About Job Rejection Emails

The task of crafting a rejection letter is often delegated to staff who may not have been involved in the selection process. The key is to find the right tone between being encouraging and positive but honest and professional.

If you’ve never written an applicant rejection letter before, it can take some practice before you hit all the right notes. Even experienced recruiters may find rejection emails can be challenging to create.

Telling someone bad news is always tricky but writing rejection letters is particularly challenging. Jobseekers become emotionally invested in the recruitment process, and rejection can be hard to take.

From application to an appointment, the average recruitment process takes 27 days, Glassdoor found. If candidates have been invited to interview and have met prospective employers, a ‘no’ can be difficult to take. When rejected, jobseekers will experience a range of emotions, including disappointment, anger, and frustration.

A missing or poorly written letter could harm the self-concept of the recipient and future intentions of potential recruits,” researchers found. Simply put, a bad rejection letter could do lasting damage to someone’s mental health.

A well-written rejection letter can achieve three things:â

  • Deliver essential news promptly.
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    Candidate Job Rejection Letter And Email Examples

    You’ve just interviewed for a job, and you’re wondering if you’ll receive a notification if you’re not chosen for an interview or offered a position. Or you’re an employer notifying an applicant that they weren’t hired.

    What does a rejection letter look like? What’s included in a candidate job rejection letter or email? Will the company even send one? If you’re the hiring manager, should you notify applicants who weren’t offered a job?

    If you’re looking to decline a job offer from an employer, here’s a job rejection email template you can use.

    Those are good questions. Many companies no longer send rejection letters to applicants who are not selected for a position. Often, there are simply so many applications that sending rejections would take the company a lot of time.

    Companies may also be concerned about the contents of the rejection letter, fearing everything from a lawsuit to recipients’ incorrectly reading a promise of a potential opportunity in the future.

    In some cases, companies may also be hedging their betsif they haven’t sent out an official rejection, they can still reach out to candidates in the future if a prospective hire doesn’t work out.

    However, some companies do notify candidates who haven’t been chosen. If a company does send job rejection letters, you may be notified by email or mail that another candidate has been selected for the position.

    Give Feedback To The Candidate

    How To Respond To A Rejection Letter

    Mention why the candidate was rejected and mention the ways the candidate can improve themselves. Note that rejecting a candidate on bases of age, gender, nationality, marital status, disability, or religion can be considered discriminatory. Thus, sometimes it is legally safer for the business to not state why the candidate was rejected.

    For example:

    For our position as lead writer, we require someone with at least a Masters degree in English

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    Focus On The Positives To Soften The Blow

    Once youve informed your candidate they were unsuccessful its useful to focus on the positives before giving constructive criticism. This could include commenting on their qualifications, professional skills or personality.

    Think of a rejection letter as an opportunity to develop for a candidates professional development. Candidates want to know how they can improve their skills, so see it as a free piece of career advice or mini-workshop. Any feedback or constructive criticism will usually be appreciated.

    Ask For Insights On Your Process

    Just like theyre curious about what could have gone better, you should be too. Ask people that run through your process what they liked and didnt like. Ask them what felt awkward or if there was anything that you could have improved. By asking for insights, you show them that you value their experience, but you also get the opportunity to hear different perspectives on how you could improve your interview process.

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    Tips For Writing A Job Rejection Email

    Hiring managers can use these tips to write more empathetic rejection emails:

    • Send them right away. As soon as you make your hiring decision, send out your rejection emails. This gives candidates the opportunity to focus their attention on other job prospects sooner.

    • Proofread your writing. While this is a low-stakes email to send, you still are representing your company. Ensuring you’re using proper language and grammar shows candidates that you’re a professional organization.

    • Consider other roles. If you find you really like a candidate during the interview but they aren’t right for your particular role, think about what other job openings your company might have. You may be able to offer them an interview for a different role that better aligns with their skills and experiences.

    • Be responsive to candidates. In order to grow as professionals, some candidates might ask for additional feedback. Responding to such messages with constructive feedback can help a candidate develop their skill set and see your company favourably.

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