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Salesforce Developer Interview Questions For 5 Years Experience

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What Are Governor Limits In Salesforce

salesforce developer interview questions for 5 years experience |Pesrsistent salesforce interview

In Salesforce, it is the Governor Limits which controls how much data or how many records you can store in the shared databases. Why? Because Salesforce is based on the concept of multi-tenant architecture. In simpler words, Salesforce uses a single database to store the data of multiple clients/ customers. The below image will help you relate to this concept.

To make sure no single client monopolizes the shared resources, Salesforce introduced the concept of Governor Limits which is strictly enforced by the Apex run-time engine.

Governor Limits are a Salesforce developers biggest challenge. That is because if the Apex code ever exceeds the limit, the expected governor issues a run-time exception that cannot be handled. Hence as a Salesforce developer, you have to be very careful while developing your application. To learn more about it, enroll for Salesforce developer certification today.

Different Governor Limits in Salesforce are:

  • Per-Transaction Apex Limits
  • Push Notification Limits

State The Important Features Of Salesforce

  • Contact management: Easier contact management via access to interaction history and customers’ critical data.
  • Opportunity management: Enables users to view the activity timeline of their customers, representing several stages of a deal for taking the next move.
  • Quote management: In-built quoting mechanism that quotes client data tracking the deal products, including their standard price, quantity, product code, and price.
  • Lead management: An activity timeline providing access to up-to-date contacts. The CRM app is a quick lead converter machine informing its users about the lead’s original source.
  • Sales data: Provides accurate sales data at the right time and a faster connection with key decision-makers.
  • Mobility: The mobile app allows users to access CRM data conveniently.
  • Workflow and approvals: Enables visual workflow for rapid designing and automating business processes via drag-drop ability. Users can manage flexible approval processes for expenses or discounts.
  • File sync and share: Ease of sharing, discussing, and publishing content in real-time.
  • Dynamic dashboards and custom reports: Users gain a real-time picture of their business performance in the market. They can also build their custom dashboard via drag and drop icons, adjust the fields, and view data with filters. Charts give real-time data for the latest insights.
  • Sales forecasting: Tracks leads’ journey and gives forecasting on sales by analyzing them.

Salesforce Certification Training Course Overview

Intellipaat offers both live instructor-led classroom training and self-paced online training for you to become a Salesforce Administrator or Consultant. You will be fully trained in handling the Salesforce instance, platform, database, application design, platform configuration, automation processes, project management, application development using Lightning, and more in this Salesforce course online.Read More

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Topic Based Interview Questions

In this type of interview, the interviewer will ask you questions from all the sections of Salesforce you are familiar with. Keep in mind if you do not have expertise in some areas, do inform the interview honestly. Show interest in learning but never bluff. The interviewer is probably a person with years of experience and will know if you are bluffing or not. The most common topics will be around:

  • Salesforce fundamentals
  • Trigger, Workflow and Process Builder
  • Integration and Testing
  • Apex, Aura, Visualforce and LWC
  • What Is Scope Creep

    Perfect Salesforce Developer Interview

    Any experienced consultant will be familiar with the dreaded term, scope creep. A successful project is one that is kept within the budget, scope and completed on time. However, when in the middle of a project, new requirements often come up, which means that a customer may want the extra scope to be added.

    Its important for every Salesforce professional to understand how to handle scope creep and how to manage customers expectations.

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    What Is An Object In Salesforce

    An object is a database table that contains data specific to an organization . There are two types of objects in Salesforce – custom object and standard object.

    • Standard object – A standard object is created by default in Salesforce. Eg: Contact, Account, and Lead.
    • Custom object – A custom object is created by the user and can contain any information that the user wants. Eg: You can create a custom Location object to store information about the location of various branches of a company.

    Detail What You See As Your Short

    In the interview, discuss the type of projects that you will be expected to work on both when you start the job and in the future. Outlining short- and long-term goals not only shows that you are invested in the company and its aims, but also reinforces yourself as a strong candidate how many other interviewees will have set themselves targets before even being offered the job?!

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    What Are The Things That Can Be Customized On Page Layouts

    Page layouts allow you to personalize or customize the given page objects or records. It helps in customizing or designing the page according to your requirements. Page layout editor helps you in customizing the pages. Using this page, you can customize things like buttons, fields, custom links, and related lists.

    What Is Apex Test Coverage Whats The Minimum Test Coverage Required To Deploy

    Salesforce Interview Questions and Answers | Salesforce Interview for Freshers and Experienced

    To ensure that your code meets certain standards, Apex Code coverage shows you how many executable lines of code in your classes and triggers have been exercised by test methods. Code coverage percentage is a calculation of the number of covered lines divided by the sum of the number of covered lines and uncovered lines.

    The minimum test coverage required to deploy to production is 75%

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    As A Salesforce Administrator How Would You Give Access To Users To Knowledge Articles

    A Salesforce administrator’s primary responsibility is to make it easy for others to use Salesforce products. As an administrator, part of your role is defining user access levels to ensure all users have access to required features. The interviewer might ask similar questions to check if you have the expertise to handle different requests from users with varying access grants.

    Example:”We can assign user knowledge licence by changing the status of the knowledge user checkbox to ‘true’ on the user detail page. This ensures that the specific user has access to all knowledge articles.”

    Common Salesforce Developer Interview Questions & Answers

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    Do you know the most common salesforce developer interview questions?

    Salesforce is a provider of an integrated suite of business application products. These products are designed to help companies build lasting relationships with customers and other prospects. The companyâs flagship product, Salesforce CRM, includes core features such as online surveys, email marketing, document sharing, and more.

    If youâre thinking of becoming a Salesforce developer, you first have to pass the interview process. That means preparing well before your interview day.

    Do you have the answers to these common salesforce developer interview questions?

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    Component Events Vs Application Events Which One I Should Use

    Component events can only be handled by components above them in the containment hierarchy, therefore, their usage is localized to the components that need to know about them.

    Application events are best used for something that should be handled at the application level, such as navigating to a specific record. Application events allow communication between components that are in separate parts of the application and have no direct containment relationship.

    Top Salesforce Developer Interview Questions And Answers

    IBM is hiring for GBS

    Enlisted below are the most frequently asked Salesforce Developer Interview Questions and Answers for your reference.

    Lets Explore!!

    Q #1) What are the skills required to become a Salesforce Developer?

    Answer: A Salesforce Developer is the one with the basic knowledge of the Salesforce platform. They can become a Salesforce Administrator, at a later stage of the career. The developer must know how does Salesforce works.

    Moreover, some knowledge is required on basic concepts such as class, object, attributes, etc. Check out here to know the kind of skillsets that are essential for a Salesforce Developer.

    The below diagram explains the approaches in the various layers of users, business logic and data model.

    Q #2) What is a Custom Object in Salesforce?

    Answer: Custom Objects are nothing but database tables and are the objects created by you for the storage of information on a company or industry. While building a custom object, the Salesforce platform automatically builds things such as page layouts, etc for user interfaces.

    For Example, Property objects that store information on homes sold by a real estate agent.

    Q #3) How does Salesforce deploy Sales Tracking?

    Answer: Salesforce records data on details such as sales numbers, customer details, repeat customers & customers served and use these to create detailed reports, charts, and dashboards. This way it keeps a track of sales in your organization.

    Q #4) What is the difference between isNull and isBlank?

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    What Are The Different Types Of Email Templates Available In Salesforce

    The list of different types of email templates that can be created in Salesforce is given below:

    • Text: All the users in the organization are allowed to create or change these templates.
    • HTML with letterhead: Only administrators and users with the Edit HTML Templates permissions are able to create these templates based on a letterhead. The look and feel of your HTML email templates are defined by the letterheads. It can inherit the logo, text, and color settings from a letterhead.
    • Custom HTML: It is an extension of HTML with a letterhead. Administrators and users having Edit HTML Templates permissions can create custom HTML templates without using the letterhead. You must have knowledge about HTML or get the HTML code to insert it into your email template.
    • Visualforce: Administrators and developers are allowed to create these templates by using Visualforce. Visualforce templates provide advanced functionalities like merging with a recipients data, where the content of a template can have data from multiple records.

    What Are The Different Ways To Integrate In Salesforce

    Answer: There are 3 different ways to integrate into Salesforce:

  • User interface integration: Combine the UIs of two or more apps to create composite apps with little or no rework on the UI of each individual app.
  • Business Logic Integration: Apex Web Services is used for Inbound and Apex Callouts for Outbound. It typically handles a scenario where business logic is spread across several applications to implement the complete end-to-end business process.
  • Data Integration: SOAP APIs and REST APIs are used here. It typically handles data synchronisation requirements, where one application in an enterprise acts as the primary source for a particular business object, like Account.
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    What Is Future Annotation

    • Future annotations are used to specify methods that are executed asynchronously.
    • Methods having future annotation must be static methods and can only return a void type. The arguments specified must be primitive data types or arrays of primitive data types or collections of primitive data types. These methods cannot take sObjects or objects as parameters.
    • When you specify a method with @future annotation, it will be executed only when Salesforce has available resources.
    • For example, you can use future annotation while making an asynchronous web service callout to an external service. Whereas without the usage of future annotation, web service callout will be created from the same thread which is executing the Apex code, and no additional processing will take place until that callout is complete .


    global class class_name}`

    What Are The Types Of Apex Triggers In Salesforce

    Salesforce Interview Experience

    Triggers are divided into 2 types

  • Before Triggers
  • Before Triggers: Before Triggers can be used to update or validate values of a record before they are saved to the database.

    After Triggers: After Triggers Before Triggers can be used to access field values of the records that are stored in the database and use this value to make changes in other records.


    Trigger trigger_name on Object_Name  WHERE trigger_events can be comma separated list of events.

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    What Is The Difference Between Soap And Rest

    Here is difference between SOAP and REST API.

    Tied to a specific configuration of Salesforce Useful for any configuration of Salesforce
    Changes if custom field or custom objects are added to your organization Does not changes if custom field or custom objects are added to an organization Salesforce configuration

    What Is Junction Object In Salesforce

    Consider an example of recruiting application, where a position for a job is linked to many candidates or a candidate can apply for many other jobs. Here, a third-party object job application is referred to as a junction object in order to connect the data model. In the above-given example, job application is the junction object.

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    What Are The Different Ways To Share A Record

    • Role hierarchy: When a user is added to a role, all users above the current user in the role hierarchy have access to reading and sharing the records and inheriting permissions. The steps for role hierarchy are:

    Setup Manage Users roles set up roles and click on ‘add role’, create a name and click on save.

    • OWD: Organization-Wide Defaults allow you to define an organization’s baseline setting and give permissions to the organization-wide. It helps define a user’s accessibility level where they can view other users’ records. For OWD, follow these steps:

    Setup Security Controls click on ‘sharing settings’ Edit.

    • Manual sharing: For sharing a single record/file to a particular user/group of users via manual access. A button is available on the detail page of the record when the OWD setting is private.
    • Criteria based sharing rules: We have to share records based on conditions. For instance, share records with a user/group with the criteria of the country- India. The steps for sharing are:

    Setup security controls sharing settings select the object, provide name and conditions, and then click on save.

    • Apex sharing: One can share every object in Salesforce by creating a record for the shared object.

    What Is Salesforce

    Salesforce CRM Job oriented Training Program

    Salesforce is the worlds #1 customer relationship management platform. Salesforce provides cloud-based, CRM applications for sales, service, marketing, and more.

    Salesforce has essentially changed how enterprise software is delivered and used. Its software is cloud-based and hence doesnt need IT experts to set up anything. Salesforce has defined the ideal way as how to connect with customers. Building a meaningful and lasting bond with the customers, identifying their needs, address problems faster and deploy apps that are customer-focused is all possible through Salesforce.

    Salesforce Technologies is one of the leading and very hot Technology in IT industry. Through Salesforce.com Technology thousands of Job opportunity are created for Salesforce developers and Salesforce Administration Job Seekers. As per Forbes magazine, nearly 55% of enterprises predict cloud computing will enable new business model in three years. So Salesforce is one of the Cloud Computing Technologies which have bright future in the upcoming years. Salesforce provides different enterprise cloud computing applications to all size industries and businesses.

    Salesforce applications are provided on a subscription basis primarily through direct sales effort and indirectly through partners.

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    What Is The Roll

    We use the Roll-up summary field to calculate the values for the associated records, for example, a related list. We can also use it for creating the values for a master record- according to the values in detail records. But, we must connect the master and the detail with a master-detail relationship.

    What Are Getter Methods And Setter Methods

    Get method is used to pass values from the controller to the VF page.Whereas, the set method is used to set the value back to controller variable.

    I hope this set of Salesforce interview questions will help you ace your job interview. As the next step for your career, check out the various certifications offered by Salesforce. It will also help you to understand the job roles and chalk out a career path for yourself.

    Also, check out this video on the Top 50 Frequently Asked Salesforce Interview Questions which was delivered by an industry expert. He has shared his opinion of Salesforce job interviews and industry demand. Do take a at it look and let us know if this helped in your interview preparation.

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    What Is The Master

    This Master-Detail relationship is the same as the relationship between a parent & child. In this aspect, the master is treated as Parent, and the Detail is a child. The master Object takes control of the behavior of the Detail object. The survival of the child is dependent on the parent because if the Master gets deleted the Detail will also automatically get deleted. You can create Roll-up summary fields in master records which helps in calculating the Min, Avg, Sum of the child records.

    Do You Have Any Experience Using Salesforce

    Salesforce Interview Questions & Answers | Salesforce Interview Prep | Edureka | Salesforce Rewind 3

    Hiring managers ask this question to determine how familiar you are with Salesforces offerings. Technically, there is no wrong answer here. Even if you dont have any experience, that doesnt mean you wont get selected. You just need to tackle the question properly.

    Ideally, before your interview, you should find some free Salesforce tutorials, instruction videos, or similar resources. That way, you can get a grasp on how the solutions work.


    While I havent worked with Salesforces solutions during my career, Im confident in my ability to learn the ins and outs of the software. Additionally, Ive already taken some tutorials and reviewed educational material about Salesforce, ensuring I have a solid foundation to build upon and that I would have the knowledge necessary to excel in this role.

    But, if you do have Salesforce experience, be ready to talk about it. You should also have a few numbers at the ready, as quantifying the details is particularly powerful for a question like this.


    Yes, I gained Salesforce experience while working for my last employer in the marketing department. Salesforce allowed us to enhance our customer experience, dramatically increasing sales. For example, by using the Marketing Cloud to create personalized content marketing, we were able to achieve an 80 percent increase in buyers. Ultimately, I used Salesforce for two years and found it to be an incredibly valuable solution.

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