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State Farm Software Engineer Interview

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Why Do You Want To Work For Us

What Its Like | Technology and UX Atlanta | State Farm®

Here is where you want to show that you did some research into the company. It demonstrates that youre interested in working for them, and it also allows you to give more insight into why their role interests you.

Sample Answer

I was impressed by your commitment to helping people, particularly through offering life insurance at a low cost, which Ive always believed in myself. I love that all of your products are highly customized and designed with clients in mind, so this Role will help me grow my knowledge.

Would You Rather Work Face To Face With Clients Or Behind The Scenes In A More Research And Analysis Based Role

    What You Need to Know

    This question seeks to assess where you stand on the scale of being more of an extrovert than an introvert. Most individuals display both to different degrees, and don’t wholly lean one way or the other. Ideally, you want to strike a balance, displaying a flexibility to perform in either sphere. Talk to the interviewer about your preference for a number crunching role vs. a customer facing role. No matter your preference, be sure to highlight your ability to be a proud face of the company, and rise to the occasion.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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State Farm Intern Interview Questions

  • – San Andrés and Providence and
  • United Arab Emirates – All Cities


I applied online. The process took 1 week. I interviewed at State Farm in Sep 2022


Submitted an application & got invited to record a HireVue interview 2 days after. Submitted the HireVue and got invited to an in-person interview 1 day later. Very fast and communicative process. In-person interview was very relaxed and conversational.

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At State Farm We Prefer To Hire Individuals With Longevity In Mind Where Do You See Your Career 5 Years From Now

    What You Need to Know

    Interviewing, vetting, and hiring a new team member is an expensive and time-consuming process. Therefore, they want to ensure the candidate they hire aligns with their priorities. An ideal candidate is career focussed, with professional growth as their primary goal. Anytime an interviewer asks where you see yourself in five years, they are asking if you have put thought into this, as well as planning out your career goals. If you haven’t already, draft up a five-year-career-plan. Update it regularly, and have the most current version with you. Map out clearly the career goals you have set for yourself for the next five years, detailing how this opportunity aligns with those goals. Assure the interviewer that if you were hired on with State Farm that you plan to stay long term.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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How Would You Motivate Your Coworkers

The interviewer seeks to know your teamwork skills. You should focus on how youd inspire and support your coworkers as a team player, not simply discuss the rewards and incentives that may come from working together.

Sample Answer

If someone requested help or needed me to cover for them, I would try to accommodate them without overstepping my boundaries. If one of my colleagues had a problem with something, I consider it my duty to try and resolve the issue. Its important that everyone feels comfortable coming to work every day, so if a conflict arises from anything besides company policy, I will try to mediate between all parties involved.

What Would Your Former Manager/ Supervisor Say About You

The interviewer wants to determine what your previous boss might think about your skills, but more importantly, it might reveal some important information about your attitude. The best way to respond to this question is to highlight your strong skills as you match them with the job posting.

Sample Answer

They will tell you that Im extremely reliable and proactive. Im always the one whos willing to put in longer hours than necessary because of my constant effort to deliver outstanding results. I am a quick learner since research has always had a knack for me, so I complete every project within the set time frame.

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Describe Your Daily Routine As A State Farm Employee

The interviewer is assessing your organizational skills. Your answer should show some enthusiasm and demonstrate your understanding of the job. You should highlight those qualities that make you a good fit for this type of position.

Sample Answer

I start my day by quickly browsing through email to see what tasks I need to complete. I like to keep track of everything as much as possible, so I regularly check in with all employees. I need to know where we stand at any given point, which will allow me to provide the best solutions possible. I also work closely with customers because its rewarding and gives me a chance to develop strong relationships and trust within the community.

What Are Your Strengths

What Its Like | Technology and UX Dallas | State Farm®

You should touch on the most relevant qualities to the job and show interest in learning more about them. Its important to be honest with your answers while also demonstrating an eagerness to get started.

Sample Answer

One of my strengths is working well within a team environment because it allows me to explore different perspectives and consider multiple angles for any given situation. While I can do everything alone, this approach offers many benefits that cannot be achieved otherwise. Some of my best qualities involve my attention to detail and ability to juggle several projects at once, both of which will be extremely useful here.

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Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

The question offers a chance for you to highlight milestones in your career and share with them your achievements and how you did them.

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Sample Answer

My greatest achievement was when I was able to take a lead role in a project which involved restructuring the production department from the ground up. The challenge was difficult since we tried to convince our colleagues that what we had planned would mean fewer employees but a more efficient work environment.

After months of hard work and convincing, almost everyone who worked there took part in this new plan. I felt more proud of myself and relieved, seeing that this idea has become a reality that helped us save money.

Do You Feel Performance Should Be Rewarded Over Experience

    What You Need to Know

    This behavioral question aims to gauge your reaction and how you’ll interpret this question. Answering whether you feel you should be paid based on tenure or results could speak to what you have to offer. Instead, remain objective and strike a balance between both, depending on the priorities. There are employees that do a fine job, but cruise along day in and day out, having mastered predictably delivering according to the status quo. Although that can have its merits, based on the function of their job, it shouldn’t out way innovation and performers who have less seniority but always exceed expectations, going way above and beyond the status quo. Consider these points when formulating your answer.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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Relevant Skills Interview Questions

Some questions will focus on other, non-technical skills required of software engineers. These skills range from problem-solving to logic to analytical thinking.

Also, since most software projects happen on tight schedules, interviewers will be eager to find out how you perform under deadlines, manage your time, and communicate about setbacks and delays to project managers and team members.

Before Your State Farm Hirevue Interview

Corrian Bryant, Stone Mountain, Georgia professional. Expert Cyber ...

Before heading into your interview, make sure you go through our pre-HireVue checklist, which we go into detail in this articlehere.

That will ensure that you are ahead of the crowd before you even answer your first question! We discuss lighting, background, attire, sound quality, and more.

To really make sure you are ready for your HireVue interview, check out Voomer where you can practice on past and present State Farm HireVue interview questions and get AI-powered feedback on your answers to quickly improve in time for your upcoming interview!

Start practicing today for free on Voomer and land that job!

If you have any feedback for this article please let me know at !

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What Do You Consider Your Greatest Weakness When We Talk About A Job Of A Sales Agent

You have several options for a good answer. One is saying that you do not think to have any major weaknesses as a sales agent . Thats the reason why you opted for this role, and not for a job of a general manager or street sweeper.

Sure, you have some weaknesses , but these things are not essential in a job of a sales agent.

Another option is saying that you do not know. Sure, youll have some weaknesses, and you will try to improve on them. But you have to do the job first, for a month or two, to understand in which areas you struggle and what you should work on.

This job is not a rocket science, however, so once you identify your weaknesses, youll simply work on them and get rid of them over time.

How Do You Deal With Rejection

You may get this question especially in the interview for a sales agent job. Because most people are tired of the endless phone calls from all sorts of sales representatives, people who bother them with all types of offers. So they will hang up when you call, or they will meet you in some nice place, let you to pay their dinner , and eventually reject your offer.

You have again a few good options here. One is saying that you understand that selling insurance is a game of numbers. Youll hear NO more often thee YES, but statistically every third or fifth meeting will result in a sale. You will always remember this when facing rejection. Each no simply moves you once step closer to another YES.

Another alternative is saying that people do not reject you. They reject your offer, and thats a fundamental difference You try to help them, you have the best product from State Farm ready, perfectly suitable for their situation . They reject it, thats all rightits their mistake. But they do not reject you-just your offer. This perspective helps you to get over it and quickly move to another client.

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State Farm Software Engineer Interview Questions

  • – San Andrés and Providence and
  • United Arab Emirates – All Cities


Anonymous Interview Candidate in Austin, TX

I interviewed at State Farm


Received a hirevue video interview within two weeks. Mostly behavioral questions and one coding question. 3 weeks later I was invited to the final interview. The interview experience was okay it was all situational and behavioral questions. I was surprised they did not ask me any technical questions. Got ghosted afterwards. No reject email or statsus update in the job portal. The only thing i noticed is the job posting is no longer in the careers page. Very unprofessional.

What Type Of Work Environment Allows You To Be The Most Productive

What Its Like | Technology and UX Bloomington | State Farm®

    What You Need to Know

    Be sure to research the type of environment that is offered in this position prior to the interview. An ideal employee displays an adaptability to be productive in any environment and being able to rise to the occasion to wear many hats. Therefore, it is important to recognize this question doesn’t ask what singular environment you need to work to perform your job, but rather what environment you thrive in the most. When framing your answer, try not to lean too far in one direction. Preface your answer with an ability to adapt to any environment. From there, use this an opportunity to showcase the systems and processes you’ve developed for yourself that allows to be the most productive. Then describe how the work environment that facilitates those systems and processes ensures your delivery of exceeding expectation. Then follow up with your aim to put your all in and be the best applies to any environment.

    Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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State Farm Hirevue Interview Specifics

Even if youve been through many interviews before and think youve seen it all, take a step back and think about how State Farm is going to evaluate you. One of the issues high on HRs list of priorities is to find people that match State Farms values.

Make sure you learn about their values and try and answer all of the questions on your HireVue by weaving in State Farms values into your answer. That simple trick will make HRs life so much easier and help you get to the next stage!

State Farms values are:

  • Quality service and relationships
  • Financial strength
  • Memorize those values and use them to align your answers to State Farms expectations!

    What Do You Consider Your Greatest Professional Achievement

    Try to pick something that relates to the job you try to get with State Farm. Applying for an Insurance Agent job, you should talk about a successful sales experience, or some great results you achieved in one of your previous jobs, while selling something to someone.

    As a customer service worker, you can talk about improving the level of customer satisfaction in your last job, or the rate of customer retention, or something similar that your former employer tracked.

    And if this is your first job application, and you have not achieved anything great yet, you can say that you are still waiting for some really big achievements. You are motivated to achieve something big, and your job at State Farm is definitely an opportunity to do so. Alternatively you can point out some achievement from school .

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    What Is Your Leadership Style

    The employer asks this question to understand your leadership style. Your answer to these questions should emphasize your ability to communicate and motivate people on a team while also demonstrating your ability to think critically and make the right decisions for the benefit of both the organization and its employees.

    Sample Answer

    I like to lead by example, so I always try to be approachable and helpful for my team members needs. I often review my performance to see what could be done next time because Im not supposed to stop learning or growing. I also value transparency in any work environment where I want everyone involved to be heard, even if there are issues within our team. We have open communication about them.

    Do You Consider Yourself A Creative Thinker In The Workplace Or Do You Prefer To Follow A Predetermined Set Of Rules

    Abhi Nandan, Author at Software Test Academy

      What You Need to Know

      Most organizations prefer to hire candidates who can apply creative thinking when needed, but can also follow protocol and guidelines. If you lean a little more towards one or the other in regard to your skills or personal preference, share that. Doing so could help them place you within their teams, according to your talents, with clear indicators on how to motivate you in your work. However, assure the interviewer that you are an individual who can strike a balance between both.

      Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

      1st Answer Example

      “In the workplace, I naturally lean towards my preference of straightforward rules and expectations. From there, once I am comfortable in my knowledge base, I can start to think outside of the box. So – to answer your question – I would say I bring a healthy balance of both.”

      2nd Answer Example

      “I am most comfortable when my creativity is challenged. I like to think of new ways of working, and create alternate solutions to a variety of scenarios. With that said, I am more than capable of following a predetermined set of rules.”

      Community Answer

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    What Causes You To Feel Dissatisfied On The Job

      What You Need to Know

      Everyone will have their own particular triggers that cause them to feel dissatisfaction with their job. Talk to the interviewer about any factors that may deflate or discourage you in the workplace. Focus on your overall career goals, aligning your answer with your motivators in this regard, exhibiting a drive to pursue continual growth. In this regard, stagnation, or plugging along with the status quo, could lead to job dissatisfaction for an ambitious, career minded individual. Turn answering this question into an opportunity to give them further clear expectations of what you are looking to accomplish in your next role.

      Written by Kevin Downey on June 20th, 2022

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