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Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

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Questions About Your Work Habits And Processes

Technical Support Interview Questions and Answers for freshers | IT Technical Support |

What They Want to Know: IT specialists may be called upon to work both independently and as team contributors, so employers are interested in your teamwork and communications skills. They also want a sense of whether the processes youve used in the past align with those of their own teams.

  • How important is it to work directly with your business users?
  • What elements are necessary for a successful team and why?
  • What percentage of your time do you spend unit testing?
  • What do you expect in the solution documents you are provided?
  • How much reuse do you get out of the code that you develop, and how?
  • Which do you prefer service-oriented or batch-oriented solutions?
  • What technical websites do you follow?

What Is The Main Difference Between Prototypal And Class Inheritance

From Temok:

In JavaScript, inheritance is different from a lot of other development languages. In JavaScript, the object system is based on a prototype, not the class. Objects are only a collection of value pairs and names. As far as the inheritance is concerned, there is only one construct in JavaScript: objects. Each object has a private property that comprises a link to other objects, known as the prototype of that object.

Q5 What Do You Know About Our Company

It is one of the most important interview questions that is usually asked by a hiring manager in the beginning of the conversation to understand how much you are aware about the organization where you wish to work. Therefore, the best way to ace this interview question is to do a proper research about the company, read online about companys latest updates, understand its business, and above all, read thoroughly the job description.

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Introduction To Interview Questions For Freshers

The following article provides an outline for Interview Questions For Freshers. Every company depends upon its employees, and its growth fully depends upon the calibre of the employees working in that company, so this is very important for every company to Hire good and intelligent employees who contribute their useful skills to the growth of a company. Every company has different roles and positions, and to find the best suitable candidate for the position, the company usually conducted recruitment drives. So prior to the recruitment drive, the HR department analyses the jobs role and determines what type of candidate is required for the position. After finalizing the job type and role of the position, a questionnaire is prepared for the interview. This questionnaire matters a lot in the recruitment process because it finds out the qualities of the candidates and their knowledge and analyses that are they suitable for the job.

How Do You Keep Your Technology Skills Current

Pin on IT Companies Placement Papers

Tech professionals work hard to keep their knowledge base current by reading blogs and forums, taking online courses, joining hackathons and plugging away at personal IT projects. This tech interview question can help you gauge the candidates enthusiasm for the profession and open a conversation about professional development.

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What Online Resources Do You Use To Help You Do Your Job

Most tech workers turn to websites such as Stack Exchange or GitHub when they need help with something. Some also have their own selection of websites, online communities, social media feeds and other resources specific to their interests. The answer to this question can indicate how engaged the candidate is with the broader IT world.

Q8 Why Do You Want To Work With This Company

Companies mostly ask this common interview question to freshers to see what they want and how much they know about the company they are appearing for. Therefore, it is always recommended to know about the companys background, values, operations, services, and other important details.

Bonus Tip:## Correlate your career goals with the companys values and state how working with the company can help you enhance your skills and knowledge.

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Infosys Technical Interview Questions On Java

1. How is polymorphism implemented in Java?

Polymorphism can be implemented either through overloading at compile-time or overriding at run-time. .

2. What is the difference between Stack and heap memory?

  • Java Heap Space is leveraged throughout the application, while Stack space is used for the method/methods running currently.
  • Heap Space uses dynamic memory allocation, while Stack is used for storing local variables during run-time.

What Are The Benefits And The Drawbacks Of Working In An Agile Environment

Technical Interview Questions for Freshers – Write logic for fibonacci series, software Jobs

Most IT teams have adopted some form of Agile currently the favored SDLC methodology which means lots of quick meetings and a steady stream of feedback from fellow team members. A candidates answer can help you assess not only their level of understanding of this popular environment but also their attitude toward collaboration and communication.

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What Is Network Reliability What Are The Criteria For Checking The Network Reliability

A networks capacity to be able to perform an operation that has been requested, through a network is known as network reliability. It is extremely crucial for a network to be reliable or dependable for it to function well, and this is made possible with the help of network monitoring systems. These systems can help with the detection of faults in the network and network devices help in ensuring that the data is sent to the intended destination. A networks reliability can be assessed through various parameters, such as downtime, failure frequency, and catastrophe. Downtime is the time that a network takes to recover. Failure frequency is the number of times a network encounters failure in performing as anticipated. Catastrophe is when an unforeseen incident hits a network.

Deloitte Technical Interview Round

Candidates who passed the Online Round/ Aptitude Test, GD/ JAM will be now forwarded to the main part of the recruitment process. This Deloitte Technical Interview Round will mainly focus on assessing candidates knowledge about the core subjects they have learned in their academic year and projects they have done. Along with theoretical topics, the interviewer will focus on asking the aspirants to write a program using a certain language. Therefore, do prepare accordingly and revise the coding for certain programs.

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Example Technical Interview Questions To Ask Candidates

For entry-level roles

  • What programming languages are you most familiar with?
  • Describe the troubleshooting process youd follow for a crashing program.
  • How can you debug a program while its being used?
  • What is your field of expertise and what would you like to learn more about?

For senior-level roles

  • Have you implemented significant improvements to an IT infrastructure? What were they, and how did you implement them?
  • Whats the most effective way to gather user and system requirements?
  • Describe a time you had to explain technical details to a non-technical audience. How did you modify your presentation?
  • Where do you place most of your focus when reviewing somebody elses code?

Assignment review

  • What would you have done differently if you had more time?
  • What would you do differently if you were under a strict deadline and you couldnt meet the project scope? Which features would you prioritize?
  • What did you find most challenging about this assignment? What resources did you use to complete the assignment?

Resume review

  • In which of your previous positions/past projects did you use software?
  • Tell me about project. Who did you work with and what was your specific contribution? Describe the timeframe and how you worked within it.
  • What did you learn from project?

How Do You Stay Updated On The Latest Technologies In The Industry

Technical Interview Questions

In the case of this specific question, what the interviewer is actually looking for is the drive you have to learn and grow in the field.

You can answer this question by stating how technology is an ever-evolving field and highlighting your efforts to remain updated with the latest happenings in the industry. It is in technical interview questions for freshers such as these that you can talk about how you follow tech experts on social media or have participated in courses that incorporate newer technologies in the curriculum.

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What Is A Technical Assessment

These types of assessments reveal how well a candidate can apply their coding and other technical skills in various work scenarios. Different types of technical tests are used to measure the competencies required to perform a job. Some of the common technical assessments include Java online test, C++ programming test, and Python online test, to name a few. These tests help to understand a candidates conceptual and practical understanding of programming, developing, testing, and debugging.

Tell Us About Yourself

This is an often-asked fresher interview question and its purpose is for the interviewer to observe the candidate’s demeanor and confidence in describing themselves. The best way to answer is usually by briefly speaking about your family history and education.

Example:I was born in New Jersey to a family consisting mostly of teachers. I’m a hard-working individual with a winning mentality and I always look for creative solutions to difficult challenges.

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Ibm Technical Interview Questions For Freshers

We know that many of the candidates will be curious to know what type of questions will be asked at the time of the IBM Technical Interview Round. For this purpose, we have established Technical Interview Questions according to the subject-wise in the below sections. So, make sure you get those questions to have a basic idea about what questions you can expect at the time of the interview and you can prepare well for them.

What Are Abstract Classes Can Objects Or Instances Of Abstract Classes Be Created

HCL Interview Questions for freshers | HCL | Technical | HR |

An abstract class is a class with abstract methods. In abstract classes, the methods are declared however, theyre not defined. When utilizing a certain method in a subclass of the abstract class, one needs to specify the method solely in the subclass.

Objects and instances cannot be created when utilizing abstract classes because an abstract class cannot be completely implemented. Therefore, instances cannot be produced.

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What Coding Language Are You Most Comfortable With

The interviewer will probably ask you a question about the coding languages you know to determine whether you have a comprehensive understanding of how to use the language they expect you to use and whether you are comfortable using more than one language. When answering this question, it is important to mention the specific coding languages you have worked with and are comfortable with. Then, choose one specific coding language you are most comfortable with and explain why.

Example:”While I am comfortable with several types of coding languages, including SQL, Python, C++ and Visual Basic, the coding language I have the most hands-on experience working with is JavaScript. Because JavaScript was the first coding language I learned and I have used it on several projects over the past 10 years, this is the language I am most comfortable with.”

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Genpact Interview Questions For Freshers

Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers Greetings to you! Are you the one that is preparing for the Genpact Interview and wanted to know the details pertaining to Genpact Interview Questions? If your answer is yes, then you are in a right place. To get selected for the Genpact Company in the desired position, priorly, you were needed to know the Genpact Selection Process and Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers. In this regard, we are here providing you the Genpact Technical Interview Questions and Genpact HR Interview Questions on this article, which in turn will help you to prepare well for the Genpact Interview. Without any further delay, hit on the Genpact Interview Questions for Freshers PDF Download link which we have provided at the end of this article, and get to know what type of Genpact Technical/ HR Interview questions that are been asked and give a start for your preparation.


45 Questions

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Dell Technical Interview Round

After the officials generate the possible shortlisted candidates list, they will be informed to attend the Dell Technical Interview Round 1 and 2. The questions in this round will be related to the job profile they have applied for and the projects they have done in their final academic year, technologies they have used. In this round, the interviewer will test the aspirants regarding the Technical knowledge they have gained till now, Grip over the core subjects in their specialization, and also they will test the applicants coding skills. Moreover, candidates can anticipate questions from Operating systems, OOPs concepts, Data structures, and Algorithms, DBMS, Networking subjects.

If You Have To Learn A New Programming Language For This Position Which Language Will You Choose

Infosys Interview Questions for freshers

This is among the slightly more complex technical interview questions for freshers that allow room for you to answer based on your knowledge and experience.

You can answer this question by keeping the following points in mind

  • State your readiness to expand your knowledge and learn a new skill.
  • Talk about any programming language that you already know or have experience with. Examples include Python, SQL, and Java.
  • State a programming language that can help you accomplish your roles objectives as smoothly and effectively as possible.

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Tell Me About Yourself And Your Background

This is the first common interview question youll be asked in your interview and most likely the first question that imprints a first positive impression that will make or break your hiring decision.

You can expect recruiters to look forward to your well-prepared response to the same, as they want to see why youre an ideal candidate for the role. During the interview, the interviewer wants to know what makes you a good fit for the position.

Start the answer by talking about your personal details like where you grew up and where you did your education from. Then slowly transition into the phase that shaped you the way youre today professionally. Dont share too much or too little while answering this question.

Use the Present-Past-Future formula to shape your answer.

  • Start with what youre doing now in terms of your career. Throw in some personal preferences.
  • Take the recruiter back to the past and show him/her how your past shaped your present.
  • End this answer with your future goals and aspirations you want to achieve.
  • Deloitte Group Discussion/ Jam Session

    The candidates who will be shortlisted in the Online Round will be asked to proceed for the Deloitte Group Discussion or JAM. In the case of Deloitte Group Discussion, a topic is opened for discussion among a group of candidates. The organizer will test the candidates depth of knowledge regarding a topic, clarity of thought, Stance candidate is maintaining, etc., And coming to Deloitte JAM, a topic will be assigned to the aspirants. An exact one minute is given for the candidates to convey their point and conclude it. So, make sure you utilize the time wisely and cover all the points you wish to convey. Further, either for GD/ JAM session general topics will be given to the aspirants.

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    Ibm Technical Interview Questions On Computer Networks

    1. What is Network Cabling?

    Network cables can connect two computers or computer systems directly. A cable is a cord that is made up of different conductors, which are insulated from each other. This cord is usually protected by a wrap for better strength and flexibility.

    2. What is beaconing?

    Beaconing is the process that allows a network to self-repair network problems. This is among the important networking interview questions and you must prepare for the related terminologies as well.

    3. What are the different factors that affect the reliability of a network?

    • Frequency of failure
    • Recovery time of a network after a failure

    4. Mention the different network protocols that are supported by Windows RRAS services?

    The three main network protocols supported by Windows RRAS services:

    • NetBEUI
    • IPX

    5. What is the SMTP protocol?

    SMTP is the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. SMTP sets the rule for communication between servers. This set of rules helps the software to transmit emails over the internet. It supports both End-to-End and Store-and-Forward methods. It is in always-listening mode on port 25

    Why Are You The Best Fit For This Job

    Python Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers and Experienced Candidates

    Another icebreaker question that determines your passion for working in the company. Recruiters are interested in knowing if you meet all of the qualifications. Prepare to justify why you are the best candidate for the job.

    Make your answer an optimistic, succinct, and focused sales pitch outlining what you have to offer and why you should be hired. This is a good time to review the job descriptions qualifications and requirements so you can craft a response that matches what the interviewer is looking for.

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    Hr Questions For Freshers

    Question: Tell me about yourself.

    Answer: You can start with your name, education, previous experiences

    Question: Some questions from your resume regarding projects, previous projects etc

    Answer: Take interest to give more details and answer the follow-up questions, if any.

    Question: What is the most difficult challenge you have faced working in a team/project?

    Answer: This could be an individual issue like a code problem that you sat on for a couple of days, or an external issue like getting approval for some project.

    Question: What are your strengths and weaknesses?

    Answer: Be honest. Support your answers with examples of how you have demonstrated the said strength or weakness. For example, I cant switch to another task unless I complete the current one. I have experienced it in previous projects.

    Question: Why do you think Infosys is a good choice for your career?

    Answer: This is a tricky one. As a fresher, your first thought would be to clear any interview that fetches you a job. For this question, you have to do some homework. Go through the Infosys website, read about what they do, find out how your career goals match their vision and talk about that. Tell them how you can grow as an individual in the company while providing your best services to the company.

    Question: What do you know about Infosys?

    Question: What are your long-term career goals?

    Question: Why should we hire you?

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