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How To Send A Rejection Letter After An Interview

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How to write a rejection letter after an interview

Hiring managers often play a crucial role as gatekeepers during the recruitment process, ensuring that only quality candidates move on to the next stage. This means filtering through hundreds, if not thousands of resumes, until you finally find a candidate who seems to fit the requirements of the team. Initial interviews may have been scheduled, but you now realized that they arent not suitable after all – which leads to the daunting question of how to tell someone they didn’t get the job.

Simply ghosting them may seem like an ideal way out, and this is also the path that many companies often take. However, the lack of follow-up after an application, be it to provide an offer or rejection may end up leading applicants on, and give a false sense of hope. More often than not, a lack of response to candidates can leave a bad impression and even spark negative word-of-mouth about your organization.

How then should you draft a rejection letter to the candidate? Well, we’ve included some tips on how to write a rejection letter and even an applicant rejection letter template for you!

Rejection Letter Before Interview Examples

A rejection letter is probably the first of a series of rejection letters to inform candidates before you reach the interview process. At this stage of the recruitment process, you will need to start culling the number of candidates that have submitted their resumes for your review leaving you with candidates that are better suited to take on the job that was advertised. A good rejection letter will need to be clear and conscience be professional and kind and have the standard letter format that includes salutation, body, and closing.

Why Write A Rejection Letter

It is important to realize the effects of a “non-response”. In this case, were referring to the lack of follow-ups after the interview, even though the candidate has already been deemed to be “rejected” internally. Frustration, impatience and a sense of false hope may accumulate, resulting in lasting negative sentiments towards your company. This may manifest in the form of a negative Glassdoor review, with the words “terrible interview experience” in the title. While this may be the worst case scenario, it is undeniable that many candidates expect some sort of reply from the company.

Writing a rejection letter helps to maintain a relationship with the applicant, who may potentially be a better fit for another team or role. With more experience and training, they may be suitable for future roles as well, and a positive recruitment experience will help in keeping them in the candidate pool. Most importantly, they will retain a good impression of your company.

Furthermore, you will be able to preserve your employer brand. Remember that negative Glassdoor review we mentioned earlier? Studies have shown that 6 in 10 candidates will discuss their negative experience with the people around them, while 30% will discourage others from applying. This may in turn dissuade other qualified candidates from even applying to your company, which will reduce the candidate pool.

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When Sending Your Rejection Letter By Email Write A Simple Subject Line That Stands Out In The Candidate’s Inbox

This sample rejection letter is for an applicant whom youd like to hire in your company. Writing a rejection letter after a ton of back and forth the other kind of rejection thats really tough to deliver is the one where youve both put. However, you’ve decided he or she is a good potential employee, the person interviewed well, and they seemed compatible with your organization’s culture.

Youll Preserve Your Employer Brand

Sample Rejection Letter After Interview Collection

Customers who are dissatisfied with a product spread their indignation faster and to more people than those who have good things to say. The same goes for candidates. Six out of ten will share their negative experience with friends and family, according to a recent survey. Some 30 percent of them will actively discourage others from applying to your job openings. With social media and websites like Glassdoor, resentful candidates can do even greater damage by posting negative reviews of your hiring process. Qualified people who are researching your company may be influenced by these. This can mean they either wont apply in the first place, or will be reluctant to really perform in an interview.

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Rejection Email Template: How To Follow Up Gracefully With Candidates You Dont Hire

Key Points:

  • Silver-medalist candidates may still have a future with your company candidate relationship management keeps rejected applicants engaged for future positions.
  • Application status notifications and interview feedback can give candidates a positive impression of your brand, even if theyre rejected.
  • Rejection emails dont have to mean goodbye instead, the application conversation for silver medalist candidates can be continued.

For every successful candidate, you hire to fill a position, at least a few candidates wont make the cut. Its a good idea to follow up with them to let them know theyre no longer considered for the position. Otherwise, these candidates may feel like theyre left in limbo and may develop a poor opinion of your organization over time. In fact, 56% of applicants who are screened out never receive a rejection email or letter.

Responding to unsuccessful job applicants via email, whether its a rejection to a resume submission or follow-up after an interview, is a significant part of the candidate relationship management process. Following up with a rejection email serves several purposes for you and your organization:

Let Them Know Quickly

Many people like to wait until theyve found or hired the best candidate before notifying any other candidates that they wont be moving forward. Dont do that. As soon as you know that the person youre reviewing or talking to isnt the best candidate for your team, let them know. Depending on where they are in the interview process, this can be via email or phone. If theyre just in the beginning stages of application review or a phone screen, youre good to email. Beyond that: give them the courtesy of a phone call.

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The Call Might Go Something Like This

Hiring Manager:

Candidate: Yes, Id love to get your thoughts.

Hiring Manager: Well first of all, I have to say, you have a fantastic background and everyone loved meeting with you. However, we noticed you were unable to provide specific examples about winning clients through your own lead generation efforts. Because were a growing software firm, were really looking for people whove acquired new Enterprise business through their own efforts.

Eventually, well have a strong SDR team, but were still a few years away from that. We really need people who are comfortable being their own SDR. There may be a better fit for you with us in the future as we grow and add more sales support resources.

Candidate: I dont remember being asked much about where my new clients came from. In fact, I dont really remember that coming up at all. Ive opened a lot of doors in my sales career.

Thanks anyway for sharing the feedback. I enjoyed meeting with everyone too. Let me know if things change.

Reasons To Reject A Job Candidate:

Letter Responding to a Rejection Notice after an Interview

Usually, a candidate during an interview or after the interview process gets a fair idea about his selection. Now it is not mandatory that at all the times, the guess of the candidate turns true. There are also instances where the candidate gets rejected even after performing well.

Getting selected or rejected in an interview is a very common thing that happens in almost everybodys career. Now if you are selected then well and good, but in case if you are not, then you should learn your mistakes and should not repeat them in your next interview.

Here we have mentioned a few reasons to reject a job candidate based on a survey done based on this topic in which top employers have participated.

  • Sloppy job applications

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Why Should You Write A Rejection Letter To An Employee Before An Interview

When you send applicants a rejection letter, you are:

  • Showing respect for their time and energy: Candidates often spend a considerable amount of time and energy on their resume and applications. By acknowledging their application and informing them of its status in the hiring process, you are letting them know that you appreciate the effort they made. Knowing that they were unable to make the shortlist, they can continue their job search and apply for other opportunities.

  • Protecting the organization’s branding: Applicants often share their experiences with friends and family. By openly communicating with all candidates, even those unable to progress through the hiring process, you can maintain a positive reputation and brand image.

  • Maintaining positive relationships with applicants: Even though other candidates might be more qualified for the position in question, there’s a chance that the unsuccessful applicants could pursue other openings in the future.


How To Write An Interview Rejection Letter

When you are looking for recruits to join your company you are playing an important role in making sure that you are employing the most competent candidates. You will need to sort through several application letters, resumes, sit for interviews, and if possible, contact references before offering the job to the lucky candidate.

Each stage of the recruitment process entails cutting out applicants that did not make the final cut. Below are some great examples to take inspiration from during your recruiting process.

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Tips For Writing A Candidate Rejection Letter Before An Interview

Follow these helpful tips while crafting your pre-interview rejection letter:

  • Stay positive. Though youre rejecting their application, you should provide some positive affirmations by complimenting the candidates impressive experience and/or skills. You can also let them know if you think they could be eligible for alternative or future openings in your organization.

  • Provide immediate feedback. After establishing your shortlist, you should send feedback to the unsuccessful candidates immediately. This provides closure and allows them to continue their job search.

  • Avoid giving applicants false hope. Your rejection letter should clearly state the status of a candidates application and the reasoning for it. Additionally, avoid encouraging applicants to apply for future openings if they lack the necessary knowledge, skills or experience.

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Why Is It Important To Respond To A Job Rejection Email

FREE 8+ Rejection Letter Templates in MS Word

It can feel challenging or discouraging to respond to a job rejection email, especially if you felt you had aced the interview. Its important to craft a professional response to the hiring manager, especially if you had undergone a few interviews with them. Even though you didnt get the job, they may still view you as a strong candidate and might consider you for other opportunities. Here are some common reasons to respond to a job rejection email:

  • Shows your professionalism: Responding to a rejection email and thanking the interviewer for their time can show that youre professional and courteous, which may impress them.
  • Leads to potential opportunities with the company: If you reach out with a polite and thoughtful response, it may remind the interviewer how professional and impressive you were during the interview. They may save your resume and keep you in mind for any future opportunities they think you could be an even better fit for.
  • Allows you to gain feedback on your interview skills: When you craft your response, request feedback on your interview performance. This can help you learn what youre doing right and what interview techniques to improve to help you nail the next one.

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What To Include In A Strong Job Rejection Response

Your job rejection response should be short and sweet as you professionally express your disappointment in not earning the role, appreciation for the opportunity, and gratitude for hearing back from them. Elements to include in your job rejection response email include:

  • A formal greeting
  • One or two sentences thanking them for their consideration
  • A sentence or two expressing your disappointment for not getting the role
  • A few sentences asking to be considered for future opportunities
  • A professional closing and signature

Thank You Email To Turn Rejection Into Opportunity After Unsuccessful Interview

  • Post author

Rats! Youve received the dreaded thank-you-for-your-interest-but letter, and you are very disappointed.

The interviews went really well! You liked all of the people you met there, and you feel that they liked you, too.

But, in the end, they decided to hire someone else, not you.

You may have been the number 2 or number 3 candidate. Close, but no cigar Dang!

What now? Move on to the next opportunity, right? Of course. But first

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Interview Rejection Emails Need A Delicate Touch

A rejection after an interview requires a delicate touch. Remember, the candidate took time to meet with you and spent time researching your organization. A connection was developed on some level, so a personalized rejection letter is a must when you decide to move on from a candidate.

All the same reasons for sending an application rejection email also apply here, but an interview rejection can also serve a few additional purposes. First, it allows you to give the candidate feedback on their interview this is a critical component of the interview process that many candidates crave. Theyre most likely applying for many jobs simultaneously and want as much feedback as they can get to make themselves desirable candidates. At the same time, you can continue your relationship with silver medalist candidates those candidates that were very strong but were either missing a couple of key requirements or would be better suited to a different position. Instead of a goodbye, the rejection letter becomes a tool to keep the conversation going.

Rejection Letter Email Template: For Any Applicant

Candidate Rejection Email After Interview | How to write a Job Rejection Email | Smart HR

Subject line: RE: Your application as } at }

Hi },

We appreciate your interest in } and the time youve invested in applying for a role with us.

Im sorry to say that your candidacy did not make it to the next round weve had a very competitive pool for this position, and our organization has gone with a better fit at this point in time.

Please do not hesitate to keep in touch and reach out if we have another role you think could be a fit for in the future.

Best regards,

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Send It As Soon As Possible

According to an Indeed survey, 36% of job seekers say it takes up to two weeks to hear back from an employer after applying for a job, and 76% say that if they dont hear back at all after applying, their perception of a company becomes slightly or significantly more negative. The bottom line: Send the rejection letter as soon as youve made the decision. Applicants are likely anxious to hear from you especially if theyve already come in for an interview. By quickly offering your response, you can end the uncomfortable waiting period and stand out as an organization that cares about the applicant experience. Often a rejection letter will give an applicant the nudge they need to explore other, better-suited opportunities.

Our Team Really Enjoyed Meeting You And Discussing Various Aspects Of The < Industry

For example, the hiring committee, through a unanimous vote, decided not to accept your application for the reasons stated below. keeping the letter positive should be an objective of whoever is writing the rejection letter. Just copy, paste, and customize this sample rejection for your specific needs. Dear caroline, thank you for applying to our marketing assistant position here at glt agency.

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Rejection Letter Email Best Practice: Appreciation Pays

The one thing you should keep in mind when putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys, on a rejection email is this: Treating the applicant with respect is in the absolute best interest of them .

Thats because applying to a job, no matter the role, requires time and effort. And, when an applicant puts in that time only to be rejected, it can be very demoralizing. You want to make it clear that you appreciate them for their time.

So, carefully word your email to be appreciative, yet clear, and dont simply come off as though you didnt try at all. After all, your rejection emails can be automated , but the template can also be a bit personable, too.

Automated Messaging

S To Writing A Rejection Letter

Reject Letter For Interview For Your Needs

A rejection letter can be a challenge to write because it bears bad news for a candidate who hopes to get the job. Learning how to write a rejection letter from experts will ease the burden and help you accomplish the task effectively. Here is a step-by-step process of how to write a compassionate post-interview rejection letter.

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What To Include In The Letter

A rejection letter must send a clear message to the candidate that they didnt get the job. It should also have a friendly and positive tone to reduce the disappointment that rejection causes. Here are six essential elements to include in your letter or email:

  • The date you wrote the letter: Including a date helps you keep track of the communication process and manage your candidate profile. The candidate can also use the date to gauge a timeline to follow up with you for other opportunities.
  • Candidates name and address: This information clarifies that the rejection is directed to them. It also adds a personal touch to it, and the candidate feels valued that you took the time to include their name.
  • Note of thanks: Appreciate the candidates effort in applying and going through the hiring process. Mention that you didnt take it for granted that they considered working for your company.
  • A sentence with the word declined: Be clear that youre not moving forward with the interview. The word declined lightens the weight of the bad news compared to using the word rejected.
  • The reason behind the rejection: A candidate will appreciate feedback that helps them improve their résumé or interview skills. Add two to three concerns you noticed that caused you to disqualify them for the position.

Taking time to draft a post-interview rejection letter prevents the candidate from feeling disregarded and increases their chances of applying again for a future position.

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