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ASP.NET MVC Interview Questions with Answers | ASP.NET Interview Questions

49. Print the output of the below program? Error Line will throw any error in below code?

  class A        }    class B:A        }    class Test        }

Output: ‘Error Line’ will throw error – “Cannot implicitly convert type ‘A’ to ‘B’. An explicit conversion exists “. Output will be as below.A – display methodB – display method

55. What will be the output here? or will it throw any error?

    public void display        catch         catch         finally        }

56. Print the output of this program?

    int a = 0     try        catch         }    catch     
  • Output will be – “inner ex” as we are not throwing anything from the inner catch block, so the outer catch block will not execute.
  • If we uncomment ‘Line 1’ then output will be – “inner ex” and “outer ex” and outer catch will throw an exception.
  • If we uncomment ‘Line 2’ then output will be the same – “inner ex” and “outer ex” and outer catch will throw an exception.
  • If we uncomment ‘Line 3’ then output will be – “inner ex” and “outer ex” but the exception message in outer catch will be different, overridden by athrow message from inner catch block.

Latest Interview Questions & Answers On Web Api Aspnet Core

Web API in Asp.Net Core is an important part when learning web applications. It helps provide, separate and manage the resource for cross-platform in HTTP protocol. In this article, I list some sequence interview answers & amp questions on web API Core I hope it useful for you to help get more understand about Web API.

How Do You Enable A Session In Aspnet Core

The package Microsoft.AspNetCore.Session provides the middleware for the session. To make use of this session in an ASP.NET Core application, you need to include this package in its csproj file. The Session middleware must then be added in the Startup file in the ASP.NET Core request pipeline.

public class Startup    public void Configure    }

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Lerhyttan Black Paint Match

Read: Major Projects for Computer Science Students. 6. List a Few Popular Computer Processors. Ans: Intel Core i9, Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, AMD Ryzen 5, and AMD Ryzen 7 are some of the most popular computer processors. 7. After completion of the phone interview and submittal of all documents your file will be processed and your case manager will call & email you with the amount of your benefit. The on-screen prompts will guide you through the process. 40S& W, several contributors suggested that using Small Rifle Primers, as is typically done for other How to.

List Types Of Application Life Cycle

Asp.Net Core interview

Application Life Cycle is of five types:

  • Application Start: Application Start is a method that you execute when a user makes a request.
  • Object Creation: Object Creation contains all the information about current requests and browsing information.
  • HTTP Application: HTTP Application processes all subsequent requests sent to the application.
  • Dispose: Dispose is responsible for releasing manually unwanted resources.
  • Application End: Application End helps to unload the memory of an application.

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Q What Does Webhostcreatedefaultbuilder Do

Ans: This method does the following things.

  • Configure the app to use Kestrel as web server.
  • Specify to use the current project directory as root directory for the application.
  • Setup the configuration sub-system to read setting from appsettings.json and appsettings..json to environment specific configuration.
  • Set Local user secrets storage only for the development environment.
  • Configure environment variables to allow for server-specific settings.
  • Configure command line arguments .
  • Configure logging to read from the Logging section of the appsettings.json file and log to the Console and Debug window.
  • Configure integration with IIS
  • Configure the default service provider.

You can take a look at the code of this method here.

Q8 What Is The Use Of The Configure Method Of Startup Class

It defines how the application will respond to each HTTP request. We can configure the request pipeline by configuring the middleware. It accepts IApplicationBuilder as a parameter and also it has two optional parameters: IHostingEnvironment and ILoggerFactory. Using this method, we can configure built-in middleware such as routing, authentication, session, etc. as well as third-party middleware.

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Creating A Middleware Pipleline

Now, we need to create an extension method of IApplicationBuilder to define the custom middleware pipleline.

public static class MyMessageMiddlewareExtensions}

Now, implement this custom middleware extension method in the Startup class:

public class Startup public void Configure )  }}

So in this article, we discuss about the concept of Middleware, why it is required in .net core application, how we can configure it and also how we can create custom middleware for our applications. So, we need to remember the key points related to the middleware:

  • Middleware actually represents a group of classes which forms a queue or pipeline for handling request or response.

  • The mentioned pipeline will be end at the first execution of app.Run.

  • We want to use multiple middleware, then we can use app.Use

  • We can create extension methods of IApplicationBuilder to include custom middleware in our application.

Aspnet Core Interview Questions And Answers

ASP.Net Core Interview Questions with Answers

These interview questions are targeted for ASP.NET Core, ASP.NET Core MVC andWeb API. You must know the answers of theseASP.NET Core interview questions to clear a.NET FullStack developer interview. C# Programming language is used to show examples.

1. Describe the ASP.NET Core.

ASP.NET Core is an open-source, cross-platform and high performance platform that allows you to build modern, Internet-connected and cloudenabled applications. With ASP.NET Core you can

  • build web applications, IoT apps, services and mobile Backends.
  • run on .Net Core.
  • You can do your development on Linux, Windows and MacOS.
  • deploy your code to cloud or on-premises.

2. What are the benefits of using ASP.NET Core over ASP.NET?

ASP.NET Core comes with the following benefits over ASP.NET.

  • Cross platform, provide ability to develop and run on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • Open-source
  • Blazor allow you to use C# code in browser with JavaScript code.

3. What is the role of Startup class?

Startup class is responsible for configuration related things as below.

  • It configures the services which are required by the app.
  • It defines the app’s request handling pipeline as a series of middleware components.
// Startup class examplepublic class Startup     public IConfiguration Configuration     public void ConfigureServices        public void Configure            else                app.UseHttpsRedirection         // other middleware components    }}

4. What is the role of ConfigureServices and Configure method?

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What Is Dotnet 54 Exactly

Recently when ASP.NET 5 was renamed to ASP.NET Core 1.0, it was appreciated by .NET community, but Microsoft does it again with DotNet 5.4 to create confusion. Well, DotNet 5.4 is not a real framework against which you are building and compiling your application. Its Platform Moniker to a new approach called .NET Platform Standard.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Decimal Float And Double In Net

When would someone use one of these?


Precision is the main difference.

  • Float – 7 digits
  • Double-15-16 digits

As for what to use when:

  • For values which are “naturally exact decimals” it’s good to use decimal. This is usually suitable for any concepts invented by humans: financial values are the most obvious example, but there are others too. Consider the score given to divers or ice skaters, for example.

  • For values which are more artefacts of nature which can’t really be measured exactly anyway, float/double are more appropriate. For example, scientific data would usually be represented in this form. Here, the original values won’t be “decimally accurate” to start with, so it’s not important for the expected results to maintain the “decimal accuracy”. Floating binary point types are much faster to work with than decimals.

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What Is Middleware In Asp Net Core

A middleware in .Net Core is a component that gets executed on every request and response in an ASP.Net Core application. The middleware component has the access to request and response process.

Middleware is used in Configure method in startup.cs file.

Some of the Middleware used in ASP.Net Core application is

app.UseHttpsRedirection app.UseStaticFiles app.UseRouting app.UseAuthorization 

Another Middleware used in ASP.Net Core

app.UseEndpoints             }) 

Middleware is executed in the order they have added in Configure method.

We can create custom Middleware and can use multiple middlewares in ASP.Net Core application.

What Is The Role Of Postback In Aspnet

ASP.NET Core Top 20 Most Important Interview Questions

Postback is a request sent from a client to the server from the page on which the user is working. It posts the complete page back to the server for a new page.

Postback is submitted to a server before processing the page and holds credentials such as verification like username and passwords using a database.

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When Is The Acl Lineup Announced

ASP.NET MVC model view controller: It helps in the development of web applications, where a view is front-end model is business logic and controller is responsible for mapping between view and model. ASP.Net Web API: It is an application programming interface to build an API for a web application on top of the .NET framework. The developer can develop according to business. This question might be asked when the interviewer wants to know if you have used routing enough to know when it is not implemented in MVC. Example: “There are two situations when routing isn’t required. First, it isn’t required when routing is disabled for the URL pattern. Also, if a physical file that is found matches the URL pattern, routing.

Explain How Dependency Injection Works In Aspnet Core

ASP.NET Core injects instances of dependency classes by using the built-in IoC container. This container is represented by the IServiceProvider interface that supports constructor injection.

The types managed by the container are called services. To let the IoC container automatically inject our services, we first need to register them with the IoC container in the Startup class.

ASP.NET Core supports two types of services, namely framework and application services. Framework services are a part of ASP.NET Core framework such as ILoggerFactory, IApplicationBuilder, IHostingEnvironment, etc. In contrast, a developer creates the application services specifically for the application.

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What Is The Role Of Page Directives

Page directives describe the attributes of the specific page file for the compiler.

Attributes of Page Directives are:

  • Buffer: Enables and displays HTTP response
  • ClientTarget: Browses the server controls
  • ClientName: Specifies the class name of the page
  • Debug: Enables or specifies compilation debug
  • CodeFile: Specifies the name of the code-behind file


What Is An Action Method

ASP.NET Interview Questions And Answers | .NET Interview Questions And Answers | Simplilearn

An action method is a method in a controller class with the following restrictions:

  • It must be public. Private or protected methods are not allowed.
  • It cannot be overloaded.
  • It cannot be a static method.
  • An action method executes an action in response to an HTTP request.

    For example, here is an example of an Index action method on the PostController. It takes an id as an input and returns an IActionResult, which can be implemented by any result classes .

    public class PostController : Controller}

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    What Are The Advantages Of Aspnet Core

  • Command-Line support to build and run applications
  • No web.config file. We have to store our configuration information in the appSettings.json file.
  • No Global.asax file. We can register and use the services from the startup.cs file
  • Built-in support for Dependency Injection.
  • Built-in support for logging
  • Ability to deploy on more than one server like IIS, Docker, Apache, etc.
  • Provides good support for asynchronous programming
  • Supports Web Sockets and SignalR
  • Protects against CSRF
  • Q9 What Is Middleware

    It is software which is injected into the application pipeline to handle request and responses. They are just like chained to each other and form as a pipeline. The incoming requests are passes through this pipeline where all middleware is configured, and middleware can perform some action on the request before passes it to the next middleware. Same as for the responses, they are also passing through the middleware but in reverse order.

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    Q4 What Is Startupcs File In Aspnet Core

    Tthe entry point of the ASP.NET Core application is Startup.cs class and this class responsible for configuration related things like as given below

    • Configures the services which are required by the app.
    • Defines the app’s request handling pipeline as a series of middleware components.
      public class Startup  pattern: "//")  })  }

    Some General Interview Questions For Aspnet Core

    ASP.Net Core Interview Questions and Answer

    1. How much will you rate yourself in ASP.NET Core?

    When you attend an interview, Interviewer may ask you to rate yourself in a specific Technology like ASP.NET Core, So It’s depend on your knowledge and work experience in ASP.NET Core.

    2. What challenges did you face while working on ASP.NET Core?

    This question may be specific to your technology and completely depends on your past work experience. So you need to just explain the challenges you faced related toASP.NET Core in your Project.

    3. What was your role in the last Project related to ASP.NET Core?

    It’s based on your role and responsibilities assigned to you and what functionality you implemented using ASP.NET Core in your project. This question is generallyasked in every interview.

    4. How much experience do you have in ASP.NET Core?

    Here you can tell about your overall work experience on ASP.NET Core.

    5. Have you done any ASP.NET Core Certification or Training?

    It depends on the candidate whether you have done any ASP.NET Core training or certification. Certifications or training are not essential but good to have.

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    Q What Is Razor Pages In Aspnet Core

    Ans:Razor Pages is a new feature of ASP.NET Core and it was released with ASP.NET Core 2.0 release. Razor Pages are simple pages or views without controllers and introduced with the intent of creating page focused scenarios where there is no real logic is involved. You will find razor pages similar to ASP.NET Web Forms. They work on the convention and need to be placed in Pages folder and the extension is .cshtml. Razor pages uses handler methods to deal with incoming HTTP request. Read this post to find out more about handler methods.

    Which Muscles Burn The Most Calories

    Cache = value These Web API interview questions cover the basic ground of Web API and make it easier for the students and professionals to clarify their fundamentals on this subject. For some of the industry-leading online courses on Web API, you can head to Great Learning Academy and upskill in this field. Whats the difference between trace and debug in ASP.NET? – The system.Diagnostics namespace contains the Debug and Trace classes for Tracing. – The difference between Trace and Debug class is that when we use Debug class for tracing, it will work in builds which have the debug symbol defined. While when we use Trace class for tracing, it ….

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    Aspnet Interview Questions And Answers

    You may need more than this set of questions to arm yourself fully for the interview. We recommend you to visit ASP .NET Tutorials and Courses, where you can find more reading material and get a full grip of ASP.NET.

    Question: What is ASP.NET?

    Answer: ASP.NET is an open-source server-side application framework designed for web developers to produce dynamic web pages with .NET framework. It was developed by Microsoft to allow programmers to build dynamic web sites, web applications and web services.

    Question: What is ASP.NET MVC framework?

    Answer: ASP.NET MVC is a web application framework for the .NET Platform used for building full stack web applications using the Model-View-Controller pattern.

    Question: What is an ASP.NET Web API framework?

    Answer: ASP.NET Web API is used purely for building backend web APIs which can be used by an array of clients, from the web to desktop to mobile. It forms the server component in the RESTful architecture.

    Question: Which would be the right framework to be used ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Web API?

    Answer: If one intends to build a server component that can be easily utilized by an array of clients then ASP.NET Web API is the way to go. If, however, the project is purely going to be used as a web application, then ASP.NET MVC is a more appropriate choice.

    Question: What is the web.config file and what is used for?

    Question: Which compiler is used in ASP.NET?

    Answer: Roslyn is the name of the compiler used by .NET Framework.



    Top 14 Solid Principles Interview Questions And Answers

    ASP.NET Core Interview Questions with Answers 2022 | .NET Core Interview Questions | DotNetTricks

    04/Jan/2021 | 10 minutes to read


    Here is a List of essential SOLID Principles Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers and mid level of Experienced Professionals. All answers for these SOLID Principles questions are explained in a simple and easiest way. These basic, advanced and latest SOLID Principles questions will help you to clear your next Job interview.

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    What Are Some Benefits Of Aspnet Core Over The Classic Aspnet Core is a new version of released by Microsoft. Although both project templates use Full .Net Framework. ASP.NET Web Application is for creating projects using legacy version of ASP.NET MVC in which you can use Global.asax. ASP.NET Core Web Application is totally new concept in which wwwroot folder, using task runners and everything is through OWIN middleware.

    Main differences:

  • Asp.Net Build for Windows only while Asp.Net Core Build for Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Asp.Net Supports WebForm, Asp.Net MVC and Asp.Net WebAPI, whereas Asp.Net Core does not support WebForm. It supports MVC, Web API and Asp.Net Web pages originally added in .Net Core 2.0.
  • Asp.Net support C#, VB and many other languages and also support WCF, WPF and WF while Asp.Net Core support only C#, F# language.
  • You need to re-compile after the code change in Asp.Net while in ASP.NET Core browser will compile and executed the code and no need for re-compile.
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