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What Is Cloud Computing Interview Questions And Answers

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Q51 What Is The Azure Active Directory Service

Cloud Computing Interview Questions And Answers | Cloud Computing Interview Preparation |Simplilearn

Ans. Azure Active Directory Service is a multi-tenant cloud-based identity and directory management service that combines core directory services, application access management, and identity protection.

In other words, Azure Active Directory Service is an identity and access management system. It helps to grant users access privileges to different network resources and update information about the graph and related resources.

Amazon Web Services Interview Questions And Answers

1. What are the key components of an AWS architecture?

Route 53, email service, identity management, and access management, simple storage device, elastic block stores, cloud watch

2. How does AWS provide security for its customers?

Infrastructure security

The Network firewall built into Amazon VPC lets you create a private network and control access to applications and services.

Data encryption

AWS CloudSHM provides hardware-based cryptographic key storage, helping users in enforcing their compliance requirements. AWS services like AmazonEBS, AmazonS3, Amazon Lambda have built-in encryption features in them. These encryptions provide another layer of security.

Identity and access control

Amazon Identity and Access Management let you enable permissions for each user account and offers various multi factors authentication that is hardware-based and software-based.

Monitoring and logging

With AWS CloudTail, one can AWS deployments in the cloud by getting the history of API calls and commands executed.

Amazon CloudWatch provides scalable and flexible monitoring solutions for the cloud.

Amazon Guarduty is a solution that checks and scans for malicious activities in the system.

3. What isAmazon Machine Image – AMI?

4. What is AWS lambda?

Lambda is a computing service that runs your code without requiring and managing servers. Each client request will instantiate a new lambda function. Lambda charges you for only the time when the code was running.

7. DB used in AWS

Why Did You Choose Microsoft Azure And Not Aws

Your response to this question is based on your own background and experience. Maybe you come from a developer background, so Azure appealed to you. Maybe your first cloud computing role just happened to be with Azure. As with the question above, the key here is to be ready to give an intelligent answer to the question.

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What Is The Cloud Usage Monitor

The cloud usage monitor mechanism is an autonomous and lightweight software program that is responsible for collecting and processing the IT resource usage data.

Cloud usage monitors can exist in different formats depending on what type of usage metrics these are designed to collect and how the usage data needs to be collected. The following points describe 3 common agent-based implementation formats.

  • Monitoring Agent
  • Polling Agent

Could You Please List Some Of The Security Postures That We Can Implement To Secure Our Cloud Data

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Answer: We can implement different preliminary security postures to protect our cloud data.

a. Input validations: We can place controlling features in data input to secure the data.

b. Output reconciliation: Data controlling is another posture that helps reconcile data from input to output.

c. Backup and Security: Proper encryption protects data from breaches, and data backup protects cloud data from data loss.

d.Data integrity while Processing: Data integrity is also a posture that one should keep in mind while providing cloud security.

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What Is Azure Service Fabric

Service Fabric provides a platform that makes the process of developing microservices and managing the application lifecycle easier.

  • It produces applications with a faster time to market
  • It supports Windows/ Linux, on-premises or other clouds
  • It provides the ability to scale up to a thousand machine

In Cloud Computing What Are The Different Layers

The different layers of cloud computing are:

  • SaaS: Software as a Service , it provides users access directly to the cloud application without installing anything on the system.
  • PaaS: Platform as a service, it provides a cloud application platform for the developers

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Cloud Computing Interview Questions & Answers

1. What Are The Basic Characteristics Of Cloud Computing?

  • The four basic characteristics of cloud computing are given as follows: Elasticity and scalability. Billing self-service based usage model.

2. What Is A Cloud Service?

  • A cloud service is a service that is used to build cloud applications. This service provides the facility of using the cloud application without installing it on the computer. It reduces the maintenance and support of the application as compared to those applications that are not developed using the cloud service. The different kinds of users can use the application from the cloud service, which may be public or private application.

3. What Are Main Features Of Cloud Services?

  • Some important features of the cloud service are given as follows:SS Accessing and managing the commercial software. Centralizing the activities of management of software in the Web environment. Developing applications that are capable of managing several clients. Centralizing the updating feature of software that eliminates the need of downloading the upgrades.

4. How Many Types Of Deployment Models Are Used In Cloud?

  • There are 4 types of deployment models used in cloud:1. Public cloud4. Hybrid cloud

5. Why Does An Organization Need To Manage The Workloads?

6. Which Services Are Provided By Window Azure Operating System?

  • Windows Azure provides three core services which are given as follows: Compute Management

7. Explain Hybrid And Community Cloud.

Q26 What Is Utility Computing

Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers – For Freshers & Experienced | Intellipaat

Ans. Utility computing is a service-provisioning model that enables users to pay only for the services that they are using. It doesnt include any upfront costs. It provides computing resources and infrastructure management and is a plug-in managed by the organization. Most of the organizations these days are using a hybrid strategy.

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List The Different Components Of Cloud Architecture

An interviewer may ask questions to test your technical capability and knowledge. You can list the different components that are part of cloud architecture.

Example:There are five components of cloud architecture are cloud ingress, processor speed, cloud, storage services, cloud provided services and intra-cloud communications.

Q40 Mention What The Advantages Of Cloud Services Are

Ans. Below are the main advantages of cloud services:

  • Time-saving: It helps in saving time in terms of deployment and maintenance.
  • Cost-saving: It works in investment in the corporate sector.
  • Scalable and Robust: It performs in such a way to make the application scalable and robust. Earlier, scaling took lots of time, but now, scaling takes less time.

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List Some Open Source Cloud Computing Platform Databases

An interviewer may want to know more about your familiarity with cloud computing databases. There are many open-source cloud computing platform databases that are popular among users and businesses. You can list a few that you are familiar with or have worked with in your role.

Example:Some prominent open-source platform databases for cloud computing include Mongo DB, Couch DB, Lucid DB, Quinta DB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, NuoDB, MariaDB, MarkLogic and Azure SQL Database

What Do You Mean By Encapsulation In Cloud Computing

Top 40 Cloud Computing Interview Questions &  Answers: 1 ...

A container is a packaged software code along with all of its dependencies so that it can run consistently across clouds and on-premises. This packaging up of code is often called encapsulation. Encapsulating code is important for developers as they dont have to develop code based on each individual environment.

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What Are The Security Laws Which Are Implemented To Secure Data In A Cloud

The security laws which are implemented to secure data in the cloud are

  • Processing: Control the data that is being processed correctly and entirely in an application
  • File: It manages and controls the information being manipulated in any of the files
  • Output reconciliation: It controls the data which has to be reconciled from input to output
  • Input Validation: Control the input data
  • Security and Backup: It provides protection and backup it also controls the security breaches logs

What Is An Api Gateway

An API gateway allows multiple APIs to act together as a single gateway to provide a uniform experience to the user. In this, each API call is processed reliably. The API gateway manages the APIs centrally and provides enterprise-grade security. Common tasks of the API services can be handled by the API gateway. These tasks include services like statistics, rate limiting, and user authentication.

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What Are Cloud Computing Layers

Interviewers may expect professionals working in cloud computing to know details of the four layers of cloud. Though it may not be possible that you have worked in all these areas, you are likely to be quizzed on your knowledge of technical aspects of cloud computing architecture. List the layers with a brief explanation.

Example:There are four layers of cloud computing architecture. Firstly, the hardware layer includes the required hardware that powers cloud computing. Secondly, providers pool the different servers into one in the infrastructure layer. The third layer is the platform layer that comprises an operating system and other requisition structures. The fourth and topmost layer is the application layer that customers use.

Cloud Computing Interview Questions And Answers

Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers | Cloud Engineer | Types of Clouds |

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  • Get application security done the right way! Detect, Protect, Monitor, Accelerate, and more
  • Cloud computing is witnessing exponential growth and adoption over the past couple of years.

    From start-ups and small businesses to enterprises, everyone uses cloud computing in their operations. And companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft are developing top-notch cloud-based services to ease the lives of other businesses and end-users while leading the industry.

    Needless to say, this massive growth of cloud computing is due to all the goodness it offers to the users. It could be the high scalability and flexibility to adjust servers and resources, reduced IT costs with pay-as-you-go model without investing in expensive hardware, better performance and speed, and many other benefits.

    No wonder cloud computing had generated around 400 billion USD in revenue in 2021. This growth is also fuelled by Covid-19 when working from home was possible only through online means and by using various cloud-based services and technologies.

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    How Does The Resource Agent Monitor The Cloud Usage

    A processing module that is used to collect usage data by having event-driven interactions with the specialized resource software, is a resource agent. This agent is applied to check the usage metrics based on pre-defined, observable events at the resource software level, like initiating, suspending, resuming, and vertical scaling.

    Explain The Four Types Of Cloud Computing Services

    Interviewers may ask questions to understand your clarity on topics related to cloud computing. You can name the four types of services. Briefly outline the features of each type.

    Example:The four types of cloud computing services are:

    • *Infrastructure as a Service : IaaS is a pay-as-you-go cloud computing service that offers on-demand storage and networking resources.*

    • *Software as a Service : This service allows clients and customers to connect with cloud-based apps that provide email, teleconferencing, productivity and storage services.*

    • *Platform as a Service : PaaS offers complete cloud-based development and deployment where a client can create simple or the most sophisticated cloud-based applications.*

    • *Serverless: Serverless cloud computing is an architecture where the service provider manages the execution of the code instead of deploying them on servers.*

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    What Are The Following Cloud Computing Key Enabling Technologies

    The key enabling technologies in Cloud Computing are given below:

    • Distributed Computing -Cluster, Grid Computing.
    • Internet Technologies -Service Oriented Architecture, Web 3.0 etc.
    • Hardware Technologies Virtualizations, Multi-core chips etc.
    • System Management Automatics Computing

    Distributed Computing

    Distributed computing visualizes the idea of connecting multiple computers through computer networks by using a distributed system. These computers can be different and same which are located globally also. Distribute Computing consists of various parts which are grid, clusters, web 2.0 and clouds. Clusters can be defined as multiple servers are grouped to provide computing services to users.

    Service-Oriented Architecture

    Service-Oriented Architecture can be defined as the core development of cloud computing systems. It adopts the main building block of application and system development. It is an architectural approach in which applications make use of services available in the network.SOA allows users to combine a large number of facilities from existing services to form applications.SOA provides various functionalities for systematic design and to integrate the components into a smooth centralized system.

    Web Services

    What Are Microservices And Their Importance In The Cloud

    TOP 20 Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers ...

    Microservices help create apps that consist of codes that are independent of one another and the platform they were developed on. Microservices are important in the cloud because of the following reasons:

    • Each of them is built for a particular purpose. This makes app development simpler.
    • They make changes easier and quicker.
    • Their scalability makes it easier to adapt the service as needed.

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    What Is The Usage Of Utility Computing

    Utility computing, or The Computer Utility, is a service provisioning model in which a service provider makes computing resources and infrastructure management available to the customer as needed and charges them for specific usage rather than a flat rateUtility computing is a plug-in managed by an organization that decides what type of services has to be deployed from the cloud. It facilitates users to pay only for what they use.

    Q28 What Is The Benefit Of Using System Integrators In Cloud Computing

    Ans. The significant benefits of using system integrators in cloud computing are

    • Cost-effective because of the usage of cheaper, pre-configured components, and commercial off-the-shelf software
    • Combine various subsystems into an integrated offering
    • Helping consumers by simplifying contracting and vendor management
    • Integrating on-premises IT systems with cloud-based applications

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    Basic Interview Questions On Cloud Computing

    1. What are the various available cloud service models?

    IAAS – IaaS rents hardware/infrastructure as a service to enterprises – for example, memory, computing, servers. Organisations deploy their applications on Cloud Providers infrastructure.

    SAAS – SaaS offers users software as a service that resides on the cloud. Software and applications are used on a subscription basis. Cloud providers are responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the software. Communication with Applications happens over API calls advised by the Cloud providerfor example, Google Drive.

    PAAS – PaaS provides enterprises with a platform where they could deploy their code and applications. PaaS packages the platform for development and testing along with data, storage, and computing capability.

    2. What are the component layers found in Cloud architecture?

    Cloud Controller – CLC sits at the topmost layer and controls virtual resources like servers, networks, and storage.

    Walrus – It acts as a storage controller for users and deals with virtual machine images and user data.

    Cluster Controller – It controls the execution of all the virtual machines stored on the nodes.

    Storage ControllerStorage controller handles storage in block form that is dynamically attached to virtual machines

    3. What are some popular use cases for cloud computing?

    4. What is On-Demand functionality?

    New Projects

    5. What are the platforms that use Cloud Computing?

    9. Why use Cloud Computing?

    • Route table

    What Are The Modes Of Saas

    TOP 20 Cloud Computing Interview Questions and Answers 2019 | Wisdomjobs

    The interviewer may ask these questions if your role requires an understanding of SaaS. They may expect you to know about the finer aspects of cloud computing infrastructure and service deployment. You can list the modes and give a brief description of each in your answer.

    Example:There are two modes of SaaS. Simple multi-tenancy and fine grain multi-tenancy. In simple multi-tenancy, each user is unique and has independent resources. Simple multi-tenancy is an efficient mode. In fine grain multi-tenancy, users share resources without any change in functionality.

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    What Is An Ami How Do We Implement It

    AMI is , which basically is a copy of your root file system. It feeds the information required to launch an instance.

    We implement AMI by specifying an AMI whenever we want to launch an instance. Multiple instances can be launched from a single AMI with the same configuration.In the case of launching instances with different configurations, we would need to launch different AMIs.

    AMI includes one or more snapshots of your EBS volumes, in the case of instance-store backed AMIs, along with a template for the root volume of your instance .

    It launches the permissions that decide which AWS accounts can use the AMI for launching instances. It also needs a block device mapping for specifying the volumes in order to attach them to the instances whenever they are launched.

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    What Is Eucalyptus In Cloud Computing Why Is It Used

    It is an acronym stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture For Linking Your Program To Useful Systems. It is an open source software infrastructure in cloud computing and used to implement clusters in cloud computing platform. It creates public, private and hybrid cloud. It facilitate a user to create his own data center into a private cloud and use its functionalities to many other organizations.

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