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What Kind Of Questions Are Asked In An Exit Interview

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Why Should An Organization Use Exit Interview Questions

Exit Interview Tips (DO NOT Do This)

1. The first and foremost reason for conducting such an interview is to understand why an employee is leaving their position in a certain organization.

Some may feel they are not given enough responsibilities at work. For some, they might feel their work isnt recognized or rewarded, or there may be some external issues that the organization may not be aware of.

2. Secondly, most of the employees usually are afraid of honest feedback to the management. Employees who have decided to quit the organization have nothing to lose or fear. These are the employees who will give honest feedback once they are ready to walk out of the organization.

Conducting an exit interview will help management to collect the right information of any dysfunctionality within the organization that they would usually not come to know through an existing employee.

3. Another very important reason why an organization needs to consider such interviews with sincerity is it helps to retain employees.

Employee retention is a plight! If organizations act promptly on the data gathered while conducting the exit interview, then they would know what not to do at the workplace to make sure the attrition rate drops down and the employees are happy working for the organization.

As mentioned earlier, exit interviews should be a communicative process. Therefore while planning these interviews, right exit interview questions are the key to obtaining the right feedback or data.

Key Themes To Measure In An Exit Interview

Every organisation will have its own interview questions when it comes to finding out why employees leave, and you will be able to tailor your exit surveys to reflect this.

There are several standard themes youll want to understand:

  • Reasons for leaving
  • Feedback about the role, manager, team, pay and conditions, working environment, development opportunities
  • Feedback about the organisations culture as a whole
  • Whether your ex-employee would still promote your organisation to others

Do You Feel Your Manager Gave You What You Needed To Succeed

From training and one-on-one meetings to performance reviews and career development opportunities, managers have a responsibility to make sure each of their team members have the tools and feedback they need to excel in their role. This is one of the best exit interview questions, as it can reveal if employees feel abandoned in any of these areas so it can be addressed with their manager.

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Secure Your Reference In Advance

Every organization asks for a list of references from your previous organizations for cross-checking.

In which case, it is best to ask for references from your colleagues and boss/manager at least 2 weeks before your exit interview.

Although rare, this can help you avoid sticky situations later on where your references could be withheld.

Did You And Your Manager Care About Each Others Opinions

Exit Interview Template

Make sure your former employees feel respected, that communication was two-way because it is essential in the business world.

Also, you can get an insight into whether the manager gave space to employees to suggest their own ideas, progress through additional projects, and whether the employee had equal respect and pleasant communication with the manager.

Pay attention to these aspects as well:

  • Did the employee have regular meetings with the manager and team?
  • Was he informed about deadlines and meetings on time and during professional working hours?
  • Had the employee impression that everyone could freely express their opinions and ideas?
  • Did the employee felt encouraged and fully motivated to advocate their own idea?
  • Whether the manager considered the position of each individual within the team, as well as functioning and techniques for improving working as a productive team.

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Did You Feel That You Were Equipped To Do Your Job Well

If you want a direct way to better retain the employee who fills this position next, ask this question. It’s one of the best exit interview questions that will help you generate an immediate proactive response. Be prepared for tales of technology woes, inadequate training and more, but also be prepared to gain valuable knowledge of what you can do better next time.

Asking The Right Exit Interview Questions

The questions you ask during an exit interview should encourage honest, in-depth responses from the employee. Ask them with an open mind, regardless of the circumstances surrounding the employees departure, and dont be afraid to ask follow-up questions for clarification. Below are some ideas for your own employee exit interview questions template. Weve found this list to be the most effective exit interview questions to ask.

Want to Take This List With You to Your Next Interview?

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What Is The Identification Division In The Cobol Programming Language

During an interview, an employer can ask fundamental questions to test a candidate’s understanding of COBOL. The ability to answer basic questions showcases your overall understanding of COBOL. While answering such questions, explain the identification division.

Example:âThe identification division is mandatory in every program because this division starts the COBOL program. The compiler and programmer use this division to identify COBOL programs. In this section, a programmer can define optional details such as date of writing code, author name and security details as per program requirement. For successfully compiling a program, it is essential to define the PROGRAM_ID or keyword.â

When To Conduct Exit Interview Questions

Exit Interview: Questions To Ask Employer

Much like any other departure, there will be a mix of emotions. Companies can greatly benefit from this if they have a structure in place to let the exiting employee speak in a secured, private, and professional platform. The feedback can be positive or negative or usually a mix of both, but what makes exit interview questions and answers so valuable for companies is the honesty.


They might be forthcoming of things and facts that may not have expressed while being employed with the organization.

Some organizations conduct staff exit interviews immediately after the employee yields their resignation, but it is always a good practice to wait until the last few days of their employment. It is always advisable that the employee has complete knowledge of the entire process, and transparency is maintained in the process.

The organization would indeed expect a candid response from the employee, but if they are not walked through the process before the actual interview, the employee might feel overwhelmed about the entire process and not respond with utmost honesty. Therefore, organizations need to extensively plan such interviews to get maximum insights from the same.

You wont be able to learn much from exiting employees by simply having a one-on-one chat with them. When someone is moving on at any stage in life, it is usually better to hear from them through a different platform, a non-human platform where they can speak their mind and heart out.

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How Can We Improve Our Training And Development

Employees leave for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is that they didnt feel they were growing, developing, and improving as much as they would like. If that is the case with your outgoing employees, theyll let you know how you can improve in that regard when you ask them this question.

Remember, training and development are less about learning new skills or advancing up the ranks and more about keeping employees engaged in the work they have. If you can identify better ways to do that, you can reduce attrition and increase employee retention.

Why Did You Decide To Leave Your Position

This gives the employee a chance to share their reason for leaving. You may find that they keep this answer vague, especially if itâs something particularly personal, or it could lead into a conversation that addresses or segues into some of your other questionsâsuch as concerns about your company culture or feeling like they didnât have enough room to grow within their position. If thatâs the case, this is where you can learn more about the challenges your employees faceâand awareness is the first step in addressing any problem.

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The Fallout Of Not Performing An Exit Interview

Imagine you begin losing customers without any reason or explanation. You would want one of your clients to tell you what the problem was so you could have an opportunity to correct it. Failing to perform an exit interview is the same: if theres a problem in your organization, youre better off knowing what it is and fixing it than not.

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to business. Understanding what caused the employee to leave and if it is within your power to correct it is key to reducing turnover and improving your organization.

Exit interview questions should be open-ended and allow the separating employee to speak their mind.

Yes/no questions dont offer any insight. Plan to spend a bit of time to try to get as much information as possible. Another point to remember is to keep the conversation professional. Your role is not to challenge the employees reasons, just to hear them and determine whether or not theyre valid and require action.

Is There Something We Could Have Done To Retain You

Sample Exit Interview forms Awesome Types Of Exit ...

Being one of the most asked interview questions, this question is asked in a rather candid manner.

Your answer will act as feedback to your Hrs and employee which will benefit the future employees.

However, avoid being unnecessarily sarcastic, harsh, or negative. You can answer such candid exit interview questions like this,

I have had a great journey while working in this organization.

I was really excited about the awaiting opportunities when I first came and to date, I have had a great experience of learning.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the opportunities and experiences.

I must now move on to look for new opportunities, challenges, and learnings. Thank you .

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Did You Feel Like A Valuable Part Of The Company

If the answer to this question is no, use it as an indicator that there may be others in your organization who feel the same way. Remember, where theres smoke, theres fire. The answer to this question can help you discern the problem and help you take steps to remedy the situation before it becomes a bigger issue.

Would You Come Back

We came to the final question, and that is whether you would work in the company again.

This answer will reveal a lot of information like:

  • Whether some answers were strategically connected to the uncertain nature of future job offer.
  • Whether the answers were created based on the strong emotional feelings whether.
  • Whether employees were objective.
  • How much they enjoyed working in our companies.
  • In the case of positive but also negative exit question interview answers, try to find out why the answer is yes/no, and in what time period and under what certain conditions would they do that.

    Finally, give them additional value.

    Point out that your recruitment process has progressed and is automated.

    Prove that with one change in strategy, the working environment, but also the working atmosphere, will drastically improve due to a more relaxed schedule of recruiters and HR professionals who will have more time for dedication to each employee.

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    What Is A Scope Terminator Explain Its Types

    When an interviewer asks such questions, you have an option to showcase your level of understanding regarding COBOL. Focus on answering questions by providing details about the concept.

    Example:âA scope terminator is a conditional COBOL verb or has a conditional clause. A scope terminator help in ending a statement and is explicit or implicit. Explicit scope terminators helps in ending a statement without ending a sentence, whereas an implicit scope terminator helps in ending the scope of all previous statements not ended.â

    Were You Comfortable Working With Your Coworkers


    This question can give a manager more insight into the behaviour of team members and how they relate with each other. Your response to this question can help them create a work environment that encourages collaboration. They can also reframe the question to ask if your working relationship with coworkers contributed to your decision to leave.

    Example:I enjoyed working with the members of my team on projects. The collaborative atmosphere in our department encouraged creativity and innovation. I’ll miss working with this team.

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    Would You Consider Coming Back To Work Here In The Future In What Area Or Function What Would Need To Change

    Find out if employees would ever consider coming back. It could be that they just want to gain experience in a particular role, or may want an increase in compensation. Regardless, this is great information to have if different roles of interest open up.

    How managers at your organization interview candidates matters and will show up in company reviews. To get involved in the conversation on Glassdoor and start managing and promoting your employer brand reputation, unlock your Free Employer Profile today.

    From the Resource Library

    Is There Anything We Can Do To Change Your Mind

    The exit interview isnât the place to ask employees to reconsider their decisionâif youâre willing to change conditions or compensation to keep an employee, you should discuss terms soon after the employee submits their notice. Instead of preventing this particular employee from leaving, an exit interview should help you learn how to improve conditions and keep other employees from leaving.

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    Tips To Prepare For An Exit Interview

    Keep the following points in mind when preparing answers for your exit interview.

    • Be objective. Keep your focus on the job. Talk about the company as a whole instead of its individual employees.

    • Practice your answers. Consider asking a friend or colleague for help.

    • Take notes. Creating a record of the exit interview helps you remember what you and the interviewer said or agreed upon and gives you an accurate backup if you need it.

    • Consider nonverbal signals and body language. Take a few deep breaths before the interview, and consciously relax. This will help you remain calm and focused on the interview. Try to keep your body language open, which will help you feel more comfortable throughout your exit interview.

    How Would You Describe Our Company Culture

    Types of Exit Interview Documents

    What youre looking for with this question isnt a specific example but, rather, the overall trend that your outgoing employees identify. You may get some outliers , but, over time, youll start to see your company culture.

    For example, if you have 50 employees who say that the company culture is open and honest and 10 employees who say that it is something else, that gives you a fairly accurate idea of how your business is perceived.

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    Dont Lead The Conversation Guide It

    As the interviewer, you might feel a temptation to lead the conversation to the topics you badly want to talk about. This is especially true of founders, who often feel passionately about the business they have built and have strong ideas about how they think it should be run.

    However, its a mistake to seize control of this conversation. By all means, guide it to the topics you think might be relevant, but the goal is to hear what the leaver has to say – so let them take the interview where they want to take it.

    You may find that it yields unexpected and surprising answers.

    How To Conduct Great Exit Interviews

    The best exit interviews are the ones that have been strategized and planned out before they occur. Having a game plan and the right questions to ask will make it easier to conduct and collect the appropriate information from these interviews. By tailoring these exit interviews with a plan to gather actionable insights ensures that they wont go to waste.Exit interviews should be mandatory for a certain level of employees at your company. Usually, these are salaried professionals, executives, and other mid-to-high level roles. But you should also require them for roles within your company that also experience a high turnover rate. If many first-year employees choose to leave, you may want to host exit interviews for all levels of workers.

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    What Would You Change About The Companys Management If You Could

    Ask employees about their supervisor and management styles. This question can be intimidating if youre the manager. Employees may shy away from it because no one wants to create conflicts with bosses, especially those who are influential in the field. You can rephrase the question and ask for suggestions instead.

    How To Create A Structured Cobol Program

    The Most Important Question in an Exit Interview | The Engagement Studio

    Through such questions, the interviewer wants to understand whether you know about writing a COBOL program. Such questions help in verifying your level of experience working with the language. When answering such process-oriented questions, take a minute to think about your steps to write a COBOL program. Mention some essential guidelines you follow to complete the coding process.

    Example:âWhen writing a COBOL program, I follow a proper structure and formatting that helps in properly implementing a code. I follow a modular programming approach. For instance, when planning to use NESTED IF statements, I focus on using EVALUATE function, but when constructing a case, I use the EQUIVALENT statement every time. When coding for a do-while loop, I prefer using TEST BEFORE and TEST AFTER statement for code structuring.â

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    How Honest Should You Be In An Exit Interview

    People often ask this question. It is a fine balance between being open and transparent and not creating a bad impression.

    • Always act professionally
    • Provide honest feedback but do it politely and diplomatically
    • Avoid being rude, petty or unpleasant
    • Avoid complaining about colleagues, managers and job duties
    • Support your answers, both positive and negative, with specific examples to give them credibility
    • Keep it factual rather than just sharing your feelings and emotions
    • Be proactive and constructive by providing possible solutions where appropriate

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