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What Questions Do You Have For Me Interview

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Do You Have Any Questions For Me

Do you have any questions for me? (English) : Job Interview Question:

Too many job seekers hear this question and breathe a sigh of relief, thinking theyâve made it through the interview unscathed. Theyâre relieved the interrogation is over, and want to fast-forward to the handshake and goodbyes. In doing so, they miss out on a prime opportunity. This question is your final chance to show your enthusiasm for the role and demonstrate that youâre committed to the job. A ânoâ can seem disinterested. Not sure what to ask? Here a few options:

  • What will a regular workday/workweek look like in this role?
  • What can you tell me about this role that wasnât in the job description?
  • How will success be measured in this role?
  • How would you describe the office culture?
  • What do you enjoy most about working here?
  • What would you say are the biggest challenges of this role?
  • Where do you see this role headed in the next few years?

No doubt, these are just a few of the challenging interview questions youâll face throughout your career. The key to answering any interview question is to be prepared. Interview questions tend to fall into one of three categories: about the company, about your career, and about your skills. If youâre prepared to answer questions about these 3 topics, youâll be able to answer just about any question thrown at you.

Questions To Ask In An Interview: Final Thoughts

When youre thinking about questions to ask an interviewer, remember that your goal is to appear like someone who has done their research on the company, is enthusiastic about the position, and eager to get started.

You dont want to raise any red flags or sow seeds of doubt or negativity about your qualifications or professionalism.

To help avoid this, when it comes to questions to ask in an interview, you should not ask about salary and benefits just yet.

Wait until you are in the final steps of the interview process to negotiate your compensation package with the hiring manager or HR representative.

Now that you are prepared with strong questions to ask in an interview, dont forget to practice aloud to help build confidence when the big day rolls around.

Pamela Skillings

Chief Interview Coach

Pamela Skillings is co-founder of Big Interview. As one of the country’s top interview coaches, she has helped her clients land dream jobs at companies including Google, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, and JP Morgan Chase

What Do You Look For In A Boss

When an interviewer asks this question, theyâre probably trying to gauge how youâll fit in with the company culture and current leaders. The best path? Be honest without getting too specific you never know what type of leaders youâll be working with. Stick with traits that are universally positive such as fairness, good listener, capable, intelligent, etc. Most managers like to think they embody these traits, so thereâs no risk of alienating your potential boss.

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What Would Your First 30 Days Look Like For This Job

At first, this might seem like something you should be asking the interviewer, not the other way around. How are you supposed to know that if you havent started the job yet, right? But the point is not to be able to answer with a complete, accurate list of everything your job will entail, but to show that youve thought ahead about your goals for this role and what you hope to bring to the table.

Interviewers want to know that youre ready and excited to hit the ground running in your new job. So take some time to think about the people youd want to talk to, things youd want to learn, and work youd want to be involved with if and when youre hired.

Top 10 Interview Questions And Best Answers

How to answer the interview question, Do you have ...

Review these most frequently asked interview questions and sample answers, and then prepare your responses based on your experience, skills, and interests. Remember that its less about providing the right answers and more about demonstrating that youre the best candidate for the job.

1. Tell Me About Yourself Best Answers

This is one of the first questions you are likely to be asked. Be prepared to talk about yourself, and why you’re an ideal candidate for the position. The interviewer wants to know why you’re an excellent fit for the job.

Try to answer questions about yourself without giving too much, or too little, personal information. You can start by sharing some of your personal interests and experiences that don’t relate directly to work, such as a favorite hobby or a brief account of where you grew up, your education, and what motivates you.

You can even and showcase your personality to make the interview a little more interesting.

2. Why Are You the Best Person for the Job? Best Answers

Are you the best candidate for the job? The hiring manager wants to know whether you have all the required qualifications. Be prepared to explain why you’re the applicant who should be hired.

3. Why Do You Want This Job? Best Answers

Be specific about what makes you a good fit for this role, and mention aspects of the company and position that appeal to you most.

4. How Has Your Experience Prepared You for This Role?Best Answers

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Not Listening To Their Answer

It seems like asking an interview question should be a lot easier than answering one, doesn’t it? Well in a high-pressure situation, probably not.

When you’re sat in an interview, it’s tempting to take a breather and zone out while the interviewer answers your questions – but it’s really important to try to listen to their answers.

The employer will be able to tell if you are not listening to their answer – plus, if you have asked questions you actually want to know the answer to then you should actually be interested in hearing what they have to say.

Their answers will offer valuable insight into the nature of the job, and you don’t want to end up repeating yourself later on! It pays to listen and really take in what the employer is saying.

Why Do You Want To Work As A Graduate Assistant

The interviewer may ask this question because they want to be sure that you’re genuinely interested in the role . You might discuss your interest in academic life and your passion for helping students. You can also benefit from mentioning your relationships with instructors and other dedicated students who represent the community.

Example: “A graduate assistant who advised me a few years ago genuinely impressed me. I want to repay the kindness by assisting other students, and I’m looking forward to networking and interacting with prominent faculty members and other ambitious students. I intend to pursue a Ph.D., so this would be an excellent chance to learn about theoretical analysis, thesis writing and teaching. I’m excited about the opportunity to give back to the community and meet new people.”

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What Questions Do You Have For Me

  • How to Answer

  • Teacher Example

  • Community Answers

It’s always a great idea to have questions ready for the interviewer. Review the company website and other online resources to ensure the queries you have are not mundane, or redundant. The last thing an interviewer wants to hear is a list of items you could have found the answers for from merely watching a video on their company site! Here are some sample questions: – When would you like to have this position filled? – How long has this role been vacant? – Is this a replacement search or a newly created role? – What is your favorite part about working here? – What is the company’s primary goal for this position in the next 12 months? – Is there anything from my background and experience that I can clarify for you? – What do you see as the most significant change in this industry over the past three years? – Is there any reason why you would not hire me?

“I would like to ask if there is anything in my background on which you need clarification? Also, after discussing everything today, is there any particular reason why I would not be the best fit for this executive assistant role?”

“Thank you for asking! A couple of questions come to mind. What do you see as the biggest challenge your company will be facing in the next 12 months? Also, what is your employee turnover rate, and could you tell me a bit about the retention plan you currently have in place?”

“Why do you like working here?”

“Walk me through a day in your clinic.”

How Do You Handle Stress

How to Answer: Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

How you handle stressful situations is an indicator of your ability to solve problems. Employers want to hire candidates who react to stress constructively, so its important that your answer to this question demonstrates personal growth.

Spend some time thinking about your response to stressful situations and provide an example that communicates your abilities around perseverance, resilience and stress management.

Example answer:Im able to stay calm when I focus on the bigger picture and break down my projects into smaller tasks. I always start by asking myself, What is the ultimate goal Im trying to achieve? From there, I make a list of immediate and long-term action items with achievable but ambitious deadlines. Even if the big project is due tomorrow, I ask myself, Whats something I can tackle in the next 30 minutes? Before I know it, Ive made significant progress and that impossible project doesnt seem so impossible.

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Questions About The Process

Whatever you do, always ask these three questions about the interview process. You need the answers to these questions to understand what your next steps are and when you should follow up.

  • Do you have an ideal start date in mind?
  • What is the next step in this process?
  • What is your timeline for getting back to candidates about the next steps?

Why Do Hiring Managers Want You To Ask Questions

Why is not asking questions at the end of the interview a missed opportunity and why are hiring managers disappointed when interviewees dont ask questions?

Because asking questions not only gets you vital information about the job youre interviewing for, it also shows that youre willing to go the extra mile to get that informationespecially if you not only come in with well thought out questionsbut tailor those questions as well!

Remember, the ultimate goal is always to be the PERFECT CANDIDATE and that means doing a little extra work before you even get to the interview. By asking the right questions, you are turning the table on the interviewer and taking control of the room.

While this might seem at first like a bad idea, its actually a brilliant move.

When you ask tailored questions, youre showing the hiring manager that youre willing to do what it takes to get the job.

Psychologically, youre proving to the hiring manager that youre a go-getter and go-getters get hired!

Speaking of psychology, what does a hiring manager think of someone who doesnt ask questions?

Remember our little mock scenario above where our candidate seemed eager to wrap up the interview and get out of there? That can make a hiring manager reluctant to extend the offer of a job.

Who wants to hire someone who seems like theyre more interested in running away than investing a little more time into finding out what the job is really all about?

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How To Structure Your Interviews

Structured interviews are effective methods of predicting job performance. Their three main characteristics are:

  • You ask all candidates the same questions.
  • You ask questions in the same order.
  • You evaluate answers based on standardized rating scales.

The first two characteristics are easy, yet critical for success. If you ask different questions of each candidate, its impossible to objectively compare their answers. This will result in you trying to make a hiring decision on your gut feeling which potentially leads to harmful biases and discrimination.

So, when you decide which interview questions to ask, spend some time putting them in order. To do this, use the format of an interview scorecard its possible your applicant tracking system has a function to help you build scorecards and share them with your team.

The third characteristic of a structured interview the rating scales is immensely helpful in ensuring youll hire objectively. You create a scale and then you evaluate candidates answers with that scale. To do this right, define what exactly each item on the scale means.

Alternatively, you could use a simpler scale, such as Yes, No and Definitely

What Does Customer Service Mean To You

How To Answer " Do You Have Any Questions For Me?"  in 2021 ...

If youre applying for a public-facing role, an employer may ask this question to determine what aspects of customer service are most important to you. . A good answer will align with the companys values, which you can glean through researching their customer service policy, understanding their products and clientele and reflecting on your own experiences as a customer. Your answer can either come from the perspective of a customer or a customer service provider.

Example answer:In my experience, good customer service involves taking responsibility when something goes wrong and doing what you can to make it right. For example, on a recent flight, I had pre-ordered my meal only to discover they didnt stock enough of my dish. Instead of simply stating the facts, the flight attendant apologized sincerely and offered me a free drink or premium snack. To me, this apology went a long way in smoothing things over. The freebie was a bonus that made me feel valued as a customer and choose the same airline for my next flight.

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Tell Me How You Think Other People Would Describe You

I hate this question. It’s a total throwaway. But I did ask it once, and got an answer I really liked.

“I think people would say that what you see is what you get,” the candidate said. “If I say I will do something, I do it. If I say I will help, I help. I’m not sure that everyone likes me, but they all know they can count on what I say and how hard I work.”

Can’t beat that.

Interesting Interview Questions For Managers

via: Unsplash / Cytonn Photography

Hiring managers is one of the most difficult things to do. You have to make sure that they’re authoritative enough to get the job done but also friendly enough that they create goodprofessional relationships with employees.

When picking interview questions for managers, make sure that you pick ones that will help you pick the perfect candidate:

Here are 8 interesting interview questions for managers:

23. If youre offered more than one job, how will you decide which one to accept?

Being able to identify the pros and cons and prioritize one thing over another is essentially the job.

24. Do you want to become a manager, leader, or executive in our company?

This questions is a great way of identifying personal goals and where the candidate sees themselves in 5 years.

25. What kind of work would make you excited to get out of bed on Monday morning?

Motivation get you out of bed in the morning. You’re just asking if the job will do the same.

26. Tell me about a time you let an employee go.

Letting an employee go is a very difficult situation. It’s the way it’s handled that separates the good candidates from the great candidates.

27. Tell me about a time you led by example.

Managers, no matter the level, are leaders. This question will show how effective of a leader they are.

via: Pexels / Lucas

28. How do you delegate tasks to your team?

29. What kind of work environment do you prefer?

30. What are the qualities of a successful manager?

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Choosing The Best Questions To Ask During An Interview

Right questions?

Absolutely. You want to make sure the questions youre asking are targeted and fall into specific categories.

Like favorite animals and if they were stranded on an island, who would they want to be stranded with?

No. Serious job related questionsquestions that can ultimately make or break your desire to accept the job should it be offered.

Questions that cover every aspect of both the job and the companyand help to ensure that the decision you make to take or leave the position is a 100% educated one.

What if you are offered the job but dont realize until you start that its awful? Nobody wants to do a job they hate or work in a place where theyre miserableand the fastest way to make sure you end up in work hell is to NOT ask questions.


Remember, this is a lot like dating and you need to know what youre getting yourself into. So, put on your thinking cap and sharpen your pencilits time to get started.

Top 14 Best Questions To Ask In An Interview In 2021


By Mike Simpson

Have you ever been on a horrible date where the person you are out with spent the whole time talking about themselves without ever asking you a single question?

Ugh, sounds miserable, right? Would you want to see that person again? Probably not. Who would want to spend any more precious time with someone who was so self-involved?

Dating is a two way street and the goal is to learn as much as you can about your potential partner through a give and take approach to dialogue.

FREE BONUS PDF CHEAT SHEET: Get our “Questions To Ask The Interviewer Cheat Sheet” that gives you 18 more great sample questions you can ask the interviewer at your next interview.

Did you know a job interview is a lot like a date?

Youre kidding, right? Does this mean I have to start bringing flowers and chocolates with me as well as copies of my resume?

No. As charming as that might seem, we dont recommend that approach at all. In fact, leave the flowers and chocolates at home for your sweetie.

What you should bring with you are questions to ask at the end of an interview!

Waitquestions? Arent they interviewing me?

Yes, they arebut like any good date, shouldnt you try to learn a little bit more about the position and company before you decide to accept the job if they offer it to you? Of course!

How else are you going to find out if it really is a job you want to do?

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