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Amazon Technical Manager Interview Questions

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Why Assess Technical Skills In This Way

Amazon Technical Program Manager Interview: Ownership

There are constraints and limitations on the interview process.

The best way to interview would be to hire someone who claimed to have the skills you need, and then observe them over the next few months. This is occasionally done for internships, and some startups have experimented with try-out employment. In general though, this is expensive for the team to ramp up the new hire, and is a drain on resources.

We could ask candidates how they have solved real life complex problems in the problems. However, we can’t gauge the actual technical complexity of the problem, we would need to spend too much time understanding the context of the solution, and we have no way of telling if the candidate could solve similar problems in the future.

You could try to assess someone with real life problems. Perhaps something your team is actually struggling with. However, almost all real life have a massive amount of context associated with them. Getting the candidate ramped up on the situation and the tools involved would be a significant time investment for the team and the candidate. Additionally, this problem would not be easily repeatable, and it would be hard to compare the performances of other candidates.

What Kind Of Careers Can You Pursue With The Background Of Cloud Computing

With a cloud computing background, you can pursue a career as a Cloud administrator, Cloud architect, Cloud automation engineer, Cloud consultant, Cloud engineer, Cloud security analyst, and Cloud software engineer. You can simply opt for a cloud computing course or cloud architect certification, and you are good to pursue a lucrative career in cloud computing.

How To Answer Amazon Interview Questions About Failures

If you are preparing for your behavioural interviews with Amazon, you will need to be comfortable answering Amazon interview questions about professional failures. While the fact that Amazon is keen to know about your professional misfortunes can seem odd, there are a few good reasons why these questions frequently pop up in interviews. And suppose you have the proper mental framework . In that case, you will be able to respond in a genuine way that does not feel awkward. This article will give you a good primer on answering Amazon interview questions about failures.

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Amazon Senior Product Manager Interview Questions

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I applied online. The process took 3 weeks. I interviewed at Amazon


Overblown, intense and sometimes irrelevant. On the positive side, they really try to give you a lot of information to help you succeed. Recruiting is helpful and there is a lot of information you can consume about the process. Heres the big however in this: I do believe some interviewers work well within this process, but there are sooo many that focus on the process and forget the actual point of interviewing and hiring.

Why We Wrote This Guide

25 Amazon Operations Manager Interview Questions &  Answers

We wrote this guide for two reasons. First, after coaching – literally – thousands of candidates on how to prepare for interviews at Amazon, we wanted to make our expertise available to as many candidates as possible. Second, the internet is swimming in misinformation about the Amazon interview process, questions, and preparation strategies.

What makes us confident? Because our community of paid students has plenty of folks, who burned themselves following unqualified advice of the self-proclaimed Amazon interview experts. So you can be confident that you are in the best hands possible.

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You Are Trying To Provide A Service In A Particular Region But You Do Not See The Service In That Region Why Is This Happening And How Do You Fix It

Not all Amazon AWS services are available in all regions. When Amazon initially launches a new service, it doesnt get immediately published in all the regions. They start small and then slowly expand to other regions. So, if you dont see a specific service in your region, chances are the service hasnt been published in your region yet. However, if you want to get the service that is not available, you can switch to the nearest region that provides the services.

What Are The Advantages Of Aws Iam

AWS IAM allows an administrator to provide multiple users and groups with granular access. Various user groups and users may require varying levels of access to the various resources that have been developed. We may assign roles to users and create roles with defined access levels using IAM.

It further gives us Federated Access, which allows us to grant applications and users access to resources without having to create IAM Roles.

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How Can You Automate Ec2 Backup Using Ebs

Use the following steps in order to automate EC2 backup using EBS:

  • Get the list of instances and connect to AWS through API to list the Amazon EBS volumes that are attached locally to the instance.
  • List the snapshots of each volume, and assign a retention period of the snapshot. Later on, create a snapshot of each volume.
  • Make sure to remove the snapshot if it is older than the retention period.
  • Can You Describe Yourmost Difficult Customer And How You Were Able To Handle Their Needs

    Complete Interview Guide to Amazon Technical Program Manager (TPM) Phone interview

    Amazon rose to greatness partially because of its commitment to customer service. It made the shopping experience better, even when something didnt go right.

    If the job is even remotely customer-facing, you should be ready for this question. Dealing with a disgruntled customer isnt easy, and Amazon wants to know that youre up to the challenge.


    In my previous role, a customer was upset that a product they ordered was put on backorder unexpectedly after they made their purchase. They needed a functional version of the item as quickly as possible, and the possibility that that wouldnt happen increased their stress levels, leaving them just shy of hostile. To resolve their issue, I began by listening to their concern, rephrasing what was being shared, and asking clarifying questions to ensure my full understanding. I then reassured them that Id work with them to find a solution. Together, we discussed alternative products that were in stock that could meet their needs. As soon as a substitute was identified, we canceled the old order and initiated the new one. I applied a free shipping upgrade to expedite delivery, ensuring it would arrive before the customers deadline. In the end, they were fully satisfied with the solution.

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    How Will An Amazon Interview Assess My Performance Against 16 Leadership Principles

    Every interview question will be “testing” at least one LP , which is why if you research the Internet well enough, you can collect the most frequently asked LP questions and map them against each LP. We’ve also pulled together a to give you a sense of some of the most frequently asked themes. Use this list exercise to get a flavour of what the questions may sound like but do not make this the central part of your Amazon interview preparation.

    Learn About Amazon’s Culture

    Most candidates fail to do this. But before investing tens of hours preparing for an interview at Amazon, you should take some time to make sure it’s actually the right company for you.

    Amazon is prestigious and it’s tempting to assume that you should apply, without considering things more carefully. But, it’s important to remember that the prestige of a job won’t make you happy in your day-to-day work. It’s the type of work and the people you work with that will.

    If you know TPMs or engineers who work at Amazon or used to work there, talk to them to understand what the culture is like. The leadership principles we discussed above can give you a sense of what to expect, but there’s no replacement for a conversation with an insider. Finally, we would also recommend reading the following resources:

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    How Do You Upgrade Or Downgrade A System With Near

    You can upgrade or downgrade a system with near-zero downtime using the following steps of migration:

    • Open EC2 console
    • Launch an instance with the new instance type
    • Install all the updates
    • Test the instance to see if its working
    • If working, deploy the new instance and replace the older instance
    • Once its deployed, you can upgrade or downgrade the system with near-zero downtime.

    Take home these interview Q& As and get much more. Download the complete AWS Interview Guide here:

    Amazon Senior Manager Interview Questions

    Amazon Product Manager Interview Book â Coursetake

    Below is a list of Amazon manager interview questions that have been asked in telephone or face-to-face interviews for senior managerial roles in the past. The exact questions you will face during your interviews may be different, of course, but these sample questions can give you a good idea of what Amazon is looking for.

    • Why do you want to work for us?
    • Why did you apply for this specific job?
    • Choose two of our leadership principles and explain how you demonstrate them.
    • Tell me about a project you are proud of.
    • How do you measure your success?
    • Tell me about a time when you learnt something from scratch with no training.
    • Tell me about a time when you failed badly.
    • How did you hire your best employee?
    • How have you dealt with an underperforming employee in the past?
    • What is the most difficult situation you have ever faced in your life? How did you handle it?

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    Who Is The Bar Raiser

    One thing could make or break the outcome of whether or not youâre hired at Amazon. And that one thing is the

    Bar Raiser

    finding someone whoâs better than half of the people working at Amazon at that level. A Bar Raiserâs role is to make sure that every hiring committee focuses on maintaining and improving this bar. Bar Raisers have extensive knowledge of Amazonâs Leadership Principles and their primary purpose is to ensure that candidates that are chosen are those who will âraise the barâ on performance in their team. Itâs a way for Amazon to avoid hiring unsuitable candidates especially in times when teams are anxious to fill a role. The primary questions that Bar Raisers will be assessing you on are those related to their Leadership Principles. But which ones? â any, but are more likely to be leadership principles that are less related to functional aspects of the role,â says former Amazon career coach

    Hereâs an example:

    Letâs say youâre applying for a marketing position. The Bar Raiser is not going to be the one to ask you a functional question like how you would approach a marketing campaign, what data you would analyze, and how youâd plan out the deliverables. Instead, the Bar Raiser could ask you something like, âTell me about a time you made a bad decision,â to assess you on your behavioral competencies on decision making and course correcting.

    Kevin weighs in:

    How This Guide Will Help You Prepare For Amazon Interviews

    This guide will help you prepare for behavioural interview questions at Amazon. It has a proven D1C Amazon Interview Method to prepare for your interview, which has worked for hundreds of candidates who have landed job offers with Amazon.

    Note that we wrote this guide with the intent to help genuine candidates prepare. Therefore, we don’t offer tips on manipulating Amazon’s interview process, and we encourage all candidates to avoid resources that try to do so.

    Also, note that this guide covers only interview questions based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles. It does not cover coding, System Design or other functional preparation topics.

    We are proud of what we have achieved with Day One Careers, and we stand firm in our aspiration to be the most credible source of guidance on how to ace Amazon’s behavioural interviews.

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    Why Do You Want To Work At Amazon

    In an ideal case, you should refer to two things in your answer. First one is explaining what you like about Amazon, something that makes the company special in your eyes. But you shouldnt say just that they are the biggest online retailer or a leader in innovation, or that they placed second on the list of best employers in the States. Try to pick something specific that will make your answer stand out.

    For example, a certain technology they have in place and youd like to work with, or a certain product, software, platform youd love to help develop, because you see the potential and value for the final customer.

    Alternatively you can talk about your loyalty to their brand. You do your shopping with Amazon, you bought their stock when you had some cash, you are a customer of AWS, you self published a book on their platform, etc. Basically you see the huge positive impact Amazon as a company has on your life as a customer, and youd love to work for such an organization, helping other customers to benefit from the services of the company.

    The second thing you should refer to is your career plan. What role does the position you try to get with Amazon has in your life? Perhaps you did a similar job, but with the second best companybecause everyone is second best to Amazon. And now you feel ready to work with the best.

    They should get an impression that you know exactly why you want to work for Amazon, and not for Google, or for another tech giant

    What Would You Do If You Found Out Your Closest Friend At Work Was Stealing

    Interview: Amazon Sr. Technical Program Manager (From Geology Major to a Technical Program Manager)

    You are likely to be asked this question regardless of the position you’re interviewing for, especially with cost reduction and shrinkage being top priorities for a company like Amazon. There is really only one way to answer this question that speaks to honesty, integrity, trust, and leadership:

    While it would be a difficult situation to find myself in, integrity is essential to me. Plus, stealing is against policy and costs the company’s bottom line, no matter how insignificant the theft might seem. I would go to my department manager and report the theft or use the company’s recommended reporting policy for such behavior.

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    Phase One: Before The Interview

    The first item on your list should be making sure that your resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile are ready for the recruiter. You will need a Product Manager resume to show the companies that you are professionally aligned with what they are looking for.

    If you are not sure where to start with writing your resume check out this video for some tips:

    The second item is expanding your network and focusing on talking to more FAANG recruiters to increase your chances of getting a Product Manager interview at a high-profile company. Given the current competitive landscape, you will likely need a personal connection.

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    What Is Amazon Virtual Private Cloud And Why Is It Used

    A VPC is the best way of connecting to your cloud resources from your own data center. Once you connect your datacenter to the VPC in which your instances are present, each instance is assigned a private IP address that can be accessed from your data center. That way, you can access your public cloud resources as if they were on your own private network.

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    What Does A Typical Amazon Pm Job Posting Look Like

    Before starting your journey, the smartest thing to do is make sure you know your end goal.

    In this case, it will be a Product Manager position at Amazon. As we advise with all companies, look for the most recent hiring announcements on the company website. We went to Amazons job site and found a PM role to look into more closely.

    Interviewer Debrief / Hiring Committee

    Call Center Interview Questions And Answers Samples

    After you finish your onsite interview rounds, your interviewers will come together to compare notes on your performance in what is called the interviewer debrief, or hiring committee.

    Each interviewer will have written up a summary of their experience with you, including the questions and your answers, as well as a final recommendation .

    The interviewers will convene with the hiring manager and the Bar Raiser in order to come to a decision. They will review not only the onsite interviewers feedback, but also your resume, your online or written assessments, and input from your screening rounds.

    The Bar Raiser is the ultimate decision maker during this process. They have the ability to unilaterally veto the interviewers and hiring managers decision. However, this rarely happens. Instead, Bar Raisers and hiring managers typically strive to drive consensus and come to a collaborative final decision.

    In most cases, the committee comes to a hire or no hire decision, which the recruiter will communicate to you. However, sometimes they decide they need more information about a specific competency. In this case they will schedule one to two more interview rounds for you to complete, then reconvene to make a decision.

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    What Is Amazon Ec2

    EC2 is short for Elastic Compute Cloud, and it provides scalable computing capacity. Using Amazon EC2 eliminates the need to invest in hardware, leading to faster development and deployment of applications. You can use to launch as many or as few virtual servers as needed, configure security and networking, and manage storage. It can scale up or down to handle changes in requirements, reducing the need to forecast traffic. EC2 provides virtual computing environments called instances.

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