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How To Answer Interview In Call Center

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CALL CENTER Interview Questions & Answers! How to PASS a Call Centre Interview!

Again, this question applies primarily to people with call centre experience and, depending on whether your expertise is in telemarketing or technical assistance, your answer may vary.

If you have experience in neither, however, then its best to focus on promoting your time management skills . Point out your understanding of the necessity for speed, too in sales, call centre work is a numbers game, after all.

Are There Opportunities For Professional Growth At A Call Center

Absolutely. Many of todays CEOs and other C-level executives got their start in a call center. For example, Andrea Ayers started her career as a call center trainer and became the CEO of Convergys, the world leader in customer experience outsourcing. The fact of the matter is, call center agents need to flex and learn hard, in-demand skills to provide a stellar customer experience, making them ideal candidates to move up in the company.

Following the entry level position of a call center agent, there are several positions you can be promoted to. For example, you might be promoted to lead agent where you have the added responsibility of assisting or training your team members. And once you have demonstrated your leadership skills as a lead agent, you might move on to become a supervisor and eventually, manage the whole call center.

What If You Had No Accomplishments

You went to school . You graduated successfully. Thats something. You were responsible enough to not waste your parents money. You have a sense of responsibility. Employers love that.

Although I wasnt an honor student when I graduated, Im still proud to have successfully finished school, especially that I found Math very difficult. I may not be a genius but Ive never dropped out of any subject just because it was difficult. I didnt want to waste my parents money. Now I wanna make them proud and get a promising career. Id like to start that career with __.

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What Are Your Goals

The answer to this question depends on, well, your career goals. You still need to show some ambition, though, regardless of if your only target is to collect your paycheque each month and make the rent.

For instance: I plan to work hard and distinguish myself from the others in the call centre. I expect to be one of the top performers within the next six months, and I am aiming for a team leader position by the end of my first year.

Your goals dont have to necessarily be so linear, either. For example: I want to push and significantly evolve my sales skills in a competitive environment and prove to myself and others that I have what it takes to succeed in this field.

Job Hopping Is A Big Problem In Almost All Call Centers What Would You Do To Retain The Best Employees Or Any Employees

Call Center Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

Nobody really dreams of working in a call center for two years, let alone for a decade. People come and go, thats just how it goes in this business. Unless you pay them extremely well , most of them will simple leave.

You shouldnt wear pink glasses in your interviewyou should see the job realistically. Manager is not a magician. Nevertheless, you should at least outline some strategies that can help you keep the operators onboard for a little longer.

From my experience to such strategies belong:

  • Building good relationships with individual agents, recognizing them for their work, praising them often.
  • Creating a friendly atmosphere on the workplace, a sense of belonging somewhere.
  • Having regular one on one meetings with the operators, hearing them out and identifying problems before they escalate to something bigger .
  • Having a clear structure of compensation and rewards, so people know what they can gain if working hard.

* Special Tip: You can also download the full list of questions in a simple, one page long PDF, and practice your interview answers anytime later:

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Good Questions To Ask At The End Of A Call Center Interview

Phew! Some of the questions above are tough, right? If youve managed to navigate your way through them, youre probably thinking, Alright, Ive nailed my interview, and I can relax. While that seems like the case, now isnt the time for complacency.


Because, at the end of the interview, youll usually get the chance to ask a few questions. While this may not seem like a big deal, it really is. First, its an opportunity for you to learn more about the job. That way, you can make sure its a great fit for you.

Second, you can use this time to showcase your interest. With thoughtful questions, you are proving that you care about this opportunity. That is critical if you want to make a lasting impression on the hiring manager.

If you dont know what to ask as the end of your call center interview, here are five great options to keep in your back pocket:

  • What do you think is the biggest challenge new call center employees face? Do you have any advice that could help them overcome it?
  • Does the new hire onboarding process include training?
  • Can you describe what a typical day in this call center job is like?
  • How would you describe this call centers culture? What are its strengths and weaknesses?


Whats Your Idea Of A Call Center

If you have no previous call center experience, interviewers will use this question to gauge your familiarity with the call center environment. Use this opportunity to not only highlight the actual function of a call center, but also the role call center agents play in providing quality customer service.

You should also pay special attention to what kind of call center you are applying for. Inbound call centers field the customer calls placed towards a business and your time will be spent addressing customer questions and concerns. Whereas in outbound call centers, you will be responsible for dialing customers and prospects to collect survey responses, schedule sales demonstrations, perform telemarketing, and more.

For example, if youre applying for a customer service call center position, your answer might be:

To me, a customer service call center is the frontline of all customer interactions. Its the job of call center agents to listen and understand customer concerns while also providing helpful information. At the end of the day, customer service call centers need to create satisfied customers with every call.

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How Would You Handle A Customer Question That You Didnt Know The Answer To

The vast majority of a contact center employees day is spent answering typical questions. That means, in a fairly short time, youll be able to handle most inquiries without having to give them much thought.

However, that doesnt mean a question cant rise up like a Kraken out of the deep and drag you under. You will face questions you could never have imagined its inevitable.

Hiring managers want to know that you can handle the unexpected. This question aligns with the most common surprise situation youll face, so they want to make sure you have a strategy in place for when that time comes.


If a customer asked me a question and I didnt know the answer, the first thing I would do is use my available resources. I may turn to the internal company knowledge base as a starting point. While I may not have faced a particular question, theres a decent chance another employee has, which I think makes that a great place to start. If the question wasnt proprietary or company-specific, I would also do my own outside research, such as by conducting an internet search. However, if that didnt yield a result, I would then consult with my fellow team members or direct supervisor. Additionally, throughout the process, I would touch base with the customer to inform them of my progress and that I was working toward a resolution. That allows me to reassure them that their question is a priority and that it has my full attention until an answer is found.

Would You Enjoy A Call Center Job

Tell Me Something About Yourself | Call Center Job Interview

Do answer by saying yes and having an explanation as to why. You have a grasp of a call center job the shifts, talking to a customer, etc. so tell the interviewer how you would find those interesting. You could also want to say something about enjoy being in a team.

Try something like this, I also like solving problems and getting people to achieve their goals, by being a customer service representative I could help solve the clients concerns. I would not only enjoy this job but also feel fulfilled.

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Questions About Your Ability To Work In A Fast

This is the next type of call center interview question youre likely to hear.

Again, this might include behavioral questions. For example, Tell me about a time you were working under a difficult deadline.

They might also ask questions like, What kind of work environments do you prefer?

Since youre interviewing for a call center job, which is usually a fast-paced job where they want speed, its best to tell them you enjoy that type of environment and do your best work in that environment.

If you want to get the job offer, you cant give them concerns that itll be too fast and hectic for you to handle.

To recap, be ready to show you enjoy and thrive in fast-paced environment. And if youve worked in this environment before, prepare a couple examples of how you succeeded, challenges you overcome, why you enjoy it, etc.

Common Questions Job Seekers Have About Working In A Call Center

Theres no denying that being a call center agent is an important job. As the customers first point of contact for questions and problems, call center agents have the daunting task of being the voice of the company. And while receiving positive customer feedback and serving customers will make your day, there are sides to life in a call center that prove it isnt for everyone.

To thrive in an inbound or outbound call center takes a specific kind of person with a unique set of skills, including patience, adaptability, great listening skills, and more. Its a tough environment that doesnt have much down time with hundreds of phone calls being answered or dialed each day. But considering that call center representative jobs are in high demand and expected to grow 39% between 2014 and 2024, its a position that could make a great career move.

Here at Masterson Staffing Solutions, we have over 50 years of experience in helping job seekers find the right job for them. To help you decide if working in a call center is right for you, weve answered six burning questions you probably have about working in a call center.

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Read The Job Posting Carefully

Note the key skills that they are asking for. There will be call-taker skills specific to the role, so notice if there is anything on the list that looks unique so that you can be sure to reference it during the interview.

For example if you are required to up-sell for this role, find a way to share that you are proficient in up-selling during the interview.

What Achievement/s In Your Life Are You Most Proud Of

16 best Call center interview questions images on ...

When answering this question, think about the day when you felt the happiest and most fulfilled.

It doesnât have to be about status, grades, or recognition. Share to the employer/recruiter a memorable feat that you achieved through sheer hard work and great work ethic. Be honest because youâll sound more enthusiastic and inspiring if youâre being sincere.

Sample answer: âMy most cherished achievement is when I emerged as one of the passers with the highest scores in the civil service exam. I didnât have a lot of time to prepare so achieving that impossible feat will always be memorable for me.â

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Sample Behavioral Interview Questions For Call Center Representatives

  • Tell me about a time you were in a difficult situation.
  • Give an example of when your boss asked you to do something that made you uncomfortable.
  • Where have you been the least successful in your career? Why?
  • What was one important goal that you set for yourself, and tell me about how successful you were in achieving it.
  • How would your supervisor describe the quality of your work?
  • What Is The Key Aspect That Helps Improve Customer Service

    The key aspect of improving customer service,

    • Data analysis: Analyze the preferences of customers based on the data collections
    • Automation of business process: To improve customer satisfaction and to speed up the business process implement the automation of the business process
    • Self-service optimization: Explore new ways for customer interaction with your business
    • Workforce effectiveness: Integrate new tools and technology to improve customer service

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    Tell Us About Your Experience In Onboarding And Training New Employees What Does Your Process Look Like

    Interviewers want to know how you will efficiently and effectively set new employees up for success. As you walk them through the process, some good items to touch on are:

    • Setting expectations

    My training style is very hands on and visual. I like to do the step for the employee the first time, allowing them to observe the task. And once they have my example to follow, they can complete the task with my supervision and advice. I also like to provide ongoing training by periodically checking in and having refresher training.

    What Are Some Of Your Personal Strengths That You Bring To This Role

    Practice Call Center Interview With Me: Insider Tips and Sample Answers | Part 1

    Now is the time to highlight yourself. Dont try for false modesty here, as they want to hear about your strengths, so share them!

    Example Answers:

    • My cheerful and friendly character is definitely a big strength for this role, as I often get feedback from callers that they felt great and encouraged from our talk, having my energy lift their spirits.
    • My time management is a strong skill, as I have always been organized with my tasks, whether personal or professional, and bringing this to the role, I am able to handle large quantities of work, with clear prioritization so that I never miss a deadline.

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    What Are The Procedures You Do When Talking To A Customer

    Of course, you will need to greet the customer by saying Hello or Good day and introducing yourself. You would then ask the customer how can you help or what their concerns are. By doing that, youll need to listen and take note of their concerns and tell them the best solution. If the customer is satisfied, ask them again if they have additional concerns or need any assistance. If they tell you none, bid them goodbye and have a good day.

    Tips For Making The Most Of Your Support Interviews

    When interviewing potential support hires, you always run the risk of repeating the same questions, receiving the same answers, having the same small talk, and then promptly forgetting all the important details.

    The antidote? Think creatively, establish a system, and then stick to it. You wonât be left groping for questions, your interactions will be more memorable, and youâll be able to standardize the circumstances under which you assess candidates.

    A strategic approach makes for less fuss, more focus, and leads to the best person possible joining your customer service team. Below, Cassie Marketos provides some useful tips for conducting better interviews.

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    Why Use Customer Service Interview Question Templates

    You should use templated customer service interview questions because it allow you to compare every candidate in an apples-to-apples way. When candidates answer the same questions, you can then compare how they responded and make an informed decision that has less hiring bias. Customer service interview question templates are also great if you have team members who are not used to the interview process because it provides them with a roadmap to follow.

    Why Did You Leave Your Last Position

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    This is a standard question in any interview, so, regardless of why you left , youll need to have a convincing answer.

    The best way to approach this question is to emphasise the positive opportunities that await you in your new role, rather than focus on the negatives of your old one. For instance, you could argue that Im an ambitious person, and my previous role didnt offer the same opportunities for growth or I have a much greater interest in the service/product here and believe I can make a bigger impact at this company.

    Whatever your answer, ensure that you never bad-mouth your previous company, role or boss. Its hugely unprofessional, and your interviewer wants to hear about how you align with their company not what you hated about your old one.

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    Interview Fails To Avoid: Masterson Team Members Share Bad Interview Moments

    When you walk into a job interview, thats your chance to dazzle interviewers with your skills, experience, personality and make your resume come to life. Unfortunately, weve all stumbled a time or two, making silly or even embarrassing mistakes that took us out of the running.

    For 50 years, Masterson Staffing Solutions has been recruiting, screening and placing talented workers in a variety of positions across many industries. While weve been fortunate enough to find and work with incredible talent, our team members have seen some of those job-costing mistakes firsthand.

    We recently chatted with some of our team members who are on the frontlines of screening and interviewing candidates, asking them to share some of the not-so-great things theyve encountered during an interview.

    Below we share some of the top interview fails theyve experienced, as well as some tips to help you avoid similar mistakes that could cost you the job.

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